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tv   [untitled]    July 17, 2011 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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spokesman from the emergencies ministry it's going to take many days before they can begin to even start raising the ship that's going to come as a blow to all the investigators who were hoping for answers to come from the raising of the ship and all the relatives and survivors waiting on the bank for some news of the remaining fifteen bodies a mountain of cuddly toys never to be played with they the flowers and candles are testament to the children among those who drowned when the pleasure boat to bulgaria sank in the volga last sunday. we study together for a year she never had arguments with anyone she was a very kind girl and was always ready to help. the ship sank in just three minutes turning a summer afternoon on the river into a scene of horror. is that people were basically buried alive in giant metal coffin we managed to get out through the windows i was there with my ten year old daughter
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i couldn't rescue her she swallowed too much water when i was pulled out i realized my child was gone in the chaos to escape many other families were also torn apart one five year old boy lost his mother and grandmother and was only kept afloat by a man who grabbed his hand another man unable to hold on to his son in the strong current oil slick had to watch him drown in front of him yuri was the deejay for the disco on the bottom deck he only just managed to escape. and i remember clearly that water was rising very quickly it was a matter of seconds i survived because we saw a broken window in the cellar started pushing people out through it at that moment waves pushed me up on the surface and then i saw that the board was already underwater. over half the bulgaria's two hundred eight passengers and crew.
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including the captain his wife and child never made it out meanwhile as the arabella another pleasure boat arrived at the scene she was surrounded by people screaming and drowning unable to reach the banks of the vast river three kilometers away. as we approached it was hard to distinguish in the dark water people who were alive from the rubble that was floating around people were in panic when we rescued them in a state of shock some suffering from other traumas they were all covered in oil fuel that was leaking from the sunken ship it was a terrifying picture i have to say despite a huge search and rescue operation after the initial survivors were picked up a few others were found. the divers and cranes working in this water have been trying to recover just something of the lives lost and families destroyed in those few terrible minutes but they've also been working on the question the cost so much why did the bulgaria sink and sink so fast. as the list of bodies recovered from the ship grew so did the number of revelations about an ageing dangerous and badly
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managed vessel eyewitnesses and people connected with the ship came forward with damning accounts of its poor condition and the stingy management who forced it to keep sailing. i became captain of the vessel in two thousand and seven the ship hadn't even been renovated for a while before that there were big problems with the engines and power generators were repeatedly mention that to the management and even had an argument with the port authorities say they were lied to the ship was only supposed to carry one hundred forty people but was loaded with over two hundred they were told it was carrying twenty more tales of bound including a broken engine electricity generators failing so that no s.o.s. signal or tunnel instructions could be issued and blocked emergency exits criminal cases have been opened and arrests been made into the bulgaria sinking. and more
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controversially into why two ships which reached the scene before the arabella didn't pick up a single person but reports the crew members instead took pictures on their mobile phones. all the passengers were shocked there were people on a raft many hundreds cuts and injuries that were bleeding we yelled for help i saw the board passers by in a different direction towards. the slow process of raising the bulgaria has now started up with it will come the potential for answers but also terrible memories in particular associated with the ship's play room where a group of children were gathered when the ship sank. just some of the young victims in what will go down as one of russia's worst and most avoidable shipping disasters tom bottom party. britain's most senior police officer has resigned the latest high profile casualty caught up in the news of the world
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phone hacking scandal which continues to escalate sir paul stephenson quit as metropolitan police commissioner following revelations he hired a former deputy editor of the paper who'd been arrested by his own officers investigating illegal accessing of mobile phones and corruption hours earlier the former news of the world editor brooks was arrested as part of the same inquiry media analyst phil reese says the practice of police being paid for information by the media is not likely to disappear anytime soon. this is a good example of what the police have been doing in the kind of murdoch years they've been using a referee been leaking they're being paid for telling people when some celebrities have been arrested so actually manipulating the rest of people i mean it's actually a practice that is becoming trying now in my view as a result of the kind of bribery thing so this would hardly be out of practice but i don't think it's going to deflect opinion i mean there are. so many m.p.'s now and
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indeed so much of the british establishment which for so long kowtow to murdoch is now prepared to get to the bottom of this and we doubt those people who have been corrupted different levels remember that four years ago all right the police had these bags with i think it was a level one thousand letters about four thousand celebrities and victims of crime and all these other people and they knew they were taking part investigation these bags were just left there i mean it's amazing it's remarkable that it took four years for them to do anything about this meanwhile senior police officers were wining and dining with members of the murdoch empire they were they were meeting them for drinks privately one even hired them at a thousand pounds a day to work for him so you know what does this tell us about the relationship between the police and the news corp employees well it's very very serious and if this can happen at the top of the police look at the example that gives to officers down down the lines now you could well you know can any organization properly examine itself but so much is at stake that if that operation is seen to be
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corrupted as well i think we've got you know an even bigger problem i think so many people now are watching it including you know members of parliament select committees these are investigative bodies within the british political system they're all all eyes are on this let alone all the journalists who are looking at what's going on so i think that the ramifications of this is so big i mean you know britain it's it's shaking at this each day it's headline news and people are asking who's next. meanwhile rupert murdoch is trying to rescue news corp's crumbling reputation he spent the last forty eight hours apologizing for the phone hacking scandal with full page newspaper advertisements while also meeting the family of a murdered teenager whose voicemail was intercepted and reports it's a watershed moment for the cozy relationship between britain's politicians and press. every media outlet in town. do you even the scariest
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when thought imitates life the long running simpsons takes a shot at its owner rupert murdoch aka montgomery burns in an episode broadcast apparently coincidentally this week. but it's not the only old piece of timing in the extraordinary phone hacking case that seems to get more scandalous every day the list of something like four thousand and nine which the police have had since about two thousand and four two thousand and five and yet they promise facie evidence of criminal activity by these individuals and boy by the murdoch empire and yet they have not acted on it so why now just as the murdoch deal to take control of satellite t.v. giant b. sky b. sure to go ahead his arch rival the guardian newspaper releases catastrophic allegations of
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a moral journalists and their shady practices that when the deal collapses the times for example which currently loses money you could have transferred some of the profits from. into investing in the times and if you are for example the guardian or the daily telegraph you would welcome that it's not just rival newspapers who stand to gain from murdoch's empire crumbling the b.b.c. could retake t.v. territory lost to b. sky b. and the labor party which was wounded by years of relentless attacks by murdoch papers can finally take revenge but where will all this lead be. producing. a group. that would suit the government just fine the british press is famous for its shop tea. and no holds barred doggedness particularly where its own government
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is concerned prime minister david cameron has all but shut down the press complaints commission and already talks of statutory controls to govern print journalists back in springfield mr burns as the townspeople put up their own newspaper and he's almost right we. the media. rupert murdoch he is beautiful murdoch found as did mr burns that you just can't buy all the newspapers those outside his control have been gunning for him for years and this time they may have succeeded just as he looks set to consolidate control over a lot section of the e.u. case media markets pulled out from under him and it's all over the hidden scandal now revealed that the police have known about it for years.
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and still ahead this hour the dangers. we examine why the us is on the brink of a financial nightmare and what it might do to try to avoid it. a senior advisor to the afghan president hamid karzai and a member of parliament have been killed during a suicide attack in the capital kabul the incident last week after karzai as half brother was assassinated the taliban has claimed responsibility for the killing describing it as one of its biggest achievements in a decade meanwhile the us led coalition has started handing over control of some of afghanistan's territories to local security forces but journalist jerry van dyke who was once held hostage by the taliban says the u.s. led efforts in the region have been seriously undermined by the death of karzai brother. while the cars i was not just the governor. of kandahar he was the most powerful and the most popular person. and throughout all
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of southern afghanistan this shows that right now with the canadian troops pulling out and with the us trying to now focus on eastern afghanistan feeling that they have controlled the south there is now a vacuum who is in power who can the west rely upon no one the taliban have claimed responsibility for this but it's not clear that the taliban are responsible it could very easily be a power struggle i've also heard and others have reported that he was responsible for perhaps starting to bring the taliban together with the united states to negotiate therefore someone would have had a definite reason perhaps pakistan perhaps the taliban to stop this we don't know yet who is responsible because they killed the person who had all the information. that was journalist gerry van dyke commenting on the killing of the afghan president taft brother. new nato airstrikes have hit the suburbs of the lady libyan
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capital tripoli as colonel gadhafi val's he'll never leave his country and this comes after his opponents have been recognized as the legitimate governing authority by over thirty nations led by the u.s. they said they would be deal with the rebel transitional national council until an interim government is in place new measures to give the insurgents access to could off these assets including billions of dollars which have been frozen in american banks but as political commentator ted rall says the move marks a radical shift. the united states usually doesn't extend diplomatic recognition to a regime that is not in the capital that isn't in power and doesn't even seem likely to be able to achieve power anytime soon but you can look at the situation in afghanistan during the one nine hundred ninety six to two thousand and one civil conflict there between the taleban in the northern alliance the northern alliance
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were the former regime that had power in kabul and enjoyed diplomatic relations with the west even though the taleban controlled ninety five percent of the country it's almost just wishful thinking and frankly if i were a diplomat i would find it disturbing it's a bizarre situation i mean if the u.s. knows who these people are they're not seeing and certainly there's no doubt that traditionally there's always been a very high component of jihadi even around benghazi so realistic to assume that that is not still the case the u.s. has an amazing how it should be a skids full of hundred dollar bills to third world countries and expecting them to end up in the right against the west and really going to happen. the recognition of the rebels by more nations may bolster their spirit but it's a different story in combat fierce fighting for a keystone oil town has ended up with heavy opposition casualties as daniel bushell reported thought france is now trying the tactic of talks with the libyan regime
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after failing to deliver a knockout blow to the gadhafi books is like bragging it will destroy the republicans they're often wrong and gets a surprise. french foreign minister ship a posted from libya in quote days weeks the war's into a fourth month no final round in soit nicolas sarkozy with his western allies seem shocked their little opponents fighting back well it's not just an embarrassment for sarkozy it's an embarrassment for all nato for the whole west paris even admits libya's rebels will return some somalia went to libya for training within the last two or three years just documented we have to fly records and everything else so it seems strange in many ways the whole western support of some of the rebel groups in libya must be questioned because in some cases of it we
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are effectively arming al-qaeda. it's all making a mockery of the u.n. votes on foreign intervention in the country. none of. this. witnesses. of libya's causing widespread atrocities for every one military person that was supposedly a casualty there were ten civilians for all it's categorically ruled. troops predict is the only way to break the libyan deadlock the moves the splitting the nato coalition silvio berlusconi head of keep italy admits invading libya was a mistake rocher upstream did the un's vote warning foreign bombs would bring havoc
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in libya. said the latest count supports the. loire valley diplomat speak for a blazing row with elections just annoying months away psagot advisor said a successful war could resurrect his chances instead one paper writes libya's becoming a slow motion call crash for france's deeply unpopular president so is easy jogging for excessive sweating is understandable this is libyan spring is turning into a marathon the new bush will see paris. russia's foreign minister was in the u.s. capital this week to get clarification on washington's missile defense agenda america is steaming ahead with deployment of its anti-missile shield in europe despite objections from moscow the u.s. claims the project is aimed at protection against an attack by iran or north korea but russia feels the system could threaten its own national security moscow has suggested
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a joint missile defense program but that's being brushed aside by washington and nato the u.s. is also refusing to. provide a legally binding guarantees that its proposed system is not aimed against russia sergey lavrov stressed to voice of russia radio in washington the need to prevent a new arms race. on the ground that being created on the basis of a myriad national design of missile defense which was not accepted by is a reasonable way to respond to what is received as being the purpose of the system we want at this particular moment to stick to the original agreement that there would be no parts of the system which would. compromise which would. create three six for the strategic stability and for the but then in the strategic stability area namely through the jerk arsenals of the participants of the system.
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now let's have a brief look at some other stories from around the globe. egypt's former president hosni mubarak has suffered a heart attack and is in a coma according to his lawyers but denied by health officials and state t.v. doctors were reportedly working to bring the eighty three year old deposed leader to consciousness speculation about mubarak's condition has intensified as the date of his trial on charges of corruption and the unlawful killing of protesters approaches. venezuelan president hugo chavez is that back in cuba for more cancer treatment including chemotherapy no more malignant cells have been found after he had surgery to remove a tumor from his pelvic region he's transferred some powers to his ministers during his absence but didn't agree to opposition calls for a temporary and over of all presidential authority his battle with cancer has raised doubts over his fitness to lead the country but he still plans to run for reelection next year. the clock is ticking for american politicians to agree on the
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next move in so. waiting out its massive national debt to avert the looming possibility of default. the second is the deadline for raising the nation's fourteen point three trillion dollar debt ceiling president obama has urged the republican controlled house of representatives to come up with whatever mechanisms it can to ensure the u.s. can continue to pay its bills analysts say if washington lacks the money interest rates could skyrocket and the value of the dollar could decline the seriousness of the situation was reinforced when two rating agencies threatened to downgrade the united states prized aaa rating and max wolf senior analyst at green crest capital says the political dance over the u.s. debt ceiling has been going on for two. americas been running on debt for years this is a disaster in the making i would like in this situation here to a cancerous tumor inside
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a body there's no better time to cut the cancerous tumor out quickly as you possibly can that said the u.s. government has been running on debt for many many years and we've been raising the budget total debt ceiling for many many years as a budget issue and we've successfully had deals struck it has become the political norm in the united states that whatever party is in the white house has to ask to raise the debt ceiling it's always been raised in the past the party that's not in the white house that's out of power screams and yells for three or four days at most usually about how the government spending too much and should live within its means the debt ceiling demand gets raised and it's business as usual that's been the case for thirty years so we have one side in the congress right now that's decided no increase in revenue is acceptable other side has decided that not raising revenue is unacceptable and so we've reached an embarrassing impasse that has dragged on for weeks longer than it should and is the reason that we're going to see the growing chorus of foreign and domestic voices urging congress and the
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white house to stop riling already strained global markets with a political impasse. moment of destiny is also approaching for the eurozone struggling to contain sovereign debt crisis italy became the latest european country to approve a tough seventy billion euro cuts package including higher taxes and lower pensions meanwhile greece's prime minister has appealed to the country's european partners to wake up and end of the euro zone's continuing turmoil this comes as eight out of ninety one european banks failed stress tests to see if they could survive another major economic crisis financial writer patrick young says the italian people's response to the budget cuts will be even more chaotic than in greece where. there will be one significant difference between the people who take to the streets between greece and italy and that is that greece at least thank goodness the taxi drivers don't go on strike where is nuclei expected almost everybody is going to
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end up on strike and it's going to be absolutely chaotic the only way they can slip this through is perhaps because we do have this long lead in time until the cuts really start to make an impact in two thousand and thirteen but i think the problem is in the meantime a large amount of the sort of the leftist opposition in italy for see the fact that silvio berlusconi due to many of the reasons most of which are outside of the direct school reason are well i mean he's a wounded animal at this point in time and in some ways i think that he's going to be finding it very difficult to hold his government together there are big problems in western europe they haven to be more definitely to the east everyone not so fortunately expect further to the prices because the epidemic the contagion seems to be spreading and we have new political leadership seeming to do with. and a rocket carrying a telescope which will be the most powerful in space has launched from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan.
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scientists have already nicknamed the three s b the green rocket because it uses kerosene and oxygen as its fuel and is environmentally friendly it will propel into orbit a new generation of space telescope that will see further than any telescope before its ten meters long and will also be capable of registering solar wind quasars black holes and neutron stars. recap today's and this week's main stories for you in just a few moments stay with us. culture
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is that so much different is a huge musician on the mark with libya still in the same nikos bombing campaign and to take on the rebels have only hardened political facts on. at. the at.
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the bank. couldn't take three. years. arrangement three. three stooges. british.
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economy. on a monday morning. to restart the complicated operation. to journalists suspect. the former news international chief executive of the world . has also found herself once again dealing with police behind closed doors.
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before being released on bail. while the spread. libyan rebels have been recognized as it is a legitimate governing authority in the country by the u.s. and thirty other countries but colonel gadhafi remains defiant and val's never to leave libya as nato airstrikes continue. coming up in about thirty minutes my colleague marina josh he'll be here with a full look at your news but right now peter lavelle and his guests discuss possible ways to break the libyan stalemate it's time for cross talk only here. hungry for the full story we've got it from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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and. welcome to cross talk about libya's stalemate in the sand nato bombing campaign and aid to the rebels have only hard political facts on the ground western intervention was intended to last a few weeks now is open ended instead of dislodging khadafi nato allies are left to bicker among themselves.


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