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and this hotel telling us of inside the hotels full points pleasures and how would prince or to the school and in touch with the hotel in touch your group if it's a good goal how would international house flood to change every green lol her till . you get to ships no past without stopping the signal to go it would be just passed over by just one shift on the rescue was. breaking news from our team five people are now confirmed dead after a pleasure cruiser sank on the rim falls off in russia republic of tatarstan with one hundred eighty five on board. the post three. pairs of socks don't put life vests before entering the boards up all the latest in just a few budgets. and in our top stories from the week in georgia charges three photojournalists with spying for russia including president saakashvili as personal
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photographer. a stolen revolution angry gyptian returned to the streets across the country to protest against the interim government's failure to bring about change. and the last front page of the news of the world as a phone hacking scandal claims the u.k. has a bestselling child lawyer. and broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is our taking e.p.o. up to date with the latest information on breaking news a cruise ship has sunk on the river volga in central russia leaving five people dead and one hundred others still unaccounted for one hundred eighty five people were on board and many of them children when the ship foundered survivors were plucked from the water by a power. i think she has been taken to the republic's capital for treatment our
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correspondent tom burton has more details. it's known that they were the conditions that time were difficult but whatever happened the ship sank within three minutes which meant that a lot of the people didn't even have time to put on their life jackets before getting into the water and she was sick of it and didn't even have basically buried alive as if in the middle to cope with this we managed to get through the window there was my ten year old daughter and i couldn't risk it here she swallowed too much water when i was a realized my child was absent we don't know where to look for survivors there were a lot of children on board even more than everest might only came running to me and my husband two three minutes before the ship sent and told us please we'll live chickens as the vessel assume can i couldn't believe it. are you meeting with child phoning around trying to learn anything about john deal lines what we call the
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police but they said to contact the search and rescue service we did but there was no reply so we came here to find out at least something you didn't hear nobody knows anything meaning you. think within three minutes of the raid say we're going down. that i will survive every way and grandchildren. if they haven't the slightest knowledge of what's going on the bottom of it should give us at least some information that's wrong and like rescue service by the don't ask the family it's fair that strong currents in the volga in a very remote region downstream from meant that many people are feared to have drowned at the moment the search is ongoing and has been for some hours now and will be ongoing to try and find any survivors it's thought that some of them may have made it to safety in islands arounds. where the ship sank in middle of the
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volga volga very wide at the point that the ship sank is also a search ongoing for why the ship may have sunk and sunk so fast for those that have been rescued they've been taken to nearby hospitals where they are being treated by psychologists for any trauma they may have experienced before the moment the search is on for any survivors that have survived the sinking of this river cruise ship artie's martin reporting there from khazan and for more details on the search operation and of the latest from the russian emergencies ministry we go to our correspondent jacob greaves who is in moscow. officials are actually still looking for asses here a number of theories have already been put forward stress none of them of really be confirmed just yet prominent one is the fact that this. overloaded official capacity was one hundred forty people were. confirmed one hundred eighty five people were on board of the time of its sinking also the age of this vessel was
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fifty five years old and there are questions being raised whether or not it should have been used as a tourist boat on the revolver in the in the first place some is actually being stunned by reports of claims made by a crew member same it had engine difficulties just before making this today boyish too because although we have to bear in mind it's important to stress that mr trius was there to do have a record of this ship being given the all clear and that recently as the fifteenth of june now i was of course it's their attention really focusing on finding more survivors and searching out for those missing to a local reporter describe the situation that would have met those few conscience of the water rescue mission is underway and will continue throughout the night. to which people may have been able to swing too far from where the baldwin. making the search mission increasingly difficult because people may have been swept several
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kilometers away. on the howl of the vessel to see if there are any people trapped divers are now entering the cruiser using a boat at the scene is usually the weaves or one of the leaders well we're currently able to do is to communicate with the divers. distance the passage of have to swim to get to shore and of course the currents and other problems with to do with the weather is also the pride of this ship sank very quickly indeed in under three minutes giving people really no time to put on life. best search. in the correct areas to get on the lifeboats and this is something you heard from a survivors who are on board and they've a report saying the not too sure they don't really think that the crew members or any of those on board in charge actually did enough to stop this boat going down it's such a quick time now those at the scene with those divers at the scene who found the
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vessel on the bottom of the river bed and has actually been tipped to the rice and that may offer some clues in the future to find out why this boat did sink a president medvedev he's already said that there will need to be a full on proper investigation into to find out more officers on this case but we can already try to fill in some speaking to one representative for a company that was under search price picking up survivors at the scene right now that'll send in about two minutes the crew which i don't i'm tony harris want to. attach a pace when john. we were saying that an average cruiser stand for five answered rather it was on hand at the scene to say how bassinets our own and should have been company. now the rescue effort is still really in full swing because there are
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many people missing now this is focusing along the volga river but also on those are islands nearby as well this is something as we mentioned by the emergencies minister. your main goal is to survey the ships designed them in sectors and absolutely beautiful sort of really or should you be in the islands and i see a sign router with conclusion this is where family received all the news stream didn't to continue the search operation on your promotion the search likely to continue for some time now a school still remain missing and of course the hope they can find more survivors. jacob reeves reporting there from moscow now egypt's prime minister is vowing to sack any member of the security forces accused of killing protesters during the uprising that toppled former president hosni mubarak a statement comes after thousands of egyptians turned out for the biggest rally in months angered over the slow pace of prosecuting officials and reforms but people say they will keep fighting until they see change artie's only so now it is at the
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scene. egypt's uprising might have ousted president mubarak that's a them he's far from gone thousands of people out here on top here they all say different things into egypt but big joined together because the people we've spoken to feel like their revolution has been stalled and we go through the books of the mubarak's that people should just like them when the taste of freedom was short lived the military is in full power mass media is being choked and oppression still rampant and worse. i think they werent catching activists as much as they are doing now and take them to a prison i guess now they're being read in violence they want to kill you really believe this or that in the first place he's known simply as hostile here in egypt a social network or with a twitter army of some thirty thousand followers the military trials of civilians
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have to stop immediately immediately this is you know one of the major the mounts we're putting forward one of many demands including transparent trials for the fallen regime and the purging of corrupt officials they got rid of mubarak you know their high ranking officials but now egypt in the same way it was before january sort of got that little official little mubarak the media remarks rather what they're hiring them are running the country people like myself have been arguing for thinking to have you to the factories they can hire you to be universities taking you to the wood places meaning that in every single word police we have in egypt there is a mini mobile now when it was never interested in politics in till january she was shot with twenty three pellets by riot police twenty of which are still in her like the pain is finally gone but her perseverance is not the barrier of fear is gone. and she will continue to fight to the end i was. every
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every gyptian citizen to be treated as a human being every protester has their own vision of the egypt they're fighting for and want to constitution and then free elections others think the new law should follow the vote one thing that brings them all together is that this egypt is no. no way archie. georgia has charged three photo journalists including the personal photographer of president saakashvili with spying for russia tbilisi says it possesses a video confessions proving their goals they are not of the first to have the finger of suspicion pointed out last year thirteen people were detained and accused of being spies on russia's role nine were sentenced to fourteen years behind bars commenting on recent events georgia's opposition leader. told r.t.
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the evidence could have been obtained under pressure. it's not the type of case one person on the right has even such kind of explanation they specially have taken. and they have a very small child being released. that we. mentioned thirty five meters a one hundred percent what is behind a bad. situation but enjoy your time time we are receiving. base congress have no real legal outcomes and we never saw any kind of real it's human creations the government thinks right now government is too i read generally. i think the current government we are trying to control everybody and i think until now we didn't see if you even one of the damn. thing.
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when you have problems with social and health care when you have. mentary a rule of law and the rights of the people when you lost your country twenty percent or thirty thirty because i made a question but it is possible election you should find somebody who will be a never distinguishing strong in the country because very old police. and they see . this quite easy to play russian guys and me and ever think what the wrong country russian those suckers would be creating please i cannot say nice. try to delete everybody who is against. the regime and tweet fighting for real democracy in this country she is trying to lead perversions. coming up in the program just before the anniversary of groups of worst massacre since the nazi era r.t. travels to chevron where people are still uncertain just. rebels
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in libya are battling past government forces on the road to tripoli they are now moving towards the key town of zawiya tired after a six week long impasse but the capital still remains over one hundred fifty kilometers away the rebels say their progress has been slow due to a lack of ammunition and nato support there have been suggestions that the alliance is running low on arms itself and has asked germany for munitions to report on berlin's surprise turn after opposing the mission from the outset. more bombs wanted just over one hundred days of airstrikes and with just over two thousand bombs dropped by nato allies in libya the mission has run into an unexpected problem a lack of sales to drop where there is demand there is supply and this case germany has agreed to provide the much needed ammunition previously berlin has abstained from voting in favor of the u.n. security council resolution on libya and move that surprised some and angered
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others but it may now be backing out of it this isn't the germans may not want to participate but they have decided that the position does not preclude them actually subsequent weapons in this case or systems some believe germany is under pressure from other nato members particularly the united states france and the u.k. to take a more active part in the libyan campaign at first hand our you know ministries toward the foreign affairs minister don't go into libya it's a very bad conflict it was started by the cia and it's a dirty business don't go there so this is why you voted with russia and china now the backlash from washington is so tough obvious. under pressure to do something to make up for this decision aside from peer pressure germany may be alerted to the possible financial benefits of making its weapons available for natives use in libya probably germany will get paid for the live in these it's to other countries
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but that is normal practice between even the nato countries. also the twenty eight nato members only eight are actively participating in libya with civilian deaths to which nato recently admitted to a shortage of weapons in the ever relentless more market duffy still at the helm a coalition may be facing just the beginning of its problems. berlin is in a tough spot on the one hand it has disappointed nato by refusing to support conditionally being march on the other by agreeing to supply bombs it may now lose friends in other high places and whatever the real reasons for its contradictory policy may be germany could find that by trying to please everyone it may end up pleasing no one but in a goes quietly. sticking with their story political blogger rick ross author believes a humanitarian mission was never high on leaders agenda in the region. thirty
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thousand made earlier missions over a country of six people including what nato itself and knowledge as five thousand combat missions there that's not a war. you know it this is not simply a question of you know for the libyan civilians from the government foreign ones and so forth this is concerted long term military action nato it's the world's only military or if it's one that is in charge of the two major wars in the world right now there was enough there on this tour in libya for the you know we can do this for you with reminder of points of concern here but i think we should not be confused about what the true nature of the murder of the thirty organization. and an update on our main story the tragedy in central russia after a pleasure cruiser sank with one hundred eighty five on board in the river volga and charter son six people are now known to have died and search and rescue efforts continue for the almost one hundred people that still remain unaccounted for the
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vessel called the bulgaria reportedly sank within three minutes of getting into difficulty and it was three kilometers from the shore when it went down it's thought to have been carrying people on a weekend a sightseeing break some survivors were picked up and have been taken to prison for treatment i witness is say a storm is likely to be to blame for the sinking royal others suggest a failure of the both engines although that has not been confirmed. to other news that now britain's scandal plagued news of the world that newspaper has rolled off the presses for the last time its final edition was apologetic but defiant after being hastily closed by rupert murdoch this week the embattled it media mogul flew to london to take charge of the crisis which engulfed the paper and its and company news international it's claimed journalists hacked the phones of murder victims and dead soldiers families police made a number of arrests on friday including a former editor of the paper who has also served as the prime minister's press
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chief media analyst will release says. rupert murdoch has now lost his longstanding unity among britain's political elite. i think something changed this week you know for decades british prime ministers have been on their knees to the to the murdoch press because they knew that when the sun which is his main daily newspaper here in britain when the sun supported a british politician running for prime minister you know they won it and then you find a man next day you find that prime minister reading the sun looking like an idiot saying well the sun got me elected i mean so you've got this meaning of democracy it's an initiator of democracy really which the murdoch press was a back office but i think and that was after a silence as well because important people needed the murdoch press and they couldn't be they couldn't attack it because of that and i think a line was crossed rupert murdoch has a very finely tuned isn't this great he has a lot of things going on now one of them is to purchase the largest satellite
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network in britain called sky b. and that decision is about to be approved by the government that was in jeopardy and i think he felt that as a businessman he had to sacrifice the news of the world because it in terms of the whole news international it's a tiny parcel rather political cast had been sucking up to rupert murdoch for so many years including prime minister david cameron he now has to stand back and say no i can't do it anymore it's gone too bad the former bosnian serb general accused of ordering it first chevron and so massacre is a likely to have a new legal team to represent him at the hague. and really reduce rutted his second hearing the rating judges for not allowing him to have his lawyers present but many serbs feel the notorious generals at trial will not bring full justice artie's explains. a liquid little town of sibling meets in bosnia and herzegovina looks if you like you houses are being built people go about their business and in the
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center of the town a mosque and a church sit side by side but this apparent unity is an illusion sixty years ago the entire region with one of partly ethnic clashes during the yugoslav war and seventy two became infamous when the united nations stated eight thousand muslim men and boys were massacred by bosnian serb forces today and then moved to the seas so the grounds of the former u.n. military base the sort of balance on the moral ground is well maintained and frequently visited by locals journalists and tourists to get boston and the bosnian capital of. the tourist arm shown are the thousands of serbian graves that ride cemeteries all around the set up and it's a region. where. thousands of people were killed during the balkan wars of the one nine hundred ninety s. but senator it's like these were entire families of murdered serb civilians only get visited by the very few remaining survivors but only comes here all the time
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his entire family lives here he says a bosnian muslim general is responsible so you know i was only nine years old when i said already stuck away everything i had and why is it in the first take care of my mother then my father and brother i was wounded and taken cancer then they held me for fifty six days and only god knows how or why i survived. but even the learn to survive his loss just like that thousands of people here is being ignored. or each was at the hague tribunal and i was supposed to be a witness in his trial but in the end i mean about thirty other witnesses were simply cast aside they didn't call us didn't ask what happened to our family and the tribunal only gave him two years in a personal. the both of you are sitting in is a trust cities visited an old sides and perpetrated by old players but the version most often propagated by western media is rather one sided ingraining the serves
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the purpose of it is to set the stage and create a rationale for called humanitarian interventions which. occurred in considerable number. of strokes and it's that simple precedent can be traced through the years into today's headlines bosnia iraq afghanistan and most recently libya have all played unwilling hosts to nato troops and u.s. imposed no fly zones it is very important in the creation of. or scenario for makes sure in the minds of most people. was a drone a story which was preventable but for whatever reason the international community didn't do anything about it. simmered said the journey from seventy to to
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benghazi via bad debt in kabul could now be traced as a kind of nato road map but as with any road paved with good intentions there is only one possible to estimation karina's are about our tea party and herzegovina a fire at a nursing home for the elderly in northwest ukraine has killed sixteen people fire crews battle the flames for five hours and managed to rescue eleven people from the blaze victims were then treated in hospital for carbon dioxide poisoning three remain in a grave condition the authorities are now investigating the cause of fire but early reports say it was not started deliberately. turkmenistan's government has admitted to the series of explosions that shook the city of alba don occurred at a munitions depot the blasts happened on thursday and killed fifteen people according to official reports initially authorities said it was an incident at a fireworks factory and that there were no casualties but that contradicted
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eyewitness pictures and reports that around two hundred were killed and scores injured it is understood that officials are responsible for giving out false public information have been sacked turkmenistan has long been a very secretive state even the internet was banned until just recently repair works are now under way in the stricken town and all the victims are being promised government aid. the u.s. has announced it's pulling the plug on almost eight hundred million dollars of military aid to pakistan relations between the two countries have been strained since osama bin laden's killing in may journalist ahmed could a she says that the differences between washington and islamabad will not be ironed out easily. i don't think we're seeing any signs that the u.s. officials are really sincere about the need this relationship. as a relationship with them to do and soften them and they would like to work together ten years ago. it was really very hard to find
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a clean clean shaven pakistani criticizing the united states it was it was taken for granted for precisely the u.s. you must be some good screams today who have heard people from the upper classes of pakistan really lead and very very critical of the united states so i think there's something really wrong and i think there is a huge responsibility also in the u.s. media to convey the right picture to the american people even which is unfortunately they're not doing their are very much telling the world ever you fishing line of the u.s. government so i think i don't see in the near future and many of the serious differences between pakistan in the united states can you still get. back to our breaking news story now six people are now confirmed dead and almost one hundred remain unaccounted for after a pleasure cruiser sinks on the river volga in the russian republic of targets with
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one hundred eighty five people on board search and rescue efforts have continued throughout the night and into the morning dozens of survivors were picked up by a passing ship and taken to the republic's capital cazan answers friends and relatives gathered at the port to meet them many of the passengers were families with children the vessel called the bulgaria reportedly sank within three minutes of getting into difficulty and was three kilometers from the shore when it went down it is thought to have been carrying people on a weekend of sightseeing break and was in route to his own eye witnesses say a storm is likely to be to blame for the sinking investigators are considering a number of possibilities including faulty equipment and whether the boat was overcrowded president medvedev has pledged help and a thorough investigation into the tragic. of course we'll be keeping you up to date on the latest information on this tragedy throughout the day introduced on stay with us right here our.
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culture is the same up charge in television a lot harder in the muslim world cup so for the world remembers a much advanced to develop summer needs of a dutch court most of peacekeepers time to protect civilians during the bosnian conflict failed in there to. download the official anti application joy on phone
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