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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening i'm lucy cropping up here in washington d.c. tom harpur will be back tomorrow but in the meanwhile here's what's coming up on tonight's big picture now the latest round of progression will deal or no deal leaders of both the house and senate and build their list of budget plans for the collapsing debt ceiling so they're actually be some sort of bipartisan agreement that will save this country don't hold your breath or will the deal these my way or the highway approach actually work and more importantly how long are the markets
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going to tolerate this childish political madness transfer into norway where the country is still reeling in the aftermath of the worst violence that nation has experienced since world war two and we'll explore what really motivated these horrific attacks there and whether the same things could be just around the corner here in the u.s. . right well a weekend filled with name calling is sulking finger pointing and posturing and no i'm not talking about the latest episode of toddlers and tiaras i'm sadly talking of course about capitol hill the place where lawmakers might scream shalt have sex affairs everything it seems except for important stuff like actually covering governing this country which of course is why with just one week to go until america vehicles on its debts were made no closer to raising the debt limit now here's what senator harry reid said about the state of negotiations over this
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weekend. i spent all weekend trying to work something out with republicans. but instead of moving forward we went backwards. and so fed up senator reid unveiled his own plan essentially a last ditch effort to protect the title meant like social security and medicare and the plan includes two point seven trillion dollars in cuts with not a single penny in tax hikes on millionaires and billionaires so much for that whole shared sacrifice concept come on guys but this plan was of course endorsed by the white house today and here was here is senator reid's message the republicans take a look at the bill also meets republicans the man's two major demands it contains no revenues. and the amount of the cuts need seem out of the debt ceiling increase since they want to run for. so now all the republicans have to do is say yes you're the man so that the republicans put aside their partisan bickering to sign
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on to a deal that especially gives them most of what they want of course not now earlier today speaker boehner and build his own plan that's a short term debt limit increase that cuts about a trillion bucks that's not the if another debt limit vote next summer if he thought the timing was a little suspicious that's because it's right in the middle of the election season take a look. at time's running short i'm urging my house go where you sort of support and non-virgin my seven colleagues that's a step forward as well and i think it would be irresponsible for the president to veto such legislation because it is a commonsense plan and will help us avoid default. so let me get this straight the speaker is speaking this country's economic future and a deal that neither the senate nor the white house intensely support. publicans short term plan is a nonstarter. and in the white house. i love the infinity capital help for the preschool schoolers in congress no closer to
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a deal what can be done to prevent economic doomsday for the answer let's turn to richard won't he's a professor of economics at the university of massachusetts and the author of this book capitalism hits the fan the global economic meltdown and what to do about it richard thank you so much for being here this evening you know with all of them at the plans coming out of the madhouse otherwise known as capitol hill have you seen anything at all that resembles like a fame for lucian. no i don't and i think that the tragedy here is that with all the posturing that you showed us so please there actually now is a chance that they will not raise the debt ceiling and that the united states for a few days or maybe even weeks will be unable to spend about forty percent of the money that is due to be spent by the government because that money had to be borrowed and if they're not allowed to borrow it they're going to have to cut back expenditures and what will they let people yell at me tell people what that means
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forty cents out of the dollar that the government spends it has to borrow if they don't allow it to borrow more let's understand that the government's going to cut back it's going to be a problem the government is the largest u.s. government the largest buyer of oil around the world it's the largest buyer of computer software it's the largest buyer of defense equipment if the government cuts back on these expenditures at a time when the world economy is already in crisis it's going to make that crisis worse it's going to make economic problems in this country clearly worse and it makes no sense as an economist to do this sort of thing everyone knows they will eventually have to make a deal because united states cannot stop functioning since it is the single most important economy in the world. and we are doing real damage as the countries around the world investors rich people corporations governments realize that politics is so a lot of control in this country the need to run for office and win next year in
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the presidential election so all over the top that we're actually going to give them the message don't count on the united states we think your investments here we think your holdings of dollars and the economic ripple effects of that if it lasts at all are very serious and even the run up to this point is already doing harm because it shows a system whose economic crisis is now being added to by fiscal and political craziness that the world has not associated with the united states until now and let me ask you in the that that woman has been a reason over one hundred times i mean this is supposed to be a routine kind of thing yes they grumble every time it comes up but you know we haven't seen this kind of posturing before what's different this time what changed . i think what happened was and you're quite right we have regularly raise the debt limit we did it several times under president bush it was proposed by president
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bush to raise it there was some grumbling from the democrats then it was raised this is just the same game in reverse i think the republicans have decided this is their chance and they're going to go and posture to the american people that they're going to say two things one you're suffering economically which lord knows they are and the culprit here is the government so let's beat up on the government in general and the current government mr obama in particular and second vote for us because at least we won't let the government raise your taxes this is a play on people suffering an economic upset focusing their anger on the government and it's working and i think the republicans think this is their way into the white house because by contrast president obama's answer is well we won't cut social security medicare and medicaid as badly as those republicans and that doesn't sound that in the same way doesn't grab you as much as the republicans and having no
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candidate at this point they're kind of desperate and they're doing what their conservative portion of the tea party want them to do which is to pretend to the american people that even though you've been fired by a private employer you employer and even though you were thrown out of your house by a bank that went to foreclosure your enemy is not the private sector that has fired and it's taken you out of your house your enemy is the government this is amazing thing about american politics that we're trying to blame the government and we don't want to understand that the government is what's holding this economy together and if you take that away we're looking at a free for all of our economic system that none of us wants to see and of course is that terrible blame the government kind of attitude and force that was behind the norway tragedy but i will get later in the show but you know we have fourteen point one million americans who are out of work right now i mean isn't the real problem a jobs crisis and not a debt crisis and is it is it even possible to address the debt problem without first bringing americans back to work. no and not only that but if you if you cut
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back government spending you're going to make the unemployment worse you're going to throw all kinds of people out of work who are producing things that the government is no longer buying and those people will not be able to make their mortgage payments and they will lose their homes which will further depressed already depressed housing market this is a recipe for the kind of economic catastrophe that is coming out of a political blindness that cannot get beyond the notion of the government as evil to give you just one idea over the last two and a half years ninety eight percent of all mortgages in the united states that were given to people buying homes were either bought by the government or guaranteed by the government to put this in simple english if the government weren't behind the housing market the value of everyone's hold in america would be many times less than what it is now we need the element to help us more than ever and of course if
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the government hadn't bailed out the big corporations perhaps we wouldn't have as big of a deficit problem at the end of the day i do hope that they wake up and see through this political crisis they are talking about is we can't we can't mess around any longer out of time but richard thank you so much for your time. you're very welcome now i here's what tom had to say recently about our nation's debt and who's really to blame for running up the bill. at his twitter town hall of yesterday president obama said this about republicans threatening to force america into default. as a responsibility to make sure we pay our bills we've always paid them in the past the notion of the us is a lot of people it's a debt is just irresponsible and i expect it's actually more than irresponsible mr president it's nearly criminal what our nation is faced with today is
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a mountain of debt run up mostly by three republican presidents ronald reagan in the two bushes and now today that very same republican party is say no way to democrats who just want to pay off that pile of republican debt think about it this way the republicans ran up a huge credit card bill and now they're refusing to pay for it they took the good times the stimulation of the economy from all that spending and the political benefits small those wars and now they don't even want to pay for it if you or i did that with a credit card and did it intentionally we'd be in jail that's why we're in debt before reagan took office our national debt was just under one trillion dollars and our top tax rate was seventy four percent but reagan promised the nation good times so he gave his rich buddies all of tax cuts and he did put two trillion dollars on the nation's credit card reagan borrowed and spent in just eight years
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more money than every president of the united states from george washington to jimmy carter come. and now the republicans don't want to pay the bill for reagan stepped then george herbert walker bush came over he kept running up the nation's credit card so that by the time he left office four years later he added other want to have trillion dollars to the debt and to the credit card bill and today the republicans don't want to pay off her walkers debt either. that's two republican presidents in a row blowing up our national debt from just under a trillion dollars where it would have been basically for all of american history over four point three trillion dollars in just twelve years then bill clinton comes into office raises taxes on the rich and slow down the growing national debt even though clinton tacked on another trillion dollars to the debt by
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this i mean left office in two thousand and one he actually had our nation running a budget surplus and was poised to pay off our entire national debt in just ten years by two thousand and ten last year so here we have two republicans reagan and bush running up a huge debt and a democrat bill clinton figuring out a way to pay it off and george w. bush gallatin it's up like reagan bush promised his billionaire funders and his family friends good times so he cut taxes again for the rich and to give himself a shoo in victory in two thousand and four who started two wars and he paid for all the stuff the same way reagan and herbert bush had paid for it by putting it on the national credit card it took bush only one year to turn bill clinton's budget surplus into a budget deficit so after eight years of the white house george w. bush took the five point seven trillion dollar debt that he had inherited mostly
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from reagan and his dad and turned it into a ten point four trillion dollars heap of debt to hand over to president obama along with a nice little bonus gift of a republican great depression in total bush added over four point five trillion dollars to the national debt and republicans don't want to pay off bush's credit card bill either but while bush was piling on the debt republicans in congress had no problem raising the debt limit. the credit limit basically seven different times you know about the time president obama took office in two thousand and nine reaganomics had jacked our national debt up nearly nine trillion dollars and yearly eight trillion dollars that debt was courtesy of three republican presidents this is what the so-called debt limit debate is all about this debate isn't about out of control spending or big government under president obama it's about
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republicans now wanting to pay the bills that their own guys ran up and was to get some goodies imagine what would happen if you ran up a huge credit card bill and then call up citibank and said that you know i'm only going to pay it off if you give me something i want how would the police take your offer to pay off your credit card bill only if a bank for example sent you and a half dozen friends on an all expenses paid trip to disneyland i think they'd throw you put in jail but when republicans ran up a nine trillion dollar debt and now don't want to pay it unless they get their wish list the media doesn't even mention how it all came about this is a crime and if republicans really are willing to crash the economy just to avoid paying off their own bills and to get some political capital to president obama politically they should be charged with financial fraud and thrown in prison and
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certainly never allowed to have the nation's finances and those democrats who are too timid to call those theft for all of us what it is intentional fraud that actually even had a name starve the beast was what reagan called the strategy goes to the democrats deserve whatever the voters. coming up who's the bigger threat as long it takes three of us or christian fundamentalists i'll speak with all their praying shaper on what the u. was for the war from the tragedy in norway right after the break. a new website with twenty four seven live streaming news times what to do about the ongoing financial hardship unlimited free high quality videos for down. and stories you may never find the names. of the.
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police and. posted on our team don't want to spend. more than a little more we were mains in shock following last week's terrorist attacks that unfortunately left seventy six people dead and shortly after those attacks
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conservatives here in america were quick to pin the blame on the favored bogeyman evil muslim terrorists that drink the blood of freedom and feast on the bones of democracy or something like that so who are the jihadi al qaeda taliban or brown a mastermind behind norway's terrorist attack. this guy i white christian fundamentalist by the name of unders bethlehem brevik term butchering that name and it was our fifteen hundred page manifesto that brinkley a little bit more like a tea party document under his name is progressive policies immigration priests clad in jeans and of course islam as the biggest threats to his country so in light of norway's tragedy as it were three examining the threat posed by right wing christian extremists right here in the states i mean that's just says yes frank schieffer is the author of numerous books including crazy for god how i grew up as one of the elect helped found of the religious right and lived to take all or almost all of it back to frank welcome to the program here you have a thank you here we have a guy that's fixated on the threat of immigration is basically
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a bigot who just didn't want brown people coming into his world believe the feminism is somehow destroying western societies women who pursue career marxist liberal policies are all to blame on everything that's wrong with this country now i don't know about you but that sounds like somewhat familiar rhetoric have you heard that anywhere before. yeah let's start with this actual crime besides the bombing of the government building. the target card and a bunch of kids who just a moment. how on an island that was a camp run by the equivalent in norway of our democratic party these were children of party leaders kids who were involved in there are there are politics on a school level and around the country wanting to learn the best and the brightest from progressive families in that country that's who he murdered in cold blood so this was not the act of a arranged. killer who just lashed out this was
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a political act of terror against a political enemy the future generation of the progressive movement in the country in which you live and if you work backward from that crime to what's in his fifteen hundred page manifesto which is a statement in favor of christian zionism uncritical support of the state of israel asking them to kick the palestinians out of israel and finish what he calls farce of negotiations with palestinians an all white europe europe with no muslims holy war declared on anybody from a non-christian background in europe you know what you really see here is is not the beginning of something but the continuation of a long history of bigotry that we see in our own country expressed in tea party documents. we were people like me shut up bachmann about me people xander and setter and so it isn't a question of could it happen in space it has we had
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a man load an airplane gasoline and right similar statements before he plowed into an i.r.s. building we had that retiree militia training to hasten the return of christ by killing cops and soldiers and other us personnel in uniform we have a whole history of violence and terrorism in this country the oklahoma bombing obviously so this is not some isolated incident this is an incident that stands on a long train of terrorist attacks in the west you. europe committed by people who identify themselves as christians who want to purify the race and or keep it. away from incursions people like muslim in immigrants or mexicans or hispanics or anybody else that comes into any of these societies that they fear and love those who the other happens to be fair i mean i don't argue with you that this kind of bigotry does exist in this country but it's a long stretch to go from the kind of rhetoric and belief that's one of us may find
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abhorrent to actually picking up a weapon and murdering innocent civilians in cold blood i mean some would say that that's sort of taking the argument a little bit too far how do you respond to that it was a it was a long stretch from european type talk rooms against jewish communities by cossacks where they would beat up a few people and rape a few women for the holocaust but it was a path that led somewhere so you know eighteenth century nineteenth century anti semites eventually found their their hero is you as you put it from their point of view in national socialism in the nazi party the problem with actions by somebody like this is sure they're extreme but when you look at the context of an extreme maxon action if it's if it's a lone gunman a lunatic like the person who shot down those people in arizona recently who's been locked up that's one kind of crime or effect and awful but when you look at the sorts of crimes that bring with them an entire political package which is echoed by
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respectable politicians and people in political parties across western europe and here in the united states with the tea party not calling for people to murder children with guns but calling for the result that this man was after and that is an all white nonimmigrant society controlled by people with with they would view as the google principles replacing a democratic elected government with biblical laws say the show up and would like to do when it comes to the issue of kid rights or. gay marriage or any of these things you know when you have people like robert george of princeton who is glenn beck's mentor and who teaches jurisprudence there who's an advisor to antonin scalia on the supreme court and has pushed the roman catholic church to the far right here in america on things like stem cell research reading something like the manhattan decoration it's two hundred fifty evangelical leaders and roman catholic bishops signed on to calling for disobedience of the law when it comes to abortion
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rights family rights in terms of the ready paid people the marriage stem cell research cetera et cetera it isn't that they are pushing people to commit violence or should be blamed for this man's violence i am simply saying the context here is not an isolated incident of it to range psychopath or a serial killer who's just raping women and throwing them in alleys this was a political act planned for years by fifteen hundred page manifesto and the ideas expressed by this killer and the reasons not for the killing but his reasons for fearing europe is going to be taken over by them are echoed by an entire rising right wing slash fascist movement across the globe right now coming out of your hand the less we have our tea party they have their far right ammi anti immigrant parties they have the same message for their populations they fear the other and this is the context of this crime well i'll definitely agree with you that i think
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this country is certainly overlooking the threat of homegrown terrorism although i don't really know how we begin to fight this without further eroding our free speech and and civil liberties which we've seen unfortunately over the past few years think frank thank you so much for i think the time to speak with us you're very welcome take care now now last week tom weighed in on the destructive nature of hate and how it's consuming post america post nine eleven take a look. last night a man in texas was executed his name was mark strawman and he was given a lethal injection by the state of texas because he let himself get consumed with eight ten days after nine eleven straw men one of us shooting spree hell bent on killing as many muslims as he could on three separate nights he walked into dallas gas stations with a shotgun opening fire killing two muslim men and shooting another man in the face the third victim. boy just barely survived the shooting but we are in will be partially blind for the rest of his life because of his injuries he wasn't
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interested in i for an eye justice why because he's muslim religion preaches forgiveness all the way up until the day that strawman was executed billion petition the state of texas to spare strawman's life launching a global petition to have his sentence commuted to life without parole. but for your monster many years ago in fact i never hated him i never hated america for what happened to be i believe you was ignorant and not capable of distinguishing between right and wrong other ways hugh did have a gun. in my face pretty miss is the best policy. doesn't allow for hate and killing. and strawman took notice he was struck by the compassion that was afforded to him by one of his victims and he changed his way in a message to rice boy in from jail strawman in the free world i was free but i was locked in a prison inside myself because the hate i carried in my heart is due to rice's
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message of forgiveness but i'm more content now than i've ever been and last night strawman built on the message and used his last breath to issue these last words for us all to hear eight is going on in this world and it has to stop hate causes a lifetime. as a result of what a group of hateful men and not what a religion did on nine eleven our nation just like stroman admitted to is often consumed with hate. we have a man running for president who's disqualified muslims from serving as an inspiration and argue that our nation has the right to deny muslims a place of worship. would you be comfortable pointing a muslim either in your cabinet or as a federal judge no. i will not and so you're saying any community if they want to ban a mosque yes they have the right to do that we have
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a prominent member of congress who is using his powers as chairman of the homeland security committee to whip up fear in our nation and investigate american muslims for radical islam i believe it's in for to have this investigation on radicalization of the most and community we've seen what happened in england we know that al qaida is trying to recruit people over here such as they did with the subway bombing in new york chrystia the attempted subway bombing times square bombing these are all people living illegally in the united states we have the most popular cable news network saying that all terrorists are muslims and warning warning americans about victory mosques in new york city in tennessee and hate fueled caliphate springing up to bring sharia law to america. not all muslims are terrorists but whole terrorists are muslim.
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and stories you never find on. the that. listen more aren't just. for. well that and frankly i've been white and he forgot.


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