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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EDT

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program. all right now i mean while across the atlantic thousands of protesters have set up camp in madrid central square they're angry at the crippling recession and mass unemployment while they know their country is in deep trouble but see their future being decided by brussels and the i.m.f. instead of being able to deal with the mass themselves lucia has been to meet them . the cash in spain is going mainly down the drain at least that's the opinion of thousands of people who have rallied across the country. we're going to pose in the footsteps of lead american countries that parent by mexico the government is controlled by the bank and math. they don't care about the people. so the people decided it's time to voice their concerns loud and clear before the lose more than just the shirt off their back spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in the eurozone so while the european leaders have been occasionally meeting
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in comfortable quarters to talk about the future of the hero and the european union itself people in the country have been demonstrating on an almost weekly basis demanding the government shape up stop talking and do something about the situation this is not just about higher wages and better pension plans with more than forty percent of young people in spain unemployed simply getting a job is a priority for those gathered in madrid's central square the big part of the responsibilities from the governor. because the government first of all. not create the conditions at the beginning of the crisis to fight against the crisis he reacts very late. and all the other hand ones the government. what to do. to go roaming the snow do a good job of looking good in the note obama. for people to wake up otherwise we'll
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just become slaves to the system who want to be treated as humans and they believe they can make a difference. the government has to change things because they don't have a choice. with greece in shambles in neighboring portugal trashed by the rating agencies spain is facing not just a financial but a deepening social crisis members of the so-called indignant marchers say they want their dignity preserved but whether their calls will be heard is another issue even though. madrid. there are still much more to come on the program including the cost of war as nato forces in afghanistan cause more civilian injuries we ask how much longer the alliance can justify its means as afghan anger grows. plus could have action but no apology either a former guantanamo inmate lifts the lid on the prison that ruined his life and our
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exclusive interview in around ten minutes time. now thousands of new legions gathered in the center of all of the on monday for a candlelight vigil for the victims of twin attacks that left seventy six dead people held flowers and candles to commemorate those massacred in the shooting at an island youth camp in the bombing and the bombing of government buildings now the man who's admitted the atrocities has been charged with terrorism at a closed court hearing and also low and he will be eiseley held in isolation for four weeks others brevik pleaded not guilty saying he wanted to save europe and send a strong signal against immigration he also claimed there were two more cells in the organization he belongs to investigative journalist tony gosling says police may have already been aware of graphic. it was interesting the police said they never come across him before the norwegian police but i wonder very much i wonder if the secret service in norway has been watching him because it was very. range
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that when he was first arrested on friday the police actually called out his name to him now is very i would be mine if they would have actually known as i first approached him what his name was i would have thought that from the arrest point that's where the investigation would have started from this guy obviously needs to go down if that's what the jury finds and let's make sure that he's not free to roam the streets because what concerns me is some of the right wing terrorists we've had in europe over the last thirty forty years really still are this is from the operation gladio and other similar operations by nato still are walking the streets that was investigative journalist tony gosling talking to us there. now five afghan children have been injured in an attack by a british apache helicopter they were working in a field in helmand province on saturday where you can forces were targeting an insurgent on a motorcycle nearby almost fifteen hundred civilians have been killed this year which is already the deadliest since the invasion started in two thousand and one
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or peace activist lindsey german told me earlier that the alliance is actions prove that war isn't working. i think that it will just convince more people in afghanistan that the war isn't helping them really is that true the killing and injuring more and more people that there isn't working isn't going to work when you have a war where the rules of growing the will be all sorts of people who are victims of this and children are obviously one of the worst of the casualties the only solution to this is the war isn't working it has there is absolutely no justification for the nato forces to be there and that they should withdraw the troops this is now coming up to the tenth anniversary of the war and there is absolutely no question that this war is not getting better it is getting worse it is almost certain that whatever certain will eventually come. in afghanistan it
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will involve the taliban in some capacity nearly everybody now recognizes this so what is the point of continuing this for the point of continuing this war is because the americans and the british and their allies kamelot admit defeat in the second country after what happened in iraq with others why they're there they in order to prop up a government that they have no real confidence in. in order to save their own faces they are there to protect their interests they're not there to protect the ordinary afghans and we've seen this again this week that was lindsey german from the stop the war coalition now syria's government has approved a law to allow the formation of political parties other than president assad's ruling baath party opposition movements were bad when it came to power in one thousand nine hundred sixty three now it's part of a series of reforms promised by assad to try and quell months of protests against his regime a political theorist spectrum and barbara says this change in the legislature is
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nothing more than a charade. it is not anything but a formal and technical change the reality is this government cannot afford to have a genuine multi-party. approach because the parties that will be empowered include powers that want to see the end of rule and the end of bashar assad in other words if they do more than just a formality it will lead to the fall of government so i do not believe that this is anything more than a attempt to stall for a while the uprising and i do not believe it will lead to multi-party democracy and i do not believe that in the end it is going to stop the uprising in any meaningful way i would suggest that the united states and the western powers are being hypocritical they talk about wanting change but of course they haven't really put any pressure. on syria of the kind that they have put on libya for example that i don't see any nato warplanes preventing civilian casualties i don't see anyone
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really moving to look for an alternative the fact is the west doesn't like bashar assad but he is the known evil and i think they're very worried about what the unknown alternative might look like so i suspect that while they will continue to posture in public and pretend to condemn the regime that they will do little to actually remove assad he knows that and therefore he will make some nice noises about multi-party democracy and about accommodation but in reality he will hang tough and i believe that very little change. and more world news for you now and three now the new york hotel maid for her i.m.f. chief of sexually assaulting her has gone public now has told newsweek magazine and that she's telling the truth about the attack in may and that she wants to see the
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money behind bars. if thought is are considering whether to drop the charges against him amid doubts over her credibility star scott denies all charges. the hundreds of gay couples got married in new york last sunday the american state has become the sixth and most populated to recognize same sex unions the idea is began at midnight to the cheers and applause of family and friends meanwhile thousands condemned the weddings at rallies across the state. while the last urban fugitive wanted by the un a war crimes tribunal has appeared in court gore on how to chase us fourteen charges including crimes against humanity during the balkans war and the one nine hundred ninety s. sherbet officials hope that his arrest will clear the way to eat you membership to anna johnstone has written extensively on the balkans war says the hague court was set up to bring only one side to justice the tribunal that it is indeed set up may need to to back the needle brewton of the bugler star crosses as being the
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responsibility of a syrian joint criminal enterprise i don't think there would be is more corrupt and other countries that are already admitted to the e.u. but i think the thing is is this really in the benefit of the benefit of the church if you listen to what the europeans are saying they're saying up another brutal has been crossed they're not saying less true there is saying an important hurdle and the other hurdles remain namely is that due recognition by serbia over the rip off over the problems of kosovo i think that most return to the group that is in power which is that is that the united states in the european union is in fact ready to give away everything that can be given away it's only a question of how old they can formulated in order to get it has been voters. all that was balkans expert diana johnstone giving her appraisal. what will come out of
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the trial now heroin addicts in russia are turning to a cheaper deadlier alternative and its ingredients are all too easy to get hold of the drug cocktail is known as crocodile and its main element is the painkiller coding which the government now wants to restrict the sales of that i've never ports on the lethal narcotics increasing the use and you may find some of the images upsetting. if they call the crocodile because its users skin turns scaly before it falls off virtually unknown ten years ago it's a mixture of petrol solvents phosphorous and most importantly cheap medicines containing the painkiller code it's now become rich the second most popular drug the heroin to which the cheaper more easily available alternatives injecting this lethal cocktail will rot a user's flesh in months most die within three years i have been to be using it for two months i wish i never started. the government's come up with
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a simple solution for now i can still buy code being containing drugs off the shelf but from next year onward all need a prescription to do that sophistic showed that nearly half of russians use these drugs on a regular basis the vast majority of them for completely legitimate reasons so in their fight against drugs is the government going too far as of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. coding is sold over the counter in most western countries but its sales have doubled in russia in five years and many say this is not a coincidence i think it was a mistake to start selling coding without a prescription in the first place by making it the most easily available opiate it spawned this problem yet expert opinion has been divided some believe that this doesn't do enough to tackle the social cause of addiction and punishes innocent consumers. there is no efficient system in the country for issuing prescriptions so
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the people who will. for the ordinary pensioners and housewives who need those medicines. the drugs and the moscow suburbs we came here to ask what the users themselves think about the new law. i don't believe it would change anything those who want to take drugs will take drugs we will buy them from the right pharmacies and if we don't get them to use something else we will have something to inject eagar are. now on the other side of the ocean american politicians are still tussling over how to raise the country's debt ceiling while republicans and democrats argue that secretary of state hillary clinton has been trying to calm nervous asian investors that they will meet next week stead line michael panto's a senior economist at euro pacific capital says it's unlikely that both sides will reach an agreement. i mean if you did read below occur the democrats will
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never. see each axis and the red ball in the lower. two really in chads. so the randori it all and i also want to refute people i was slanted to say even the chances of a. measure are very very unlikely side even today as far as for me shades of the narrative. and the allegations in a sure foreign creditors know that we shall our debt and deficit problem but our. one three trillion dollars of knowing actually on anywhere near the united states half hour a deficit are growing at one point five trillion dollars. no one should on the planet has this problem and we have an obligation to show our clearly times not to
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let him know that he will not raise our debt ceiling and we get our uninspired under control. well that's how the news looks tonight from moscow now despite president obama's pledge to shop the notorious president. continues to rack lives r.t. spoke to one a former president who says the u.s. hasn't even given a simple apology for his years of torture at. the
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united states. detention camp for five years before releasing him without charge mr have you ever been given an apology or an explanation by the americans. what's. going to apologize for you were arrested in pakistan in two thousand and. helping. young people. problems with drugs or homeless people who has problems at all from pakistan they have eighteen million members it's. the biggest. political. of course.
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because. when i went to pakistan i went to that to their school of jamaat to be they have each year i guess. between thirty and forty solvent. students feel who was wasting that school each year what were the circumstances of your wrist when i got arrested. they didn't told me anything and what's going on they didn't told me. that they're looking for terrorists so that was they said just we don't. going to check your passport a lot i did not know that time was a default bonspiel through some dollars for each person and. not under my name bought for anyone who is two and all out so the americans as a terrorist they would receive through saw through some dollars in pakistan
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a lot of money was not socialism and just when i had my first interrogation and go months to my detention in pakistan. they asked me if i want mall with osama bin laden he didn't there was not interested on me it was you were transferred to kandahar in afghanistan what happened there in qana was happening. all kinds of things a lot you can just imagine on the thoughts. and. on myself i saw many people got killed on the torture and so. i was one of those who survived those kind of closure on myself they used electroshocks because i will not sign papers and. i was forced to agree that i am the number of taliban and al qaida and i said i'm not even really i didn't know at the time what used to be i didn't know
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a lot i tried anything so. when they asked me what i thought i didn't tell you then i said i'm not a member of them and they brought me papers forced me to sign. i refused and that's why. they force me to write me to sign. electoral electroshocks and. in other times he forced me by water treatment it's called what a lot of boarding this and it's. on the water boarding so another time they hang on chains i had chains on my hands and i was hanging on the ceiling it was pulling me on the ceiling with a chain and you into my feets used to be all over the floor and. off the few days i stuck to pos of course because in that situation i could not eat or drink and it was freezing call it was during winter time and i had no clothes on so i was
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hanging there for many days when the interrogator came he pulled me back down and he asked me are you going to sign on out every time i said no he just made like this and they're putting that up what happened to all the detainees at guantanamo i got a wallet. after i had seen a couple things got a couple couple people got killed in front of me so it wasn't the first second one i got i had so many people got killed and some of them got just keep on his head the until he died. and the other one he was hanging on saying until he did. many things. when i got a lot of orders of course i was sure. i can you the next one whether any underage detainees in guantanamo yes the youngest one was nine years old the second youngest was twelve and i still can't understand. why they get arrested do you
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agree with u.s. officials who say. that it makes people tell the truth when they told me if i were . i know it will take me because they are touching me anyway so what i have to do is. have time people on the. couple things i don't know. about many people because. if it's also the asking. especially questions so. that's why in the muscle frustration it's where you told anything about. the first three years i didn't know even that my family and also that i'm alive and i even did. not know that my family doesn't know that i'm in guantanamo i didn't know anything so you're going to when i got out. and if you. thank
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you for speaking with elsie.
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welcome back here's a recap of the top stories we're covering for the. spanish demonstrators are venting their fury in madrid over soaring unemployment and the government's handling of the struggling economy the protesters. instead of focusing on the people's needs. now across the atlantic america is rushing to reassure. that it can stave off whenever an approaching default that's even though the president and legislators continue to squabble over how to lift the
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fourteen trillion dollar debt limit. over one hundred thousand people gathered in all race capital on monday to mourn the seventy six victims of friday's atrocities the man who admits all slow bombing at an island youth camp is charged with terrorism. and next. guest debate whether egypt's revolt is one step forward two steps back well that is up next. and you can.
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follow me and welcome the crosstalk i'm peter lavelle five months on what is the condition of the egyptian revolution as it lived up to expectations what does people's power mean there today and could the revolution be hijacked during upcoming elections. in egypt. crosstalk what's going on in egypt now i'm joined by rula jebreal in rome she's a journalist and author of miral in london we go to now el saadawi she's a writer and political activist and often referred to as the mother of the revolution and in zurich we crossed the lower end zone but dino he's an academic and security expert who specializes in islam and political violence in europe and north america are you folks this is cross talk that means you can jump anytime you want i very much.


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