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talked for years was released without charge the other three were charged with espionage and will remain in pretrial custody for two months one of them has gone on hunger strike in protest. however georgian president mikheil saakashvili is personal photographer has reportedly made a video confession admitting to spying for russia opposition figures are skeptical she was not there are looking like you know like you and they have a very small child enjoy your time to time with everything that comes out but there are no real where we go out and we never saw any kind of real human creations that the government bring to it this isn't the first time this has happened last year thirteen people were arrested and accused of being on russia's payroll earlier this week nine of them received sentences of up to fourteen years in prison for the georgian government this is a matter of national security but others in georgia are very critical of what they
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see as particular political calculations if you are into russia. you are always there you are. there is no. words because all that really isn't a russian who's never or who are it's likely. you're going. to police he must know deal with the most serious about occasions spying it has a neighbor with whom its relations are rock bottom and it has some men in jail but many are questioning whether this is really about justice or about politics tom bottom to. egypt's prime minister is vowing to sign any member of the security forces accused of killing protesters during the uprising that toppled former president hosni mubarak the statement comes after thousands of egyptians turned out for the biggest rally in months angered over the slow pace of prosecuting officials
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and reforms that people say they will keep fighting until they see change anything now is at the scene for us. egypt's uprising might have ousted president mubarak but to them he's far from gone thousands of people out here on top here they all see different visions of egypt but they join together because the people we've spoken to feel like their revolution has been stolen we go through the boat the mobile talks the potato chip has a life and when the taste of freedom was short lived the military is in full power mass media is being choked and oppression still rampant force. i think they werent catching activists as much as they are doing now and take them to a prison i guess now they're being treated by the want to work with this still that in the first place he's known simply as uncle hostile here in egypt
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a social network or with a twitter army of some thirty thousand followers the military thought it was of civilians have to stop immediately immediately this is you know one of the major demands we're putting forward one of many demands including transparent trials for the fallen regime and the purging of corrupt officials they got rid of mubarak you know their high ranking officials but now egypt will be the same way it was before january sort of well that little if it's a little mubarak there may need to mark's father is what they're calling them for running the country people like myself have been arguing for taking the high you to the factories they can hire you to the universities the king to have to the workplaces meaning that in every single word police we have an egypt that is i mean no one ever was never interested in politics in till january she was shot with twenty three pellets by riot police twenty of which are still in her like the pain is finally gone but her perseverance is not the barrier of fear is
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gone and she will continue to fight to the end. i want every every egyptian citizen to be treated as a human being every protester has their own vision of the egypt they're fighting for some want to constitution and then free elections others think the new law should follow the vote but one thing that brings them all together is that this egypt is not the end. and he said no way are cheap. and plenty more stories are coming your way this. clue day just before the anniversary of your worst massacre since the nazi era travels to trip thirty three people are still in search of justice. slater but now rebels in libya government forces on the road to tripoli they're now moving towards the key town of his lead time after a six week long pause but the capital still remains over one hundred fifty
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kilometers away the rebels say their progress has been slow due to a lack of ammunition and nato support and there have been suggestions that the alliance is running low on that south and has asked germany for munitions reports now on the lens a surprise to an armchair opposing the mission from the outset. more bombs wanted just over one hundred days of airstrikes and with just over two thousand bombs dropped by nato allies on libya the mission has run into an unexpected problem a lack of shells to drop where there is demand there is supply in this case germany has agreed to provide the much needed ammunition previously berlin has abstained from voting in favor of the un security council resolution on libya a move that surprised some and good others but it may now be backing out of a decision the germans may not want to participate but they have decided that the position does not preclude them actually subline weapons in this case or systems
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some believe germany is under pressure from other nato members particularly the. united states friends in the u.k. to take a more active part in the libyan campaign at first hand our you know ministries toward the foreign affairs minister don't go into libya it's a very bad conflict it was started by the cia and it's a dirty business don't go there so this is why you voted with russia and china now the backlash from washington is so tough that obviously we are under pressure to do something to make up for this decision aside from peer pressure germany may be alerted by the possible financial benefits of making its weapons available for natives use in libya probably germany will get paid for delivering these to other countries but that is normal practice between country even the nato countries. out of the twenty eight nato members only eight are actively participating in libya
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with civilian deaths to which nato recently admitted to a shortage of weapons in the ever relentless more market duffy still at the helm the coalition may be facing just the beginning of its problems. berlin is in a tough spot on the one hand it has disappointed nato by refusing to support the mission only being march on the other by agreeing to supply bombs it may now lose friends in other high places and whatever the real reasons for its contradictory policy may be germany could find that by trying to please everyone it may end up pleasing no one it even goes corti. russia is holding firm in its condemnation of nato military action in libya the foreign minister says the mission is a political game that's already cost too many lives. nato is bombing libya longer that it was bombing yugoslavia several years ago and there
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is no end in sight it's obvious that politics is a cynical matter we hear from the western capitals that the bombing should go on until gadhafi backs off but the human cost of these political statements is very high. and dialogue between nato and russia on european security isn't moving as quickly as had been hoped that it was moscow's view after a meeting with the alliance in the black sea resort of sochi they sure has become a stumbling block since the alliance turned down a russian proposal to unite and defending europe moscow sees nato plans to deploy a missile as close to russian borders as a direct threat to its own security president medvedev also mentioned again his concern that the coalition is overstepping the security council's mandate in libya however both sides praised joint efforts in battling the drug problem in afghanistan saying the corporation is showing signs of success. and right now an update about breaking news on the passenger ferry that sank on the
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riba volga in russia's republic of tatarstan one hundred sixty nine people have been rescued from the vessel but at least one woman is dead and that leaves three people unaccounted for and the emergency is ministry has deployed teams to the scene in the effort to save those who are missing at the moment and it's not yet known how the vessel got into trouble before sinking in twenty meter deep water so the double decker ship called the area was built in one nine hundred fifty five inches. on to some more of today's world news in brief now there has been violence in bangladesh show but trying to constitution to make the predominantly muslim regional secular police use tear gas to disperse angry islamist protesters at least fifty or forty injured. remains the fish the government has removed a colonel stating absolute faith and trust and. an israeli airstrike
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has destroyed a palestinian concrete fine tree in neighborhood east of gaza apparently in retaliation for a cross border target in true ports are scarce but it's thought one person may have been killed witnesses say planes that still circling about causing residents to panic and voice from the middle east diplomatic corps turned off to meet on monday in washington. the ukrainian court has reopened a criminal case against former prime minister wen ukraine signed up to sell lucrative steel production plant its alleged yulia timoshenko made last minute changes to the contract causing the country massive financial losses next prime minister faces charges of abuse of power and could face up to ten years of prison since the accusations against you have been fabricated by her political rivals. also straightly to force the country's five hundred words polluters to pay cash for their carbon dioxide pollution starting from next year emissions are to be taxed at twenty five years dollars per metric ton the money raised will be used to
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compensate households had by higher energy bills the land of oz as one of the worst emitters of greenhouse gases in the world that's due to high dependence on coal for its electricity. britain's scandal plagued news of the world newspaper has rolled out of the presses for the last time its final edition was apologetic but defiant after being hastily closed by rupert murdoch this week and the battled media mogul flew to london to take charge of the crisis which engulfed the paper and its parent company news international it's claimed journalists the phones of murder victims and soldiers' families police made a number of arrests on friday including a former editor of the paper has also served as the prime minister's press chief media analyst phil reeves says rupert murdoch has lost his long standing immunity among britain's thing that. i think something changed this week you know for decades british prime ministers have been on the news to the to the murdoch press
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because they knew that when the sun which is his main daily newspaper here in britain when the sun supported a british politician running for prime minister you know they wanted and then you find a mix do you find the prime minister reading the sun looking like if you got me elected i mean sort. you've got this the meaning of british democracy is the missing of democracy really which the murdoch press was a back after but i think there was a for silence as well because important people needed the murdoch press and they couldn't be they couldn't attack it because of that and i think a line was crossed rupert murdoch has a very finely tuned business brain he has a lot of things going on now one of them is to purchase the largest satellite network in britain called the sky b. and that decision is about to be approved by the government that was in jeopardy i think he felt that as a businessman he had to sacrifice the news of the world because it in terms of the
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whole news international it's a tiny part of all that the political cast have been sucking up to rupert murdoch for so many years including prime minister david cameron he now has to stand back and say no i can't do it anymore it's gone too bad. plenty of page sand is it all right now as which of the demise of the paper that changed tabloid journalism. hundred and sixty eight years of juicy it's cute son scandals but the paper fell victim to its own toxic time texts. that also online data and destruction are reported in the news of explosions in turkmenistan but the government says it's just a harmless by work incident. and
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an update of breaking news for you on the passenger ferry that sank on the river vulgar and brushes and probably go star one hundred sixty nine people have been rescued from the vessel but at least one woman is dying has died and three others are missing the emergences ministry has deployed teams to the scene in the effort to save those who are missing and it's not yet know how the vessel got into trouble before sinking in twenty meter deep water the double decker a ship called the bulgaria was built in one thousand nine hundred fifty five in czechoslovakia the former general accused of ordering the brits and massacre is likely to have a new legal team to represent him at the hague. angrily disrupted his second hearing berating judges for not allowing him to have his lawyers present but many serbs feel the notorious general's trial will not bring forward justice. to explain . liquid little town of slippery meets in bosnia-herzegovina looks a delicate you houses are being built people go about their business and in the
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center of the town a mosque and a church sit side by side but disappearing unity is an illusion sixty years ago the entire region was torn apart by ethnic clashes during the yugoslav war and separate needs became infamous when the united nations stated eight thousand muslim men and boys were massacred by bosnian serb forces today a memorial for the deceased sits in the grounds of a former un military base the sort of thing it's a memorial ground as well maintained and frequently visited by locals journalists and tourists who get boston from the bosnian capital of what the tourist arm shown are the thousands of serbian graves that line cemeteries all around us that have been it's a region. thousands of people were killed during the balkan wars of the one nine hundred ninety s. but cemeteries like these with entire families of murdered serb civilians only get
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visited by the very few remaining survivors but only comes here all the time his entire family lives here he says a bosnian muslim general is responsible for the best you know i was only nine years old when the sorority's took away everything i had in life first he killed my mother then my father and brother i was wounded and taken captive they held me for fifty six days and only god knows how or why i survived. but even though but on a survive his loss just like that of thousands of people here is being ignored. each was at the hague tribunal and i was supposed to be a witness in his trial but in the end me and about thirty other witnesses were simply cast aside they didn't call us didn't ask what happened to our families and the tribunal only gave him two years in prison. the balkan war so heinous atrocities visited an all sides and perpetrated by all players but the version most
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often propagated by western media is rather one sided in blaming the serves the purpose of that is to set the stage and create a rationale for saw called humanitarian interventions in the occurred in considerable number in the mouth of stock in it so that so-called precedent can be traced through the years and into today's headlines bosnia iraq afghanistan and most recently libya have all played unwilling hosts to nato troops and u.s. imposed no fly zones it is very important in the creation of the. scenario for make sure that in the minds of most people. was drawn aside which was preventable but for whatever reasons the so-called international community didn't do anything about it. simmered say the journey from sebring needs
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it to benghazi via baghdad and kabul could now be traced as a kind of nato road map but as with any road paved with good intentions there is only one possible destination castree knows are about r t bosnia and herzegovina a powerful earthquake has hit japan immediately prompting fears of a tsunami vast swathes of the countries to line varian's up to monstrous huge earthquake triggered disaster which destroyed whole towns and killed more than fourteen thousand people and for months on a mammoth reconstruction effort is underway along the country's northern coast but the people will take much longer to repair emotionally as sean thomas reports. as the waves crash against a damage to sea wall on the japanese coast volunteers work tirelessly to clean up the debris and bring some sense of normalcy back to the area. and i want to tell
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people we need more help more supplies and things are still beyond here beyond the physical destruction and there is a distressing psychological factor as well the city of you walkie is right on the edge of the twenty kilometer exclusion zone for radiation contamination in fact in a recent study by japan's nuclear safety commission forty five percent of one thousand children tested in the walkies and neighboring cities have tested positive for thyroid radiation exposure a figure that has parents appalled that all the government has resets the great ear if a safety and are not concerned with a consequence their reaction is only to help the governments they face but they don't actually take care of the damage and the people here first there was the earthquake then the devastating a wave which rushed in and destroyed this part of the coastal city of it walking also there are the nuclear radiation waves that are coming into this area as well the volunteers that are coming in to rebuild this city certainly have their work
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cut out for them but just like the city itself the people who live here the community they need to have their spirits rebuilt as well. that. guy again in an effort to keep the community emotionally strong organizers have brought this acting troupe in from tokyo bay save their goal is to provide something beyond a simple entertainment or a program on the web a certain japanese pride and in this destructive situation i would like to bring good things and present the spirit of japan and japanese pride by bringing people together and making people smile. through that shared community experience there is a sense of hope that the city of the walky can indeed recover the convenience of a pathetic close to city hall but if you see anything like this coming back. and with an understanding that there is still much more work that needs to be done the people here are working to keep their community together. i just want them to stay
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where they want. and they can be helpful that i keep doing that rebuilding the city one step at a time in the walkies city japan sean thomas r.t. . now this is shuttle atlantis is making its way to the international space station for the very last time knocking the end of the u.s. face shuttle era and it's carrying four american astronauts several times a vital supplies but in a few hours atlantis is expected to make its final with the international space station this last voyage in america's space shuttle history is a painful time for many who have devoted their lives to the program as well she's going to chicken forty seconds into the system. empty shells of what was once florida's thriving space coast. up to ten thousand people will be out of a job as soon as the last shuttle makes its final voyage back to earth home to many
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of the kennedy space center workers rock which is on the verge of becoming a ghost town without the space program or pretty much nothing i mean this is what you know your beach is built on the space program you know just a lot of you are going to be out of jobs are you me out of homes people are welfare left and right food stamps and city chris a fully spent twenty three years with the shuttle launch team as an engineer with a plan to splice for its final mission it means the end of his career with nasa and the beginning of uncertainty a year ago he started looking for a new job to no avail i have applied for jobs and so far i haven't gotten any concrete responses there's not that many jobs out there for sure the u.s. scrapped its shuttle program and now wants the private sector to come up with ways to get astronauts to space several companies are working on new vehicles but it's not clear when they'll be able to deliver them one thing is certain though they'll
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be able to hire only a fraction of the skilled space industry workers will be out of work this is the first shuttle ever it never made it to space but it was going to put tests before the columbia shuttle first launch into space in nineteen eighty one. a total of five shuttles have been used for space missions since that two of them were lost in tragic accidents in nine hundred eighty six and in two thousand and three those lawsuits and the skyrocketing price for each launch gradually led to the cancellation of the program but critics say it's hard to estimate the losses that the end of the shuttle program will bring about both for the space industry and the people involved i think it's a really bad thing for the united states to lose the skilled workforce it's going to be difficult to rebuild for years the shuttle has been the only vehicle that could very crew and a massive load of cargo to space officials say one of the reasons the program was scrapped is that it's safer and cheaper to send cargo and people separately
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something that russia for example has been doing for many years but whatever the reasons for scrapping the thirty year old program for those who devoted their lives to it is the end of their dream job it's kind of sad because i've already seen a lot of my friends go you know because they'll be more people that are probably never see again it also means the end of a once vibrant scientific community that's grown up around the shuttle going to shut down. a quick update on our breaking news this hour on the passenger ferry that sank on the riva vulgar in russia's republic of touch a star one hundred sixty nine people have been rescued from the vessel but at least one woman's died and three others a missing their majesties ministry has deployed teams to this scene an effort to save those who are missing and it's not yet know how the vessel got into trouble before sinking in twenty meter deep water so the double deck a ship called the bow garia was built in one thousand nine hundred fifty five in
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czechoslovakia. you're up to date up soon after recap of all top stories the david and goliath struggle between chacon villagers and the u.s. army says stay tuned for that.
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the move. to the latest in science and technology from the ground floor should. we go up the few jerks covered.
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coming to live from moscow to headline. a passenger ferry has sunk on the river ballgame to tatarstan republican southern russia one woman has died the other one hundred sixty seven people on board have been rescued but it's unclear why the vessel signed. another news as we try to ride the week's top stories georgia's spy hunt as a challenge is high profile photographers with snooping but skeptics say it's an anti russian imagery step by president saakashvili. also demo does have beautiful angry egyptians as the returns to have squared to vent against the interim leaders who they say stole their revolution while authorities order the suspension of policemen accused of killing protesters during five or is uprisings. a train to
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keep it in germany to greece to three states whose weapons stocks in libya despite opposing military offensives deadlines is depleted stocks have been blamed for the slow pace of progress in the conflict. and on the whole the front page britain's best selling newspaper goes on for the last time as rupert magic sacrifices the title wild phone hacking planes and report on red has intensified. one man's fight against america's decision to build a military base in the czech republic that's up next. i'd go oh my yankee go home yankee go home go over there i'll be good all the time and god will love our chad clan and go there and they're always forcing someone on us but the four year old turned more. cash.
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as he was not. that was a member of the green party martin burke says it's a martin. outlet we're seeing friends we've seen a lot while filming the show. and outsourced but a bird has never flown into the room before. the sound that doesn't stop i think is there an expert on martin's here you know use it. was. it's a swallow that said i must of it find an expert on swallows who are sick doesn't know this. mary-ann marrow says it's a representative from bertie preserve the.


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