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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EDT

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as crowds gathered in remembrance of those killed by the sinking of the volga pleasure boat. it was the younger victims that seemed to cast the longest shadow. these school girls had lost one of their classmates. at the most we study together for a year she never had arguments with anyone she was a very kind girl and was always ready to help. as divers reached the playroom on one of the ball daria's upper decks they found the bodies of the children that had gathered there just before the boat sunk. once inside the boat the bodies were everywhere in the corridors and cabins most of them were wearing the life worst divers now have the awful task of bringing the bodies to the surface those left
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behind can only wonder at how fast their families were torn apart. our colleague was on that ship she went on a cruise together with her family husband five year old son and all says she was pregnant and was to deliver her second baby in august has not found yet only her husband managed to survive she and her son died. and for those children left suddenly without parents the terrible truth they may not be able to comprehend for years when she lost her mother and father we're all but will have to look after and she's only want to know if years old knowledge did tell her we can't she wouldn't understand. there is much that people don't understand about this disaster reports about the ship's engines failing about blocked emergency exits and electricity failure that stopped any s.o.s. or evacuation instructions going out criminal cases have been opened into why two
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ships passing straight after the sinking didn't stop to pick up a single person and into why the aging vessel was allowed to sail in the first place but for those who have lost loved ones the case will never be closed tom barton. on our website r.t. dot com you can read the account of one man who alone almost eighty people from the bulgaria many have praised the captain of the only ship that storms in the whole district in pleasure cruiser he modestly points to his crew and passengers is the real heroes he said that everyone was touched by what they saw and rushed to help without hesitation he went on to describe how they took their clothes and gave them to the wounded there's more on the web site at r.t. to. russia has more understanding with the u.s. sort of libya there was some of the european politicians that's according to
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foreign minister lavrov has just been holding talks with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton in washington as i promised earlier when i get the latest on these talks from marty's going to challenge she is in the american capital going there was plenty to discuss of course and global issues among the two countries a lot of issues covered. well yes and with regards to libya foreign minister lavrov said colonel gadhafi must step down and there is no place for him in the future of and that's the view shared by the obama administration as well as we could see from the statements made by hillary clinton but russia criticizes the scope of the foreign intervention in libya moscow sees the actions of the allied forces as a violation of the un mandate minister lavrov said the resolution is wrongly interpreted as anyone can do whatever they want foreign minister lavrov was asked about why russia is blocking a u.n. initiative to condemn the syrian president assad to avoid minister lavrov said the attitude of the west is exclusively about exerting pressure on one of the parties
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namely this syrian president and syrian government and president assad in moscow sees it as the wrong attitude he said it sends the wrong message to the syrian opposition prompting them to believe that if they remain insistent and the situation keeps getting critical of the west will sort of come to help there. the way it is happening in libya minister lavrov said it's unacceptable that the opposition should resort to violence agitating peaceful protesters into engaging in gauging the armed clashes and effectively turning them into targets for the police and security forces. and here is what he said on this you know diplomacy does not exist to condemn and start. to let you go school has its goal is to solve problems just condemning people without any solution will not destroy anything and i'm sure that the destiny of the region for
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. all of those interests so it is absolutely important. that we are. responsible but not. to this situation and i just want you to understand our position on this. also issues relating specifically between the two countries specifically relating to relations between the two also you came up with. well yes america's missile defense plans is one of the issues that has been discussed although the two you know both foreign minister lavrov and separate state clinton did not really focus on it during their press conference but it is one of the most irritating issues in the relations between the two countries president obama has scrapped the bush administration missile defense plans but they are going ahead with
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a new plan foreign minister lavrov said russia needs firm legally binding guarantees that the project will not threaten russia's security or washington has made. statements before but moscow needs to have it on tape or some analysts explain that surge that russia has been getting everything on paper with promises in the past that were not fulfilled for example when the soviet union collapsed russia was a short that nato would not be expanding. towards its borders but it did it continued recruiting new members so there is an understanding among the russians that words are good but words in a legally binding document are better well despite certain sticking points that still remain in the relations between the two countries both foreign minister lavrov and secretary of state hillary clinton pointed out the positive and very constructive mode in which the cooperation between the two countries is going on many issues in the last few years in the u.s. if we see that landmark deal on arms reduction and cooperation on of galveston and of going forward in preparations for russia succession into the world trade organization the obama administration is all for it and hillary clinton has once
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again expressed the american leadership's full support for russia joining the w t o an agreement also was signed by foreign minister lavrov and secretary of state hillary clinton this wednesday is the long awaited agreement on adoption after scores of horrible incidents involving russian children mistreated by their adoptive parents in a number of cases murdered by them russia had to stress the need for an agreement and a better oversight over how the adoptive children are treated in their families and the deal finally went through finally came through and it was signed this wednesday the points of vision to include. you know a ban on independent adoption adoption will only be conducted via licensed agencies also the agreement states that all foster children from russia will retain their russian citizenship until they reach legal adult adult and that is important as the states the about applicable law for both countries will be used at adoption related trials up until recently the americans did not want to hear anything about taking
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russian laws into account donna thanks very much indeed. from washington studios. well the news now this hour three explosions of struck the indian city of mumbai on reports at least twenty people have been killed and dozens injured your correspondent is in india for. three bomb explosions occurred within minutes of each other and this happened in a very crowded neighborhood one of the famous jewelry market there was a bomb that was said to be found in a jewelry shop also near the opera house in mumbai. in the western state of maharashtra obviously a very important city in india it's considered the financial capital here the ministry of home affairs that this is a terror attack the most recent terrorist attack. in and eight with the theory is that shootings that happened in the taj hotel as it was that to have been
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a fly make terrorist actually the pockets down from the great service otherwise known as the i had were held responsible for those attacks back in two thousand and eight two years prior to that in two thousand and six another theory is that coronated attacks that happened on seven different trains in india that with that two have been the students islamic movement of india one by is still trying to deal with those attacks then now this is happening and people are just left wondering how this could have occurred so soon after those two thousand and eight attacks. that's a report of proofreader that police suspect an islamic group called the indian mujahideen is behind the three explosions in mumbai that means they could have been organized from abroad says aashish key turn these investigations and it's here with the to help weekly magazine in mumbai. well you know with. chad we were him go on tell me more do a lot of disaffected indian muslim you are being formed because of this group. this
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group basically has not strictly financial support from across the border but the status i.s.i. has been watching this group. decides. to logical support from glasgow in. the nation which will be he could be six eleven kind of attack less fit to bob has been no cheering this time or doing in which i mean over the last seventy two years there have been providing logistical and financial support they have been training the indian chiefs and you will see the hideouts in pakistan and a lot of them to come back into india and then the remaining text or all the decor the e-mails with the boxes back in pakistan and getting them to incorporate them and plan to tell or strikes a garden nation with the main building in pakistan. rupert murdoch's media empire is announces to withdraw its bid to buy control of the u.k.'s biggest satellite broadcaster b. sky b. it's the latest twist to the phone hacking crisis in gulf the company as the
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scandal goes global across the atlantic it's claimed that journalists try to bribe new york police officers for access to the voicemail of nine eleven victims u.s. senators are also calling for their own us to go into news call british prime minister david cameron has also demanded a probe into the nine eleven claims but i can now cross to his head of the u.k. part of the party and he joins us there live in london now rupert murdoch's empire has now withdrawn its bid for b. sky b. i seem out today that five billion dollars worth of being wiped off the company's value do you think collapse is now looming for one of the world's most powerful media organizations. well what we've seen is scandal that's actually rocked the british public life to its core certainly it's implicated the press but also police and politicians so did to that extent i think i think the fact that we've seen that the b. sky b. bid is now off the table is i don't need to be welcomed essentially we've seen
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criminality and invasion of privacy on a staggering industrial scale so it's not surprising that people are thinking again finally about the fit and proper nature of news corp news international. and so it's not that unfortunately it's seems that politicians have come in too late on this on this situation as and we've now seen that it's it's a situation that's been going on for for the best part of a decade we're going to ask you i mean did you get a sense of deja vu here i mean there was public outcry back in the eighty's when murdoch took over a massive media outlets all over the world now i understand that you followed this very closely what were the accusations against against him. there. well absolutely we cannot say that we we haven't been warned essentially news international has been playing a toxic part of our public life for so long i think what the chief the chief
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worries that have been dogging with all the long is the sense that it's not it's not a useful to our public life to have so much media power concentrated in the hands of one organization that why it's been toxic is because essentially particularly our to launch parties here in the united kingdom have. actually been running scared they felt the need to curry favor with news international for fear that they won't be able to win elections now this can't of this can't actually have been this it's been hugely unhealthy for our public life so this is been a situation that's been going on for some time and we. have got a huge amount of time but you mention this political aspect here well clearly this is spreading into politics now isn't it with all these links between david cameron and do you think this could really pose a threat to the current british government of the moment saluki i think one of the
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people that comes out of this most damaged is the british prime minister david cameron we see for example he ought to have known that it was a bad decision to appoint andy kaufman who's implicated in this was a bad decision to appoint him to his ten downing street. there are now real questions to be. to be answered on his part about his judgment but also as terms as the inquiry inquiry widens his whole relation to the news international social sets people like rebecca brooks for example so we've seen him for example calling for inquiries but we've had inquiries before what we need now is real action and real. justice i'm afraid he hasn't just say he's been playing catch up all along let me quickly arsenius actually let me quickly ask you not just about politics but also the police involved here the police clearly have failed to take
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action in the past it's now being referred to the police again what hopes do you have for this inquiry to be well to go the way it should do. well it's very concerning not bounce the police involved when we had the extraordinary spectacle yesterday of senior police officers admitting to polish politicians police officers it's been highly likely that police officers have been receiving payments so i think actually we need to look at the whole police involvement once again i'm glad to see our politicians that beginning to lose their fear of news international it's about time and it's about time they began to really go to the heart of this this matter and get justice rather than just inquiries thanks so much to love to talk to you more about this but we got a very busy here an hour to you thanks for your time the head of the u.k. power party talking to us live from london thank you. the explosive mixture of media and politics and the hacking scandal that's gripping the world's attention is
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also discussed in today's edition of cross talk you can join peter lavelle a little later this hour but in the meantime here's a quick preview for you. in this particular case with news of the world it looks more and more like you had reporters and editors who are engaging in criminal conduct there is no concept of free press anywhere in the world that enables journalists to break the law if someone hacked my voicemail i would love to see them in jail but if you look at the criticisms that are being leveled at murdoch it goes far beyond that people are using this as an opportunity to attack him for his politics and for a straight and see as far as partisanship. to israel now in a stormy session of the country's parliament it's all about a public l. cry over a new law which makes it illegal to boycott jewish settlements prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu had to defend the law which is being criticized for violating free speech when israeli peace movement gosh. has petitioned the high court against the boycott bill we cannot talk to adam keller he's a spokesman for that movement joining us live in tel aviv now your organization says the boycott lore is anti democratic but benjamin netanyahu has said today at the knesset that it doesn't taint israeli democracy otherwise he would have approved it so how would you respond to that. now that is one of the many scenes we can lead disagree with me still on a ten year old because it does damage a very severely the freedom of speech we have the goal of the settlements in the occupied territories is completely completely dangerous to the future. any chance of peace between us and the palestinians and we have been calling upon the israeli public since one thousand nine hundred seven not to buy anything in the
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supermarkets which comes from the settlements because buying despoiled ox is helping the certain those making them stronger. to do to make a democratic election to express citizens expressing what the feel what they believe and we have been stopped from doing it by sweat and with very high fines. switchman which might have to pay if we continue with the legitimate democratic of the fall of us the supreme court to overturn this law especially because it is completely discriminatory don't. call it consumable because going in there has been just not were very successful consumer boycott of cheese because the cheese was too high placed and it falls to the own those who choose to lower the price. really many.
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consumer boycott of religious people against non-kosher food which is really just. but of course it's really important for them to be against non-kosher food and that is the void and all of this kind of boy called upon to continue to go on well the only one specific kind of boy quote which comes from one side of a little story i just do want to ask you why trying to get all that let's just ask you you side with many reasons supporting your argument you clearly have a very passionate strong case you say you've referred it now to the supreme court what do you think the outcome could be from that are you optimistic. we are cautiously optimistic because also a very prominent. say to do. including the attorney general of the state of. who has to defend this when the supreme court to. hear
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stalled. it would be difficult for him to defend this no discipline call and they went ahead and there could be anyway so i see that. side of the state which is to defend this is very doubtful about we have a good chance of course we cannot be sure what the judges will see some critics have called the boycott or many many more we do have a slight problem with. our delay here just just very briefly and finally many are saying that they called the boycott law a big step a warning step towards fascism would you agree with that. i don't know if pressure is them is the right word but certainly it is a very big blow it is only the. making. i hope it will not get to the fall where we have to characterize it. as
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a kind of dictatorship but it is a very very good for anybody who cares about the future. it's out i'm kind of thank you very much sorry about the delay there but thanks for your time joining us live in tel aviv thank you. have to think for a moment about the summary of our main news stories in about six minutes from now meantime the business news is next with marina. hello and welcome to business here and see gold is trading the record highs as investors drawn for safe haven from the debt crisis spreading across europe jacobson from saxo bank believes the strength in precious metal will continue until politicians find a workable solution gold is now the only currency even though ironically it's not really a currency that is valid dating your your long term investment criteria is in the
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sense that this is a currency that cannot be devalued by printing of money i think the reason why gold is going up right now is that everyone seems to sense that the political solution once again becomes throwing more dead at a dead issue we need to change her stared there will probably take some pressure off the wrist for human goal but gold is going up today tomorrow and for the next week as long as the politician play this game of hide and seek and no decision making. the spike in the rest of us in europe infecting the russian market paedo weston from ats and capital still believes there are good stories to trade here. speaking about sectors i do think that in this environment you like to see more support for defensive names like telecoms like you tube it was all you could do to what extent utilities threw out expensive but nevertheless the more liquid names like it was hard to draw holding my. breath you know in this kind of the rut of it but nevertheless you also have the elections to look out for and we know that utilities tend to be closer with high political risk. telecom so you know i mean
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looks really interesting it's going to get beyond this year listing it's going to have a long listing and really that we're seeing increasing interest to that name so i you know this is something which is both offensive but it was a good story. and let's take a look at the markets now wall street is trading in the black as the federal reserve says it could further stimulate the u.s. economy if conditions deteriorate the indices are slightly lower than previous hours but sentiment is being supported by stronger than expected economic growth data from china. european markets finished on a positive note helped by the gains on wall street and that's the spite another downgrade of ireland by these rating agency over its sovereign debt burberry group was up five percent in london and that's after the luxury goods maker ported revenues rose thirty percent in the forest forder and here in moscow the markets also closed in the black let's take
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a look at some individual movers on the my saxes burbank and in the red the losses were limited by earlier reports of one hundred eighty percent jump in first half and that profits overall colley was up more than one that have percent after the e.u. lifted quotas on potage imports from russia and coal miner at a spot sky rallied on expectations of a takeover bid from b. . to be kept its all wraps up the day's trade for us. yesterday was it was a tough day for for for russian market the global markets were selling off but as. the c.b. started to intervene and there was a rumor that they were going to start buying italian bonds mostly the yields on. unintelligible and started following that help market markets higher into the close yesterday and saw movement expanded into today's earlier session generally volumes have been subdued investors are bit lost as to how to position themselves because
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in the one hand there's a lot of very tricky in difficult circumstances in the west of the other hand the world price is is performing quite well which is obviously posed for russian stocks . russia still fertilizer maker force our girl has raised a little over half a billion dollars from its london i.p.o. this stock was surprised at the bottom of the range value when the company at five billion dollars analysts believe false agro has strong upside potential as a fertilizer sector benefits from rising demand for food and biofuels. well that's all the business news for now all the headlines are next to it bill.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realm for sure. we've got the future covered. for the full story we've got it first had the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in india oh jeez availability in the movie the joint the photo the violence the gateway hoto the grand imperial trying to talk western coast coromandel you can know what hotel close mission hotel says don't need to go and. read the sun the
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colonel was hotel as a retreat. eleven thirty pm here in the russian capital good to have you with us this is all t. top stories this hour russia has more in common with the u.s. on the conflict in libya than with many european nations so says foreign minister sergei lavrov following talks with hillary clinton in washington. the bodies of over one hundred people including many children have been recovered from the volga river the site of sunday's sinking of a pleasure cruise a row. continue the search for more as around thirty remain missing. at least twenty one people are dead after three explosions hit the indian city of mumbai blasts hit the business district in a crowded marketplace police suspect an islamist group called the indian mujahideen is behind the attack. and the eurozone economic crisis deepens as our debt is
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downgraded to junk fueling fears the country may need a second bailout has come shortly after similar predictions were made about portugal with italy also tipped to be at risk. well i'll be back with more on those stories and other developments in less than thirty minutes from now in the meantime as i promised a little earlier it's cross to piddle a bell and his guests discuss the repercussions of the phone hacking scandal that's gripping britain. and you can see.
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a low in welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle an empire in disarray rupert murdoch and his immense media assets are under investigation in what is being called voicemail gate is this scandal all about murdoch and his sleazy business practices or a media that no longer serves the public good. can . the cross-talk media today i'm joined by tony pettersen in dallas he's a professor and bell distinguished chair in journalism at southern methodist university in los angeles we cross the fattiest russell he's a historian and the author of a renegade history of the united states and in oxford we go to shawn powers he's an assistant professor at georgia state university all right gentlemen this is cross talk that means you can jump in anytime you want i always go to the person has to go early is for this program so i'm going to go to you thaddeus here and looking at what's happening to them the murdoch media empire and every hour that passes more revelations are coming out.


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