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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 3:01am-3:31am EDT

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the priority for those who gathered in madrid's central square the big part of their responsibility is from the government. because the government first of all. not to create the conditions at the beginning of two crises to fight against the crisis it reacts very late and on the other hand once the government. what to do with. the government it's not doing their job properly look at what in the old obama who are the people to wake up otherwise we'll just become slaves to the system who want to be treated as humans and they believe they can make a difference. the government has to change things because they don't have a choice. with greece in shambles and neighboring portugal trashed by the rating agencies spain is facing not just a financial but a deepening social crisis members of the so-called indignant marches say they want
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their dignity preserved but whether their calls will be heard is a whole another issue even though. madrid. greece has had its credit rating cut again meaning it's now hovering just above a level that would constant consider to default attempts by the governments there to solve the financial crisis sauce thousands stay to the streets some turning to violence and financial analyst next keyser agrees with the protesters who feel the latest one hundred nine billion euro bailout will only plunge the eurozone deeper into trouble. it increases the amount of debt it increases the amount of debt in the eurozone it is increased of the amount of debt in grace so this is a plan cooked up by bankers to repackage recent. release debt that's what they do and it crowds out the real economy so if they think that this is going to help the economy grow their way to a position of paying off this debt or paying the interest on the debt that's not
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going to happen because by giving bankers more dead to control the productive part of the economy you are eliminating that part of the economy's ability to pay off this debt so the banking cancer is just becoming worse in the eurozone and worse in greece running out the banks they're not bailing out the workers or the people who are on the ground so to speak they're bailing out european banks they're bailing out wall street banks they're bailing out other banks and so doing they're increasing the debt load so it's making the situation much worse and they're crowding out any ability for the workers in greece to generate enough income to pay off this debt this is consigning the population to debt servitude as kaiser there and in the u.s. the republicans and the democrats fail to strike a deal to resolve the nation's debt ceiling crisis over the weekend secretary of state hillary clinton who is in hong kong during a tour of asia says she has no doubt an agreement will be reached before next week's deadline economic analyst martin had he says the u.s.
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is so deep in debt that a crisis is avoidable. the united states is essentially bankrupt in any case if they increase the debt ceiling actually as the chinese rating agency dugong has been saying even if they find an agreement and they increase the debt ceiling well it's going to be as a result more dead so if the u.s. has thirty five trillion off dead and that starts the nomination of the budget it's not even the fiscal death including all of the unfunded liabilities and that the united states government actually keeps of the books and if you include this figure really a looking at two hundred trillion u.s. dollar it's absolutely beyond control and old timidly appears that the united states will be facing a sovereign debt crisis very much along the lines of the so-called pigs the euro the referee as it also be other european so supposedly stronger countries so the expected major major crisis from the major western countries. suggests that
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investors should stay out of the region and look for a. commodity is taught to hedge for protect against what's going to. the man charged with carrying out friday's twin attack on norway is due to make his first appearance in court to explain his actions thirty two year old anders behring breivik as admitted responsibility for a bomb attack in the capital and massacre at a youth camp however he's denied any criminal guilt for the terror that claimed at least ninety three lines said he wanted to start a revolution to defeat liberal immigration policies and the spread of islam the bomb and oslo targeted buildings connected to norway's governing labor party and the youth camp on toile island was also run by and under the region law he faces up to twenty one years in jail for the atrocities himself described as gruesome but necessary investigative journalist tony gosling told r.t. the case highlights a new brand of terrorism. anders breivik thought he was some kind of
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noise. from medieval times because he's echoing the kind of crusader attitude that it's a very strange version of christianity that he. is he says he's a christian i don't think he is maybe the same kind of strange version of christianity that bush and blair have been coming up with over the last ten years or so so i think that this is actually the tip of an iceberg is actually quite a lot of this neo nazi activity out there and now i think the antiterrorist or thought is right across the world we're going to have to take this brand of terrorism much more seriously and particularly worrying is that he was a freemason and as declared that he was a freemason i would imagine that the norwegian police are now going to be talking to other all the other members of any masonic lodges that he was in because this seems to be the place where this kind of fake christian rather nasty racist
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ideology was cooked up i would also add that it was interesting that the police said they never come across him before the norwegian police but i wonder very much i wonder if the secret service in norway has been watching him because it was very strange that when he was first arrested on friday the police actually called out his name to him now it was very i would be amazed if they would have actually known as they first approached him what his name was i would have thought that from the arrest point that's where the investigation would have started from. margaret. partners in chicago says the attack is likely to force their allegiance to reconsider immigration policies. i think what this did is it really highlighted the immigrant i don't want to call it a problem i want to call it you know immigrant reality there are these huge influx of immigrants coming into norway and you're oddly you know mostly from the bottle and most of norwegians probably didn't know that i'll post twenty five percent immigrate but we're friday they know a lot more of those statistics now i think you're going to you know people saying
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well gosh this guy was a creative lunatic but we have another pretty serious problem too the prime minister you know specifically in the labor party generally did a great job you know comforting the nation those twenty four hours were haptic they were you know terrifying they did a great job comforting the nation here's the issue with people hearing more rightward what the labor party is going to have to do in norway is you know i don't think that the extent concern to people who are nervous about the immigrant population you know collazo some of the more extreme groups you know these two extreme views if that makes sense and adopt them into their own platform and say look you know the average jokey voter we understand you're concerned about this issue but we think norway had it a great interaction here is why so instead of managing and you know governing through fear they have to adopt some of those you know who are sort of jingle with stick policies but also to present you know
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a more positive view of norway going forward. and on the way here in our fighting the onslaught of a deadly drug the crackdown on the substance known as crocodile could also affect innocent painkiller users in russia. germany decided to weigh in on nato's campaign in libya despite of standing from a un vote a military intervention back in march berlin says it's loaning one hundred million euro to the rebels for civilian and humanitarian purposes the germans initially opposed action in libya by chancellor angela merkel has since expressed hope the nato mission succeeds berlin's also recognize the transitional national council as the legitimate government of libya alone comes as billions of dollars of colonel gadhafi assets remain frozen in offshore banks just by the coalition's pledge to give the money to the rebels german government consultant christopher personal things berlin has a vested interest in cashing in on the war. it is really
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a big question what this money is being used for first of all who controls that then next has nato ever cared for the civilian population in libya i don't think so a group of countries bombing libya and using uranium weapons of course is a group of countries not caring for the civilian population abstaining just being neutral in this case of course was not enough because nato has used the security resolution it's a you know free hand to do just anything they want in effect they are fighting on the side of the rebels they're fighting the libyan government nobody knows when nato will decide to you know protect some civil populations and then kill the government more than twenty billion dollars in freeze the assets this money is going to be used to help the rebels but of course that is in a way totally illegal you can't just take money away from from governments and give
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it to rebels germany wants a piece of the cake to be to be clear germany wants to maintain its fifteen percent of the libyan oil as a percentage of the total oil imports of germany. tori's going talib a prison camp has been a ruining lives reputations for years many detainees went on to be released without charge after years of torment actually spoke to former detainee murat colonels who says he was the victim after sadistic torture methods the full interviews coming up in just over an hour's time. i saw many people got killed under torture and. i was one of those who survived those kind of closure on myself they used electroshocks because i want not science. i saw it so i was forced to agree that i am the number of value. and i was not even really i didn't know at the time what it used to be when they asked me what i. i didn't tell you don i said i'm
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not a member of them and they brought me papers. i refused and that's why. they forced me to sign. in all the time you. watch a clip minutes long on the waterboarding and all the time they hang on since i had chains on my hands and i was hanging on the ceiling there was pulling me on the ceiling with a chain and into my feet so used to be all over the floor and i had no clothes on so i was hanging there for many days when they came here they pulled me back. and asked me i want to sign on out. said no he just made. up.
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its sleeves. he. says. soon which brightened. soon from friends to pressure. starts on t.v. dot com. watching r.t. . the bodies of all the victims who died when
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a pleasure cruiser sank in russia's tatarstan republic two weeks ago have been recovered one hundred twenty two people perished in the country's worst water disaster in decades the bulgaria went down in minutes on the volga river with two hundred and one a board seventy nine were rescued the ship has been lifted from the river bed and towed to shallow waters or the hole is to be drained to help investigators establish the cause of the tragedy the captains of two ships that sailed by the bulgaria face criminal charges for failing to offer help to people how already been charged with violating safety regulations. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world mexican authorities have arrested more than one thousand people in a crackdown on human trafficking and sexual exploitation the arrests were made throughout the weekend in a mexican northern city of juarez police say the also rescued a few dozen underage girls the city is known as the deadliest in the country with over three thousand murders committed sierra last year alone. york hotel
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maid who accused former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn of attempting to rape her spoken out for the first time thirty two year old fisa to d.l. over reveal her identity and details of the alleged attack saying she wanted strauss kahn or go to jail she gave the magazine interview as authorities consider whether to drop charges of doubts over her credibility strauss kahn denies the seven counts of sexual offenses and has been released from house arrest. pirates hijacked an italian diesel tanker with twenty three crewmembers on board in western africa the attack was carried out on sunday in the gulf of guinea off between who's navy is pursuing the vessel most of the crew are from romania and the philippines with two italians incidents of this kind are more common off the east coast of africa usually by somalia based pirates. the last suspect on the international war crimes tribunals list of one hundred sixty one fugitives is to face the un
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court at the hague on monday goran hadzic was arrested last week in serbia after seven years on the run is accused of atrocities during of a conflict between gratian and yugoslavia in the early ninety's ranging from murder to religious persecution. the former nato commander in afghanistan general david petraeus is back on u.s. soil to take charge of the cia is early reputation for preferring a kill and capture strategy over surveillance operations are his military contributor thinks the general's stance could undermine his role as a new u.s. intelligence chief general petraeus has surprised both. his friends and his foes when in the latest spate of he's interviews he made a couple of very controversial claims first he revealed presumably that american media revamped obsession fighting an alternative between counterinsurgency and counterterrorism as it is practiced by of the united states in afghanistan and
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pakistan if you will a student by the journalists during the interviews the general's claim of basic killing the reason no main difference between the counterinsurgency and counterterrorism or rich raised even more questions that counterterrorism is part of counterinsurgency i find this statement if it's true very in congress and to be have their reality is not only in afghanistan and pakistan we have the overall situation when it comes to the terrorist threat to claim that counterterrorism is a part of county insurgency is to deny the obvious and what is admissible for the junior in the u.s. army is totally in their proper and for the four star general one step away from being that tall brass in the united states of america when he will enter his new office in langley if you will only him to peek from the window to realize that the
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terrorists threat in the united states is not part of any insurgency cheapness aveira ability have turned to highly toxic coating based drug known as crocodile into russia's second heroin in an attempt to stamp out the use of the deadly substance from next year painkillers will only be available by prescription but as r.t.c. or rodney reports the new law could lead not addicts to suffer instead. you know why they call the crocodile because its users skin turns scaly before it falls off virtually unknown ten years ago it's a mixture of petrol solvents phosphorous and most importantly cheap medicines containing the painkiller codeine it's now become russia's second most popular drug after heroin which the cheaper and more easily available alternative injecting this lethal cocktail will rot
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a user's flesh in months most die within three years i have only been using it for two months i wish i never started. the government's come up with a simple solution for now i can still buy code being containing drugs off the shelf but for next year on words i'll need a prescription to do that statistics show that nearly half of russians use these drugs on a regular basis the vast majority of them for completely legitimate reasons so in their fight against drugs is the government going too far as of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. coding is sold over the counter in most western countries but its sales have doubled in russia in five years and many say this is not a coincidence i think it was a mistake to start selling coding without a prescription in the first place by making it the most easily available opiate it spawned this problem yet expert opinion has been divided somebody of that this doesn't do enough to tackle the social cause of addiction and punishes innocent
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consumers. there is no efficient system in the country for issuing prescriptions so the people who will suffer for the ordinary pensioners and housewives who need those medicines. the drugs then in the moscow suburbs we came here to ask what the users themselves think about the new law. i don't believe it would change anything those who want to take drugs will take drugs we will buy them from the right pharmacies and if we don't get them to use something else we will always have something to inject. either of their of nerve see the moscow. for more news updates and exclusive videos you can go to our website r t here's what we have for you online today. r t ryan's in the cockpit of a plane to see how pranksters armed with a laser is a risk blinding the pilot and causing a disaster during landing. also online on this day twenty five years ago
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savita astronaut atlantis of its good became the first woman to walk in space spanning more than three and a half hours alex side the ship. tied up for a busy day dmitri's here. morning and welcome to business r.t. italy second largest utility at its own has a remit go see eight of the price of its long term gas contracts with russia italian company says it might be able to save up to two hundred eighty million dollars as a result industry analysts believe the agreement could have a wider impact on other european operators many of them are seeking to renegotiate
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long term gas contract with supplies from russia and algeria. russia's resuming vegetable imports from italy and hungary in the past few weeks russia's consumer watchdog has also lifted restrictions on eight other e.u. nations including france belgium and that the ban on the verge was imposed early in june after a deadly outbreak of e. coli in germany. u.s. lawmakers are racing against the clock to forge a deficit reduction deal the agreement would clear the way for congress to raise the fourteen point three trillion dollars debt ceiling if the politicians talks get stalled the u.s. may suffer a damaging default but this could actually spurred demand for u.s. bonds as a chief economist as burbank explains. why have a high probability of land as a result of the default in their states is increasing the demand for your united states treasuries because you is treasuries is the largest market for
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low risk that sue if you increase. taxes right you basically increase the risk of all in the overall system you all three many institutions which here require and by law do increase the number of us it's in the dark color. of the markets now while climbing for the first time in five days and that's on concerns of failure to reach a deal on raising the u.s. debt ceiling may cause the biggest consumer of crude to the fault might suite is losing eighty two cents this brant is just below one hundred eighteen dollars a barrel. gold prices have surged to record highs investors are seeking safe haven assets and the jitters of global exchanges gold is trading at almost sixteen hundred fifteen dollars per ounce silver for two dollars fifty nine cents.
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cross asia stocks are falling as investors fear the impasse in the u.s. debt talks will prompt a dramatic sell off on global exchanges both the nikkei and the hang saying other climbing point eight percent this hour in tokyo sony's two percent in the red to you it is dropping more than one percent petro china is the biggest loser in hong kong. here in moscow trading started on monday on the negative note would be a two years declining point eight percent my six more than one percent secular growth some of the biggest movers on the mice and oil stocks are of course a dropping on the back of dropping crude prices and as our financial stocks was burbank down one half percent. better than the markets the stock fluctuating on its own the past couple of weeks be ignoring most polymath so is up three percent as the gold mine enjoys yet another record high price will go. ahead of the new
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trading week mark rubenstein from multiple live see gives some names for investors to pocket cash having seen strong commodity prices i don't expect that to change in the near future. i think gas from now. is a very interesting name in a stroller and a correction in the past two weeks and with their oil prices back where they had been i think gas promising even room to run without a name we alike short charmin meter armies be i think this is a very ancient opportunity right now and it has had a run up full in their government funds really or given to the bank of moscow and but i think it's going to continue it's still trades at about twenty five percent below it's been a bank next up on our team arena with the headlines we will be back in fifty minutes time for another business update. if.
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of their. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on our. welcome back to join us you're watching r.t. coming to live from moscow i'm marina joshie and these are the top stories spaniards unite in anger over their government's failure to deal with the country's economic woes as thousands rally on the streets of madrid spain has the highest unemployment rate and the eurozone with over twenty percent of the population out of work. and the u.s. is struggling to strike a political deal over its own debt crisis with possible default looming next week hillary clinton has
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a tampa tries to reassure asia's markets promising an agreement will be found. the mastermind behind the worst peacetime massacre in norway's history's to appear in court to explain why he carried out a twin terror attack that claimed over nine thousand lives and has varying brevik has admitted responsibility saying his actions were not a crime but a call for change. and germany makes a one eighty turn his stance on nato intervention in libya and approves a hundred million euro loan to the rebels and take it off the campus also in line for a militant multi-billion dollar cash injection from the international community if and when they hand over the libyan leader's frozen assets. to have lines coming up next peter cross-talk months after hosni mubarak was ousted in a popular uprising in egypt we're lavelle and his guests discuss whether the revolution has really achieved its goals stay with us here at r.t. .
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and. below and welcome to cross talk i'm peter a little five months on what is the condition of the egyptian revolution as it lived up to expectations what does people's power mean there today and could the revolution be hijacked during a coming election. crosstalk what's going on in egypt now i'm joined by rula jebreal in rome she's a journalist and author of mirror.


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