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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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strong political framework with letters to start practical cooperation in this importance here and i would like to also weight the fact that today we have signed a number of very important agreements first of all would like to know the agreements on adoption issues or negotiating teams have been working very effectively this was the question of foreign ministry ministry of education and science and for the rights of children a mistress to have who is to be present here and i think that. we will be going towards. implementing this agreement and this will help us get rid of the irritants that have been emerging quite rightfully in the public opinion connected to the destiny of russian children who were adopted in america we are very grateful to our american partners for helping us to reach this agreement and
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there are yet there are two and now there will be remains that we have signed and prolonged they have very long names but they are all about very simple and necessary for everyone every person things those are lowering minimizing of risks that are connected with radioactive contamination and health and environment and the second thing the second agreement concerns plutonium. it is a very. real. contribution to nonproliferation regime. and enhanced nuclear security. as. secretary has just said we have. completed our work on visa regime it will be formalized very soon everything is ready everything has been agreed and are i may
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say even that this will open the way to developing. our dialogue towards vis a free regime. the same had been mentioned during vice president biden's visit to moscow and although two years ago probably this idea would have been deemed impossible today we see that we have all the opportunity is to have this kind of game in our cooperation with the united states which is being discussed by the. european. union. today and about one hundred states all over the world heavy severe regime with russia including israel and this is the president so. concerning bilateral. issues we have made an important strike today towards. exercising all those agreements and instructions by the presidents made at their recent meetings about
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adoption and visa simplifications the international part of our discussion are concerned not only some specific questions but systematic problems of the new situation in the international relations problems that immersion different regions and are very much connected with the discussion of of the way we can use. the democratization and rule of law principles to our policies. and i believe. it was a very useful conversation about what role of the united nations has in these processes. the united states and russia have confirmed that the as a permanent. members of the security council were very much interested in
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promoting peace and security believe we have discussed many other topics for example west the situation of the iranian nuclear threat and korea korean peninsula this is very important for proliferation regime and this will help us avoid other conflicts and we also talked about the libyan situation in other eastern and african countries about the situation in afghanistan we have been operating cooperating very closely in various. areas and in the light of what it's meeting yesterday in washington which was very useful. and it helped experts to prepare specific documents and we have also discussed the topic of conventional arms in europe we have very much interested in finding mutually accepted framework to reach an agreement on new control of conventional arms in
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this very important region. which is crucial for russia and the united states and i would like to note that we had a very useful cause. we also talked about our cooperation in arctics and topic which is also very important. also we identified that there is a possibility to bring our positions closer in the issues where we still have some . misunderstandings like bilateral cooperation and international edge and and in comparison to previous years we see these problems as workable and we see where understand that in some spheres we do not have converging interests but. we promote same aims
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and we maintain dialogue about how to most effectively move to the to those aims and in the end i would like to say about one symbolic thing it is of the thirteenth of july today and in seventeen twenty eight this day the first expedition of it was bearing to concerta started which prove that eurasia and america are divided by a gulf. and these days a group of americans and russians are going through the bering gulf. in commemoration of this historic date. and the day after tomorrow on the fifteenth of july we will mark another memorable day it's two hundred seventy years since the second. crew headed to chad go. by alex. and we talked about alaska a lot today and we have
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a principle solution of presidents about the necessity to develop cooperation in our trips through bearing. and we spoke about specific projects and events that might be organized that's would be very much interesting for people who live in alaska and chicago and we discussed this today and also i think. this means that we have a new quality talk operations would not only think about strategic things we also care about our citizens and i think this is a lesson for us a lesson for our cooperation for many years ahead. we have two questions on the american side and two questions on the russian side first on the american side curat really a place. thank you very much question for the both of you your french counterpart has said that colonel gadhafi is looking for
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a way out of libya there are reports that he is running out of resources out of fuel for his troops can you tell us if you know anything about him being on the ropes is there any diplomatically. that could get him out of the country turn the question for for the minister on syria could you explain why russia has blocked action in the united nations to condemn the syrian government for the crackdown on protesters in syria is it now not time for international action with now more than one thousand people killed thank you. to the for the there are three crescendo that's the way it is. well let me take the one you directed at me about libya. the foreign minister and i discussed at length and compared notes today on our respective diplomacy with the t.n.c. we very much appreciate the diplomatic work that russia is doing through its special envoy. we are still getting contradictory signals from colonel qaddafi
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scamp he has yet to meet the red lines that are set by the international community to cease violence against his people withdraw his forces and step down from power. so although neither of us can predict to you the exact day or hour that gadhafi will leave power. we do understand and agree that his days are numbered we will continue to work closely with our international partners including russia to increase the pressure on him and his regime and we will keep looking for a way to achieve a cease fire. air and the military action give the libyan people a chance to plot their own way forward and i think both sergey and i believe that the united nations needs to be in the lead and needs to be helping to organize the international community so that we are ready when that does finally happen. it's
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all in the budget and i would like to add that. for sure the situation in libya is every case where our position is a bit diverging this is all about the way the resolution of the security council is being followed. in the parenthesis so like to say that on this topic we have less misunderstandings with the united states than with some european countries we are united in that we have to start political process as soon as possible. and we have different channels official and very official channels to work through to create conditions for this process we have voiced out our position for many times and there is a special presidential envoy mr merkel of who is working actively in the region
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with the both sides of the conflict and i think that the whole set of the measures being taken by nato members and of russia and the region countries as well and also african union and his initiative with support will lead to an agreement to . reach a cease fire and to start negotiations there is no other way to solve this issue as any other issue in the modern world. and speaking about syria you are asking why russia is walking the resolution that would condemn us that you know diplomacy. does not exist to condemn. and start putting on political scores so our. goal is to solve problems but just condemning people without any solution will not lead
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us to anything so we believe that our. the example of approach. is our common feeling toward yemen and our actions with yemen we do not propose to condemn. or to take want to take resolutions to support one or other country russia the european union and the. arab league and the question gulf. states. insist that opposition and the other side would start negotiations and would start following the vote me out and i'm sure that for the destiny of the region for. all of a lower interest it is absolutely important. that we are. responsible but not. wish washy to the situation and
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i just want you to understand our position on this. under a chair call. my question is to the leaders of the both delegations you have just signed the adoption if we meant does that mean that the moratorium for adoption by the american families will be lifted soon and why did it take so long to draw up this document. even spend less time to work out the start agreement that this issue why why does it happen so. first of all. statistically speaking. it's not right say that who works longer than the starting game and i think we managed to do it a bit quicker and speaking about. these second thing. this
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is the first agreement of such nature. that we agreed with italy and we clip aired it for four years and today we are going to science has kind of agreement with israel. and we reached agreement with the united states notes overnight because we had to take into account the legal peculiarity as of american legal system because there are different states they have different legislations. but even for the beginning of the negotiations we need to take a very serious political will about american partners and that's why this agreement has become equal. absolutely bilateral it has guarantees and save guards for the both sides that would allow people to make sure that an adoptive
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parent is psychologically stable that the family has come for. through a special filter authorized by it is authorized by the united states government and that the adoptive parents provide access of russian diplomats to the children living in the united states these are the most most important components of this issue and it's going to. be in force very soon it is not going to be ratified in the us but we will be ratifying it so we discuss some technical details that will allow us to speed this process up. and there are those but. the part of the new. order fares in the other russian government agencies that have worked on the part of the states and looking for evidence from the organ of the process to share. buttons in these problems
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both want the same we want all children whether they be russian children or american children to be able to have loving homes with families that will take good care of them and of course the united states wants to be sure that we meet all of the concerns that the russian side raised and we believe we have. from reuters. yesterday at the russian embassy you described an approach toward iran on the nuclear issue one of what you called a step by step process whereby the iranians might take steps to address some of the i.a.e.a. concerns and the p five plus one in return would take steps to ease the pressure of sanctions can you shed can you give us details on the kinds
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of steps you would like to see the iranians take under such an approach and secretary clinton can you address the possibility of easing sanctions early in the process historically i think the administration has been reluctant to do that because of the feeling that to do so would be to give up your leverage at the start of a negotiation. we shouldn't be near. this issue and this is yet another. example of the fact that there are problems on our agenda we have the same final ains this came is to avoid proliferation of nuclear arms but at the same time we do have some individual approaches concerning the way we move to this goal and we have some coincide in point here we have collective documents of five plus one or three plus three whatever you call it
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which is supported by the russian federation which contains the proposal of the six to iran about how to settle all the issues that will allow all of us to see that. the character of the nuclear program is absolutely civilian and. restore their rights to the security of this document has been given to the iranian side about two years ago i was as far as far as i remember and it specifies everything that has to be done by the iranian side it is available for studying there is nothing sensational about it because everything iran has to do is based on the requirements of the i and everything is well known and these requirements were supposed by the security council of the un when we russians say about the necessity to follow
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a phased. and mutuals process. with the knights. i doubt this neutral position of the three plus three group. we propose on each requirement of the i. just. to create some kind of a road map starting from the easiest. questions and. in the end there will be the most difficult ones that would require time and we're sure that they're week for spawns to each specific step of iran. would be followed by some. reciprocal steps like freezing some sanctions and shortening the volume of sanctions and we have formulated our proposals it is the it's been handed over to american and chinese partners in the framework of five plus one today we discussed
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this and we said that the experts will inquire into these things and make a decision well i think it is the minister said we both share the same goal and we have worked together with others to achieve that goal of preventing iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and we will be sending a team of our experts to consult with russian experts to discuss ways that we can move forward i have told mr lavrov that we are concerned by the failure of the responses thus far from iran to high representative ashton and the resistance of iran to a request for further access regarding military related activities but nevertheless we are committed to our jewel track both pressure and engagement and we want to explore with the russians ways that we can perhaps pursue more
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effective engagement strategies. question from the russian sun for maria. those records are my big question is to both leaders you said that you were going to sign a new visa agreement. would you please specify the terms of the signing and what is your prognosis about some obstacles on the way to this agreement knowing that businesspeople and citizens support the basis simplifications well the answer is simple that this will happen this year this is for sure and it will happen before christmas even catholic christmas is speaking about obstacles and there are no such as i have said the agreement is absolutely ready we just have to follow through so for mail it is some technical issues that
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said that and we are very pleased about this step toward greater peace a liberalization between our two countries and look forward to all the christmas travel that we'll see. thank you all very much wolf. well you've been watching live coverage there of the meeting between hillary clinton and surrogate love of in washington clearly a very busy day just to tell you briefly what they discussed here in clinton's first spoke to the media saying the last two years of seeing a remarkable cooperation between the two countries and the challenges now to continue the momentum of this cooperation they discuss many issues including russia's accession to the world trade organization something that the u.s. is very keen to support and you agreements were made on intercountry adoptions protecting children also
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a visa agreement which had just ended talking about obviously symbolic concerning the relations between the two but they're saying that they going to allow multiple entry visas for business people between the two countries as well to see promoting trade in economy between the two air traffic control corporation also discussed with respect to the anti missile defense system hillary clinton said the opportunity to make a system should provide that to provide security for both sides should be pursued they said that both sides are committed to working on this issue and surrogate lavrov reiterated the fact that they are indeed debating the issues on missile defense there are differences as we've been reporting here in r.t. but they are making progress so no major agreement on the missile defense issue at the moment in europe but as we say garnaut continuing only a matter of libya. that was very keen to stress that the political process should be started dialogue negotiation should begin there in libya and make it very clear
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that russia disagrees with nato current action there but did stress that interestingly enough russia has more in common with the u.s. approach to libya than the other countries involved in the conflict we will have a full round analysis of what was discussed in that meeting a little later in the next hour from washington. that will be with our correspondent. in the meantime let's get the latest sports news with kate stay with us here in boston. hello welcome to the sports news and first to cycling and britain's mark cavendish defied the rain to win the eleventh stage of the tour de france to take the point lead in green jersey while the frenchman thomas thirty retains the overall leader's yellow jersey well the briton seen here winning stage seven had been beaten into second in a sprint finish my own three drive on tuesday but this time cavendish picked the
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german to win the one hundred sixty seven point five kilometer run from nine eleven the victory was the h d c high road riders third at this year's tour and his eighteenth in total of the four behind american lance armstrong. who want to football and europe by secured a copper america quarter final against hosts argentina for a narrow one zero victory over mexico in the latter the only goal scored by our battle cry there after fourteen minutes picking up the rebound from diego forums free kick and the could have been even more goals we were going for land himself clipping the post just minutes later. and in the second half of the wood work yet again the less love there though it's in the upright this time let's go they thought they'd equalize later on but i feel like with lugo's that was ruled offside and then his side to a group stage exit from the competition for the very first time for europe by finish second in group c. will now play argentina. over what it would. be important
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to the team and i would have qualified and that we managed to achieve our plans to be scorned as a forward as a player i just want to help out and do the best for the team in which either way that can be be deceased and carry goals so now we have an important game on saturday we have to stay relaxed and be ready to take our chances and hopefully they will rise. well meanwhile chile will head into the quarterfinals as group c. winners off a stoppage time own goal from under a carrier so don't be long early mendoza both teams were reduced to ten men just out of the out of our group john calipari mona lisa and john bruce's you're both see right now the game was decided after a ninety second by moving to the net by carrier however despite the defeat still finished third in the group also qualify for the last eight. all we want a possible move to see carlos tevez return to south america has been spotted brazilian side current in say they will not increase their initial offer of fifty
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five million dollars which was turned down by the strikers club much to city twenty seven year old is currently playing for argentina not the copper america and cup stated he wants to move away from lancaster family reasons before the start of the new season however a move back to his former club playing against now looks unlikely with the brazilian transfer window closing if you have the twentieth her in the meantime arch rivals manchester united have been dealt a blow in their reported bit by netherlands midfielder was this neither when someone with syria our side has denied their twenty seven year old star is up for sale north taken any official approach will be made there is under contract with inter for four more years so far scored fifteen goals in seventy nine appearances. and that's when the news from the sports ask bye then. hungry for the. we've got it first hand the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers on the party. culture is the same of charge in television the lottery winner of the muslim world war and trophy the face of an empire in disarray rupert murdoch and his immense media assets were under investigation in what is being called voice mail is this. the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared from the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially of sounds of the nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. focus of a difference to see a day as a threat or as an echo of it when you know if you keep spending a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to floor every body up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see if people don't wake up to move to weapons will build the new force. that represents all the
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firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalence of firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today. if. it is believed to. be. a. wealthy british so.


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