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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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you know passed without stopping to signal to you but you just. just want. to know. so the problem is here with the rescue operation firstly twelve hours already passed and is now the dawn of a still operating there but maybe with the conditions looking so what's happened away these missing people could be located one possible idea is the fact that there's around thirteen arlen's nearby in this three kilometers is the focus of a measure on three films where the ship sank so some think that they could have swam to these nearby otters it could be found there by a local reporter on the scene destroyed some of the problems they may witness and trying to get to those islands the rescue mission is underway and will continue throughout the night. to which people may have been able to swing too far from
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where the bull two million. currents are making this such mission increasingly difficult because people may have been swept several kilometers away but i'm stuck to. look we're sending rescuers to design with missiles and also we have divers arriving here to help with the operation thirty seven people are already on their way to the people who are. so the strong winds of the currents proving problems for rescuers and weather are those who are already missing managed to get to those like a science number less that has actually been aircraft scanning those on us to find any survivors. jacob this boat is one that has worked in those waters and for many years are there any clues as to what caused its rapid sinking at this point. we presume if it was said there is already going to be an investigation a full investigation launched to find out what exactly happened here we're already hearing a number of theories among them the simple fact that the boat. was fairly old
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around fifty five years old in fact or so i witness accounts say that they feel they feel the cats and the crew members mind of being able to do enough to stop the boats from sinking in such a short space of time again under three minutes time and we've actually spoken to someone who's a representative on the search and rescue boats you found those survivors who described the situation at the scene. where that all sank in about two minutes the crew was really kind of tonally how does want to convey in fluent english attach a paste on the boot when john from where we were seeing the area where the crews are stand we don't find any survivors it was only yeah it was at the scene and like to say that al ras hands are altered and should have been properly maintained. though on the still ongoing search for those survivors another theory being given
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is that their city simply was overcrowded now hundred forty is a total capacity for this boat and it's thought to have a twenty one hundred seventy nine under one hundred and eighty eight people on board because now they're turning to those who are still missing and we've spoken to reference if the health ministry. republic of dealing with this emergency situation at them over he said they've already received some injured. people she was in use just at the moment ten people with minor injuries cuts and bruises all of those victims require psychological help. this will. be keeping you updated with the situation as it progresses throughout the night and finding out what exactly is going on on this at the scene. all right jacob groups thank you very much for keeping us up to date there will come back to you as more information becomes available. now egypt's prime minister is
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a valid to sack any member of the security forces accused of killing protesters during the uprising that toppled former president hosni mubarak the statement comes after thousands of egyptians turned out for the biggest rally in months angered over the slow pace of prosecuting officials and reforms the people say they will keep fighting until they see change artes and he said no way is at the scene. egypt's uprising might have ousted president mubarak but to them he's far from gone thousands of people out here on top here they all see different visions of egypt but they join together because the people we've spoken to feel like their revolution has been stolen we go through the books of the mubarak's the ship is to life and when the taste of freedom was short lived the military is in full power mass media is being choked and oppression still rampant and worse than i think they werent catching activists as much as they are doing now and take them to
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a prison i guess now they're being treated violent they want to kill with this still that in the first place he's known simply as uncle cost him here in egypt a social network or with a twitter army of some thirty thousand followers the military throes of civilians have to stop immediately immediately this is you know one of the major demands we're putting forward one of many demands including transparent trials for the fallen regime and the purging of corrupt officials they got rid of mubarak you know their high ranking officials but now egypt will do the same way it was before january summer but that little officials little mubarak there meaning the lorax rather than what they're calling them are running the country people like myself have been arguing for taking the high you to the factories they can hire you to the universities the king to have to the workplaces meaning that in every single word police we have an egypt that is amenable now when it was never interested in
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politics in till january she was shot with twenty three pellets by riot police twenty of which are still in her like the pain is finally gone but her perseverance is not the barrier of fear is gone and she will continue to fight to the end. every every. citizen to be treated as a human being every protester has their own vision of the egypt they're fighting for some want to constitution and then free elections others think the new laws should follow the vote but one thing that brings them all together is that this egypt is not the end. and he's in no way are cheap. georgia has charged three photo journalists including the personal photographer of president saakashvili with spying for russia to police he says it possesses video confessions proving their guilt they are not the first to to have the finger of suspicion pointed at them
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last year thirteen people were detained and accused of being spies on russia's payroll and sentenced to fourteen years behind bars commenting on the recent events georgia's opposition leader you know. the evidence could have been obtained under pressure. for the base not test case one first and so on the wrist he's giving such kind of explanation they personally had to take into account that he was not the only like you and they have a very small child who i think released after three. months before i did before me. but. right now.
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we. think. even one every day. government thing you're really going to. elementary or. low for a role and the rights of the people when you lost your country twenty percent of thirty thirty because they yell and they get caught then there is responsible election you should find somebody who will be guilty in everything which is wrong in the country because very old police kosik me and this is just quite easy to explain this russian saga and to me and everything would be wrong to the country least reason russian so saakashvili creating things i cannot say me and trying to link everybody who is against quemoy against his regime and who is fighting for
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deal democracy in this country he is trying to link was russian. and still ahead for you is our managing the eurozone debt crisis that's at the top of christine lagarde to do worse than she sets out her stall as the new international monetary fund chief. rebels in libya are battling past government forces on the road to tripoli they are now moving towards the key town of tahn after a six week long impasse but the capital still remains over one hundred fifty kilometers away rebel rebels say their progress has been slow due to a lack of ammunition and nato support there have been suggestions that the alliance is running low on arms itself and has asked germany for munitions. reports on berlin that surprise turn after opposing the mission from the onset. of a more bombs wanted just over one hundred days of airstrikes and with just over two thousand bombs dropped by nato allies on libya the mission has run into an
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unexpected problem a lack of cells to drop where there is demand there is supply in this case germany has agreed to provide the much needed ammunition previously berlin has abstained from voting in favor of the u.n. security council resolution on libya and move that surprised some and angered others but it may now be backing out of its decision the germans may not want to participate but they have decided that position does not preclude them actually subserve lying weapons in this case or systems some believe germany is under pressure from other nato members particularly the united states france and the u.k. to take a more active part in the libyan campaign at first hand our you know ministries toward the foreign affairs minister don't go into libya it's a very bad conflict it was started by the cia and it's a dirty business don't go there so this is why you voted with russia and china now
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the backlash from washington is so tough. obviously we are under pressure to do something to make up for this decision aside from peer pressure germany may be alerted by the possible financial benefits of making its weapons available for nato in libya probably germany will get paid for delivering these two other counts but that is normal practice between even between nato countries. out of the twenty eight nato members only eight are actively participating in libya with civilian deaths to which nato recently admitted to a shortage of weapons and the ever relentless more mark of duffy still at the helm the coalition may be facing just the beginning of its problems. berlin is in a tough spot on the one hand it has disappointed nato by refusing to support the mission in libya and march on the other by agreeing to supply bombs it may now lose friends in other high places and whatever the real reasons for its contradictory
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policy may be germany could find that by trying to please everyone it may end up pleasing no one it is a go score to. russia is holding firm on its condemnation of nato military action in libya the foreign minister says the mission is a political game that's already cost too many lives. but. nature is bombing libya longer that it was bombing yugoslavia several years ago and there is no end in sight it's obvious that politics is a cynical matter we hear from the western capitals that the bombing should go on until gadhafi backs off but the human cost of these political statements is very high. an update on our main story now the tragedy in central russia after a pleasure cruiser sank with almost a two hundred on board in the river volga and hardest on more than one hundred people are still missing about rescuers will continue searching through the night the vessel called the bulgaria reportedly sank within three minutes of getting into
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difficulty and was three kilometers from the shore when it went down it's thought to have been carrying people on a weekend sightseeing break some survivors were picked up and have been taken to cazan for treatment i witnesses say a storm is likely to be the blame for the sinking others suggest a failure of the boat's engines although that has not been confirmed. to other news now britain's scandal plagued news of the world newspaper has rolled off the presses for the last time its final edition was apologetic but defiant after being hastily closed by rupert murdoch this week the embattled media mogul flew to london to take charge of the crisis which engulfed in the paper and its parent company news international its claim to journalists hacked the phones of murder victims and dead soldiers families police made a number of arrests on friday including a former editor of the paper who has also served as the prime minister's press chief media analyst phil reece says rupert murdoch has now lost his long standing
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immunity among britain's political elite. i think something changed this week you know for decades british prime ministers have been on a nice to the to the murdoch press because they knew that when the sun which is his main daily newspaper here in britain when the sun supported a british politician running for prime minister you know they wanted and then you'd find a. the next day you find the prime minister reading the sun looking like an idiot saying well the sun got me elected i mean so you've got this demeaning of british democracy is that missing of democracy really which the murdoch press with that back pocket but i think it was after a silence as well because important people needed the murdoch press and they couldn't be they couldn't attack it because of that and i think a line was crossed rupert murdoch has a very finely tuned business brain he has a lot of things going on now one of them is to purchase the largest satellite network in britain called the sky b.
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and that decision is about to be approved by the government that was in jeopardy and i think he felt that as a businessman he had to sacrifice the news in the world because it in terms of the whole news international it's a tiny parcel about the political caste who'd been sucking up to rupert murdoch for so many years including prime minister david cameron he now has to stand back and say no i can't do it anymore it's gone too bad this week france's former finance minister stepped into strong shoes and took over as i.m.f. chief christine lagarde first challenges to deal with the cash strapped e.u. as well as the world's continuing economic crisis but artie's christine reports there's still more interest in the muckraking then money matters. from violence on the streets of the middle east. to protests in north africa to europe. portugal's credit rating has been deemed junk.
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and in greece. where unemployment hovers at about sixteen percent and the debt crisis has sparked anger nearly all of this anger stemming from poverty and failed economic policies in the us as well high unemployment sits atop a mountain of problems like a housing crisis and slow financial growth this is the world christine legarde inherits as she begins at her new post as managing director of the international monetary fund in her first formal meeting with the press at the i.m.f. headquarters in washington she seemed optimistic in her hopes the international monetary fund is here to serve and to provide services to its hundred and eighty seven members if not the sexiest of news stories but still be an honorable press conference for the new managing director of the i.m.f. did garner quite a bit of media attention most likely it had less to do with christine lagarde
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herself and more to do with the reason why she's here. campbell what lessons do you think ought to be drawn from the way the u.s. legal system handled the strauss kahn case we could be any reforms in the human relight and human resources policies here do you plan any changes in them in light of the controversy over mr strauss kahn the controversy of course with dominique strauss kahn accused of raping a hotel maid in new york that case now starting to crumble after it turned out the maid had credibility problems but back to the i.m.f. or lagarde will take over then yes you have covered issues what worries you the most guarded her best to stay on message we cannot be only driven by the. hope to reduce fiscal deficits and organize fiscal consolidation in a big way whether you look at advanced economies or whether you look at emerging
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markets income countries the issue of employment is a critical one the one hundred eighty seven nation organization has already lent one hundred sixty billion dollars to cash strapped nations many of which have little hope for paying it back. so the real questions are manifested here on the streets of some of the nation suffering the most are accepting aid from the i.m.f. has been presented at times as the only option as austerity measures are now being put into place the questions too are in the dollar and how its value may or may not change under her watch for managing the debt crisis around the world will fall at the top of her agenda as the rest of the world watches with hope first ability in an unstable world in washington christine for south r.c. . nasa shuttle atlantis has arrived at the international space station where it has
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docked for the very last time as part of the fleets last ever mission it carried a crew of four americans and several tons of vital supplies russian american and japanese astronauts are working on the station and it just last shuttle mission brings going on you know those are food and equipment after thirty years of highs and lows in america's space shuttle history the final landing a will be a painful time for many who have devoted their lives to the program or he's going to church or cam comments. empty shells of what was once florida's thriving space coast. up to ten thousand people will be out of a job as soon as the last shuttle makes its final voyage back to earth home to many of the kennedy space center workers rock luge is on the verge of becoming a ghost town without the space program or pretty much nothing i mean this is what you know because the beach was built on the space program you know just a lot of people are going to be out of jobs sorry to be out of homes people are
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welfare left and right food stamps and sony chris a fully spent twenty three years with the shuttle launch team as an engineer with a plan to splicing offer is final mission it means the end of his career with nasa and the beginning of uncertainty a year ago he started looking for a new job to no avail i have applied for jobs and so far i haven't got any concrete responses there's not that many jobs out there for sure the u.s. scrapped its shuttle program and now wants the private sector to come up with ways to get astronauts to space several companies are working on new vehicles but it's not clear when they'll be able to deliver them one thing is certain though they'll be able to hire only a fraction of the skilled space industry workers will be out of work soon this is the first shuttle ever it never made it to space but it was going to put test before the columbia shuttle first launch into space in nineteen eighty one a total of five shuttles had been used for space missions since that two of them
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were last name tragic accidents a nine hundred eighty six and in two thousand and three those lawsuits and the skyrocketing price for each launch gradually led to the castle ation of the program but critics say it's hard to estimate the losses that the end of the shuttle program will bring about both for the space industry and the people involved i think it's a really bad thing for the united states to lose. skilled workforce it's going to be difficult to rebuild for years the shuttle has been the only vehicle that could very crew and a massive load of cargo to space officials say one of the reasons the program was scrapped is that it's safer and cheaper to send cargo and people separately something that russia for example has been doing for many years but whatever the reasons for scrapping the thirty year old program for those who devoted their lives to it is the end of their dream job kind of sad because i've already seen a lot of my friends go and nobody's there being more people that are probably may
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never see again it also means the end of a once vibrant scientific community that's grown up around the shuttle. on. and update of course of course keeping you up to date on the latest information from the tragedy in touched on stay with us right here marty.
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broadcasting from the heart of moscow this is our thomas let's take a look at your top headlines breaking news from r.t. dozens feared dead as a pleasure cruiser sinks on the river in russia's republic of tatarstan with nearly two hundred on board search and rescue efforts are underway and will continue through the night for survivors. and in our top stories from the week in georgia charges three photojournalists with spying for russia including president saakashvili personal photographer in tbilisi claims it has a videotaped confession the group were on. a stolen revolution angry egyptians returned to the streets across the country to protest against the interim government's failure to bring reforms they are also demanding officials accused of killing protesters during the revolution that ousted president
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mubarak be brought to justice. the syrian government is holding talks on reforms but the opposition activists are boycotting the national dialogue they say they will not participate as long as the regime continues to crackdown on protesters up next a syrian politician shares his views on whether a solution can be found. so i would like to talk about what has been going on in syria for the last three months to please come in under us but i'll ask you are i want to know what the new are but answer out of syria has seen complicated events in these three months when religious extremists started to destabilize the country's peace and security and undermines to billet in syria of course the mass media have also done their bit to present syria in an unfavorable light as a country that is hostile towards its own people never in the history of modern
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syria has the country been attacked the way these armed bands of extremists are doing it syria is in need of reforms and we have had peaceful demonstrations in favor of reforms the syrian government and president bashar al assad responded to the demands of the people but as you may recall every time the government was about to introduce reforms violence surged in the country i witnessed these acts in daraa and other syrian provinces like many other citizens did the incumbent president of syria is committed to reforms and in two thousand he proposed a major program of reforms but events in the region that followed affected the implementation of the reforms that were gravely the us invasion of iraq and a potential threat that the aggression would sweep over syria after the american government made its intentions clear the turmoil in lebanon and the assassination of the lebanese leader rafik hariri the situation in the region changed in the state of syria is threatened the reforms were shifted to the back burner.


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