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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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welcome back you're watching are you coming to live from moscow these are the top stories of the week as well as the latest news stories the man in charge was no always first ever terrorist attack admits responsibility for the bombing in the capital and the shooting rampage the followed a double atrocity claimed more than nine your lives on friday the radical new orleans has brought to light the growing tensions in the country. global economic recoveries and briskness death crisis tops in the u.s. collapse within the government this comes after the e.u.
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throws a new lifeline to greece over the cast album bring your world back of the brain. and battle media mogul rupert murdoch bracing himself for a legal battle in the u.s. warplanes the nine eleven victims phones were tapped but many americans believe the scandal is merely a symptom of the society that recently neglects its people's rights to privacy. plus the u.s. led coalition of ghana stand against control over to local security forces with their reputations concerns about the future of the country the afghan army is known for recruiting drug addicts and people with taliban connections. from challenges in space to those here on earth are. one of the first humans to step foot on the moon . he told r.t. as add landing is the most important part of an astronaut's mission is interviews next. i am.
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it's a great pleasure and honor to have you with us here today thanks so i always want to ask you are we alone out there. there's no evidence that says that. we're not alone but i really think to get to the question of are they out there of course they are where there are no there's no evidence and euthanasia will flow. you know that's that's a. jumping to bizarre results with incomplete information and we were very careful not to excite the people who would jump to the conclusion that an observation mediately meant some
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thing that. was from somewhere else either in a testing of unusual object or something from beyond the earth. there are many many explanations for things that are unidentified and it talks many of those explanations are in your backyard there's something that you just don't know was there and got there for some reason that's very logical understandable. but the the the the media the press the exaggerating public wants to see bizarre unusual things and they want to be the one that sought there's a competition oh i saw something therefore i must be important it's a human trait to to want to be different than other people and i saw the u.f.o.
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you know you did see a mob i did i did that's that's what people want to. project themselves because they they want to move above the the ordinary person they want to be the person who saw the u.f.o. now you were second man on the first one to hold a religious service and that wasn't broadcast by nasa how do you feel about it. well i think i need to really put it into perspective. the achievements of a spacecraft going speed and a planet or a moon an object and making contact we call it landing that's very very complex and until you land you can't even think about opening and going down. floating in space outside the spacecraft without the moon is challenging and we
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need to have assistance walking down the ladder is sim very very simple ok but the symbology of a human being not in a spacecraft that just did a very complex thing like landing that's the symbology of that still of machine but but now the human being goes down and he walks on this earth over that's important . well yes it's important because people expect to want to see somebody actually doing that sort of ordinary activity now sir it's a known fact that you never lost your sense of human humor roger houston we're number one on the runway that's what you sat when you're living in one very actually that's two doctrines with anybody else up there to be number two and there certainly wasn't any runway up there but anyone who is
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a pilot knows the phrase when the tower says you are cleared for takeoff like houston said thus they roll out there and they say i'm number one on the runway were you happy or were you sad to be leaving. we wanted to see this come to a successful. conclusion so that the more things you can sort of get behind you and closer to the the end and they. projected according to the schedule as you move toward the end you're happier and happier is where i came to talk to you i try to for a split second as much as i could imagine what how much my life would change if i were able to fly into space and then i would and then i figure if i ever were to walk on moon and be so close to the stars almost as close as touching them and then back on earth i'm restricted to divine reserve nurse i'm really sad and you had
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a clinical depression was that related to the fact that he stopped your active duty well i wrote a biography shortly after i came back and it was not called journey to the moon that wasn't challenging for me what was challenger it was a title of the current i had been fortunate to do something that people have dreamed about and now i come back and i'm associated with people who do that and i have to somehow relate as a very different person now and that's very challenging. and my wish is for what i want maybe after that to happen that my life may not turn out the way i wanted them to be and so i may be discouraged about this is that an individual you know we end herit tendencies from our
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parents and our grandparents and the way that they have behaved. with challenging circumstances may be the same way that i will my children grow and that's called inherit and. in behavior that is challenging many times one wants to forget about and leave the present world. for for a sense of. escape and drugs the my case alcohol turned out to be a way to escape from the. the and satisfactory the discouraging aspects of depression one feeds on the other and you have to put those behind that's not an easy thing to do and that takes. from
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normal it takes a descent to abnormal in performance and when you solve doing that you now are recovering and surprisingly enough you may recover way beyond that above what you ever would have done had you not had to do this and i think i am testimony to that change which which is making me a much more capable person today because i experience of things if you had a chance would you fly to the moon or out in space again because we have a patch we are king rush and he's sixty four years old and he's an avid fire and he said he would love to be one of the state's tourists would you want to fly again there's no way of being a passenger aid tourists or whatever you might call a an experimenter that compare with the good fortune of doing something for the
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first time. besides that i don't think i'm bragging to say my talents would not be used very effectively like going back to the moon and coming back again i can think i can remember but my talents can be used by taking those experiences and projecting them into the future so it is more valuable for me and service to mankind as a military person and service to my country to use what i have accumulated than experience and projecting that successfully into the future and that's more satisfying that doing something again what do you think of march five hundred because it costs a lot of money and it really fails surely any tapes to the exact conditions of space flight to mars what purpose. it is
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a step in the right direction we had a program called biosphere two where we put people inside of a structure. for up to two years in living conditions with. plants and water and. atmosphere and we learned from doing that but the people inside knew that they weren't at mars they weren't somewhere else and so were the people with project five hundred to me it was indicative maybe of a difference because the five hundred is the days that it would take to get to mars stay there and then come back right that's conventional thinking i do unconventional thinking. so that i hope will be very well understood as
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being just natural and that is when human beings go to mars they are settlers they are colonizers it is very difficult and very challenging to bring them back again we don't have the fuel we don't have the engines and i use something that's very well understood by people in america that the pilgrims on that ship called the bay flower that left from england and came to the shores of the united states of america they did not wait around the landing place for the ship to take them back they came here. on american soil to live the rest of their life and so will the human beings that leave the earth become the pioneers the settlers the colonizers we need them there we need more of them there too
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to sustain a colony you can't do that with just six people twelve people twenty four people you need sixty you need one hundred so they're valuable where they are don't bring them back. to get in a rocking chair and write their memoirs they can write their memoirs from the surface of mars thank you very much but essentially. a a or. observe nature and discover its beauty. communicate with the want to. test yourself and become free.
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see what nature can give you see. forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here heart disease is even more devastating it chills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every here.
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the man charged was norway's first ever a terrorist attack admits responsibility for the bombing in the capital and the shooting rampage the follow the double atrocity claimed more than one friday the radical nature of the killings has brought to light the growing ethnic tensions in the country. global economic recovery is a risk of death crisis talks in the us collapsed when the government this comes after the e.u. throws a new lifeline to greece in the hope of a hash handout will bring to your vast problem. as i'm baffled media mogul rupert murdoch braces him self for a legal battle in the west questions are asked over the death of journalist sean
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hoare whose brother who was revealing a phone hacking scandal. plus the u.s. led coalition in afghanistan begins handing control over to local security forces but their reputation sparks concerns about the future of the country the afghan army is known for recruiting drug addicts and people with damage. and time now for sports have days romans here with us this morning with the latest of course where the russian ladies have made a clean sweep of gold medals in the synchronized swimming at world championships that's right so they won seven out of possible seven in shanghai and so far remain the only gold medal haulers for russia and china more in that the moment stick around.
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this is sport and artsy come in see a live from moscow with me remind calls for our top stories three for third. piru when a bronze medal at the cup on their. scores a hat trick in a four one drubbing of venezuela. lord of the ring red bulls a mark webber claimed his third pole position of the season ahead of liz hamilton and sebastian petzold for sunday's german grand prix. and the boys of steel in russia's solve youth ice hockey club they steel boxes are put through their paces ahead of their big trips in north america. but first russia completed the clean sweep of gold medals in the synchronized swimming events have been quite explore all championships and shanghai the unofficial queen of the pool not salutation to leaving the scene to their seventh gold out of possible seven a free routine combination of was the closing events and was once again won by the
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russian girls in some style asshole's china trailed by more than six points is that they are six eldar the strine gave the all conquering issued by the sixteenth world gold of her last for his career while earlier on saturday roger murdoch also had also captured a silver in the men's twenty five kilometer open water swim. and said let's continue with football in a room claim bronze of its once eleven corporate america for one drubbing of venezuela now piru the deadlock just three minutes before the break after a pause that followed guerrero scored on the return pass because saddam won nothing advantage venezuela were left with ten men after hamburg midfielder some ice rink on was given a straight red for his hamburg team a great or a plane for the opposing side in this one seat full advantage just. minutes later to make it through e-mail with thirty minutes left on the clock juan fernandez are on a roll call the goal back but that remains the only consolation. so it's the man's
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on but nothing to lose threw themselves forward but for girls about the pants and guerrero made it three one in stop time added number one just a minute later and it was left unattended that's when it's essentially the planners . trick to set the final score. on. stay with four ball and that have moved seven points clear of the really geishas zone after a free one win at dampened fresca school bond and the russian premier league the visitors needed thirty seven minutes to open the score through the meaty snake north of finish the header in the second half go by managed to pull one back thanks to a penalty kick executive by sygate down the. weather just three minutes later on a goal ship with his team in front again. and the same man completed the brace self-propelled just nine minutes later celts on and did their six match win this streak and just remind you they're now living seven points above there were
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indications of. so i think we can look at the top of the stand and say it was these combine still in six missing the chance to go level on points with and she leaders say scar seven points clear on thirty seven with a ravine and champions is a nice and i'll bet on thirty though the st petersburg side have a game in hand head of sunday's trip roberto carlos is. in formula one mark webber will start from pole position assad is gerren grand prix after narrowly beating clarence loose hamilton and read both seem a sebastian that's all in a thrilling qualified battle at the number graeme webber claimed his a third pole position of the season despite this for a black hole thing well we're all happy that's all what a fight outside it's up to for the first time this season the german will go. the head of the ferrari do all their own and all along so and delete them lost their status as rosberg was six mclaren's jenson button seven after an aborted for
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whatever all this could change on sunday after the latest weather forecast predicts an eighty four percent chance afraid for the start of the race. unless they would motor sport but also bikes were jorge lorenzo claim pole position at the log and a second circuit at the us grand prix it could have ended in and sorry a different matter for the spaniard though after he suffered any crash in an earlier practice he walked away on skate however producing a great final act in qualification it's heading chad it was just a fraction of the second faster than cases that were initially the time and minutes and twenty one point two zero two seconds a straight and stoner remains the championship leader with a fifteen point question over lorenzo is a repsol on the field make that if the grocer completes that's all free for socks on base ground free. to be in the foot in the first position and it is something when you see something that the industry put on there by. feel so much pain so you
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go. from the beginning and then make up time with this entire story we are very very proud of ourselves and we thought i would like. to cycling and because l. evans is set to become a straight its first tour de france winner after a stunning time trial victory in the suburbs of grenoble the thirty four year old and suicide runner all overcame a fifty seven second deficit to take the yellow jersey from and with his former is probably the french left in third and head of the largely ceremonial final stage in paris germany's somebody mort's in one saturday's stage from evans well depending jacket i'll bet it's icons of the world was third. football now again and has banned for a war has banned for life or makes a bit of mohamed bin hammam mom asked for the sport's governing body found the official guilty of attempted bribery ahead of last month's presidential vote the
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ethics committee of ruled that he conspired to pay caribbean voters for their support the sixty three year old coots already had served as head of with beijing for both federation and plans to stand against the latter in the improper use of actual ballots but he was suspended in may amid the cash for both scandal and withdrew his candidacy been hamam is the most senior official convicted of corruption in the us history. by the way it may be the middle of the summer but there's no let up for one of russia's top ice hockey teams they're preparing to take part in the boston hockey night sentiments in the united states which is one of the most prestigious events in junior hockey as richard reports. some day you promise to be a long day for the stanleys see will still folks is always talking to me sorry for my beautiful from russia's urals mine us playing the junior tournament in boston
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three if you take a moment. the ventral seed rush be taking one for you science for north america mainly from the u.s. cities east in cote d a trying to make the grand final on the thirty first line we consider it's very important for the players and for the coaching staff and force elite to have serious contacts with international players for players especially canadian players and us players is a first experience for us we decided that i want to show dissipated in this tournament and we had very nice negotiation last affair if it is the founder how on earth it was a trauma and we see the serious experience you know it's in boston has been running six months in terms of true fifty players who appeared in last year's events went on to play in the n.h.l. over minor american hockey league. still folks are going to russia you come on very spank you do well in the tournament was
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a great experience for the players to come up against different healthy strong. she . is going to play in the us will be a massive benefit to our side we can look at our place playing under pressure and coming up against different styles of play and against opponents they have never played against we were prepared well for this tournament and of course we will do our best to win. however the team from my music pulls one time she supposed to go and play in the states spent team as a last minute replacement the problem is that the ship and can't go because seven players will be as a training camp together with their team and so we can that we decided that it's not very good idea to send a team without key players and we had serious serious negotiations with. the general manager and the general manager of zero zero eight are a team and they decided not to send their team so the next is a least still for the next innings at least will still focus play in russia's
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junior hockey league which just completed its second season which is won by serious crown that has raised the standard of the game in the country the boy in the cage and the russian national team with a steady stream of time to play is a few chance to look past most importantly the young russian players a chance to play at home robin coming across the atlantic to play top level hockey . previously they had no opportunity then to go to counter watches us what they have there are normally failing someone's family. they live in a house with people they've never seen before they have about fifty bucks a week and they're playing thinking about possible chance to play in the n.h.l. . right now we have. an assistant here and they haven't an alternative to live at home. they visit girlfriends. just met with your friends and.
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normal money here prepared himself for the upcoming trolldom and skillful sister come fairly junior hockey league sign a blunt and just onside. the team from monday to bowl since he did some soft goals and they will have to improve in the portion hakeem i told him and it's on the way the twenty eight line which company you can see the most you're reaching. some of these stories are also available on our you tube channel at r.t. sport you will get back there in a couple of hours with another update marina is moments away with the news headlines for. twenty years ago the largest country. to serve two cases of.
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what had been itching. to speak and the germans. where did it take them.
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