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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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fuck fuck fuck. fuck. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think iraq. wanted well. we're never going to says they're going to keep him safe get ready for freedom.
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it's time for show and sell on tonight's program the last time we told you about the consequences of wisconsin's anti-union bill which is now going into effect prison inmates are filling in for county workers and they're doing those jobs for free but you have prison inmates be allowed to replace public sector employees i'm going to producer for treason essentially to find out what you have to say. when you think of prisoners going to work well you picture them in stripes but soon their suits they may look more like this. you never know under governor walker's laws that dismantles collective bargaining rights this state is now giving jobs to
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prisoners because they are cheaper than union workers for now they may be doing things like cutting lawns or painting but is this the start of a new low cost workforce for the government prisoners are ready trusted with bills and parts for guided missiles so why not helping around the city office serve even handling our tax payment in twenty ten the social security administration found eight states where prisoners and work programs were given access to our personal information where will it all end well let's see what you had in that ponder said no way prison labor and in the exploitation should ever replace government workers at any level the war told us i pay taxes and obey the law it's bad enough jobs are going overseas but having the government look over private citizens to save a few bucks and make them sick brian agreed he said don't we have an unemployment problem in this country because shipping jobs overseas it didn't help much and
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makes they took it one step further since private prisons make their money on wall street the value lies in the number of prisoners and once you throw in all that free labor it becomes an incentive to keep a lot of people behind bars so most of our viewers you guys are pretty. and it's definitely a trend that we should keep our eyes on and that's when the free trade laws gave u.s. companies access to cheap labor overseas they abandoned american workers and now why go to china when prisoners in the states cause even less or even work for free as it competing for jobs against cheap foreign labor wasn't enough now american workers have to compete with prison inmates right here at home. thanks for giving us your input and here's our next question for you the southern poverty law center has just decided to place kentucky senator rand paul on his list of extremists are the reason being his feelings about the civil rights act so we want to know what
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you think is rand paul an extremist you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and you know the response just might make it on air. last night protests broke out in san francisco over the death of a forty five year old homeless man charles hill was shot by bay area rapid transit cops after a call was placed to police about a quote wobbly drunk on a train platform a minute after they arrived on the scene hill was shot dead and the man was said to been holding a knife and a broken bottle when he was shot there is word got out about his death protesters as i had to take to the train station to demand answers. demonstrators are demanding the release the surveillance video that supposedly shows what happened that night charles hill was shot and killed that was july third there is some video you can see here disrupting protests there. now the incident happened over the fourth of july weekend and both officers involved in the shooting and then placed on administrative leave but hill's death happened just one week after transit cars
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reached a one point three million dollars settlement with the family of oscar grant as you probably remember twenty two year old grant was killed on new year's day in two thousand and nine by a bart officer and he was not resisting arrest nor threatening law enforcement when he was shot in the back. now the officer who killed grant here has mesereau he was given every light sentence by all white jury another point of contention amongst the people of san francisco in oakland that incident also sparked radical changes to the bart system including a civilian panel that oversees the actions of the section of law enforcement but said back in the case of hill i like to bring up an issue here over the method of the bart cops use i understand the concentrated protect themselves but is shooting to kill really the only way that good police can use their firearm even if somebody has a knife aren't you trained apprehend the suspect to disarm them do you really have
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to end their life as if that's your only option because you know if that's the case there's absolutely no hope for the person on the other end of that handgun and what about the fact that hill was dead just one minute after officers arrived on the see it they're telling you to guard cops use every non-lethal option possible before opening fire on the drunk man i understand there's a need to protect. vigils but shouldn't individuals be protected from gun wielding cops as well this concept should work both ways and perhaps the glaring inconsistency is what's wrong the people of san francisco to the streets to demand justice to demand change and prevent any more unnecessary deaths we're going to keep an eye out for you on whether or not the footage of his confrontation with the transit cops will be released. well congress has finally decided to protect america's children from child pornography or at least that's what they want you to believe hearing by the house judiciary committee today focused on legislation brought up in may of this year called the protecting children from internet
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pornography twenty eleven that was harmless in fact it sounds very moral doesn't it but the truth of the matter is that this bill would require internet service providers as well as companies like google to retain it records of ip addresses of millions of americans for up to eighteen months to help in investigations against child pornographers and what else could that data be used for doesn't treat us all like criminals and is there any chance of the bill's going to face any scrutiny from politicians with a name like protecting children from internet pornographers act joining me to discuss this is julian sanchez a research fellow at the cato institute thanks so much for being here tonight it was a joy so despite the very very touching name here when it comes down to what are you sitting in this. good hearted good natured or also i go what does this really come down to this legislation this is a smokescreen for something that the justice department the f.b.i. and law enforcement have wanted for years if not decades and it has really nothing
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essentially to do with child pornography it's about undermining something that you've long found frustrating which is the fundamentally anonymous nature of a lot of internet activity and the way to remove that anybody is to requiring that service providers to collect information about who is assigned a particular ip address at a particular time for in this case a year and a half so that if any one of those millions of people happens to come on police radar and be suspected of a crime then that information is there so that they can be really linked to their online activity not just but any on the right now they can do that right if somebody is under investigation then they can act or they can ask the companies to perhaps monitor those ip addresses. and that information actually do much more. it is like a pre-crime kind of thing right yeah this is data retention what exists already is what's called data preservation which means if someone is suspected of a crime in any crime not just child born any illegal activity the cops can say we
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want to freeze this guy's data while we look for evidence to get a court order to obtain it so you can't delete it you know well but we're working on it and it's not just ip addresses it's freezes email account we don't want to delete the evidence of his crimes while we're looking for evidence to get a court order to look at that e-mail but that at least requires them to have specific suspects this is a kind of dragnet that says everyone is a potential criminal therefore everyone's records of at least of the ip addresses they're assigned must be kept so that there can't be true internet and anonymity and it's not just you know big guy as he's like comcast they're subjective as probably not that big a deal for them it's you know your corporation you know that your workplace anything they run their own network schools that they run their own or any organisation that has the runs a network that assigns ip addresses to individual machines is affected by this online proxy service which foreign dissidents often use to try and steal their online activities from repressive governments they would be required now to compromise the privacy of their users by keeping logs of who designed what ip
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address so if congress is the government of privacy what is actually doing to. child pornographers ironically not a whole lot because well it does cover all those entities there's a huge exemption for wireless providers which means if you have any kind of wireless broadband service but also cafe or hotel or any kind of free public wi-fi they're only exempt because for a lot of reasons it would be extraordinarily complicated for them to implement this even if they did implement that across the board which would be a bad idea and again not clear it's technically possible across the board but even if they did sit actual sophisticated internet criminals or not refers or otherwise have a lot of ways to get around this we talked about anonymizing proxies the ones based in the us. would be forced to compromise their users privacies but their ones overseas as well wouldn't apply to their software like tor of the onion route allow people to relay i make it everything that you could actually just go to starbucks and go on to their wife i doubt work and apparently looking is all part of every
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there is fine this is a perfect storm of stupid it's both burdensome and invasive while at the same time ineffective salmi those who were at the hearing today at the house judiciary committee please tell me that somebody actually stood up to this legislation or was this name of protecting children from her dog or just too much surprisingly this is a bill with a lot of co-sponsors on the committee both democrat and republican but it was congressman james sensenbrenner the co-author of the patriot act who said that the importance is to fight child pornography this ran roughshod over the privacy interests of millions of innocent internet users when the guy who wrote the patriot act is saying that it is what is a bad person to privacy invasive under saying this is not a nice guy here when he's saying oh you've got a little too far i think it's time to step back and you know wonder whether whether what you're doing makes any sense but what do you think the chances of it are passing it's hard to say i mean again i was surprised sensenbrenner is has actually
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in the past been opposed to legislation like that. every story that has been actually a big supporter of legislation like assert likely i'd be surprised to see him flip and come out against it here but it does have bipartisan support is supposed to be a very high priority for its sponsor and will smith so we'll have to see i know the . p's internet companies aren't that happy about it but you know nobody is too enthusiastic about being you know the the lead face for the crusade against something called the protecting kids from child porn act that how many times that we see that's how many times have we seen a piece of legislation a bill that really at the end of the day it strips people of their privacy strips them out of some of their you know those rights that they have within the constitution and. they just play upon it as if this is all about protecting their children yet you see i mean and and you know any number of other things i mean you see the sneak and peek warrants that were part of the patriot act that talked about how we need these to investigate terrorists without tipping them off overwhelming
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you for for drugs wiretaps in general there was talk about kidnapping they want to protect their children from being kidnapped and that's what we need more wiretap authority for the in the just in the criminal side overwhelmingly used in drug cases i mean eighty plus percent for drug cases but they never say drug cases when they're going to congress for more power they say kidnapping but usually it's five why it is easier to get a meal would it be internationally if we actually passes because if you look at the e.u. they actually already have this cycle legislation but a lot of people are fighting tooth and nail against it and to reverse that yeah ironically it was just a few months ago that europe's data protection authority issued a report basically blasting their own somewhat limited data retention initiative saying that it had been ineffective no one had really shown that it was necessary and certainly they haven't done that here either they've said isn't it important enough to travel to the government accountability office did a study and they found this isn't really a problem for the most part you know law enforcement can get the information it needs when it's investigating child porn all right elizabeth thanks for filling us
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in on this protecting children from pornography a.k.a. just invading your privacy act thanks for your time. i thought a continent another presidential candidate thinks that congress can walk the supreme court from ruling on some case that's going to him or not tonight full time segments and we'll have happy hour and out of more than six three offer to find work in arizona politicians under fire for planning a gun at a reporter i got that just an. internet only or military mechanisms if you don't work up to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything is all you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think iraq is evil and one well. we have a government says there are competing safe get ready because you give them their freedom.
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i did time for the night tool time award and tonight we're giving it to newt gingrich the former speaker of the house is trying to revive his twenty twelve presidential campaign in recent weeks his staff quit he reported very weak fundraisers and by week i mean by raising numbers and by week i mean the fact that
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he's a dad and he's also battled numerous very unflattering stories about his spending habits at tiffany's so it's safe to say that newt's had a bad summer so far but he's still out on the campaign trail shaking hands and trying to win support and at a stop in iowa this week you began talking about judicial activism as a member of the g.o.p. call it when judges just don't rule the way they want them to the listener to make to a very shocking claims about the supreme court. during the. war . because of. the dangers on the ground. the. words. were all right so new think that congress can keep the supreme court
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from hearing some cases and he also believes that there is just no supreme court mentioned in the constitution. the think progress is quick to point out today that article three of the constitution begins with the judicial power of the united states shall be vested in one supreme court that already debunks one of those comments but he was also under the under the perception that congress can keep the high court from hearing certain cases he's also wrong on that issue if congress could limit the court's ability to hear cases and that would give congress unlimited power to pass any law and the block a supreme court for ruling on it and that's just not the case we have a checks and balances from here in the us to prevent power grabs by three different branches of government we have to wonder why new business so has felt at the supreme court oh wait he's not actually matter justice is on the court he's just stealing at this idea from another presidential candidate. but there's that little ole miss where are all articles reports our history of the united states
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constitution we can live this subject matter the justices rule on we have it was that are already decided what churches to rule on and one thing. so newt gingrich has now turned to michele bachmann for inspiration since he's trailing in the polls why not just steal the front runners ideas that is really pathetic but it's also sad when republicans who claim to learn of the constitution and all its freedoms are going to step on the document for their own political gain and that's why newt gingrich is tonight's top time later. ok time for happy hour on this lovely evening and my mistake or earlier jim hansen is in fact not staying with us for happy hour joining me tonight is our view
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producer jenny churchill and libby jacobson senior policy analyst for new media strategies ladies thank you for joining me. the southern poverty law center i'm not sure what your feelings are exactly about this organization but they've decided to come out today and say if they think they can sack he said of the rand paul should be labeled an extremist and one of the examples that they use behind that logic there is because he said that he would not have voted for the civil rights act because as a libertarian that's just not the way that his mind works in these things but i really have beef with s b l c two because i feel like being just over label everybody as extreme as they went home we have a clip of rand paul where he said the truth of the way. i like the civil rights act in the sense that in new discrimination in all public. domain that i'm all in favor of. yeah that's true but i don't. the idea of killing private business owners i have poor racism i think
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it's a bad business is it ever exclude anybody from your restaurant but at the same time i do believe in private ownership but i think our that was right after he got elected that interview of course everybody freaked out about it but does that make you an extremist libby what do you have to say about poor guy i feel like he really should've picked a better example of government overreach i mean he should have known that they were going to jump on him for that one you know i just i actually i folk really bad for rand when all this stuff was happening because he had a lot overwhelming amount of support from kentucky and then he started saying things that were too radical for even kentucky and how ever i think that he's not saying anything that's crazy and out of the sphere of libertarianism and i think it's kind of funny that people were just unaware that that's what little i mean i just believe the crazy thing is that people actually elected officials who have certain political beliefs that they don't bother looking into and they don't realize until afterwards they might have a certain stamps on things but i also think there's over branding who it is the
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s.p.l. he likes to call extremist i think they also did it to sovereign citizens some people we tried to interview on the show a couple times they did a whole thing about our teaching so apparently we're extremist because we bring different ideas on the program i think the big three of us out there are the people that are anti-abortion they're anti-gay marriage. america really and yet somebody like rand paul gets to be labeled thinks i'm sort of you're going to say what i was thinking i think the southern poverty law center are extreme it was very wrong on i mean if i were him paul on a list with like k.k.k. a grain wizards and neo nazis i think it's really unfair it's a little ridiculous yes to me the other big announcement though it's a day of course is that ron paul announced he will not be running for reelection for his congressional seat because he wants to focus on on on the presidency do you think that if he doesn't win the presidency that he's going to run and run again or is he just going to hand it over to rand paul after this. no idea honestly i think
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the run poll crowd i think makes ron paul's candidacy very interesting if for no other reason because they're so loud. at all the debates and. i think it would be really sad if he you know just kind of gave up after that we were arguing about it earlier and it was pointed out to me that he's kind of really old but at the same time you know he's just now starting to get legitimacy that he's in his seventy's but i mean sure it might be a little sad but i think you know he's leaving his son behind a couple other progeny so he was made a difference here let's move on to another thing everybody is freaking out over what is said there from arizona to take a look. an arizona lawmakers under fire today after pointing a gun at a reporter that reporter arizona republic's richard relish says republican state senator laurie klein pulled out a grand jury paying three ruger from her purse then pointed it out of his chest and think she must know what she's doing. she wouldn't be doing this if it was
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a reckless thing to do. i don't even know i like the crack of the gun was raspberry pink but that's about the only thing i like about this story. yeah i personally don't like this story either because it's just such awful guy and practices gun safety i mean she should know better you never ever ever even if the safety is on even if you think there's no it's never point a loaded gun at someone that's gun control gun safety you want to whine you just don't do it next campaign slogan on the other hand could be guns don't kill people i do but i almost did i mean it's really embarrassing and a lot of you know pro-gun just doesn't look so good to little like myself we're not big ben oh no of guns because the new house and he will just sized her way but i'm out program advocates are really really upset especially in her area they say this makes us all excuse but we're out there trying to have a legitimate point and then people like her like when i think that it's ok you
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should let me point out you look at my laser it's bright thank you. this story is i don't know if it's sad or funny or what but there's a man in utah whose name is apparently he claims is real name is mork and so you know and he's created a web site and says that he will be willing to be human prey for people who want to go hunting if they pay them ten thousand dollars and it will cost you an extra two thousand if you want to hunt him in the nude so what he's a human prey that's that's what people are stooping to these days because the guy can't get a job so he's going to be human brain to people why i need artie to give me you know about twelve. thousand dollars so i can go do a special report on this guy sounds like i really want to talk to him i want to ask him why he why is why does it cause we're going to make it i don't understand is he being hunted like shoot to kill or just capture the flag kind of hunting you know like like i would be shot i was wondering if i was going to call him out on it
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because he's saying that he doesn't actually want to have to be shot and killed he's just hoping all that attention is going to bring him a job which really really smart well you know what he could be a new guest on anderson cooper's new show that's right he's moving on to a little bit of a different style for himself take a look. or no one has a bad temper start with a question i want to enjoy you want to leave. it more or why i want other people to as well. one story a new daytime talk show the september. that's just so funny in so many ways but i think i know why he wants to relax normally this is the anderson cooper that we often see. thinking i was over there.
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was. the parakeet. one of the world couldn't do without anderson cooper in a key sure in every war bill situation imaginable rescuing notion or food you know you're confused we will still have that interest and we're going to have two hours of interest and three sixty eight percent during the day you could have time even if i didn't try emailing president rolls and. get to see oprah's passing the torch i mean i just i don't know what i would do if i didn't have three hours of rain or spent every day we needed. were well need it don't need it want it don't want you're going to get it apparently you thank you for joining me tonight that there tonight show thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow and for your brand as over i'm reasonably on the show to discuss the latest and that includes nations in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the large show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of the nights here were any other nights it was all the. last you want to show us
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