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pitchers of all time so yes can't give an update or just leave it to e.s.p.n. to go over every single little detail but is this really breaking news can you imagine if the media person pursued wall street with the exact same tenacity the crooks who not only brought down the world's economy but then also lied to congress when they were testifying about it. why haven't we seen a trial there yet why haven't we seen more anger aside from maybe dylan ratigan and janke out there the rest of the worthless mainstream media is perfectly content to close its eyes and result the eyes of america when you see true grit and greed and corruption and this says a lot for our justice system as well for our government which the mainstream media gives an embarrassingly easy pass to but here is a story that does deserve your attention because it has to do with your privacy and what the corrupt and overbearing government is trying to do with it the senators ron wyden and mark udall both deserve a round of applause today as wired's danger room found out that you are sending a letter today directly to the director of national intelligence james clapper and
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you see thanks to the smartphones that we all carry around geolocation technology has made it increasingly easier to spy on us to monitor our every move and senators wider than you all want to know if the intelligence agencies in this country think that they have the right to track this whenever they want see widens already introduced legislation that would require that law enforcement get warrants but as of now that's going to the supreme court where of course the obama administration is going to be furiously fighting to get them to rule that they can spy on you warrant free but that doesn't apply to the intelligence agencies or for the purpose of simplicity let's just call them the spies they've been using the phys amendments act which was passed under bush in two thousand and eight to make all of that warrantless wiretapping legal to collect more data on americans and their communications abroad so one of the new doll said that they want on classified answers from clapper as to how far that goes when it comes to geo location data unclassified answers if you even believe that i'm sure just the sound of those
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words is making clapper cringe after all i'm sure that he's gotten used to operating in peace in secret without anybody really questioning intelligence efforts so i just can't wait to see if he actually gives these two senators a response i'm sure wire to be on it will be on it but for now. all that stuff about your privacy and agencies spying on you well that's what the mainstream media chooses to me. reporting for the nation jeremy scahill has released a report on cia operations and secret sites in somalia and according to scale in a back corner of mogadishu's international airport as a sprawling walled compound run by the cia where they run a counterterrorism training program aimed at building an indigenous strike force to carry out combat operations against members of al shabaab but that's not all reportedly there is another secret prison buried in the basement of somalia's
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national security agency headquarters where prisoners are held some of them rendered from kenya and all no although the underground prison is officially run by the somalis u.s. intelligence personnel pay the salaries of intelligence agents and also directly interrogate those prisoners it's direct evidence of an expanding a u.s. operation in the country and also a continuation of bush era policies carried out by the obama administration to just how many resources the u.s. putting there and does this mean that our counterterrorism policies really are reaching worldwide proportions or earlier i caught up with jeremy scahill national security reporter for the nation magazine and author of the book blackwater the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army and i first asked him if he had any idea when he went to mogadishu this is what he would find when i went there as part of an investigation i'm doing into u.s. targeted killing operations and my original intent in going there was to look at the way that the joint special operations command was engaged in targeted killing
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operations inside of somalia within a couple of days of arriving in mogadishu i received information that indicated that the cia had just set up a secret counterterrorism training base at the airport and that i met a man who told me that he had been in a basement dungeon prison in a facility. or there are also cia operatives and that's how we started our investigation so yes we were looking into the idea of targeted killing and covert ops no we did not know that the cia was using the secret prison there or had set up a new base at the airport in mogadishu well so can you tell me a little bit more about these compounds starting first at the new base at the airport is this something that's really closed off and secretive or is it just out there in plain sight for all to see well it's probably the most poorly kept secret in mogadishu if it is secret because everyone from the kids chewing khat leaves on the street to senior government officials certainly knows that the cia has set up a base at the airport in fact you can see it from the tarmac as you're standing
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there waiting to board planes or as you get off the planes it's a fairly big compound with walls that guarded guard towers in all four corners and the reason it caught my attention was because it looked very much like the u.s. forward operating bases that i've seen in afghanistan and elsewhere and then when i started talking to government officials from the u.s. back somali government and intelligence officials on the ground i discovered that in fact it was a cia base and that they were training and paying somali counterterrorism agents and they're trying to set up an indigenous strike force capable of doing targeted kill and capture operations against the militant group al-shabaab now you also reported that the mine source for one of them that you spoke to said that these guys are lined up about once a month and paid two hundred dollars in cash how much money is that for somalia. for somali people two hundred dollars a month is a huge amount of money i mean let's remember this is a country that hasn't printed its own currency since one thousand nine hundred one
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it's a place where there the best chance that a young man in particular has of employment is by working as a militia member with a with an a k forty seven so to have two hundred dollars is a pretty decent salary specially if it's consistent and have a paid in american money is the best way that it could be done i mean relative to what you and i would would think would be good pay obviously it's not much money at all in somalia that's a that's a tremendous amount of money for an individual to make ok and so then if we look at the fact that they've been paying these people they've been training them to set up these operations has any of that actually been successful. i mean i think the u.s. so-called counterterrorism approach in somalia has relied on two primary things one is the u.s. is doing unilateral strikes using j. sock or the cia in rural parts of somalia and in some cases civilians have been killed making the shabab even stronger and angering local populations on the other
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hand inside of mogadishu the only thing that the u.s. can rely on for the most part as a replacement for intelligence is indiscriminate shelling by the african union forces known as amazon that are funded and armed by the united states they just indiscriminately shell areas where the shabaab are believed to have strongholds and and they force everyone to flee the shabaab and the civilians that were living there and it really is just a replacement for accurate intelligence and it's angering enraging a lot of people and causing a lot of civilian damage and civilians to be killed and as part of that this counterterrorism training program the cia has is in theory aimed at doing more surgical operations but these somali intelligence sources that i spoke with said they've only tried one operation in a controlled area and it was a disaster in this. mali agents ended up getting killed they haven't tried one since and that was late as last year they also told me they don't have a single. credible informant in the areas and remember the u.s.
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backed government in mogadishu only controls thirty square miles of the capital city much of the rest of the city and in fact the country is in the hands of warlords clans or al-shabaab and i really want to get into this. prison that you were told about what goes on there when we talk about interrogations are u.s. officials directly involved in the interrogations are these harsh interrogation techniques and you get any of those details i just want to be clear that what i reported in my article was what i felt that i had journalistically had the right to report in other words i had multiple sources i believe that it was true on the issue of harsh interrogation i don't have any information that i can report that there is torture taking place in the prison or anything that we would know in this country as harsh interrogation techniques having said that the conditions in the prison themselves sound to me like abuse it's in a dungeon where there are no windows and no sunlight the air was described to me as
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thick and disgusting in a totally unsanitary conditions bed bug infestation throughout the prison mosquitoes prisoners that seemed to be going crazy rocking against walls banging their heads on the walls i was told there are children young boys that are also inside of the prison many of the people that are there were picked up on suspicion of having links to al shabaab or al qaeda and i was told very directly by multiple somali intelligence officials and government officials that the american and french intelligence agents that work with the somalis directly interrogate prisoners if they ask and that it does happen and that the somali intelligence agents let them do it freely when i spoke to i can't say the name of the entity that i called for comment because they told me that i could only identify them as a u.s. of fish. but let's just say u.s. official familiar with these operations said that the americans only debrief be brief terror suspects in the presence of somali agents and only jointly with those
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somali agents that was contradicted by everyone else i talked to for this story jeremy everything that you've reported here if it's all true is a very big deal not only is it a continuation of bush policies by the obama administration when it comes to having secret prisons when it comes to rendition when it comes to detaining people in such harsh conditions but i'm just curious why that it is that we haven't seen you on every single news channel why all of those real news networks out there are dying to get this story from you. you know so far it's just been democracy now al-jazeera and russia today r.t. that have expressed serious interest in this story and i should say the story is one hundred percent true and the u.s. government when i called them for comment confirm that it was true they just tried to play semantics with they were concerned that i was going to call it a black site they were they were concerned that i was saying that they were directly interrogating the prisoners they prefer the term deep briefing of prisoners you know so that was where the issue was i think that there's a couple of factors here one both c.n.n. and a.b.c.
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news did stories on their websites that in the case of c.n.n. didn't even mention my report and just basically reprinted a press release from the cia saying that you know they were just assisting the somali government a.b.c. news did something far more insidious they mischaracterized what i reported and then had a u.s. official responding and denying something that i didn't even say which is that the u.s. was running a counterterrorism detention facility what i said is exactly what i reported and that is that the u.s. is paying the salaries of somali agents who are operating in underground prison and that u.s. of officials are interrogating prisoners there that is one hundred percent true and no one from the government will come forward to deny it because they know it's true and so these media outlets are serving as conveyor belts for the propaganda of the central intelligence agency which is very good at spin and lastly i just want to ask we have there have been some critics out there people that say they even disclose national security secrets and you could be putting americans at risk
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what's your response to that. our our counterterrorism policies in many of these countries are putting americans at risk especially when we kill civilians but specifically on the issue of these sites the cia needs to investigate their own operational security because when a kid chewing khat leaves on the street knows where your headquarters is that's not good operational security when you can see it when you fly into the airport that's not good operational security so if anything i think that this should be used as a wake up call for the cia to examine its own operational security procedures everyone knows about this including journalists who just for some reason have decided not to report on it but it's the worst kept open secret in mogadishu i general and i thank you very much for joining us tonight so happy you could make it on the program and very happy that there are people like you out there reporting on these stories. thank you. our it's time for a break when we come back is the new google plus even worse than facebook when it comes to not protecting your privacy when you get into the new social networking
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sites the stunning lack of those protections and wired has finally released the full chats between bradley manning and adrian lamo we'll give you the details when we come back. discovery's. communicate with you want to. become free. nature can give you. wealthy british style it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy is a report on our. are you one of the select social media savvy people that's already on google plus did you get a little excited when that super exclusive invite e-mail arrived in your inbox i must admit i was a little disappointed it took me a few days to get the invite from a friend to guess that makes me a loser but now i'm wondering if that coveted invitation is more trouble than it's worth starting on july thirty first everyone's a google plus profile is going public and during the current testing phase you can keep your profile private but that's all about. change google says the purpose of google profiles is to enable you to manage your online and get in the and today nearly all google profiles are public we believe that using google profiles to help
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people find and connect with you online is how the product is best used private profiles don't allow this so we have decided to require all profiles to be public so if you're wondering what happens if you don't make your google plus profile public and reveal your identity to all of everybody on the internet well it's delete it so you just love the google or tell us your real name or will cancel your account seems a little harsh when you say now google says that they're only going to make the users full name and gender displayed on the public profile nice of them so should google force everyone to make their profiles go public i don't think so but here's my big question for anybody who signed up for google plus should this policy really shock any of us the company has a long history of trampling on privacy rights and something that we've documented numerous times on this show him or former google c.e.o. eric schmidt and what he says about online privacy if you have something that you don't want anyone to know maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place but if
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you really do that kind of privacy the reality is that search engines including google do retain this information for some time. and it's important for example that you we are all subject to the united states to the patriot act it's possible that that information could be made available to the authorities. oh eric inventor of the creepy line a google glass isn't the only google platform that's moving away from privacy protections so the major changes have been made to how you tube users can register and operate on the site for years you tube was allowed users to upload videos and comment anonymously it was a hallmark of a site for better or for worse and they've been a very proud of this position they claimed in a blog post on the google web site that anonymity was a hugely important feature of you tube which dissidents in the middle east comment and upload content without governments or anyone else. being able to track that whole noble position is apparently changed and you tube will no longer let people register with anonymous names they will now have to use an existing email account
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to upload or comment on the site and that's a major departure from all that lofty talk of the importance of allowing people to remain anonymous what about their requests for democracy and trying to stay safe so while google talks a big talk about protecting its users identity and their privacy it seems like their recent actions simply aren't backing up the rhetoric so it looks like now the google's got a big bad social network to compete with facebook they've also turn to the dark side of privacy and anonymity as in they no longer believe that it should exist. after hanging on to them for more than a year yesterday wired finally released what they claim to be the full chat logs between bradley manning and adrian lamo those same logs they had previously only released excerpts of that have been used to launch investigative reports by frontline and c.n.n. the logs which adrian lamo quoted in numerous interviews for which up to this date no one had any ability to verify another out there we can get a deeper look into what manning allegedly said and how the u.s.
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government will try to use it against him in court now these logs show that limo told manning to think of him as a journalist and minister to think of what he told him as a confession and interview never to be published they also documented describing julius on as someone who takes a source protection very seriously and asks to be lied to which basically debunks claims that a songe may have known that manning was his source so could any of us change anything and the public's perception of manning or the government's handling of this case joining me from our studio in new york to discuss this is chase mater civil rights attorney and author of the passion of bradley manning which will be coming out this fall chase thanks so much for joining us tonight now before we get into what's in some of these chat logs i want to get into what you are writing about you think the bradley manning should get the presidential medal of freedom i think you and i probably both know that's never going to happen at least not during this administration but why do you think you deserve that award. well we badly need
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to know what our government is doing after ten years of disastrous foreign policy we need some serious public supervision and thanks to bradley manning and the leaks that he is allegedly supplied us with we can finally make that supervision possible now what are some of the other reasons to you know in your piece you document for major reasons that you think that bradley manning has really changed our world our knowledge i guess you can say at this well. well bradley manning is part of a long and heroic tradition of american military whistleblowers people like dan ellsberg who have really brought honor to our armed forces by blowing the whistle on wrongdoing and this is not some radical new idea that was just invented last week by julian a son it was james madison who said that a popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or both that's james madison the primary architect of our constitution
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the need for transparency in government and for a minimum of government secrecy is a very good idea it's a very old idea in our american political system and intellectual history and fortunately we have people like bradley manning who come along and remind us of this when we have strayed too far from this with disastrous results i might add over the past ten years how would you compare bradley manning to some of the people that over the past years have received this presidential medal of freedom including donald rumsfeld dick cheney and now former secretary of defense robert gates. well i hate to say it but i think the currency of the presidential medal of freedom is somewhat debased given all the people who have won it donald rumsfeld tony blair always to the grinning and eager accomplice to the iraq war george tenet who thought the war in iraq would be
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a slam dunk i can't say that any of these people reflect well on our country that their record of government service is is a good one so perhaps the presidential medal of freedom really isn't the right award for bradley manning now i want to get into some of these chat logs that were released by wired yesterday and i just have two passages that i decided to highlight and i'm going to go through with them with you one by one and so the first one in the first one manning says he's trying to keep a low profile for now though just a warning to which limo responds i'm a journalist and a minister you can take either and treat this as a confession or an interview never to be published and enjoy a modicum of legal protection so obviously it looks like limo lied to manning here i guess some could even say that he manipulated him but what do you think that says especially considering the fact that limo has been parading himself around the media release the man the media has been jumping on limo for at least the past year and nobody ever knew that he said these things until wired released that. well it
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certainly reflects very poorly adrian lamo i frankly feel bad for that guy he seems like kind of a character he was involuntarily committed to a mental institution of some kind just weeks before he fingered men and he has his own criminal past as often with criminal informants. they tend to have said stories we had he is the one that you could say. the government is using a lot of the evidence at least to imply that manning is guilty here so is that fair . well these challenges have not been authenticated so i don't want to speak to their it mis ability is evidence so the bin may well wind up in court and they do clearly implicate bradley manning if they are legit but to the many people who think that would bradley manning did is good for our country this is not a game changer i want to read you one more passage here too and this one has to
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deal specifically with julian assigns because limo was asking manning what happens if somebody comes for you joining us on she actually used his name if he slipped up and manning said he knows very little about me take source protection or seriously lie to me he says which to which limo said interesting and then manning said he won't work with you if you reveal too much about yourself now if i did this passage is also really important because we've seen numerous investigations be it by p.b.s. and frontline or c.n.n. and they're all trying to find a way to connect manning to assign genocide has repeatedly claimed that he does not know who his sources are do you think that this at least helps you know give some proof to that do you think of this could damage the government's argument at all. absolutely i think this. backs up what assad has been saying. it frustrates the
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attempt of the government of our government. to link asuncion some kind of conspiratorial relationship with manning so that does not seem to come out at all in these new fuller chat logs now wired is getting a lot of flack for the fact that they didn't release these until adding them for more than a year if that before they only released certain excerpts do you think they deserve all that scrutiny. i think they deserve some flak i think they probably did the right thing in withholding some of the information and some of the dialogues there's a lot of personal information about bradley manning that certainly makes for gripping often heartbreaking reading but really brings nothing to bear i think about the motives for what he allegedly done you know there's a whole rush on the part of many commentators to assign strange motives to bradley manning that he allegedly leaked all these documents because of family issues or
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because he's gay or because he's thinking of gender transition none of this speaks to his real motives which are very plainly stated in the chat logs that he did what he did because he wanted to provoke worldwide discussions debates reforms and that he did what he did because he didn't think people could make informed decisions without information some people have called this line of thought childish. but i hate to say it if that's what it is that's the kind of childish anarchy that our constitution is built on and that much of our political tradition depends on them and very quickly do you think that opinions will change that perhaps manning will one day be as ellsberg is now considered a national hero by the majority i got to say lately. i'm very optimistic about that it's important to remember that dan ellsberg was vilified in his time and people have really come around even the state department sees him as a hero there are a growing number of people on the right left and center who see bradley manning's
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alleged deeds as heroic and tiredly beneficial to our country our chase thank you so much for joining us tonight we'll see if that presidential medal of freedom ever comes true but for now we will have to start monitoring what comes out of the fact that these outlets have been released thanks so much. thank you. well still to come tonight show and tell and why don't americans know that wealth disparity in this country is at a record high how are politicians taking advantage of that when it comes to budget cuts when you get into the rich. wealthy british style it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy cars report on our. own broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is our team good to have you with us your top headline. rupert murdoch agrees to face a grilling by the u.k. parliament over phone handing out legations while in the u.s. the f.b.i. begins its investigation into claims that news corp journalists tried to access the voice mail of the nine eleven families the scandal is now threatening of the rest of murdoch's media empire after he was forced to withdraw his bid to take over the britain's. biggest satellite broadcaster. heavy lifting equipment arrives at the scene of the pleasure ship sinking on the river vulgarize prosecutors make the first arrests over the tragedy that has claimed more than one hundred lives divers
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continue to retrieve bodies from the sunken ship including that of the captain investigation results so far suggest the fifty five year old vessel was in poor condition and was overloaded with passengers. and a credit downgrade hangs over the u.s. has the leading the rating agencies have threatened to knock the glitter off the country's aaa position as the eurozone continues its slide with italy introducing tough spending cuts brussels is concerned that it couldn't afford to bail out italy which is the fourth largest economy in europe the republic of ireland portugal and greece have already received cash handouts totaling hundreds of billions of euros. and coming up in about thirty minutes my colleague marina josh will be here with a full look at your news but up next we have more on the deadlock in the debate over the u.s. debt ceiling in part two of the alyona show that's coming up right here.
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all right it's time for show and tell on tonight's program last time we told you that the southern poverty law center had just placed kentucky senator rand paul on its list of extremists on connection with his feelings against the civil rights act so we wanted to know what you thought is around politics three minutes let's go to producer for truth in a century to find out what you have to say is senator rand paul an extremist well the southern poverty law center they think so and they put him on their list after he said that private businesses should be allowed to discriminate by grace as dance that led many people to ask liked what was he thinking so what do you guys think do you think he should be labeled an extremist because of his stance on the civil rights act well eric said all the freshman in the republican congress and senate are extremists so if we're up to erick that list would be huge.


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