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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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side the ship where around forty children were trapped as the boat began to sink they were holding a party there because there were so many of them it's thought that they were not able to get out and drowned in that room first came terror and tragedy. the boat leans a bit there are three of them in the cabin my son my daughter in law and my grandson my son said he tried to open the cabin door holding his child when the wave crashed into them and he lost grip of my grandson he said he swim towards the light and made it out alive but i can find my grandson or daughter in law. now amidst the grief comes the anger and the questions. like if you speak so do your jobs you don't understand a thing. the bulgarian pleasure boat sank in just three minutes on sunday now some people are saying it should never have been on the volga at all that they . passed us two hours before it looked an awful condition of their
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donor people. before it would never have been allowed to sail. growing evidence seems to point to gross mismanagement of the vessel including a broken engine ignored by the captain and blocked in the agency exits blowing it and not want to go on the twenty three as we traveled on these motors he was in a poor condition then yes because most serial times during her trip he would have to stop. because the engine was working properly the vessel was first built in one nine hundred fifty five and as recently as last month was given official clearance to sail. despite this rescue teams say it was hopelessly outdated the crew that was working tell me they notice what's coming in through the windows at such a pace the boat wind down through quickly all of this will come to the fore when the ship itself is raised to the surface for investigation but it's the how ring
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accounts of what happened on the weekend pleasure cruise the told the real story we still hope to know tools that have survived the accident some of the way we still believe that little angel from the start of the didn't is that people were basically buried alive in a coffin we managed to get out through the windows i was there with my ten year old daughter i couldn't rescue her she small i too much water when i was pulled out i realized my child was gone rescue workers will continue their efforts throughout the coming hours days but hope has now gone they will find anyone else alive leaving just the shock and grief. the volga bank sent to russia. all scenes of terrible anguish but now also growing anger after claims that two other ships past the cruise ship as it was sinking but did nothing to help a criminal case has been launched against those ships captains and now we've got more on the human side of the tragedy on our website r.t.
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dot com their fight and interview with divers working at the scene who give a horrifying account of their underwater search for the dozens of bodies in poor visibility you can read that and for other news and analysis on our team dot com. turning now to other stories we're covering on r t khadafi is ready to go according to the french foreign minister reports say that paris has been engaged in negotiations with emissaries of the libyan leader and the rebels there says the lower house of the french parliament agreed to extend its military involvement in libya or he's daniel bushell reports. that with each. books is like bragging bill destroy their opponents they're often wrong and gets a mill steve surprise was with the french foreign minister alan should pay both did france would win libya encroached days or weeks the wars in so
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forth month the final round inside nicolas sarkozy with his western allies seem short their little opponents fighting back well it's not just an embarrassment for sarkozy it's an embarrassment for all nato for the whole west paris even admits all being libya's rebels but on some somalia. when should they be up for training within the last two or three years documented we have to fly records and everything else so it seems strange in many ways the whole western support of some of the rebel groups in libya must be questioned because in some cases i think we are effectively arming al-qaeda. it's all making a mockery of the un votes on foreign intervention in the country. by leading it in their good person. giving. none of. this. witnesses the two of libya's causing widespread atrocities for every
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one military person that was supposedly a casualty there were ten civilians for all its categorically ruled out saying what the real troops protect predict is the only way you know it's a pre the libyan deadlock the moves the splitting the nato coalition silvio berlusconi head of key italy admits invading libya was a mistake rocher up steam did the un's votes will be bombs would bring havoc in libya which would you place said the latest count supports love rolf will quote lloyd lee diplomat speaks. with elections just annoying months away so quit voices that a successful war could resurrect his chances instead one paper writes libya's becoming a slow motion call crash for france's deeply unpopular president. so because these
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a jogging for excessive sweating is understandable this is libyan spring is turning into a mouse and the new bush will see paris. questions over the conflict in libya have also been arranged in washington on a visit there russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said khadafi has no future in a new libya and must go art he's got a cheeky on hasn't. so lever of said colonel gadhafi must step down and there is no place for him in levy his future and that's a view shared by the obama administration as well we support the if we can you know initiative to start negotiations between the representatives of three representatives of three political representative so the big guys you know they're still going on the understanding that good definition so of course would not have any place in the future. and the future would not participate. discussions he also repeated that moscow sees the actions of the allied forces
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there as violation of the u.n. mandate he said that the resolution is being wrongly interpreted as you can do whatever you want but there must be limits to an intervention what moscow sees is the west now clearly taking sides in a civil war and extending the conflict to u.s. missile defense plans in europe are of course up for discussion here in washington foreign minister lavrov said russian for him legally binding guarantees that the european missile defense project will not threaten russia's security there has been words before washington has many times said that the system would not be against russia but moscow needs to have it on paper some analyst explained that this urge that russia has been getting everything on paper with promises in the past that were not fulfilled for example when the soviet union collapsed russia was assured that nato would not be expanding towards these borders but he did it continued recruiting new members of the bottom line is words are good but words in
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a legally binding agreement are better foreign minister lavrov said that's probably the most irritating issue in the relations between the two countries and there is a huge desire to live it behind and to rather turn it into an area of cooperation. stay with us here on r t still ahead this hour we'll look at the continuing saga of the u.s. reporters legally getting people's private information and asked to be a threat to the country's national. curity. but first wiki leaks founder julian assange is back in a london court where he's appealing against an earlier ruling to extradite him to sweden world's most famous some say notorious whistleblowers water there for questioning over sexual assault allegations but his supporters fear he'll be if sent to stockholm the end up in the hands of the u.s. government or his lawyer and has the latest from london. has hired an entirely new legal team full based appeal he's fought the old loads old laws and he's got people who are much more have much more experience in criminal law and they're much more
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concerned with the ins and outs of old e.u. law and specifically the european arrest warrant they're all queuing that the european arrest warrant enough case is invalid because of essentially discrepancies between the allegations made and the testimonies of the two alleged victims that are full of charge is that they range between on full coercion to sexual assaults right down to rape they're also saying it's important to remember that no charges have been brought against our phones he's wanted for questioning in sweden and safe on name all now this case is slated to go through wednesday based appeal is with jack tate by the high courts that you and i saw since bowed to take the extradition case right to the supremes courts and even on woods to the european court of human rights ourselves and his supporters have always been worried that one faction tried to sweeten and they would he would be sent to the u.s. that this case is politically motivated and of course have noted that
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a grand jury in the u.s. is investigating wiki leaks and that some people in america would love to get hands on ourselves. brother of afghan president hamid karzai has been assassinated at his home in kandahar reports say ahmed wali karzai was shot dead by the chief of security taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack saying they've called their biggest saying they've called their biggest achievement in ten years cars i headed to khandahar province of all a region on the border with pakistan he was often accused of links with the taliban and afghanistan's illegal drug trade independent journalist and author jerry van dyke says the killing leaves washington without anyone to rely on when it comes to securing the region. while the cars it was not just the governor or the shadow governor of kandahar he was the most powerful and the most popular person throughout all of southern afghanistan this shows that right now with the canadian troops pulling out and with the u.s.
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trying to now focus on eastern afghanistan feeling that they have controlled the south there is now a vacuum who is in power who can the west rely upon no one and i've also heard and others have reported that he was responsible for perhaps starting to bring the taliban together with the united states to negotiate therefore someone would have had a definite reason perhaps pakistan perhaps the taliban to stop this we don't know yet who is responsible because they killed the person who had all the information it's going to take time before we find out who's responsible but in the short term we do know that there's a power vacuum throughout all of southern afghanistan he who holds kandahar holds that country because in the one nine hundred eighty s. when i worked as a route newspaper reporter in afghanistan there were negotiations between the mujahideen the united states the soviet union and pakistan pakistan does not want
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to watch from the sidelines when pakistan says that there should be direct negotiations between the. it's in the taliban what it is also saying is that pakistan wants to be at the table also because don't forget most of your viewers know this the leadership of the taliban is not enough gana stand like al-qaeda it is in pakistan it cannot operate there independently it has institutional backing and all the stories that we're covering are also available online along with latest blogs and videos at r t here's what's a click away right now. check out the leads video footage of the plane rescue operation just hours after a burning aircraft landed on a lake in eastern siberia. and always look both ways before crossing the road look at that a street racer pushes a sports car to the max in central moscow but his need for speed and again crash carnage. and outrage grips britain over allegations aimed at several newspapers
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into rupert murdoch's media empire including getting secret information about the queen and former prime minister gordon brown that senior police officers have been quote have been questioned by m.p.'s over claims they knew about the scandal richard addus editor in chief of the day online news service thinks the hack data could be misused and not just by the tabloids and i think that where this does become a question for national security is the idea that police is selling private phone numbers and private contact details of people like the royal family and the prime minister yes well this is not necessarily the same to sell these things to a newspaper as it would be to sell them to a terrorist organization but if you can do one you may be able to do the other so yes it's very serious but i think what people like to talk to and. expecting is full the scandal to go up through rebecca brooks who's the chief executive of news international to james murdoch and james mother kim self many people say should
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step down and take a break. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe a protestant parade has again turned violent in northern ireland ireland's capital belfast as bonfires were lit to mark the annual twelfth of july celebrations catholic protesters threw stones and hold fire bombs at protestants and police security services tried to separate the opposing groups and at least seven officers were injured in the attacks july twelfth marks the end of the annual protestant marching season and commemorates a seventeenth century victory over catholic forces. nasa astronauts are back to the international space station after a six hour long space walk some four hundred kilometers of the planet two astronauts were working to retrieve a broken section of the international space station and pack it aboard the shuttle atlantis they also stage an experiment in a robotic refueling the shuttle leaves the station next week and its landing will
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wrap up the u.s. shuttle program after thirty years in space. european markets plunged tuesday over fears that italy could become the next to each new state to ask for a helping hand the country's finance minister has already promised to approve a set of budget cuts within a week an effort to avoid avoid turmoil in the e.u.'s third largest economy but one financial advisor says that fears over italy are justified. the level of debt is far greater than the peripheral countries of europe really put together in many ways whether the you can perhaps put together a rescue package for the short term. is probable but it's not so much in many ways about. whether they can afford which is questionable but it's also about whether they want to wear the germans want to keep bailing out countries for far as the germans are concerned i'm sure that they want this to to come to an end in many
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ways it's really like many western countries have been living well beyond their means for many years and this will mean significant cuts in couple of spending which will mean job cuts it will need a reduction in public sector pensions all this will be painful and of course the public sector tends to be much higher unionized than the than the private sector and therefore union militancy and civil unrest easy is to be expected. next hour to speak with independent journalist terry mason who questions the official aim of nino's intervention in libya the interview coming up next.
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where have you been and what have you discovered what have you found in your time here. first of all it's quite obvious that the usa wanted to answer the war at the same time with libya and syria. that we should was made public by john bolton in two thousand and two the plan was passed over to france and britain who decided to bring it to life in november last year and secondly it was necessary to very far whether an attempt of a coup had been made before that that could be organized by france or britain the attempt failed in october. after this failed attempt another coup was planned it in
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this is killing all the heads of the libyan national congress if they got together in one place during a big celebration. that failed though because the situation in the region changed after the revolutions in tunisia and egypt at that moment france and britain decided to carry out our operation and present this good town as a people's her belly and. what was the aim of. every member of a call ition pursues their own particular goal it is necessary that every. one should be interested in the war however in terms of basic goals a book that is worth noting changes that have started in africa like those which begin large areas of the middle almost all feel there are already two zones being created first of all it was decided to create if west african soon have all that with ivory coast as the center which in fact explains the french intervention in
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the ivory coast go with after that it was planned to obtain a considerable part of northern africa except when egypt left the latter being part of northern africa represented another block. in case old states aren't you guided through controlled would not spread first to morocco and if northern africa is revamped the conflict would have to be a creative effort not between shiites and sunnies as was attempted in the middle east but between arabs and the berbers this is where the real source of the dancing in ga ga's. our civilians dying and that yes you are. indeed starting from the moment it was decided to launch this operation the lives of civilians were not taken into account and this is just the beginning of it is there either a question of the rearrangement of this region and we are yet to see
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a series of wars so what's that's the strategy. is it will be the initial goal of this strategy was to overthrow the people's government that was in power and to establish western authoritarianism in the country i believe though that they had actually given up the plan because of the military resistance to prove stronger therefore it was decided to act in a different direction of the besides western t.v. channels that don't speak of repression and rebellion anymore but it was civil war just trying to prepare a public opinion for a declaration that there is a need to divide the country into two parts. but they will say they were protecting the civilian population as he could and that is enough with their blinding to set up a base in gaza to land and deploy their troops there and in about ten years to start a conquering africa. there really isn't even a more serious problem we will big nato has begun
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a campaign on destroying the psychological resistance of the country's leaders who will campaign in visitors for the killing their families to meet michael they can't reach them because they never stay in the same place at the end they are protected so our sound isn't too good because in their homes you get a children's bedroom you could be a target or you can systemic method of pointed liquidation of children apparently being the main target you know but a task is to go to their parents do you think the truth based truth could ever be established could ever be recognised. i think that the lies have begun to dissipate at least to some extent for instance by the time of the un security council glowed everyone decided on the basis of reports submitted to the council and the security council was certain that during the ride some demonstrations and been ghazi that going to rights the government killed six thousand citizens a terrible number but now five months later the prosecutor at the international
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criminal court which accused the libyan leadership has reduced the number after many inspections it has been proven that the previous number was wrong but what we know the prosecutor is building up he said it ends on two hundred eight victims instead of six thousand several more inspections will turn out that there were no dictums a tall then what happened in the ghazi is quite different from what we were told to be forgotten fact that it was a staged event has international mainstream media and how they respond to this into the control of media really happened several times to do. i think that one of something happens before the journalists are brought to the site to show them after which they make their reports telling quite different things then they witnessed with people for example a form was shelled several days ago nobody knew why perhaps it was a mistake for journalists who were brought in to show them what happened all
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confirmed it was a former full stop on the day that followed the footage was shown on many settler channels with captions that he had been shot in misrata and that he could drop his troops had caused a destruction by what the jorn list i had seen with their own eyes. tunnel. was the first channel to that it is a us finance a channel belonging to saudi arabia as it will be based in the united arab emirates the same report was repeated by many other satellite channels but this is a deliberate policy. also we saw a c.n.n. report not long ago from a mobile phone you about gadhafi soldiers raping women it was surely no pleasure to see the footage so some frames were blurred it turned out though that someone recognized the audiotapes being from a libyan who are no movie but they're not so many leaving the porno movies so that
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one was widely known so that fragment was used to claim that it had been a rape could duffy's troops at the take it was a deliberate montage with the not a mistake to say demanded that this set allied protests of libyan channels are stopped all over the world they have already shut down the arab said channels despite me being a stakeholder and now they are shutting down. to prevent libya's version being heard in the arab world they have already shut them down on the other satellites are broadcasting to other countries if there may to anything. you very much for being with us. thank you. first tree removal call the clear cut. second
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explosives are used to blast to a deeper than the jurors. heard the remains are removed by machinery. finally easy from mortgage soil is deposited in vallecito. troubling news on our. culture is that so much you are going to go down harder any more so because all were in top shape the fronts of an empire and disarray rupert murdoch and his remains media assets were under investigation in what is being called voice mail is this. move.
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just. the phone. not. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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two thirty am in moscow these here are t. headlines the first funerals for victims of sunday's pleasure boat tragedy on the boulder river are held on a day of national mourning on cross russia many bodies remain inside the sunken ship including children trapped in a play room when the boat went down. france's foreign minister claims the libyan leader moammar gadhafi would be ready to go paris seeks a diplomatic solution to a conflict they felt would be a simple knock out despite the french parliament back in the military operation anxiety is growing over the mission that was meant to last week said it's now into months with little end in sight. and weekly leaks controversial founder julian assange returns to
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a london court to fight his extradition to sweden over alleged sex crime is supporters maintain it's an excuse to hand him over to the u.s. where he's wanted for publishing thousands of positive by military and diplomatic documents. next an award winning report about a whole about how whole communities in america's west virginia were driven off their land by flooding and landslides resulting from mountaintop coal mining is coming up. leg a leg loose places. let's leg.
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lead to. a. leg. they. lend. to. each leg long mum and. leg. a leg or and. most of the curb of that we've gotten from across the earth is millions of years old cold for.


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