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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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let's end this hateful so-called war on terror and focus on really in this nation of a far more discreet destructive force hate and fear. now coming up one man's fight to stop the destruction of american soil lands them in the legal hot water he's facing more than half a million bucks in fines and nearly a decade in prison the story of christopher after the break. what drives the world with the growing use by politicians who makes decisions to put it through and through who can you trust no one who is whom you would have the local machinery see where we had a state controlled capitalism and school sessions when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm lucy calc now in for tom hartman and coming up in this half hour a utah environmental activist blocks and a legal illegal auction of public lands now faces up to a decade in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and tender christopher is here tonight to tell us his side of the story and also tonight you'll hear tom. take on what the last five republican presidents share in common
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here's a hint it starts with a c. and ends with our russian. people in the waning days of the bush administration the white house was selling off hundreds of thousands of acres of federal land to oil companies looking for new places to you guessed it. and december of zero eight an individual bidder number seventy but on a bet on and one twenty two thousand acres of land for one point eight million dollars christie's parcels of land didn't go to some sort of exxon mobil executive or an independent oil tycoon would they go to that's because bitter number seventy was a college students by the name of tim de christopher and ten didn't have one point eight million dollars or even one point eight thousand dollars for that matter he was simply trying to call attention to what the department of interior itself later
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described as an illegal sale of lands and his reward for using peaceful means to stop in the illegal action up to one decade in prison and seven hundred fifty thousand dollars fine how's that for justice in america now tomorrow to christopher will be sentenced tonight he joins me to tell his side of the story tim welcome to the program thank you so much for for being here walk us through i guess how this whole thing played out i mean unlike the folks who violated the law by knowingly scheduling a legal auction you didn't set out to break any rules here when you walked into that auction room. red showed up just looking for any opportunity to stand in the way of this threatening action. and they asked me if i wanted to be a parent and so i said yes and then got inside in and saw the opportunity to really have a major impacts by my putting in driving up the prices. and then you know nothing really happened for a couple months until the new administration came in and admitted that the auction wasn't that illegitimately reversed the entire auction and so happened outside
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freight. well a couple weeks after that the u.s. attorney here in utah i ran into one of my lawyers at lunch and he said you know if your client would just stop talking this whole thing would go away because what i've done after the auction was a group called peaceful uprising is a climate justice group and spoke out about the need for a more civil disobedience and more activism to defend a lot of black user from the threat of climate change and i've continued to do that for the last two and a half years and that's really the heart of the government sentencing memorandum most of it focuses on the political statements that i've made in public forums and that's really why they want to see me go to prison now are a ten year trial the assumptions exist tomorrow but after the initial trial you came out of a courtroom talking about the finger in the best analogy and in terms of the ruling class one of the explain that for our viewers. well i think a lot of people. stay obedient because they view themselves as an isolated
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individual that doesn't have the power to stand up to the powerful corporations or our government it or their institutions that are far bigger than we are and. i think those people are missing out on the view that they are actually part of something much bigger than themselves that when they stand as a movement they can be powerful enough to stand against these big institutions and we're starting to see in so that now around the world in egypt in wisconsin and in other places where we're starting to see an example of how strong people power can really be all right well you know when i look at some of the problems that are facing our country we have from militarism seemingly endless warfare state corporate takeover of our government real social injustice i mean it's hard to sort of remain optimistic sometimes you know and here you are you set up with what you believed then and in some ways i think it could be argued that you got crushed by the machine what message do you have i guess for folks watching at home who maybe want to take action but they feel like the system has to step up against them. but
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i don't think it's going to prison is necessarily a failure for an act of civil disobedience i mean part of the point of civil disobedience is that it invites a reaction from the government. or from whoever it is they were standing in the way out and then when we get the government to start putting good principle people in jail for her standing up against injustice it starts to undermine the moral legitimacy of government and inspires others to action and throughout history we have a lot of examples of how a harsh crackdown against activists has in fact invited a stronger movement that has led to some serious change the fear feel like it's unfair that here you are standing up for your beliefs you're potentially facing a second president of france and tomorrow and yet the same fat cats that drew in our economy and ran it into the ground are essentially walk away scot free b.p. which were in the gulf is walking away scot free and there's so many crimes here they get completely ignored and what about any punishment by the government
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meanwhile what do you do you stop a legal option and you're paying a price. well i mean i certainly think that we can say that that's unfair but. i don't know that that's necessarily reality. i mean you know. in the sense that corporatism rules. in corporatism does wrong mean it is running our country and in the legal system the criminal justice system is a tool of those in power and so we shouldn't necessarily expect that tool to be used against those that it did or controlling our government piccoli and corporations accountable is more our job than it is the legal justice system's job and we should be looking for other ways to do that besides just you know hoping for some u.s. attorney somewhere to to indict some bankers or for oil executives. you know i mean we can we can decry the fact that that's not necessarily here but i mean being a young person at this point is not necessarily fair because we're inheriting
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a completely broken world from the people who have gotten rich by by ruining it i hope that what actions like make your arse more folks will be more willing to stand up for people even and try to actually change the system as opposed to just talking as affairs and i do wish you the best of luck and i thank you so much for speaking with us thanks all right all right but are we doing next question bigger. all right thomas roberts. right now see levels around the world are rising at a rate faster than any other time in the last two thousand years that's just the latest inconvenient truth coming from the world's leading environmental scientists and it's clear this is the result of manmade global warming is for much of the last two thousand years sea levels were stable arose at a fraction of a millimeter a year that was until the turn of the nineteenth century and we found a way to harness ancient sunlight like coal oil for energy and spewed billions of
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tons of dirty greenhouse gases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere since then sea levels have been rising more than two millimeters every year and speeding up and this graph shows it is right here this is this is pretty remarkable zero millimeters a year change this is two thousand year period two thousand years and then the green years the actual observed numbers and then the blue is what they were able to calculate from looking at things like you know ice chart you know ice things and tree trunks and however they do this so here we are in the last fifty years or so whom this conclusion comes on the heels of a new report by leading the ocean oceanic scientists who warn that thanks to global warming and pollution the oceans are actually turning more and more acidic and threatening to wipe out a half of all across the world and extinction not seen on this planet in the last fifty five million years so given all these dire warnings of
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a rapidly changing planet killer displaced billions of people why are our politicians not doing anything about it and more importantly why is our news media not holding them accountable for their inaction. al gore knows why in the most recent edition of rolling stone magazine gore penned an essay titled climate of denial or why it is the global warming is still question in america and not viewed here is a fact of life as in most other nations on the planet the analogy the grower uses has to do with professional wrestling to someone just watching professional wrestling for the first time it seems real guys look like they're just beating the snot out of each other as blood groans of agony occasional serious injuries one of the tip offs that it's all fake it's all a show it's how the referee acts if wrestling was real the referee would be unfair
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and impartial fulfilling his duty like any other referee in professional sports baseball basketball football but wrestling the referee is just a character playing an important role in the scripted theatricals inside the ring ever notice that any time the bad guy is breaking the rules like smashing his opponent's skull with a metal chair the referee seems to be distracted. when the good guy finally i'll drive the bad guy and lays on top of him for the pin the referee is nowhere to be found again distracted. but let's think it's twenty four seven live streaming newstands like to tell you about the ongoing financial unlimited free high quality videos for example.
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and stories you never find on the street. that you. need to hear the. most you aren't. for. instance. if you're following the fall i doubt your rather than the. alternatives are sort of a throwback and a market part of our long. and it goes back to
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a time when people would write out of their horses in the wild west and pick up these days important to mention the sheriff for prosecution there is no longer a lot of opening mail folder. and when they go out there is stuff weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad. loans. were chasing killers and you keep that in mind those are the two million dollar bill police the rest. were not superheroes we can be killed to innovation i mean ahead i'm going to buy. a little. bunch of hundred minute i'll never go back on anything else. gave took a. leave
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to. the folks. wealthy british soil. sometimes that's right on. the market. why not what's really happening to the global economy with a much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into the report on our. mission. critical three and four charges three. three. three. two three. the old free blog live video for your media
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project a free media are cheap drugs calm. down your social implications. i called touch from the. life on the. video. smiling old. streets now in the palm of your. machine. may remember a few months ago republicans a broader government to the verge of a cold shutdown our planned parenthood funding and now they're bringing our nation to the verge of default overtops loopholes for corporate jet owners are going to worthless sanity here and all the while not as they will jobs bill passed out of
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the house of representatives this year so that the g.o.p. actually be willing to crash the us economy birds make the president look bad in the twenty five race i mean are republicans actually willing to make that gamble well according to tom you bet so to look. this is what eisenhower left the presidency in one nine hundred sixty one five different republicans have been president of united states and every single one of them from richard nixon to george w. bush have been illegitimate ascending to the highest office in the land not through small the democratic elections but instead through fraud and treason. believe me let's start at the beginning with richard nixon in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight president lyndon johnson was desperately trying to end the vietnam war but richard nixon knew that the war if the war continued it would tarnish democrat hubert humphrey's chances of winning the election so nixon sent envoys from his campaign to talk to south vietnamese leaders to encourage them not to attend an
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upcoming peace truck in paris and nixon promised south vietnam that he would give them a better deal when he was president than l.b.j. could give them that l.b.j. found out about this political move maneuver to prolong the vietnam war just three days before the nine hundred sixty eight election he phoned the republican senate leader ever dirksen there was. i don't acrobatic right. america ok we're playing with source right chris. simcox. but chris. we. are going to. emerson and. the second pick. in the campaign and they are
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this is creation. those tapes were just released by the l.b.j. library last year it's amazing it's richard nixon that lyndon johnson was accusing of treason. but by then nixon's plan of work south vietnam boycotted the peace talks the war continued and nixon won the white house thanks to it gerald ford was the next republican after nixon left office the same way he entered it by breaking the law jerry ford took over the jury four was never elected and would never have been president had it not been for richard nixon's treason so that's two republicans in office thanks to cold hard trees and then there was ronald reagan elected in one nine hundred eighty one thanks to a little something called the october surprise when his people sabotaged then president jimmy carter's negotiations to release american hostages in iran reagan's people promised the iranians that if they held off on releasing the american
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hostages and sold after the election when reagan would give them a sweet weapons deal i had investigative journalist robert perry on my radio show earlier today because he just obtained some of the explosive documents from the george h.w. bush library pretty clearly show that ronald reagan's campaign did the same thing that richard nixon's did commit treason. when the white house has a robert perry had to say today about these two crimes. it was nixon's dealings with these with saigon to get them to sabotage the peace talks in paris that they had heard the way for nixon to eke out a victory but also continued the war for four more years and from twenty from an american soldiers died now this is essentially repeated in one thousand eighty it now appears with the with some of the same characters working for the republicans who felt well we got away with in sixty eight we can do something similar in one nine hundred eighty we can sabotage that sitting democratic president and that
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seems to have worked and reagan's treason just like nixon's treason worked perfectly the iran hostage crisis continued and torpedoed jimmy carter's reelection hopes and the same day reagan took the oath of office almost to the minute the american hostages in iran were released and for that reagan began selling the iranians weapons and spare parts in one thousand nine hundred one and continued until he was busted for it in one thousand nine hundred six or the iran contra scandal after reagan bush sr was elected but like jerry ford bush was really only president because he served as vice president under reagan at the october surprise didn't floaters in one thousand nine hundred eighty you can bet bush sr would never have been elected in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight that's for illegitimate republican presidents and that brings us to the most recent illegitimate republican president george w. bush the man who was given the white house by five right wing justices in the supreme court and the bush v gore supreme court decision in two thousand that
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stopped the florida recount and george w. bush the presidency justice antonin scalia wrote in his opinion the counting of votes does in my view threaten irreparable harm to petitioner george w. bush and to the country by casting a doubt upon what he'd bush claims to be the legitimacy of his election. i guess denying the guy who actually won the most votes in florida al gore the presidency did not constitute irreparable harm to school and i guess it was important to mention that school is son worked for the law firm that was defending george w. bush before the high court just like it was important to mention that clarence thomas' wife worked in the bush transition team and was busy accepting resumes from people who would serve in the bush white house as long as her husband stopped the recount in florida which he did. and more than a year after the election a consortium of newspapers including the washington post the new york times and usa today did their own recount in florida manually counting every vote in
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a process that took almost a year and concluded that al gore did indeed win the presidency in two thousand as the november twelfth two thousand and one article in the new york times read all the ballots have been reviewed under any of seven single standards and combined with the results of an examination of over votes mr gore would have won that little bit of info was slipped into the seventeenth paragraph of the times story on purpose so that it would attract as little attention as possible around the nation why because the nine eleven attacks it just happened and journalists a feared that the people with the plain truth that george w. bush actually lost the election would further hurt the nation that was already crisis. so for the third time in four decades republicans won the white house under illegitimate circumstances. and now today america is in a great depression thanks to thirty years of failed republican policies that have
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shredded the middle class outsourced our jobs and crippled our national infrastructure you can only wonder how much better off we'd be if five republican presidents had installed the white house in fact the last legitimate republican president the white eisenhower was unlike any other republican since he ran for the white house on a platform of peace and he would end the korean war but you. know i don't know i don't know or knows how to deal with. the other america europe reader i've got thirty forty one hot air like the number one or the number one job . oh me oh. yes his two campaign slogans were i like ike and vote for peace vote for eisenhower he was a moderate republican who stood up for working people who kept tax rates on the rich at ninety one percent and made sure that the middle class in america was
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protected by f.d.r.'s new deal policies as he told his brother edgar in one nine hundred fifty four in a letter to him should any political party attempt to abolish social security unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs you would not hear that party again in our political history and eisenhower was right the only way republicans of the end been able to win the presidency since he left office in sixty one has been by either outright treason or by a criminal fraud involving the supreme court or by being a vice president under a criminal president and that's where we are today dealing with the aftermath of all these republican crimes and five illegitimate republican presidents stacking the supreme court and the federal judiciary. so when people tell you that the republicans would be crazy enough to totally crash the economy the united states either now or next year just to get people to blame broad obama think twice and ask yourself what other october surprise was they may be planning for next year.
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and that's the big picture now for more information on the stories that we've covered please visit our website at tom hartman dot com free speech dot org and r t dot com and as always the entire show is available as a three video podcast on i tunes or you can download tom hartman's free i phone and i pad apps to watch the shows on the go now of course if you want to weigh in on any of the segments you saw this evening get in touch via twitter facebook blogs message boards or the telephone all of the contact info is on the thom hartmann dot com site i don't forget. democracy as tom always says the mark receive begins with you get out there get active and tag you're it. the website with twenty four seven live streaming news times what to do about the ongoing financial hurricane unlimited free high quality videos for download.
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and stories you never find on mainstream news. the government will sell me the political. posting more on our team doctor rushed. for. the. first. look. if you're following the whole idea and you're. going to turn it into a car sort of a trail back in the dark a part of our long. and it goes back to
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a time when people with right out of their forces in the wild west and take selfies huge and it's important to mention bashir for prosecution there is no longer one company may well feel guilty. and when they go out there it's tough when you see. and you have to hope that nothing bad. will it. but we're chasing killers and you have to keep that in mind though there's a two million dollar bill because the rest. were not superheroes we can be killed to you know they should be met i'm going to die. and. once you hunted minute i'll never go back to hide anything else wealthy british scientists are close. on this.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy. for a no holds barred look lobel financial headlines. is a report on our t.v. . news today violence has once again fled the film these are the images.
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