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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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severe punishment all the way up to a life sentence for people not involved in large drug related crimes will consider alternative action which may mean offering them the option of taking a therapy course instead of punishment according to. and that. is. what is the problem. to drug users. these figures are in fact common for the whole world i mean police all over the world be it europe or america only managed to confiscate around ten percent of illegally traded drugs within their countries another thing is the extremely low efficiency of our borders and their administrative and legal methods lead to the point two percent of all drugs are intercepted at the borders drugs that get into russia first have to go through the states of central asia where they're not intercepted those states themselves above all are victims of
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afghanistan's enormous drug production. as a matter of fact afghanistan itself is the victim of global drug mafia work which creates the demand and the political will to continue production in the country this is why countries next going to stand have the greatest density of drug flow. simply because they are closer to the epicenter further away the drug flows splits into lots of different channels and then drugs get to russia for example through the seven thousand kilometer border with kazakstan. what percentage of drugs. over eighty percent of all synthetic substances that are illegally traded in russia originate in europe most of the netherlands where most of. them in base drugs are manufactured with poland the baltic states germany bulgaria and many other countries with underground drug labs some cells are small but there are many of them and the substances they produce find their way to russia of. various channels
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speaking of the amounts that we intercept and confiscate its nearly half a ton of synthetic substances every year mostly these are methamphetamine. l.s.d. ecstasy and other similar drugs. they're. testing people on mass would be far too radical no of course not we're talking about establishing an early warning system to detect drug addicts and abusers after all people are not born addicted to drugs it all starts with experimenting mostly in teenage years when kids start spending more time on the streets away from their parents that's when they get to know drugs this needs to be detected at an early stage and if parents are warned in advance sometimes it just takes parental action and advice to put an end to these dangerous practices if not stopped in time these experiments later lead to regular consumption which in turn requires longer and more costly treatment. you.
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know we're not talking about force treatment here any forcing of treatment is a violation of the person so it's important that drug users make this decision for themselves in our country drug abuse is subject to administrative liability and punishment by paying a fine on average six hundred roubles punished and then they're released so our society seems to hope the drug users will somehow realize that they require treatment for this addiction. but they won't because their mind is blurred by chemical and psychoactive substances. therefore a legal system should be created to push them towards having treatment and as i've said this is what we call alternative responsibility by the way this is also recommended in the united nations and the drugs conventions according to.
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what you. i have to say that we rejected this kind of conclusion so did my colleagues in the u.s. russia presidential commission mr gil kerlikowske made a statement we discussed it immediately with washington over the hotline and criticized the global commission legalizing drugs is a road to nowhere more than that it will result in the growth of drug. let me remind you of a referendum on legalizing marijuana in california in september last year i was there when it was held where we decided with mr gil kerlikowske a number of meetings with officials including the man the sheriff the chief of police the prosecutor respectable professions had a clear position against a legalizing marijuana and the referendum confirms that it should not be legalized . drugs.
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third. california. but i have explicit information from the u.s. presidential administration that this financier had largely funded the campaign. point. this example of the global commission reminds me of a global p.r. campaign by drawing so much attention but even a respectable agency like the b.b.c. covered the fact that this belongs to the u.n. i mean even serious agencies were confused therefore there are many reasons to believe that this drug lobby had funded the campaign moreover i want to indicate that we've been discussing at various international platforms on may the tenth i spoke at the g eight ministerial conference in paris and so did many of my colleagues we said that unfortunately our fight against drugs stagnates at both local and regional levels because the global level stay. even beyond our
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understanding this concept hasn't been developed yet i did this context i want to know that the former under secretary general of the united nations antonio. who was responsible for the drug problem mentioned that in two thousand and eight to two thousand and nine in the midst of the global financial crisis. three hundred fifty two billion u.s. dollars from selling drugs were pumped into the world's leading banks this means that a certain global level determines or sets the demand for drug turnover and ultimately a political order for this production. as far as the withdrawal from afghanistan is concerned the picture is unclear so far it was said that the withdrawal would start and certain parameters for it have been set they've mentioned thirty thousand troops by the end of the year but when i was in washington last september they were talking about the need to increase the
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military contingent in afghanistan exactly by thirty thousand now they're planning to return these thirty cells and in fact nothing has changed i think the world community and you can disagree is beginning to consider the situation in afghanistan because there were several reasons behind the decision to launch a military operation and the decision of the world community to interfere in the fair's of this for country. first to put an end to the taliban rule to set up an interim administration and hold free elections. these tasks were supposed to be in six or twelve months but this september we'll see the tenth anniversary of that interference it's longer than world war two but the situation in afghanistan hasn't improved it's become even worse and even senior officials like general petraeus for example is commanding the military operation in afghanistan says that the number of armed clashes there increases year after year in fact the number of armed clashes over the past ten years has increased more than a hundred times so have the assigned tasks been achieved we see that security in
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afghanistan has. said that drug production cannot be fought because it damages the security situation in the country so it's a kind of closed circle in this respect to the be worthwhile to note a nato operation in helmand province which produces the most opium poppies the operation was called. which translated from persian means together. the operation was presented as a brilliant military success considerable kilometers and hectares of the province were reportedly cleared of insurgents but the production of opium has never stopped that's why a peaceful settlement is necessary we've started talking about this at long last it was highlighted at the london conference on afghanistan in two thousand and ten the autumn conference in kabul also stressed the need to find a peaceful settlement with the latest initiatives voiced by the us president barack obama on negotiations with the taliban and the latest resolutions of the united
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nations security council which divided responsibility between the taliban and al qaeda are offering a unique opportunity in my view to drop a program of eliminating drug production i've just come from a meeting of the parliamentary faction of the progressive alliance of socialists and democrats the second largest faction in the european union here outside the european parliament building we discussed the e.u. strategy toward. afghanistan large sections of that strategy are devoted to liquidation of drugs production they used to be matches very well with a russian drafted plan called rudiger to liquidate the production of drugs in afghanistan but in fact the direction that russia and the european union are taking fit together very well so today we have a unique opportunity for resolution and decisive action. the head of russia's federal drug service thank you very much for speaking with us today thank you very much.
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please. please. lists. wealthy british. muslim. market. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy cars report on. one hundred people are now officially confirmed dead after a russian cruiser sank in the volga river in the country's worst boating disaster divers have been slowly pulling the bodies of victims from the rock up with. washington's missile shield over your chips away at relations with moscow as the u.s. stands accused of taking advantage of anti sahid sentiment to secure future bases in view of. the world's most famous whistleblower joyous song continues his bid at the high court in london to find extradition to sweden he's wanted there for questioning over a sexual assault allegations but he supporters fear sweden will be only a staging post to the u.s. . doesn't have lions here in our sports next with.
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these other heads on. your why beat mexico one to set up a quarter final showdown with argentina america. the royce a twenty two year old goes for his second gulf. go to sochi read the latest on the longest rally in russia. first america a year ago i have set up a court of fine with argentina. when. you go to school. early in the first half taking up the rebound from diego for loans for a kid and i couldn't be more for your wife to be fair full on clipping the post minutes later. and in the second half they struck the woodwork think this time nicholas go ahead oh hitting me up. well it makes the case thought i had
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equalised i relate but death was ruled out was ruled offside and to his side means you are going to play argentina in the last day. until you make sure they qualified for the finals by finishing top of a group after one year when over three teams very reduced to ten men at least kimono and chillies boys you'll both getting a red card in the second half and the gang was decided by nine goals in stoppage time and three carrillo turning it into. the three briefly stood in the group but they will say qualify for the quarter final. meanwhile a possible move the color of his back to south america has been scuppered for the time being man city turning down a fifty five million dollar offer from brazilian side corinthians the twenty three year old striker is currently playing for argentina the copper america and had stated he wants a new the way for manage the family reasons before the start of the new season
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although he will now have to hype corinthians their initial offer. me mossies rivals manchester united are in the states for the pre-season world football challenge tournament as the start of a new era and then midfield off to paul scholes retired the squad took time out to visit harvard university and even though manager sir alex ferguson revealed he's missed out on the chance of signing arsenal some imaginary he reckons there's an opportunity for a younger scholar to shine from united's ranks. as i was. we're all one color. the next few of us may be helpers but this great someone is very often do my actions and attitudes i mean i was someone in. the youth team or more of young players america is. recovering on. the football news rail madrid coheres a marine who believes they're closer to signing a manual on the bio permanently than even a mile or so ago where though from athletic a madrid he was speaking ahead of his team's dangling game at all against l.a.
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galaxy on saturday something christiane or now that was looking forward to along with galaxy's david beckham. is a good game for us because we re still going to pursue them so will be great really exciting because i always like to play and if you play against good teams it's better for as a moment to vary it so it will be a great side of a and i hope of course to win the game to be facing real madrid saw him actually since i left you know it's emotional because you you get attached to a club you get touch to the people at the club. and to be face in. a team with the talent that they've got in the team not just with the talented guys that have got here but the young players and of course joe's a. only be a pre-season friendly but it was a day to remember for the san jose earthquakes goalie this point by david being in a friendly with the english premier league side west brom and then the patient
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taking a massive balance over the head of his opposite number was my hero and looping today met santa as they went on to win that one. now the doctor described russian cyclists alexander who failed a drug test at this year's tour de frances defended the rider tested positive for a banned directing substance that can only be used to mask that can also be used to mask the use of other drugs he says he does not know how it got into his system but his doctor under make a lot of claims it makes no sense for cyclists to take the drug as encourages the loss of crucial fluids from the body has withdrawn from the race and awaits the result of the sample analysis that's positive his team could too she will sack him and find him five years wages which would bring it around three million dollars so the talk continues with him and yes they stage ten was won by german sprinter antony green pulled his former teammate mark cavendish went for the line with
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a round two hundred metres left but people followed and had no power to get his first win on the frenchman thomas walked like the yellow jersey he's a minute and forty nine seconds ahead of spain's recently on sand chips. after cruising to an emphatic victory at the u.s. open many expect roy mcelroy to win goal of open championship which gets underway on thursday the twenty two year old from northern ireland has been at the center of the media's attention mcelroy hasn't played a competitive brand since his win at the congressional but says that's the way he likes it. yeah i mean i'm trying to prepare for this this major like i prepare for every other major you have been i was here last week for a couple of days and i got a couple practice runs and you know one time to practice you know sort of get away from everything and then come back here or you know. on tuesday which i usually do you know it seemed to work the last few days last few times of i've done it so you know i want to just keep the same the same thing go on and. you know deftly seems
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to work confident fellow but he will have his work cut out if he wants to get his hands on a second major new world number one luke donald among his competitors although some big names are also missing constant the top of now looks at the ins and outs at this year's open championship. the highest paid professional athlete in the world or woods is still the biggest name in golf however the fourteen time major winner will miss the open due to trouble some left leg injury the thirty five year old's quest to equal and best origin reject nicolas total of eighteen on the big barrier for now they have tire gets his health back. tiger went again and he went he went quite a bit again and break my record probably injury also ruling for muslim bat out of the bull's oldest major in the most bizarre circumstances the forty two year old became the second local quit to win the french open at the start of the month and
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broke his leg after jumping in the lake to celebrate his victory phil mickelson and lee westwood i remember top contenders as usual but wilf lefty and westy have been struggling for form of flate remarkable way you stop of the build up to his stunning first major victory at the u.s. open the twenty two year old northern irish man choosing to take three weeks off towards meaning he hasn't played a competitive throne since his greatest ever day probably a lot of pressure being put on him. which is unfortunate is natural but it's the pressure is going to be he's going to be looked upon especially to tighten up playing he's going to be looked upon as the new kid coming through so i think that guy the go one way or the other that could give him confidence or it could actually provide too much pressure at the end of the day he has the great chance he's thriving all confidence because of the usa and when he's used to links golf he grew up on it is no reason why he. look new and also among the frontrunners after
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securing his first victory since becoming world number one at the scottish open great year and every bit every all the golf is played over here you know he's played very very well in the explain well he's playing great what a worker he is he looks a member of our court my course at home and he absolutely is on the putting chipping green and bunker play and he's there all the time and he works harder than anybody out there we've seen and get results however the thirty three year old english man will have to rewrite history as no plinth has ever won the scottish open and gone on to win the british open. oh achieved. well still enjoying the taste of victory of the russian national volleyball team they have returned to moscow after being crowned world league champions for the first time in nine years plenty of smiles awaiting the team as they touch down a share i met at the international airport russia beat brazil in sunday's final in
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a thrilling five set edging the decider fifteen eleven maxime top scoring for the winners with twenty seven points it is also a lengthy ornament and a russia that only won the world once before the two thousand and two. shows there should support i remember the entire final game against brazil including the fifth set and the winning point yes we won the world league but we need to keep working because we are not like the brazilians who used to win the tournament for an impressive a tears in a row but it was only a second title so we have to continue to work toward them. in motor sport two time dakar rally winnifred asked a bit of his leading the silk why rally in his command struck the race from moscow to sort she is taking place this week and is also seeing quite a battle in the car section of the contestants picking up the pace is the race went south from volgograd to staff and edging closer to its finish in sochi a bit of was just over six minutes behind. the on that day but that second place
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finish was enough to increase the overall gap over another russian. and in the cards stefan petter hands the team a clear still follow through it's got his first stage when of the event the polo leads in the overall standings but it's creeping up to four six three and we will end with major league baseball's all star game so the national league got a five one win over the american league to secure home field advantage for the world series several big names were absent chase field in arizona in all sixteen of eighty four stars were dropped but prince fielder shone with a three run homer in the fifth inning as the national lead to a five one when. the most valuable player award actually and then this all to see. is the sport for the moment we've got more in a couple of hours time but we have got the weather coming up next.
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wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy cause a report on. the graham search goes on the bodies of one hundred victims including many children have now been recovered following russia's worst boating disaster. a former captain says the ship was technically dead long before it set sail on its final voyage we'll bring you all the details in just a moment. washington's missile shield over you were of chips away at relations with moscow as the u.s. stands accused of taking advantage of enter a song that sentiment to secure future bases in europe. the asian giants competition india's huge draw material exports to china keeps the money you rolling in new delhi is worried it's making the country dependent on its fast growing neighbor. and china's gross domestic product cost of them expected
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providing support to britain european markets would leave them out of joint business so you weren't going to. be watching are you coming to you live from moscow one pm here on marina joshie welcome to the program one hundred people are now officially confirmed dead following the sinking of a pleasure boat on the volga river and what is russia's worst boating disaster eighteen of the bodies recovered so far are children who've been enjoying a day out with their families one to bulgaria one down in just a matter of minutes on sunday that's how krause tell a correspondent tom partners following the story for us. well time divers have been trying to reach the games room where dozens of children were believed to have been trapped what have they found so far. well so far marine of the divers
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have been working at the site where the sank two hundred divers are currently working on the sunken vessel and trying to go from room to room they have reached the games room where it was thought i witness has said that maybe forty always even fifty children had been trapped in that room when the ship sunk now that divers haven't had time to investigate that room fully they say that there are significantly less children in that there still may be dozens in there it's still a very difficult and a very traumatic part of the operation to remove the bodies from that room they've also been going down corridors into the rooms people were staying in and they found more bodies children and adults in those rooms so that operation to try and recover bodies from the wreck and bring them to the surface is very much continuing as you can see behind me here and the khazan river boat port which was to be the final.


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