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daughter in law. now amidst the grief comes the anger and the questions. why p.c.'s do your job you don't understand a thing. the vogue area pleasure boat sank in just three minutes on sunday now some people are saying it should never have been on the volga atoll but they knew. it was the bog area past two hours before it looked an awful conditions if they had done a preview h. before it set off it would never have been allowed to sail. growing evidence seems to point to gross mismanagement on the vessel including a broken engine ignored by the captain and blocked emergency exits. were used to work on it it was called the ukrainians more and more people complained so they just changed the name to the bulgaria the crew themselves always praise god for saving them every time they got off that ship. the vessel was first built in one
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nine hundred fifty five and as recently as last month was given official clearance to sail despite this rescue teams say it was hopelessly outdated the crew there was no reply and tell me they notice water coming in through the windows it's such a pace the boat went down through quickly now president medvedev has ordered wide ranging checks saying there are many more bulgaria's out there the number of decrepit barges cruising along our waterways is enormous and the fact that we were lucky before yesterday doesn't mean anything like that couldn't have happened all of this will come to the fore when the ship itself is raised to the surface for investigation but it's the harrowing accounts of what happened on the weekend pleasure cruise told the real story didn't focus is that people were basically buried alive in anti-matter coffin we managed to get out through the windows i was there with my ten year old daughter i couldn't rescue her she swallowed too much water when i was making it out i realized my child was gone rescue workers will
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continue their efforts throughout the coming hours and days but hope has now gone they will find anyone else alive leaving just the shock and grief. of all go back some teacher. coming up in a few minutes drawn out decision from seemingly after a loss what to do with the libyan campaign contemplating whether to invade the country sit down and talk to kind of gadhafi. the middle east peace quartet made up of russia america the u.n. and you has gathered in washington tent to revive a stalled israeli palestinian peace talks meeting comes at a low point in relations between israel and its biggest allies of us after president obama spoke in favor of return to established pre nine hundred sixty seven borders where israel occupied vast swathes of palestinians. and and since declared that much of it has its own gathering of the quarter it had a key u.n.
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vote the september one officially recognizing palestine as a sovereign state something strongly opposed by israel turns on the kitchen karen explains why there's such an agency to see the talks type of. the quartet has met at a time when its efforts as the global mediator in the middle east peace process are largely seen as ineffective there's a sense that cost for negotiations alone are not enough in fact they've reached a dead end and made the failure to negotiate as a solution palestinians plan to seek a vote by the un general assembly is september recognizing the state of palestine that adds urgency to the meeting of the quartet as some analysts say could be the last chance for the global mediators to prove their efficiency before at the possible voting september divides the international community which it most certainly will there is a vision that all quartet members share and that is a two state solution for these three weeks and the palestinians and that the
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starting point for those negotiations have to be the pre-one nine hundred sixty seven border lines but these released find the mere mentioning of one nine hundred sixty seven border lines unacceptable the palestinians on the other hand demand israel stop building settlements on the occupied territories demands which israel effectively mors so it's a snowball of conditions that have resulted in the decades old impasse the two sides have not been able to come to a solution and the hope always was that wall powers could mediate a peaceful outcome but even though the quartet members say they want to see two independent states eventually they have not been united in how they see the path to the solution the u.s. for example blocks every year when attempts to influence the situation take the settlements the obama administration has called the israeli settlements expansion illegitimate but when it came to actually voting at the u.n. security council to condemn the settlement expansion is illegal the u.s. veto the resolution and least. the fact that israel is the protectorate of the
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united states makes it hard to expect a balanced approach from washington whereas russia is seen by many as the more impartial mediator moscow has held consultations with both these really authorities and the palestinian authorities many times hearing out their complains their grievances because the palestinian vote voice is virtually blocked in the us their leadership is labeled as terrorists here and experts say mediation is next to impossible when you refused to talk to one of the sides. brownback a national coordinator of the antiwar and so coalition says there is little chance of peaceful resolution as long as the u.s. continues to fashion its policies around israeli interests. there are different different desires different agendas within the quartet from the u.s. government point of view the purpose of these renewed talks is to put pressure on the palestinian authority which having received nothing from the israelis and nothing from the americans during the past years seen israeli settlements growing
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and expanding in spite of president obama's promise that this that there would be a halt freeze and settlement construction in the west bank and spite of the fact that the siege of gaza has taken so much in spite of the fact that the israelis are claiming all of jerusalem for themselves so the american government in particular which is the primary sponsor of israel which gives israel three billion dollars a year the largest recipient of u.s. foreign aid they realize that israel could become increasingly isolated so they're trying to come up with some solution but the solution is not acceptable to the broad mass of the palestinian people because it means giving up the right of return and giving all of jerusalem to israel and allowing these west bank settlements to continue so there's a there between a rock and a hard place they need a settlement but as long as they're following the israeli agenda or supporting the israeli agenda which has its own narrow. aims to gobble up more and more palestinian territory there can't be
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a resolution. and just hours before the middle east quartet convened in washington israel introduced a law that makes it a crime for its citizens to boycott jewish settlements on palestinian territory nor has already been criticised for violating free speech and stifling democracy. as the details. the vote is cast late monday by a vote of ninety seven in favor and fifty eight against it is for the bill to protect the state of israel through boycotts and essentially what even owls is for any kind of signal system one based business to suit for damages is rabies morning so boycotts a new presupposes fines if the cooling there is not an israeli he or she can also be prevented and barred from entering this country now what is interesting is that the legal advisor for the knesset the israeli parliament is himself against this bill he has called it borderline illegal and this is
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a sentiment that is echoed by human rights organizations and civil parliamentarians they say that it is anti democracy it is anti freedom of speech and people really should be allowed to call for boycotts of both the occupied territories and this is one man's behavior of the peace now movement has said that the israeli government is trying to act to quote him as tool to police and the peace now and other human rights organizations plan to appeal this decision in the israeli high schools. growing pressure on israel to commit to a peaceful resolution to the conflict has caused an ongoing erosion of civil rights in the country as israel seeks to preserve its decades long stranglehold on palestine that's according to. executives director of the association for civil rights in israel. the passing of this law was a bad day for freedom of speech a bad day for as a democracy. and even more unfortunately it is only the current reprise and taishan of the rising good wave of democratic to this nation that is gradually
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drowning the foundations of his that had a moccasin as well for many years and i think rightfully so has been recognized as a country with strong democratic attributes but what we're seeing here is the gradual sad process in which these let me call him and his by self undoing eroding those democratic principles not just a core long to keep patient for more than for decades but also targeting the rights of. minorities in the as well and specifically arab citizens of the state of israel targeting human rights organisations and ability to function freely something that we've always taken for granted and is now being gradually eroded and also targeting the independence of the high court of justice and its ability to continue to defend human rights and civil liberties in israel. well you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com a lot of the latest news blogs and videos here's just some of what you can
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find there the shady circumstances surrounding the death of a high profile russian prosecutor who shot himself his workplace. home down. the street racer tries out the full potential car but the race in central moscow is in disaster. the french parliament to show you how to vote on an extension to the military campaign in libya the government there says it's determined to take the fight to colonel gadhafi but some experts believe a ground invasion is now the only option left to president sarkozy. not tell me which. books is like bragging will destroy their opponents they're often wrong
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and gets a surprise. french foreign minister should pay both did france would win libya in quote days or weeks the war's into a fourth month no final round inside. the with his western allies seem shocked little opponents fighting back well it's not just an embarrassment for sarkozy it's an embarrassment for all nato for the whole west paris even admits libya's rebels those weapons are going to terrorists. will return some somalia. wench to libya for training within the last two or three years. documented we have to fly records and everything else so it seems strange in many ways the whole western support of some of the rebel groups in libya must be questioned because in some cases of it we are effectively arming al-qaeda. it's all
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making a mockery of the u.n. vote on foreign intervention in the country. by leading it never. giving up. none of. this. witnesses made to libya's causing widespread atrocities for every one military personnel that was supposedly a casualty there were ten civilians frauds categorically ruled out sending troops but experience predict is the only way now to break the libyan deadlock the moves the splitting the nato coalition silvio berlusconi head of keep italy admits invading libya was a mistake and did a stunning the fridge defense minister says the rebels should negotiate with moammar gadhafi this is the same man that they already indicted in the
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international court so. i mean from a legal point of view it's even possible what they saying they're saying now and a person accused of war crimes or crimes against humanity is a suitable partner in negotiations men and of course our media here are not the ones who are going to pose these critical certainly not in france. to the president on the contrary russia abstain did the u.s. vote. bombs would bring havoc in libya which would you pay said the latest count support of ruffle quote lloyd lee diplomat speaks. with elections just more in months away sako advisers said a successful war could resurrect his chances instead one paper writes libya's becoming a slow motion call crash for france's deeply unpopular president. so jogging
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for excessive sweating is. double this is libyan spring is turning into a marathon the new bush will see paris. when nato has been concealing the real number of civilian casualties in the area ever since the operation started that's according to independent journalists hearing this he says it's being done to hide the real motive behind the military campaign a full scale rewrite the region's political map you can see the full interview in just over ten minutes time but here's a preview. indeed starting from the moment it was decided to launch this operation the lives of civilians were not taken into account everything we used to see in the middle east is not transpiring in this region and this is just the beginning it is rather a question of rearrangement of this. we are yet to see a series or wars in this case nato keeps line there recently which is surprising
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because during the war in the casa want nato would normally lie only to conceal its mistakes time it's being done not to conceal mistakes but you can see all the strategy. some other stories making headlines around the world. for the bombers and ministrations says a whole form a protest to the syrian government following monday's attack on u.s. embassy in the capital damascus arrest harsh criticism from washington secretary of state hillary clinton saying present government has lost legitimacy rotters broke windows and raised the syrian flag at the compound before american marines dispersed them u.s. officials say they were supporters spurred on by local t.v. broadcast. mosques gunmen have reportedly blown up a terminal along the egyptian natural gas pipeline to israel and jordan is the
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fourth time the pipeline has been targeted. yes just every week ago security officials say the attack happened early in the morning in the northern part of egypt's sinai peninsula in the border with israel. chile's nearly thirty five thousand workers from what is not just public producer go on strike protesting against a government plan to cut jobs and money its benefits the state of companies which they see as a step towards privatization the firm estimates its losses from the twenty four hour stoppage could be as much as forty one million dollars the biggest strike the company has faced in any three decades test is a threatening to extend its beyond tuesday. now we kill leaks founder julian assange as will be back in london's high court today to fight extradition to sweden where he's wanted for questioning of a sexual assault allegations the supporters fear that if hunted over the swedish authorities won't be long before a songe finds himself behind bars in the u.s.
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all to his reports. seven months since julian our souls was released on bail he returns to the high court to appeal his extradition if he fails will be sent to sweden within ten days but many believe his feet won't touch the ground next stop america i think. the worry is that sui which in the past has extradited people to america with a minimum of fuss when they were asked was show us a possible. dog to. water weight him in the us is this. really ought to be. used a notorious neo conservative group helped the swedish prime minister friedrich reinfeldt when re-election last year and there's another glaring link in the shape of lawyer thomas bloodstream his firm's representing the two women bringing the sex charges against him in two thousand and one he was minister of justice and is
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alleged to have helped turned over to asylum seekers suspected by the cia of terror they were sent to egypt and allegedly tortured he might well want to stop wiki leaks from functioning the question about neutrality became even even clearer thanks to some of the documents from exactly wiki leaks there is. a willingness to . do the ariens of the united states over many years from. questions of. making asylum seekers in sweden. to the cia freddy's is particularly strong now with a right leaning government in sweden sweden wants assault on sex crime charges the u.s. is reportedly preparing an espionage case and it suits nor nato member sweden just fine to be a conduit in this case and in others they get. all the benefits of being. an
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intelligence partner of the united states without the baggage of being in nato sweden seen as an easier way for the u.s. to get their hands on our soldiers particularly after it requested the extradition of hakka gary mckinnon from britain which so far hasn't been granted but critics say the u.k. is just as much in computes with the u.s. as sweet and it's kind of a traditional role of britain to represent us foreign policy in europe. you know militarily and politically and economically. no change very unfortunately has to do it ourselves goes back to court in london he'll have an eye on the british justice system which could save him from being extradited but the other i will be firmly fixed on sweden a country that insists on its own neutrality whilst turning asylum seekers over to the u.s. to allegedly to be tortured only our soldiers and his staff that wiki leaks know what else sweden's got to hide your enemy's ability to. come up next latest on the
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world of business. thank you very much gary this is business sashi hello and welcome to the program russia's largest lenders burbank is teaming up with this corker research hub the country zones are to silicon valley will host burbank's i.c. cluster and the r. and d. on the deal also involves setting up one of the world's largest data processing centers for banks as this will help it become one of the most technologically advanced buying cyclo billy leaders c.e.o. going to grad outlines the terms of the. review we are planning to maintain the produce budget withdrawn seven hundred to eight hundred million dollars the total ball will build over two and a half years and provider on one of thousand jobs and research. is going to sell a ten percent in high tech corp worse nano as part of its massive prototype ization
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drive the stake could be sold in two years for around one billion dollars believe investors will be interested in the asset as nanotechnology is there in strong demand president dmitry medvedev has called for an expansion of the ties actually for one the state was going to sell its stakes in one thousand and two prizes last year but only one hundred twenty assets and a doubt being sold. right now let's have a look at the markets oil is continuing to lose ground and made stronger dollar and concerns about global demand it's all speculation europe sovereign debt crisis is deepening grand blandings trading at close to one hundred seventeen dollars a barrel while the w.t.f. is around ninety four dollars per barrel. asian markets are sliding sharply falling u.s. losses investors are alarmed with the possible spread of the european sovereign debt crisis to eastlands spain nationals are among the hardest heads of concerns about the chinese want to treat tightening are also weighing on property shares in hong
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kong meanwhile resource stocks are up the pressure following a slide in commodities in tokyo's strong. has pushed to exporters and. that here in russia be ours he has has opened in the red sea my sales will start trading in a few minutes the russian markets finished monday's session low and negative news from the. market or just a russian stock exchanges will be tracking international news flow that's a major lack of strong domestic news to guide sentiment and xander from when a sales capital says all eyes are on us corporate reports although we could be devoted to discern the actual reports from the us companies big banks will be reporting more july fourteenth. will be really important because if the company would be me some of the targets but i don't think they will be missing but the guidance for the rest of the year can be really negative and this will really hurt
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the market but don't think that there will be a lot of positive stuff to support or marking the coming days. was in the you were to have tamed investor appetite for risk pushing the russian countersuit to fresh lows favorable has slipped to its lowest level in seven weeks against the dollar which is considered to be a safe haven asset its last one percent with the greenback now was just over twenty eight. and you're up to date we're back with more business news in about fifty minutes time join us then if you can.
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the fox. will come into the first one needs to be splash in the world of high tech business quick turns events science into i ching products just don't understand calling trophies is going to be followed russian invaders to keep your bidders abroad and their big break through back home supplied on stocks once a college update here on. the future covered.
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we've. used to. see. in the czech republic all she's available insists the hotel as science central. most of the old stuff i used to i'm a taste in bosnia and herzegovina. and the children of each. in serbia multis available in regency.
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watching our team the headlines for. a national day of mourning across russia for around one hundred thirty people killed. on the two days. before. washington to stop a storm it's ready for us to have peace talks a decade. you can expound it you know. it is a fresh appeal against extradition in london's high court made allegations that sweden is a thing of the staging u.s. . but as nato sinks deeper into the bloody conflict in libya. syria many are questioning the alliance's real motives next independent journalist hearing his thoughts on what's going on in the region.
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the libya conflict is entering its fifth month with concerns growing that a protracted destructive civil war has been kickstarted by a western rush to regime change to miss out on the french intellectual and join the list founder and chairman of terror network and the access for peace conference has been working here in libya trying to find out the truth thank you very much terry for being with us thank you where have you been in libya and what have you discovered what have you found in your time here. first of all it's quite obvious to us see we wanted to counter the war at the same time with libya and syria. that we should was made public by john bolton in two thousand and two the plan was passed over to france and britain who decided to bring it to life in november last year secondly it was necessary to have very fiery whether an attempt of
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a coup had been made before that that could be organized by france or britain the attempt failed in october. after this failed attempt another coup was planned it in this is just killing all the heads of the libyan national congress if they got together in one place during a big celebration that that failed though because the situation in the region changed after the revolutions in tunisia and egypt at that moment france and britain decided to carry out a p.r. operation and present this good town as a people's rebellion. was the aim of this regime taint affect moment actually every member of a color pursues their own particular goal it is necessary that everyone should be interested in the war however in terms of basic goals it is worth noting changes that have started in africa.


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