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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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easy. to say. i'm broadcasting from the heart of moscow this is archie i'm trying thomas to it's a good to talk about things breaking news from the four people are now confirmed dead after a pleasure cruiser sank on the river falls in russia's a public of trouble charter strong with nearly two hundred on board search and rescue efforts are underway and will continue through the much. recapping our top stories are from the weekly georgia journalists with spying for russia including president saakashvili personal photographer tbilisi claims it has
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a videotaped confessions that the group were on moscow's player of. the stolen revolution. return to the streets across the country to protest against the interim government's failure to bring in reforms they're also demanding officials accused of killing protesters of pollution that ousted president mubarak he brought to justice. and coming up next one man's fight against america's decision to build a military base in the czech republic that's our special report. yankee go home yankee go home. i'll be close. we love our chad plant oh and they're always forcing someone on us but the real turn more.
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it's just. as it was not. that i was a member of the green party martin berzerk says it's a martin was. tough to let us in friends we've seen a lot while filming the show. made up for us but a bird has never flown into the room before. the sound that doesn't stop i think is there an expert on martin's here you know is it. was it's a swallow that i must find an expert on swallows who are sick doesn't know this. mayor young merrill says it's a representative from berkeley preserve that's without.
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a moment's notice nothing says that power is on march seventeenth i asked the citizens if they agree with the radar base i recommend that you find the courage to ask the citizens if they want the base city or the three men sat here one from the science academy one from the defense academy and mr couch scheme. they advised you if you and scientist have advised you mr burr sixty but you will totally destroy bertie's flora and fauna and flora but you don't live there so you don't care when will you wake up yes not only was the. to be a good at less than normal what lemaire all but i am convinced that the certain things cannot be put to a friend them we cannot vote on the death penalty because the great majority would be for renewing it we cannot vote on taxes because the majority of people don't want to pay any taxes and that we cannot put the defense of our country up to a vote but in contrast to the social democrats we act openly we're not afraid to
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put ourselves on the line and we share information with you. in for about thirty minutes from our lima. how long can the hole is in for that of a third of the twenty four or forty eight hours. i have to work in the morning i cannot nor will the. moment and i know i'm we aren't doing anything against the law all right we see how you may only defending what's ours but it's not enough from a tranny if we don't want americans here we have to do something about it. here. that's how my dad seldon's trip. planning project ranks mom i'll keep my fingers crossed by and if i do return think well of me i'll find a young man darling of the mother to go you're excited and sure enough joey.
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just went on with i'm afraid other may pick it up a bit sure you'll be ok. after crossing the main road don't step in the mud so they won't see your tracks. instead of is north of boston. one last piece of advice i'm now we're cutting across mishal the paddock throat if they catch us let's separate them then head this way. separate and then everyone tried to get there on your own maybe they will catch one of us
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but the others have to get there ok. run along separate. ok wait just a moment. it's not working. let's go ahead split up. but two of us are missing. one has a cell phone i find him. in
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washington my wife baked a cake and said when you get there tell them greenpeace there's the chelton shake in my bag i've got a cake for you so here you go that's great and fredricka leave it all open so that we can see you in africa. now while vegetables what a great job you did i talked with a guy named hans that's me of honor. life when you come and your guests and citizens of berkeley because you must admit we meet here today at an important crossroads in our lives recently through little we must decide whether or not to live in harmony with our conscience and convictions by founding the independent country of peace land that spot hate seven hundred
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eighteen. what we hear by solemnly declare about peace land is here and of right ought to be a free and independent state. what on of the connection between it and the czech republic is dissolved as a stop and just got it and so i'm i bring your. school tomorrow we will send an official letter to the main constitutional agents. the president prime minister and the heads of parliament so now to vote for the so that you and the regime will request that citizens and uniformed personnel of the czech republic show proof of identity in the new country.
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thanks. hey yeah i was just in the woods. i got footage of police fighting everywhere. going there squatting there waiting to attack find ok but i don't know. i was just walking in the woods. there are lots of cars. i said to myself what is going on here and there were these two cops schooling in the words we're in trouble. began with a low military police flow please put the camera down.
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right. you are unauthorized in a military area. if there you were trespassing in violation of proper entry into a military area. that it then we request as you leave the area. at least follow us. i would have or will use coercive means including weapons which ones were five according to military police law number one hundred forty four tell us so we'll know what to expect this way please. as the first return my let's go is this course of means. possibly walk ahead of me so. we are fighting over something that costs seven hundred thousand crowns cut i think that's enough the cooler.
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today military police investigated the area around spot height seven hundred eighteen was the big that also those who had been there illegally for six weeks were asked in the name of the law to cease their illegal activities and they refused and so today military police proceeded to remove them from the area. and they're out here near this wire is very rigid and very difficult to cut through just so you have to. believe it to be an effective barrier against being breached. and i don't know if you are sick or not. this is getting them to. come on come on. get with it come on back here. we have
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a visitor we're already over ten minutes a request but you follow me. here to tell him that yours are the worst it's a unique situation there's an intruder eastland peace peace peace learns peace your peace your peace. we're. we're. citizen returns to. this place and so you. already. know you continue trying to get back into your country and yes i may be one of the first but i probably won't be the last. as you look through the razor wire and we'll see what areas they have the iron curtain used to be here we're not afraid of any wire. why are you against
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anti-missile defense we don't think anti missile defense furthers world peace and stability we support disarmament diplomacy international treaties not intimidation militarizing space on you for the weapons military. there are other reasons as well what about the impact on health the prize local landscape and its quality don't. you think it's absurd that environment minister defend it there are a lot of reasons but one of the main ones is even the funding that they're wasting and i'm. sorry to interrupt but show me some i did have occasion i won't. do that here in peace land you're in a military area no no we're in peace land long live peaceful and nonviolence gentleman. don't twist my arm i'm not fighting with you. what is your number. i'm not resisting. twisting my arm.
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just you wait there. in the name of the law i ask you to stop. long live peaceful and come with me back to where you came. cash cash cash cash cash cash cash cash cash.
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god i'm not happy a war criminal came to cry to not have even government signed a treaty with a war criminal against the will of the vast majority of citizens. the . same i. am gutted that congolese are rice and others are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in afghanistan and iraq i do know i did she is also responsible for thousands of dead americans many of them reservists and members of the national guard who did not join up to be sent thousands of kilometers away to a foreign land without knowing why they're fighting. they are fighting for personal
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interests of. america and they're a has a reason it's history after american barack obama has been elected president of the united states. was was it. was. sht.
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elsewhere you're just a useful idiot you serve someone until you drop dead right off the ground there are two months prior to the how there are some us caught you know what's in you know and in syria but don't drag me into it by that purpose to further why are you here then. mr conason got it but i'm here because i want our country to be normal sovereign state i don't want foreign armies here it's not saudi it's no american not jurymen not even from guyana i get so caught up guard. somebody i'm here because i want our country to be an equal partner in the european union. and a large should be ashamed you don't know anything about the bolsheviks like i will lead go if. you're a disgrace or good you are a good description the whole nation the road to. the right you're taking me
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away and leaving the flight where. the. good grief on the bus take this pill to be call an ambulance or words you shoot on the road save it. you know i'll be fine in a minutes this is a group with a great power. yeah you're making a big mistake and it makes me sad because you're heading for destruction and so discounting the throne all of these people are in cahoots with madrid of. songs to make good on a square garden kutztown believe a bull. market but you don't remember what it was like in the one nine hundred eighty s. when demonstrators like this were paid by the soviet k.g.b. and soviet. so what we have in summary. is a system that has no chance of working and
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a threat that does not exist and enormous amounts of misleading information being given to the czech kadlec and its government. as an american citizen i do not believe the good way to work with our friends and allies and i'll stop here. simply radio base will be two and a half kilometers away from my house and now i found out that the radar isn't even functional showalter so why are they building it then it will study it you see through your military will be just ones to invest in something line danced in the radio doesn't work you don't have good information. i think the real reason the radar they want to build the radar is because the bush administration is
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trying to establish a fact on the ground that would be difficult for the czech republic to reverse and difficult for president obama to reverse because once you have a big piece of hardware a base activities around it it becomes extremely difficult both physically and politically to remove it so the objective here is to commit the czech republic and the next american president to a missile defense system that has no chance of working and as a astoundingly your responsible as this argument sounds i'll be happy to give you other examples of this kind of behavior on the part of the bush administration.
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greens are obama. and government fell and now the radar no today says. no to the radio i thought. this. was the same i think. there.
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were three. words struck we were. barak obama's speech was crystal clear. the missile defense project is not over because she. thought thier.
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but it'd work because the chair mark is in the prorated army capitulating and i don't understand the question. and i know why removing the razor wire you installed last year and the pro-rate are people capitalizing by removing it because he was on when scrap wood for the military police did not install the wire obstacle on them so i can't answer your question fine. will there be a read of it i don't have enough information to answer about who does. one who can't answer about a person time. other
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companies should our cameras take you to the action we now take you to a briefing recently opened by mr young fischer hello ladies and gentleman this morning just after midnight u.s. president barack obama called to inform me that his government no longer intends to build a radar base in the czech republic for the anti-missile defense system and beaches . but i doubt that if you look at the vote on it. then i immediately informed the president of the republic but article me out of the conversation go. in english of course it took place at twenty one minutes after midnight. on the way to ladies and gentlemen thank you for participating in this special briefing until next time thank you. that's good bye and have a pleasant day. changed changed changed changed changed changed changed changed changed changed
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changed. the head that's the only missile we like not us now fears to us cheers and i'd like to thank all the citizens those seventy percent for the simple and all the mayors and civic initiatives. nothing said i can drink i'm driving. protester you know after the dinner because they're hugging resistance i believe our servile parliament would have ratified the treaty and construction would have begun.
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said d.c. it clearly shows. that he's done a whole. series see at least scored zero zero zero zero. zero zero. zero. zero zero but then my young guy got to. solicit the good god. save the city yet. but. if. you think. culture is the same of shock and awe you know larry was trying to swim remember
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such complaints to detail simply needs a pitchfork from the peacekeepers to protect civilians during the bosnian conflict failed in their.
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