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oh she's available in the movie going to join t.v. shows a movie that's the gateway to the grand imperial like the george west coast coromandel you can the letter tell closure which i say don't need to go and. read this in the kernel was her job as a retreat. from arctics media empire abandons its bid to take over britain's largest satellite broadcaster as a frenzy over newspaper hacking consumers politicians and police. divers are set to make a final exam to find twenty four victims of russia's pleasure cruiser disaster horse still missing. the owner of the company that rented the boat daria for its final voyage under state shipping expert that said it was fit to sail up in a restaurant to bring you all the details in just a moment. and in washington where russia lays out a new step by step strategy towards iran that it may bring to iran back to the negotiating table over its nuclear program. profits
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a key in russia calls the market to drop more than half of the sudden the first minutes of trading going to the south sea in twenty minutes time to find out more on the latest business. eleven am of the russian capital watching r.t.l. marina joshie welcome to the program rupert murdoch's embattled media empire news corp has announced that its dropping its bid to take control of britain's largest settle i broadcast for the movies and tana to head off public outrage over allegations that several of his newspapers were engaged in rampant phone hacking scandal has grown to include the british government and police officials who stand accused of complicity and corruption across the atlantic shocked u.s. senators are calling for a probe into allegations that nine eleven victims were also targeted by. murdoch's
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newspapers that is are these were at records and the roles rise over the decades afterward plenty of warning signs over what was to come. rupert murdoch's push to expand in british media has come to a halt public and political rage over thirteen hacking sports news corp to drop its bid to buy satellite broadcaster b. sky b. but some say he's already killed the british press and they were saying it as far back as nine hundred eighty one that's when he went on a media spending spree and bought amongst others the world renowned times newspaper news international has been playing a toxic part of our public life for so long but it worked under his ownership circulation just kept on rising in a market that killed authors and sky t.v. a loss making and obscure satellite network rocketed to become the biggest player in the u.k.'s pay t.v. market i do admire rupert murdoch because he's
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a risk taker when he bought the times and sunday times of london the newspaper business was absolutely in peril in the u.k. mostly because of the unions and because of some other economic factors who turned that around. basically there are people who will say that he saved the newspaper industry in london because of the whopping revolution in one thousand nine hundred six but now it's clear that success came with a heavy price tag morality murdoch's journalists kept the ratings high by violating and exploiting the vulnerable they hacked the private voice mails of families of dead soldiers and of murdered children essentially we've seen criminality and invasion of privacy on a staggering industrial scale not even the rich and powerful could escape then chancellor gordon brown's baby was flashed over the front page of the sun his illness a sick headline royal family phones were hacked the scandal even goes right to the ha. out of the police force senior police officers were bribed by journalists for
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to ports on sensitive investigations private lives were made public now we've got. to be somehow. gordon brown's private life you have to so you have to start wonder what else is in of course it's not i mean it's not just. what we call blanket these are people to information what should be private sources medical records tax records it's taken thirty years to the worst fears about the british press to come true but country they have murdoch may own successful newspapers in an ailing market but their papers which have lost their greatest asset the public's trust the u.k. has more c.c.t.v. cameras per person than anywhere else in the world i've counted just in this small car park so preston's always know big brother is watching but the question now is
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what's big brother watching for and more importantly who's trying to bribe him you are at it r.t. . don't be in have your say on the scandal on our message board at our dot com the question is has rupert murdoch's sensationalistic rush for profits undermined the public's trust in british journalism here's some of what's. well one poster of believes that this is a job of the public's trust and will result in the break up of murdoch's strength hold on both the british media and the government and in other believes that modern journalism has sacrificed objectivity for the sake of sales if you can also let us know your thoughts on the issue so do that by logging on to our website r t v dot com. police have made a first arrest in connection with russia's worst ever boating disaster they have detained the owner of the company that rented out the gold garia cruiser and the person was certified it fit for sale meanwhile divers are set to conduct
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a final search of the vessel looking for the remaining twenty four bodies of the one hundred thirty people believed killed in the tragedy dumbarton is at the site for us. the first two arrests have been made in the ongoing criminal investigations but first his lawn in yeah she's been arrested because she was the owner of the company that rented the bulk gharyan pleasure boat for its final cruise and it's thought that she may have known about the poor condition of the ship when she made that decision to rent it the second is yaakov eva shaw he is a state shipping expert and he cleared the ship as fit to sail some time ago and it's thought that he may have been negligent in making that decision they will stay in detention for around a month to be questioned and then the case will go on from there in the emergencies ministry here on the volga bank and the divers that are going out to the platform
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above the sunken bowl guerrier they say their final effort is going to be made now to try and recover the last twenty four bodies. from from the ship and however there may be some complications with that they're hoping to finish sometime later today possibly around midday but they think that they've searched most of the ship and they haven't found all of these twenty four bodies so if they're not on the ship they may be in the water around the ship a worst case scenario maybe this some of them when the ship sank people may have unfortunately drowned in their bodies being carried by the current to worst estimate up to two hundred kilometers downstream so the search area may have to be increased for them but they're hoping to finish this search so that two special ships that have come up from foreground further down the river can start the operation later on to try and raise the ball guerrier from the bottom of the volga
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and when they can see the ship up in the open air they can try and work out why the ship sank and why it sank so fast leading to so much try. reporting there well we've got more on russia's worst boating accident on our web site log on territory dot com and watch the food edge of the recovery efforts and divers in the volga river and there's also an interview with a former captain of the doomed ship who says he was in no condition to sail long before the sinking. but you're watching aren't you live from moscow still have for you this hour. europe's struggle to keep the euro flow takes another hit as the world's eighth largest economy wakes up to the reality it's deep in debt. and israel's prime minister has to stand up in the fans of it and i boycott bill which aims to support settlers but has been fronts to democracy.
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russia has proposed a new step by step strategy towards iran's nuclear program the idea is just making a limited concessions to iran of a goes along with the demands of the international community was even comes after talks between the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov during his visit to washington the two also touched upon their leave campaign with lovecraft saying russia has less disagreement on the matter was the u.s. then with some european countries as are going to take our reports literal issues still face certain difficulties with regards to leave here both russia and the u.s. have the view that colonel gadhafi must step down and that leaves should be able to choose their future leader it's the path towards those aims that moscow and washington disagree on the means if you will russia criticizes the scope of the into the foreign intervention in libya moscow sees the actions of the allied forces the forces there as a violation of the un mandate minister lavrov said the resolution is being wrongly
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interpreted as anyone can get whatever they've learned for minutes that laugh it off was also asked about why it is blocking a u. and they should have took a gamble syrian president assad he said the attitude of the west is exclusively about exerting pressure on one of the parties namely the syrian government and president all side of moscow sees this as sees it as the wrong actually think russia says it sends the wrong message to the syrian opposition prompting them to believe that if they remain insistent in the situation keeps getting critical of the west. will come to help them the way it is happening in libya minister lavrov said it's unacceptable that the opposition who resort to violence agitating peaceful protesters into engaging in armed clashes and effectively turning them into targets for the police and security forces take a listen there is a diploma to go to diplomacy exists not sue condemn and score political points diplomacy exists to solve problems and make it condemnation without proposing any
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solution leaders to any breakthrough neither in syria nor in any other place there is a good example of how we are all dealing with the situation in yemen no one's proposing to condemn anyone or adult the u.n. security council resolution supporting monitoring are there signs everyone is urging the two sites to see down and hold negotiations dance a responsible approach that we hope will prevail well on bilateral issues there have been some agreements and disagreements as usual but topical events bravely focused on agreements both pointed out the positive and constructive mode in which the cooperation between the two countries is going on many issues in the last year especially in the us of which that led marquee alarms without even cooperation out of. forwarding preparations for russia's accession into the water aid organization the obama administration is all for it and filler and clinton has once again stressed the american leadership support for russia joining the w keel also they had signed a long awaited agreement on adoption after scores of horrible incidents involving
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russian children mistreated by their adoptive parents in a number of cases murdered by their rush to stress the need for an agreement and a better oversight over how the that their children are treated in their families and the deal finally came through the points in vision there include of bad eye in the head adoption adoptions will only be conducted via licensed agencies also the agreement states that all foster children from russia will retain their russian citizenship until they reach legal adulthood. that is very important as the agreement states that applicable laws for both countries will be used adoption related trials up until recently the americans they do not want to hear anything about taking russian laws into account now as for disagreements america's missile defense plans is one of the most irritating issues in the relations between the two countries you could sense that both foreign minister lavrov and secretary of state clinton preferred not to go into details and talk much about disagreements but
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nevertheless we know that there has been discussions behind closed doors president obama has scrapped the bush administration missile defense plans but they're going ahead with a new plan for me this elaborate said russians need for a legally binding guarantees that the project will not threaten russia's security washington has made reassuring statements before but moscow needs to have it on paper so there is an understanding among the russians that words are good but words in a legally binding document are better but again no specific comments on that yet irish economy pouring their verse and we are here live for you r t twenty percent and before even more news and videos just our website r t dot com here's a taste of what's online right now and find out why a monument to the first man in space he regarded will be unveiled rider to verify heart of london. and it's a happy ending for an escaped boat constrictor which brought fear when it was lost russian city of i want to grab
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a log on to learn how to get along snake slipped away in the first place. it was a turbulence in the israeli parliament as a prime minister himself had to the standard new bill outlawing consumer boycotts of products from settlements on occupied palestinian territory the law imposes high fines on boycott organizers and allow settlers to sue them for compensation opponents have called it a blow to israeli democracy and freedom of speech one peace movement called. to sion to the high. court against a new law for more on the anti boycott law its patients were employed live from jerusalem by he will advance to sign a spokes person for the shake jar solidarity movement mr benson something for being here with us in the program first off benjamin netanyahu has said and i boycott law is perfectly in line with israeli democracy otherwise he would have backed it now tell us how does it all adds up how does democracy fit together with the prohibition of civil protest. so first of all good morning and thank you for
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having me i think that in order to understand the proper context of this law one must understand that in one thousand sixty seven israel conquered the vast territories that were previously jordanian and egyptian when it conquered it on the one hand. it implied regime rule and the military rule on the palestinian occupied occupied in evidence but on the other hand so early and gradually israel began to to send its israeli jewish jewish civilians into the occupied territories to build their settlers of urban and suburban. suburban housing now all of the settlements are on occupied territory and are in our according to the international law illegal and unrecognised israelis all think that the fact that israel conquered these territories is not only against international law but against the interest of
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israel fight in various modes in order to convince israel to withdraw from these territories and end the palestinian israeli conflict however this new law not only does not. does not permit these protests but prohibits any kind of court to. to boycott these. products that are manufactured in the settlements. obviously this is not only an anti-democratic law but it also shows that in a sense in a very deep sense the settlements already lost a large part of their legitimization both in the international community and in israel because that is the only that is the only reason why you need to sanction such a such petitions as the growth of petitions by law now mr francis on let's talk about going on the fragile situation there with the palestinians because this bill is seen as a large step away from a peace process with the palestinians so how will it impact the relations in your
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opinion. the question i didn't hear that's so good thank you how well how will this bill impact the relations with palestinians in their already fragile situation there in the region i mean it's seen by many as big step away from a peace process so i think that it is clear for most of the international community and also from many in israel would even say the majority in israel that the current regime in israel is not really interested in promoting a viable peace accord with the palestinians through many various manipulations and i think. sitting impossible preconditions for the. israeli government is managed in fact to in nearly any kind of disability for advancing the peace process this move is not only another bash in the face. of the chances to where to reach a peace accord but also. with certain sense to very strong step forward village it
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in ways being the israeli peace that is fighting for the events wish that they support. well you know what's interesting in them are hold the fan the bill in the high court says it borders on being unconstitutional so what chance is in high gear . well the. interesting issue about the the appeal to the high court is not necessarily the fact that this law has many chances to fall because it's unconstitutional but i think two other facts that in this in this context are very central to the debate first of all israel has no constitutional for many years due to. too many correlation difficulties israel never managed to form a proper. sixty three years of existence israel actually has no no constitution therefore the supreme court and this leads me to the next to the next considerable
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factor the supreme court became the arbitrator of many controversial laws that made in a sense the supreme court a kind of a babysitter for the parliament because the parliament members basically pass any kind of law that they want and they know that it will reach the supreme court in a simple so the supreme court. you know will measure it yes or no is this your digital it according to the israeli imagined constitution or future persecution now this fact not only deteriorates the power legitimacy of the supreme court which is viewed steinman again as the defender of human rights are all are sometimes viewed as enemies in israel all right mr president but on the other hand it unfortunately we have to leave it there but thanks very much for sharing your views with us here on the program allison i'll dance to soon a spokesperson for the shake solidarity movement thank you very and here.
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you're watching our t.v. now the currency crisis gripping the e.u. has taken a turn for the worse as italy's spurred by a string of ruinous market downturns begins to debate emergency spending cuts at two trillion dollars the world's eighth largest economy has been struggling to remain competitive since joining the euro zone but its debt has spiraled out of control effect over all of by many and the more pressing problems in the e.u. athol the downgrade of ireland's debts to junk status a serious blow to the euro zone as a bailout gridlock labor's to prop up its weakest economies u.k. am a people not all told r.t. the latest developments prove a single currency union is simply not working. this was always about politics it was not economics the idea that you could have economies in the mediterranean in line with economies like germany fast growing economies like germany was never going so great the only way to get out of this mess is for those countries to go back on their national policies to devalue moving. to exports going in at the
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moment because if they're there because they couldn't see a controlled by frankfurt they controlled by the european central bank they're not controlled by athens or listen or even thought of the people out on the streets in athens and i just wonder how long it will be people the people out in the streets in rome when in lisbon and talk on this thing is contagious this thing will move right across the continent specifically in the mediterranean and the big issue now facing the european union is italy and italy is the third largest economy in the eurozone this place largest economy in the world i think the eurozone can actually cope with greece and portugal the smaller economies if italy goes the whole thing could cave in because if italy goes italy's economy intertwined with spain's and spain and italy go then we are in serious trouble the euro is inextricably to the whole project and it's linked to the european union if the eurozone goes i quite frankly can see this whole thing breaking door that is why they're so desperate to
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keep it that's why this was desperate to say that we in the u.k. are fed up with bailouts are the only way for these countries to survive is to break out of this prison which is the euro zone. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world gunfire as again in iraq pakistan's largest city of karachi as the authorities there strive to contain an al break of violence that's claimed at least ninety three lives in just five days unrest is not uncommon in the port city with a population of eighteen million and as often provoked by ethnic religious or political tension the latest outburst was sparked by the decision of the city's most powerful political party to leave the federal ruling coalition and join the opposition. twenty seven day prison uprising in venezuela has ended after the national guard negotiated control of the facility back from inmates a standoff at the jail began after thousands of troops stormed the prison and unit and weapons search days after a bloody drive the action sparked gunfight between troops and inmates leaving one
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prisoner and two soldiers dead as well as twenty would it would arrest it's present in the charges congratulated authorities for bringing an end to the standoff. at least seventeen people were killed and over a hundred injured after three coordinated bombings hit india's city of mumbai a blast happened during the rush hour in the country's busy financial center police suspect that as long as group indian mujahideen is being is behind the explosions it's the worst terror attack in the country since the two thousand and eight mumbai siege. from to help a weekly magazine shared these opinion on who he believes is responsible. well you know with. chad we will go until more do a lot of good muslim you do plug. this book basically has logical international support or because the border pakistan's i.s.i. has been noted in this group i've read it. but you know you got support from
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glasgow a table. of nation which was maybe could be six eleven less critical but has been there during this term or doing it in jamile the last seven eight years there have been portrayed in the mystical interventions of we have been training. i've seen really high goals in pakistan and a lot of them come back into india and then the remaining pitch or did you call the e-mails. back in pakistan and getting them to include bade them a good plan to go straight you got a nation. in pakistan. time now for a visit date with me to go away. thanks marina burbank's to declare war on russia's castro society once companies and people to switch to electronic payment methods the bank claims the high portion
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of cash in the economy is halting growth causing the country to lose up to one point one percent of its christmas a problem but i'd suggest paying also reason pensions into bank accounts instead of handing over ruble bills that also wants the government of tax incentives for non-cash payments ratings agencies such as standard and poor's and moody's have become the subject of vicious attacks from politicians across europe the agency's claim to give an independent assessment of the credit worthiness of countries but they've been blamed for helping cause a crisis by stirring up the alarm however some analysts suggest this means they're doing a good job. the ratings agencies quite justifiably came in for a lot of criticism during the global financial crisis they were accused of being overoptimistic they were taking some fairly generous assumptions about its ability to repay there were sometimes overlooking some fairly fatal flaws in some
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derivative structures and it's fair to say i think most reasonable people would agree that perhaps the ratings agencies did contribute to the global financial crisis however i think there's been a notable improvement in standards over the course of the last two or three years and the fact that the ratings agencies now are actually getting so much criticism from european finance ministers probably suggest they're doing their job rather well. through to the markets now we start with commodity. trading near four day highs are signs of a rising through demand and u.s. calton speculation of the world's biggest consumer of crude may face a credit downgrade by moody's now the agency put the u.s. under review for a rating downgrade as talks to raise its fourteen point three trillion dollar debt limit have stalled. brant up the lining this hour however but this decline is not significant across asian markets are trading in the red also slightly
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same thing here moody's downgrading potentially u.s. a credit rating as a factor chilling in best sentiment stocks are pressured as an increase in risk aversion has pushed the u.s. dollar below the seventy nine per dollar level exporters are the biggest losers in terms of dropping over one hundred percent at the close of siebel one percent and hong kong financials are coming under pressure bank of china is down nine one point nine percent rather and china construction bank one and a half as. is the opening picture in russia car bring you the my six figure this out of the obviously down point three percent let's. take a look at some of the main drags on the my sex actually let me tell you man you just perfect it is it's down point six percent this hour gastronomy lukoil are the main losers this hour the down one percent as the world is declining financials three t.v. and also down point eight percent telecom zygotes telecom is keeping the high
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volatile trading the stock has seen the past couple of months it's also down one percent. in the south he will be back in fifteen minutes time with an update i think that.
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indeed she's amazing.


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