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she's available in the movie the joint the hotel rooms the home of the greeks we go to the grand imperial truly the taj was the coromandel you can go with hotel the socialist good to see don't need to go and. read this in the kenilworth hotel as a retreat. eight european banks fail stress test for a worst case economic scenario with threatening to rain down on the euro in the current financial storm. that. rupert murdoch says sorry for the phone hacking by the news of the world as his media empire built on sleaze in scandal tries to stave off self-destruction. preparation work is on the way to lift the russian cruiser from the bottom of the river aimed at shedding more light on why the vessel went down with a loss of around one hundred fifty lives. the operation to raise the sunken
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bulgaria has begun hopefully providing the grieving relatives and investigators to bring you all the details from the recovery site in just a moment. with news you come in from around the world this is r.t. live in moscow twenty four hours a day eight out of nineteen european banks have failed stress tests designed to determine whether that fall in the event of another crisis the majority of those are in spain a country feared to be next in line for a bailout meanwhile on friday it's in the past seventy billion euro worth of cuts to fend off its own spiraling debts but that the sarah first reports the euro fairy tale seems to me moving closer to collapse. at the clouds gather a grab a. couple continue down times keep now life.
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well everybody. is afraid for the future if you think countries like italy looking on increasingly unstable grounds come here i write out this financial still this is really something quite frightening. beat italy really goes into big trouble on the financial markets this is certainly a totally new face of the euro crisis you. hear a fairy tale was all too appealing countries chipped david and sells for a bite of the g.c. apple now nenni left requesting taking the bait. not bad i mean. this. after more than a decade of great businesses like badasses have been hit hard both. st and athens is still bustling the problem for the economy means that many businesses here in
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greece think on and during the year in many european crises many of the members we could colonies it didn't mean european wages is one such bad outcome for another year of skeptics he wanted danger from the start they have become the unlikely hero this tale just who the hell do you think you people are you are very very dangerous people indeed your obsession with creating this euro state means that you're happy to destroy democracy you appear to be happy for millions and millions of people to be unemployed and to be poor untold millions will suffer so that your euro dream could continue if you broke people of their identity you wrote them of their democracy but all that which is nationalism and bods countries are now waking up to the reality of the nightmare that chad says the euro is a political prison for. countries such as greece and spain and they need to be
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liberated from their prison recreate their own currencies have devaluation make their exports cheaper make it easier for tourists to visit their countries and they'll get back and on their feet greece. portugal italy spain and germany continue to topple the year. happily ever after. i see. well fears of a looming default is forcing you governments to cut spending a british union leader says people refuse to suffer for something they are not responsible for later mark said what kurt tells us how he thinks governments will be made to listen once hundreds of thousands strike back. the idea is to build pressure so the government realize that working people the length and breadth of the u.k. i'm not just going to let them get away with what they're doing and we believe that pressure ultimately can force them to change direction the point is to change their
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mind and saying you won't just when they're having a chat with a few people in a room is one thing so you want to go through when they could be millions of people taking strike action is entirely another and we actually believe that the six million trade unionists plus the thousands and thousands or hundreds of thousands of pensioners and students all becoming a joint campaign is going to be politically very powerful. and you can watch the full interview with british trade union leader mark in just over an hour from here from now here on t.v. . and on the other side of the atlantic president obama has warned the u.s. is quickly running out of time to deal with its own financial troubles congress wants raise the current fourteen point three trillion dollars debt ceiling all of the resulting the parties to ignore political differences and avert armageddon economics professor rodrigo tremblay believes a deal will be struck the debt limit will once again go. the united states is not
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in the same position as any other country this is the country currencies use internationally and therefore he can afford to print more dollars. and the ural can only out of currency but that debt level is very high the raise the debt ceiling each year and they have done it that they will be raised because the president obama has a tradition of caving in to the demands of the republicans it did that he did it twice before so the republicans are. expat thank god he will do the same it will take the fall a few days or a few hours before the deadline of august second there could be a similar situation as that happened in one thousand nine hundred four when representative enrich chose the government for a few days or should if you were nearly two weeks. held very much to
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president clinton at that time to be reelected in one thousand nine hundred six that's what president obama is hoping now that the republicans will be so extremist than they in two thousand and twelve next year and may be reelected. but without a life here in moscow still ahead love of labor india's hard work ethic is the driving force behind the country's economic success leaving western countries liking behind. little sister come from a russian orphanage to a golfing prodigy reportedly young and the latest challenge of trying to trace his siblings. a story still to come but first rupert murdoch has made a public apology for the phone hacking scandal that he called serious wrongdoing by the news that the world is rapidly losing allies on both sides at the antic with his media empire crumbling on all sides as i started checking the reports from new york it seems there's still a strong market for tabloid to nation. sex drugs cheating and
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lies phony political scandal flashing dirty laundry racy made up celebrity gossip and crime stories almost beyond human imagination. over this is served on a platter and sold for a couple of quarters by tabloids headless man it's all those bar or something. moms in the freezer. veteran journalist michael musto is one of millions falling for the bait of catchy headlines even though he knows the business inside out we don't break the law per se but they do have sleazy tactics i mean they will slam the story they probably make up sources i mean when you read them a source. a source said well who is it many times they can just make up the quote themselves and they say the queen said blah blah blah a lot of times they feel they're just inventing these quotes to back up the thesis of the story fascination with scandal is almost religiously observed in the u.s.
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and great britain we are both countries and both media environments and gossip sells and there's a tremendous interest in celebrity both countries are of was after rupert murdoch's news of the world newspaper phone hacking shocker broke in london his empire stretches far and wide across the u.s. as well let's not forget he owns the new york post the wall street journal and the daily kind of protest outside rupert murdoch's big apple pad protesters demanded an investigation into his publication that we know why. because he was caught and we want congress to investigate what he's doing here in the united states we don't know if newspapers or other people in this country yet but i see no reason to put it past them so how far from potential public embarrassment do american newspapers stand by the ones that are owned by rupert murdoch without question the new york post. is one of the most hideous deceitful. tools of
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criminals that there could be when it comes to getting scandal sold in the u.s. counting on the reader short attention span is a common publishing trick jennifer aniston brad pitt have gotten together about forty two times so far this year and i haven't seen photographs together since two thousand and six they were able to keep selling and repackaging the same story that isn't even a story no publication would have made it to paying for. information but that's also after a technicality what a lot of mainstream news publications can get away with doing is even though they won't explicitly give someone money in exchange for an interview someone might set up a terrible organization and then the news what happened to donate twenty thousand dollars to that charitable organization the culture of sensationalism in the press is putting the future of journalism on the line the anglo-american style is it's trashy it's ribald. just sort of this town is very american and you know we're a juvenile society where young society i don't really know what they were at six
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uses i mean they've been around a long time but. we blame it on them because we're their children while some will always remain fascinated by tabloids as right continue to sell others have reached a breaking point i don't have that great of a sense of what happens in britain but i know it's pretty bad here and there are a lot of people who are really upset about the culture news in america and just a little information seems to get out in between all the gossip the press has to be vigilant and in the united states the press has fallen asleep and you know archie new york. well newspaper gossip columns have become a reading habit for millions of people or a whole new yorker's why digging around for sleaze seems to be taking over the news . how has tabloid journalism become so influential and stull popular it's a day's work this week let's talk about that i mean people like to read about other
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people's business. and now i think newspapers have to try to compete with the internet. with up to say you know. dirt i think it's absolute trash there's no space in this world for it all it will go under but they're not going under they're increasing in power i don't believe that this is going to be the biggest takedown ever rupert murdoch is going down i think it's more of a pop culture based audience and so the journalists kind of cater to that and in turn it's kind of fun for them city's secret detectives but isn't it terrible i mean it might be fun but it's still criminal acts it's horrible i hate journalists you know whatever that whatever it takes to get the story and her whoever they want you know do you do you have that attitude at your job no not at all so what makes journalists special and they're not special there are the opposite of special they
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have no scruples we have of them are true because. people. you know they like to end where you they like. to and. that's not what journalism supposed to pay what's true but never believe the media's. if you're just going to keep getting worse probably do you think journalism like that is bound to spread around the world and become as rampant as it is the britain i do unfortunately and it really isn't journalism i mean there is no logical reason for your garbage the bottom line is that if the rampant popularity of tabloid journalism in the u.k. is any indication the rest of the world should be paid. cared for their own gentle f.m. to get. special floating cranes are preparing to lift the doomed ship o'gara which sank in russia's
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volga river last sunday and search operation for fifteen missing passengers continues in the area and on nearby island southeast on board one of the ships watching the recovery efforts the two enormous cranes behind me are gone the process of lowering two cables which will then be threaded underneath the ship and used to write it is currently leaving on its left side divers will then be able to go under to check for any of the remaining fifteen bodies that are yet to be found the shores are also being searched for any of those bodies and they also be able to search for the potential damage caused by bulgaria to sink they will eventually find that damage as the ship is ready to be raised enough to seal the hole to let all the water in and then the holes and then all the water inside the bulgaria will be able to be pumped out making it's light enough to be raised the divers though i've got a difficult task ahead of them with me is. he's from the emergencies ministry under
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a could you let me just tell us a bit about the conditions of the divers are working and. divers are currently working on the river repaired but it's really difficult because of crew visibility basically you can't see anything even if it's right in front of you that's why the divers are preparing to leave the ship parked there be really evil to see what they're doing obviously this operation now everyone is waiting especially on the banks people who have yet to hear from those fifteen will be desperate for news of what has happened to their loved ones and increasingly investigators want to know what caused this ship to sink and sink so fast causing so much tragedy. if you've missed anything that we're covering here on screen you can always have to altie dot com here's what else you'll find on the web site at the moment u.s. activist a monumental torture as it emerges the journal cold war america trained interrogators say views that brutal methods of home and abroad. are you crying in man launches
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a wild experiment trying to spend over a month living with a family of clones while i'm going about his experience you can find out what he's planning for achieve the cult classic and check out one of the best videos all on you tube channel. it's easy. to. see. the official altie allocation giong phone on pod touch from the top story.
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on the go. video on demand all season long old. r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. on the dot com. and if you want to achieve your dreams you've got to be ready to work for them that's what indian people are doing in their droves and it seems staying at work longer and that western counterparts is paying off. elbow to weigh in to reveal the reality of life in the new delhi rat race. it's a busy city with busy people india is a rising economic locomotive so what's the driving force behind its success it could very well be that people like. those are co-directors of a small one import company called divine and as indians have developed a strong liking for french and spanish impinges young men are working overtime to fill their glasses you have to be very flexible with your working hours. engineers
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were globalization and because of you know you're interacting with or maybe people from abroad especially america or you know europe began recounting for experiments where we can say we're only going to work for mind if i but people in britain for example can and do say that seven spent years working as a business consultant in the u.k. and he says brits watch that closely in britain people leave at five o'clock and they won't stay later because i've got a train to catch for me is in britain and you're there is that some people don't work in britain people don't work weekends it's changing a little bit well particularly in periods of economic recession. but generally it's a monday to friday as recently as just two years ago india had a six day long week the government has put in strict regulations regarding libor hours but that doesn't stop people from spending more time in the office then
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needed notice of the most significant difference between the kind of work culture in india and in britain is the pressure people are under to work above and beyond the contracted hours. everyone would. yes irrespective of really if there's work to be done if there is a small enterprise to run then all fear tribulations go out of the window if sacrifices equal success then you have to make them but i wouldn't really. working i work that is i'm an office working to get all the. things that are being organized so our son. may seem a fine example of dedication action. in the office environment i think people are expected to do the job of two or three people. even though the contract for those might say one thing which isn't always such
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a good thing as if you work such long hours and some is going to reflect your performance while europe and the u.s. spend their money on fighting wars and their time on trying to figure out a way to get out of economic slump india is busy getting things done the indian way oregon is probably the most popular god in the entire hindu pantheon in india is supposed to bring prosperity and success to those who worship him but the success of indian businessmen should not be attributed to the divine help along ninety five working hours just don't cut it here in the instill more hours of hard labor but at the end all of that hard work pays off in those quality. to some international news in brief or covering to the. syrian opposition members have been holding meetings in damascus to discuss ways of getting president assad this comes off a massive nationwide protests rocked the country and friday leaving at least thirty three people hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators poured onto the
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streets of the capital and other cities before facing a crackdown by security forces the government is not so national dialogue but protesters demanding president assad step. in vienna thousands of mourners have joined the imperial funeral of the last heir to the. people gathered to pay tribute to crown prince potter but the son of last emperor european royals and political leaders were intense prince spoke died earlier this month at the age of ninety eight and will be buried in the imperial crypt. but israeli president hugo chavez is to return to cuba for more cancer treatment including therapy was just given approval from the national assembly for the trip was required by the constitution to have his return to pull his weight after spending nearly a month from cuba where he had a chimera from his pulpit region removed his battle with cancer has raised doubts over his fitness to lead the country but officially he still plans to run for election next year. japanese nuclear reactors being closed down because of problems
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with an emergency cooling system was a sudden pressure drop in the safety or he planned west of tokyo pressure return to normal after an hour meaning there was no radiation leakage but engineers have decided not to take any chances the closure will lead to power problems an area struggling to get back on line after the earthquake tsunami. these are russian born golf prodigy and his chance in the game after being adopted by american parents but for. his biggest challenge isn't finding form on the fairways but finding a family he left behind back home after your daughter has a story. he might have a smoother swing but from the outside nicholai looks no different to the pampa junior players in this hyper exclusive moscow golf club but this couldn't be further from the truth like of alinsky was a new avenue old infant when he was adopted by an american family and you can never
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say that orphanage life is easy you know and basically there they make you feel like it's nothing you're nothing to me when i came to united states i had a lot of problems emotion there he's an incredible young man he is someone who has taken on many challenges in his life and he's always overcome then came to golf one day my desk being in a golf club in the backyard and he was a seven iron i don't remember exactly but i had no idea what it was i just was a piece of metal and i asked him what it was and he told me what go off and then he asked me to he said you want to do you want to try and i tried it and i hit it straight. and he said you're playing all. despite making headway in sport goes one thing nicholai could not get. when he moved to the united states nicholai was separated from his younger sister and brother and lost track of them he rejected several sports scholarship offers top years colleges to play for the russian national golf team so you can search for his siblings. this year during
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a top junior tournament heard news about his sister my whole life. my dad and we have paid a lot of money to different companies. and then i met them out of nowhere and they found there in less than two weeks so to me i never thought i was ever going to see her again. reunited after last nicholai sister. was never adopted she's about to graduate from a school in southern russia. when he heard about my brother i thought it was a prank my friend played on i don't remember much of their going to become close she has no business i'm going to buy her a computer so that we can talk to each other all the time so that we never going to see her again but when you put it earlier. back in moscow nikolai has won the prestigious series tournament and will compete against europe's top young players later this year but he says now his priority is finally his brother we can only
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wish nicholai the best dream to become a professional golfer. whatever happens next he is already a winner. see. the two largest nuclear powers russia and the us and moving towards a safer world by reducing their atomic arsenals all the countries feel the same little later we assess the dangers of living in a world of competing you clear interests. with the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake specialist solves the nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. upas of a difference to using a day as a three or as an extra bit but you know if you keep spinning a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you can't you know
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people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't wake up you know through weapons or build the new. that represents all the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today. and that report is all there they are not in less than five minutes from now i'll be back with a review of our top stories in just a few minutes stay with us live here in moscow.
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themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us a year parkas eases even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year. oh and. they faced it this is not a robot you should look toward. the be fortunate and you should step before you sure to support your trees because they have no idea about the hardships the face. plate one is this is it is open to the symptoms for in the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. it is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war trucks. to treat nine
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