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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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the day of mourning there's a memorial service being held just a few hundred metres from here in oslo cathedral and the court hearing is on monday the police say there still may be more casualties up to ninety seven recorded and there is criticism that it took them from an hour to an hour and a half after receiving information of the attack on the island that it took them over an hour to get to the scene and to stop the massacre there's also been criticism they were looking for muslims initially they were saying it was a muslim attack the police say that it was difficult to get to the island they had to find transport their stories are emerging of immense heroism of ordinary people who rescued fellow victims who went back into the danger area here in the city center but also there is growing criticism here in oslo of government integration policies which seem to have backfired more now in this report brave christine who was. called bomb explosion in days and surrounded by broken clothes she
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stayed in the laws to help the wounded waitress just standing chatting and then suddenly it just faded i was like i come like a fish just waiting for you bumping it out like last bits in their eyes. you know that gets smashed glass all over the skin and everything this show. victims before giving its whole drinks as a nation which is never suffered at the hands of terrorists before he says norwegians just didn't know how to react. lorne's from from course on the buildings. but also on the people holding his gaming rolling on this man's wife suffered severe short when their windows were blown else by the blast but he says they're lucky to be alone he's thoughts go out to the many young victims of the second attack i think about well there's the sheep there most. of the.
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there are in some places close to the two atrocities produced many acts of heroism but the does settles on the world's worst mass shooting experts say there's also anger that the attacks were allowed to happen in the first place angle to ignore dozens of hate messages from suspect anders behring breivik you haven't really been prepared for the right wing extremism expressed fury at the government's open door policy on immigration in numerous blogs and twitter feeds. the shootings may reflect growing national opposition to fully immigration policies the political establishment of norway are relatively well off people but they have been areas where there are simply no immigrants there's a poor people ignore the being pushed out of places they used to live live in and it's also their drug stocks are in jeopardy muslims claim this disappointment that the killer turned out to be wants they want this guy to be
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a muslim or how muslim you know. it's for them it's a little bit strange because he's in the region so they talk too much about islam and about us. it is not good norwegians are said to be fed up with their brand of what's been dubbed radical liberalism it's the country's multicultural policies that turn the government against his own playing norway. far right sentiment. wider than norwegians are ready to admit and there's a polite and respectful attitude towards that kind of thing mainstream media but the reality is that fifty percent of norwegians are against multiculturalism as people here try to pick up the pieces and bring meaning to this twitter tag they're already saying it will sell relations between communities some expect the crackdown by police on the e.u.
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growing far right movement while others fear this will only fuel resentment against europe's muslims victims are beginning to piece spoke together their shattered lawyers but experts warn this might not be the last such a turk as outrage at the perceived failure of a multicultural society grows w. bush you see oslo. and i we spoke to understand who knows the suspect personally he told us he was shocked by the news but there also is a place where radicalism is in the. i could not imagine i may not even imagine that he must have been brainwashed or something he never came across as some kind of a religious fanatic or anything i mean i knew that he was religious but it wasn't like trying to hurt you or anything you know he just i just sort of it was really just pretty much yes i was more described.
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by serious fans even all the way here a bit angry that he would be the second person but they are. the origin but not more than that i did not thought through ideological. why based on the other hand you just have to look around. and like a lot of people who are very radical religious all the way ranging from christian and then you have people who are wired with a leftist idea and. managed to find some right wing group so i'm not generally surprised that people find very extreme ideas so central oslo is basically like just. which wrong way do you want to. let all of
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anderson a former acquaintance of the united killer and the. whole world is there not discussing what lies behind the atrocity and you can join the debate on our web site r.t. dot com so far the votes go like this or the majority think that sheer fanaticism is to blame fewer people saying the tensions stem from multiculturalism nine percent believe the reason is global terrorism which penetrates everywhere and the rest of you say it's down to the failure of security forces log on to r.t. dot com and have your say. well i still have you on the program here on r t we are doing the weekly nato begins i think of a controlled provinces to local army forces but many question if they're up to the job. here from campaigners against u.s. drone attacks in pakistan they want to fire a lawsuit a former cia legal chief for approving attacks that killed hundreds of innocent.
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this week the phone hacking and police bribery scandal was taken to the british parliament rupert murdoch his son james and former c.e.o. rebecca brooks were all grilled by british lawmakers for several hours at least the trio said they were deeply sorry for what happened however new allegations have emerged that the news international chairman james murdoch led. by saying he was unaware of the true extent and he said phone tapping by the company's reporters meanwhile questions are being asked over the death of journalist sean hoare the man credited with revealing the phone hacking scandal and it's also reports it's drawing striking parallels with another case. another political scandal erupts another whistleblower diaries sean hoare was the first former news of the world journalists to go on the record to allege that phone hacking was endemic at the paper and that its editor andy colson actively encouraged it who was found dead in his house on monday setting the blogosphere into
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a frenzy of comparisons with the case of dr david kelly why isn't this sean hoare story bigger reminds me of how dr david kelly was bumped off. eerily similar tragedies of shaun hall and david kelly wallace madness to what end david kelly shawn who are that's what i'm thinking something's not trying to talk to kelly was the u.n. weapons inspector who first cast doubt on the government's claim that iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within forty five minutes it led to scrutiny of tony blair's decision to invade iraq by extraordinary coincidence kelly's body was discovered exactly eight years before that of sean hordes on the eighteenth of july two thousand and three it was british journalist andrew gilligan who david kelly had spoken to to publicize his belief that the forty five minute claim had been exaggerated gilligan believes there are similarities between kelly and sean hoare
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being at the center of one of these storms a terrifying experience i really don't believe either david or sean hoare was murdered because. i simply don't think it would have been in anyone's interest to murder them once they got into the public spotlight anyone with an iota of sense in government would have known that to kill them would just would just amplify the story i think it simply i think both were under enormous pressure from their roles as whistleblowers and and found it difficult to cope with that pressure short haul was evidence could have been crucial to proving that the news of the world editors supported a culture of listening to private voice mails for stories cause former editor andy colson who later became a media director to the current prime minister has always denied the allegations the man was destroyed professionally by news international. journalistic world in london is a very small place and the man was destroyed he was well known but he was drinking tonight was taking drugs he was depressed the moralized police are saying hall's
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death doesn't appear suspicious and they're looking at suicide dr kelly's death was also recorded as suicide although many including leading doctors and m.p.'s. have never accepted that their suspicions of hardly been quelled by the fact the post-mortem report and other evidence has been classified for seventy years so ten arrests six resignations two convictions and one death that the toll of the phone hacking scandal so far the death of a key whistleblower in this scandal has raised questions but so far only amongst the twits are aussie it's being reported as a horrible and unfortunate coincidence but it's doubtful that if this had happened elsewhere say in russia or in india the british media would be so quick to accept it as a coincidence particularly looked at in the light of the death of david kelly you were at it r.t. . well in the u.k.
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there reformation the police officers leaked information to news of the world reporters. as rock the country james corbett editor of the independent news website says the scandal has seriously undermined people's trust to find out that certain officers had been on the payroll of these organizations and providing details today to the journalists who were involved in a scandal that in itself is quite a disgrace and it does raise the question of who is properly qualified to to look into this into to form a proper investigation certainly not the police itself investigating itself that would be ridiculous at this point and the idea again of a parliamentary inquiry it has to be at least seem to be completely free of ties to the prime minister's office certainly and into any other m.p.'s who may have been implicated in the scandal so it's going to be an incredible mess unfortunately for the british people to be sorting through right now and i think trust in the public institutions has been necessarily eroded by this appalling disgraceful conduct on
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the part of so many different people in whom the public has invested so much trust . you're watching the weekly here on our c it's good to have you with us now among the stories of this week are greece that out a sigh of relief after long talks e.u. leaders finally agreed on how to help the country avoid defaulting on its debt athens will now receive a new bailout worth an estimated one hundred and nine billion euros the plan was agreed upon after greece approved on severe austerity measures sending thousands onto the streets and protest the rescue will also involve lowering interest rates on death and extending the repayment period the package also doubles the time given to bankrupt portugal and ireland to pay back their own loans meanwhile spain which has the highest unemployment rate in europe in the euro zone rather saw thousands of protesters converge on madrid on saturday they camped out in the city center after marching from across the country financial journalist patrick young says
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bailing out failing a condominium is no help in the long term. i think it's going to prolong the agony of unfortunately like everything we've been looking for for weeks we want to leadership from the european union and i think really the european union's own sort of press conference just demonstrates what a shambles this whole proceedings is i mean we have to sit through umpteen different leaders all telling us who's actually in charge and what's going on they give certain parts of the information seems to be contradictory ultimately a lot more money has been thrown at the greek economy in the hope that that can stop the contagion but really a lot of it just looks like hype and i'm very very concerned that we haven't actually find a cure we've just got another sticking plaster that can has been kicked down the road the danger of contagion still leaking to other countries such as arland portugal even italy and spain are there and therefore we don't have a cure ultimately we can't keep spending all of the banks money and all of the government's money all of these economic issues and at the same time consumers are
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basically scared and i think they're going to dry up and not be willing to indulge in normal economic activity i think it's a worrying time. and fears of a default also rage across the atlantic as barack obama's meeting with congressional leaders failed to bring about a deal but the u.s. treasury secretary has expressed confidence that talks on raising the debt limit will eventually succeed congress must approve raising its current of fourteen point three trillion dollars debt ceiling before august the second to avoid default the impact of america failing to pay its massive debts would shake the entire world economy if the deal offered by president obama includes slashing medical and social benefit costs but democrats and republicans are divided over the details of balancing spending cuts and tax hikes and as investigative journalist greg palast says it's ordinary americans who have to foot the government's bills. george bush when he was president from two thousand and one to two thousand and eight when our
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why oh it's that he had a surplus we gave in germany six billion dollars a year by bill clinton turned that into a six hundred million dollars per year deficit adding three trillion dollars us eric cantor voted for all those served for bush's wars in iraq or the weapons for the tax cuts now these guys don't want to pay the bill somehow the compromise means that these this in dollars will be paid for by eliminating up benefits for the working class b. american people the elderly people on social security didn't encourage it gets better is receiving better veterans' benefits didn't increase the debt it was the result of bush's wars bush's tax cuts while spending for these programs now are the beneficiaries basically people who got the money don't want to pay it back. more news and comment on the financial woes gripping the world just head over to
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our website. what else is waiting for you right now. mystery every since the eighty's california filled with some of the most well. in the world. as the government prepares to make pills. available only by prescription movements. emergency services have recovered more bodies from the pleasure boat that sank in the volga river two weeks ago killing one hundred twenty people the wrecked ship has been lifted from the bottom. waters the task is now to drain the hole so investigators can examine the vessel in detail to determine the cause of the tragedy the search continues for two others whose fate remains unknown it's believed their bodies could still be trapped inside. went down within minutes on
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the tenth of july drowning more than half of its passengers the boat's owner is under investigation people have already been charged with violating safety regulations. global headlines for you. clear up operations continue and a day after two high speed trains collided in the east of the country thirty five people were killed almost two hundred injured one of the bullet trains was forced to stop after being struck by lightning and was rear ended by a second train two of the coaches fell from a bridge as a result of the crash it was the first. high speed rail network since the country launched the bullet train. a car bomb has killed eight soldiers in the coastal city of aden the blast took place near the entrance of an. as a convoy of vehicles packed with troops was about to leave officials said they were being. to fight al qaeda linked militants in a nearby province the country has been hit by months of anti government protests
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including clashes between security forces and groups. a host of celebrities and friends have been paying tribute to amy winehouse the british soldier dever was found dead in her london flat on saturday police say the course of her death remains unexplained the twenty seven year old won a myriad of awards including five grammys for her music and had been held as one of the most talented singers. success was often overshadowed by a well documented battle with drugs and alcohol but also the subject of rehab last month her european tour after being booed off stage during a performance. when the latest operations led by nato and afghan forces sixteen insurgents have been killed in the country's south the raid comes in response to renewed taliban activity just as nato begins a gradual withdrawal from afghanistan the plan is to recall all foreign combat
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troops by the end of two thousand and fourteen nato as a new military commander in the country general john allen warns of quote tough times ahead for the war but earlier this month the afghan president's half brother was assassinated assassinated by one of his own bodyguards in a separate incident one of top advisers was also gunned down and he will activist brian becker thinks the u.s. led coalition is losing ground in afghanistan while the number of casualties continues to rise. they can't win by staying in fact their presence is becoming the main catalyst for the armed insurgency not only the taliban but maybe one hundred forty armed groups and they can't leave either because if they leave there will be a perception that the us and nato were defeated by an armed insurgency but this dilemma must be solved some way so ultimately the united states cannot prevail the assassination of karzai as brother and his inner circle shows that the edifice of
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the karzai regime necessary at least to give afghan face to the nato occupation that itself is now crumbling to these armed attacks these assassination attempts are designed to create panic and i think in all likelihood they are creating panic within the very heart the foundation of the karzai government the u.s. is losing grown steadily its spending one hundred twenty billion dollars a year that's an increasing amount from the treasury that's already drained based on huge budget deficits here the number of casualties on the afghan and american side is is increasing not decreasing and yet they're no closer to victory in fact they're losing control of the country and the government that they sponsor is is in fact in danger of crime when i would say the u.s. hasn't gained anything i think the u.s. is losing ground in spite of what david petraeus and the obama administration say this is a bad situation possibly a catastrophe for the united states and nato but begins the over of control in afghanistan some vocal security forces some analysts fear the country is in
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a quip to fend off insurgency without foreign aid there's concern too that afghans are divided but some worried it will open the door to a return of taliban. like this story. there's confusion on the faces of the afghan army soldiers as a firefight unfolds on the other side of the wall lucky for them this is the kabul military training center in the bullets being fired blanks the men here halfway through a ten week program and the officers don't cut the many slack when it's over the be deployed eastern province one of afghanistan's most violent corners. but we must push them hard so they can perform under pressure day by day we're making progress the afghan national army has already come a long way its ranks have swollen to about one hundred seventy thousand troops thanks to fresh waves of recruits attracted by higher wages and extra perks the soldiers insist they are all united in their desire to beat back the taliban led insurgency regardless of age or ethnicity then in the army we are old brothers and
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we are all called by one name. by the call of duty is also struck a chord beyond able bodied males a first ever class of woman soldiers has just graduated. and there is even a mujahedeen unit made up of hardened veterans of the anti soviet jihad this is all good news to u.s. military planners who have set a two thousand and fourteen deadline to hand over security responsibilities to the afghans the afghan army enjoys a much better reputation in the police force has even been featured in the recent movie. but is the army takes greater responsibility for security around the country there are concerns that the quality of troops may be coming in the expense of quality for starters more than eighty percent of troops are illiterate a big problem with the ability to read maps and numbers can spell the difference between life and death adding to the woes are widespread drug use and desertions today roughly one in four combat soldiers quit their post critics also point out that the military leadership is made up of many rival ex warlords who still command
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loyalties along regional and ethnic lines and could drag the country deeper into conflict as the u.s. begins to scale back its role as custodian this summer there are concerns that these divisions may flare up if i was not neutral. we will be here tonight and i will be finding you should be killing each other these. little groups concluded yet another obstacle for a young army that still has much to prove before it can stand on its own feet jason whitlock in kabul for two. well the u.s. has been carrying out unmanned drone strikes in pakistan for years but now one of the masterminds of the attacks is in the crosshairs south former cia official john rizzo faces a lawsuit of a civilian casualties human rights lawyers and the families of victims are seeking and arrest warrant against him it's claimed that rizzo approved a list of targets for the drone strikes which often resulted in scores of civilian
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deaths. as a member of the campaign group that's bringing the action against reserve she told us that washington must be held to account for its operations in pakistan. thus far these drones have been operating in pakistan in the federal federal administrated tribal areas fata and they've been operating in secret by the cia and they've been killing indiscriminately hundreds of civilians since all the purpose of this is his hopefully to gets a transparent see out of out of the cia and out of obama and to to get some justice on behalf of the victims of these drone strikes as we know the u.s. is not in a war in pakistan the usa is operating extralegal by carrying out these drone strikes in pakistan in yemen and somalia and in terms of it being disproportionate you know we have numbers coming out of pakistan that indicate that you know for every one suspected militants being killed one hundred forty innocent civilians are dying as
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a result of these strikes and so if those numbers are correct you know we have people on the ground who are gathering the information who are doing the investigation to try to collect the information so that we can bring a more transparent more honest picture to the public about what's happening in pakistan. it with all of the live from moscow do stay with us in just a few moments you can watch our special report on the dangers of the food we eat that might kill you but first are a bunch of the week's top stories and just. download
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the official ulti of location. i pod touch from the top story. which all teachers life on the go. video on demand ati's minefield comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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during the news of the. despair in norway as the country mourns the victims of a terrorist attack the police. work but. more alleged by his media after he was grilled over the. police rather. and the e.u.
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reaches out a helping hand to greece. but fears remain about the future. new protests are expected in the government's. own financial. an hour's time but now the second part of our special report discovering that the risks we face eating on a daily basis thank you for. you're not born with a bio chemistry or psychology degree so every second of your existence from birth to graduation people make decisions for you what you do what you wear what you learn and most important you eat. as you grow older your parents obsess over paying the bills keeping everyone fed is their main priority and here's the problem they come home from a long day of work and exhausted they fix you dinner what is it processed food why
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because it's. quick and they've been convinced it's good for you. when they need a babysitter who becomes your new best friend the television and as you watch the t.v. you see all those food commercials with slogans like good for the little keyboard elves who are constantly telling you how great their products are. one day you wake up and you're twenty five what happened to all those years by now you've been thoroughly branded by the food and chemical companies. all of your daily food purchases are made in accordance with how you feel about the products you consume for example you only eat heinz ketchup and nothing else you drink your favorite soft drink a bit chilly everyone has a favorite snack food. or restaurant. you have come to believe that betty crocker and the pillsbury doughboy are safe and friendly.


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