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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2011 9:31pm-10:01pm EDT

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so you had a knife on him and he resisted a little bit but then gave up because there was too many people on top and he couldn't he couldn't find everybody. but it was good nobody got hurt you know i did have i said he had the knife no gun no. it could have been dangerous basically this guy was wanted for shooting. another individual multiple times does that to me in dollar bill for his arrest is for his arrest on the documented member of a street gang based here in los angeles called watching it's uneasy and. it's possible death penalty a life sentence. it's. a two million dollars won't go to the u.s. marshals however the informers that made the arrest possible will be rewarded.
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i think because. of. that. and so i figure out what's going on a. very again it's always based on what they do if they pull a gun out and you know they're trying to take our life and they have the power of life or death because we're not superheroes they can be killed to you know if they shoot me in the head i'm going to die no matter what. you know my job is it's they have the ability to kill us so we take that seriously and. based on what they do it's how we react but we always react to what they do. you know we just walked up and should shoot anybody. you know the fugitive received a slight head injury during the arrest. it is likely he will complain about being mistreated cooled and we can try to.
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as him to be examined by a doctor a paramedic comes to take him to the hospital under close watch. ultimately he might get the death penalty often expected in california for murder of. his back at the marshal's headquarters. very very hard to be a marshal is only three thousand marshals in the entire united states for us it's very very strict we have to qualify with our weapons every six months you have to get a certain score if you don't get a certain score you have to retest and if you don't do it on the retest they can take you're going away for not bounty hunters a lot of people get confused but it's two very different things if you don't chase somebody who skipped out we won't work those cases. under the civil servants not a bounty hunter unlike them he is not in it for the money. whereas
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the guys bounty hunters are chasing. a get out of jail in a week so they're not too scared to get caught. if they're working and they get paid for arrest. they get a percentage of the. arrest one hundred people or one person my paycheck is the same. u.s. marshals are not phone to bounty hunters they complain about their own scrupulous methods one such tactic is performed by. a bill comes to his office to offer him a new contract. to capture a mexican man tonight who was arrested while driving under the influence. trainees are in luck for the second time in a day they are going to learn new tricks of the trades. the whole team goes to the last known address of the mexican. they're confronted by the mother of his
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children she tries at first to resist them. but surely. you are here by yourself. here. i started derby overshoots richards yes. there are a couple of the article. i thought during your life what are you planning to use in jail as a book. they. don't give yourself a bigger. look away with and for you. that's a big thing to do with anybody i. don't want a wife got and we've got to take your record. that night because. he left here he has left me never
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a doctor's kid you don't know where they're at now yeah he gave. them a search of. the third. the paperwork. it's all you know and. once again padilla has light the documents he shows is just an arrest warrant it doesn't authorize him to barge into homes. are pretty. slim. down. but the young woman intimidated by their presence finally complies the bounty hunters are in the house. here.
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the search is not over yet. children. surely come to visit the kids. in the middle of the desert. a meeting point of every. three fifty seven. between manhunts
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comes here to train with his assistants and. every case of your face. yesterday padilla didn't catch the mexican but he remains confident the mexican guy we know more information now than we knew last night. we know all that he comes by the house because the little boy said that he was saturday so sometimes you start in on one and you finish it later but we've got lots of time on that one we got a whole year on that one. we didn't have but two three days that we picked up. that we do right away and we don't have to do right away. today. the world is getting ready to appear on television. he's used to studio lights.
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which is. even t.v. show. the. show even. a reality t.v. show. beginning
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to. show. by the gas the man is pinned to the floor. these men and women are real policeman members of an anti-terrorist squad. for the production of the show on reality t.v. in its rawest form crime for t.v.
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ratings. everybody loves hollywood celebrities. everywhere he wants to go to. criminals. yeah. that's what they want. played the united states. in california misery unemployment and racial hatred make for an explosive mix. for los angeles county alone the police report about two hundred fifty hundred fifty thousand gang members every year they are accountable for hundreds of murders for
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the u.s. marshals they are the most difficult targets to catch. two hundred kilometers west of los angeles santa barbara a middle class town of four hundred thousand has been living in fear of gangs for some time now. it's eleven pm in a motel here tony burke is laying out the plan for the marshals task force. for murder. very different crimes in this whole santa barbara county area. the gang the marshals are getting ready to hit is called eastside recently they committed to assassinations and six other attempts against rivals in the drug markets. at four am four hundred fifty police officers squeeze into the gym. tony and his u.s.
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marshals come to give support to the f.b.i. santa barbara's police the sheriff's men and other agents. many different uniforms for more than fifty tasks. along here that. is in charge of arresting two of the gang members suspected of being the murderers . here is the first of them a latino who at this time of night still sleeps soundly the gang leader relies upon the solidarity and protection of his group. number one is criminal history includes possession of controlled substance possess them purchase of a controlled substance contribute to doing a minor obstructing resisting a police officer and hit and run with property damage one has a particularly the criminal history somewhere. with convictions for abidance and. and weapons yeah. the a.t.f.
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the federal agency which takes care of fighting against alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives has been investigating them for more than a year. the swat team is going to assist morale as man. arrests will be made similar state throughout town. i. had six am the assault on the house takes place. i.
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a surprise tactic works well the suspect. has to answer to the investigating officers on the. mission accomplished. targets here we're going to conduct a search. he was in the back ran from that from that portion to the. marshals examine the house with a fine tooth comb. proving his. but no direct evidence of his involvement in the murder.
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who is just as dangerous. christopher the. one thousand nine hundred and. two zero three. vehicle battery was. recently he was arrested after after pursuit. the californian state has declared war opponent gangs u.s. marshals on the front lines it is necessary to arrest those murderers to show that justice always has the last word.
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and snow when you're seeing. the boarded search warrant open the door. for that search warrant. before a search warrant to go our. way. but
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with. a. pretty suburban. there was a little while ago. ok ready. to come out. we're. going to leave you alone so please. police department. clear. partner with more. clues more. all right very. clear. right.
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here. just make sure this. isn't. the first time. we approach i don't think. so what we're doing is. make sure. that nobody was home. but we do a search warrant. and we made entry.
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ok. now it's up to the investigators they are going to search the entire house for evidence. of lyrics full of hatred towards law enforcement but the fugitive belongs to the gang but the investigation is only beginning. to deliver on the bounty hunters the search warrants because they didn't they are all. borderline in their interventions. the target is a forty year old fugitive once again a drug dealer of crystal meth a trendy drug in california these days he has a thirty five thousand dollars bounty bailed out he did not attend. the bounty
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hunters have located his hideout his girlfriend's place where. they are convinced that the man is hiding inside but they are not authorized to go in. themselves to break through a window. open a door if he's in there you know let us in you've got no problem. we're going to get in anyhow we're going to get the door. and open the door. the door. open the door don't. don't shut the window we're here
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quickly it's going to warm open ok here come over here and open the door right now . you come over and open the door right now and i'm going to come through this window. ok that jeff jeff confronted with a threat jeff the fugitive finally appears. the front door to the front door. once again hectoring works nobody stands up against padilla silver tongue is important. this new arrest is worth three and a half thousand dollars. bounty hunters justify themselves by putting an emphasis on the risks they take. people that are on drugs you have no
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idea how they're going to react you know there's people in there that are going to become aggressive just because they have their own issues you know maybe there's another want to person in there and all of a sudden they come for help you know you never know just get him into custody get him out of there and we're done here for. the camera. i don't care. what you had done you never go back to an anything else like in every hunt it has its share of accidents. the most recent blunder goes back to may two thousand and eight in lakewood on the canadian border a thirty four year old fugitive was shot dead by two bounty hunters the man was an illegal immigrant who used to sell drugs. because they. think of themselves.
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to be there. and they can't do anything they want they can't pull a gun on you and to. your car. the question is. because. they're really bad. it is. very archaic but it works no cost to the taxpayer. the taxpayer pay additional taxes to pay me. company or the insurance company.
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worked out quite well their ways are archaic but the business is profitable. in the u.s. just as markets bunty hunter still have some good days ahead of the. culture is that so much is priced on a show that you go into for nothing less there's going to taliban bad guys the color of terrorism as norway comes to terms with its most horrific attack on its soil since the second world war a plethora of questions to. the world. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got
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the future of coverage.
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in india oh geez available the move to the joint below to the home of the that's
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the gateway hotel the grand imperial truly to tell us that. you can a letter to. see don't need to go and. read this in the kindle was toto as a retreat. deadly aftershock suicide rates in japan soars survivors struggle to come to terms with a devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands and this is the un's atomic watchdog says radiation at the stricken fukushima nuclear plant could be contained within months. in the u.s. president obama threatening to veto a rival republican plan to fund a debt ceiling increase an agreement has to be reached within the week to avoid the u.s. defaulting on its loans. tensions rise in kosovo as police and ethnic serbs square off in several border checkpoints over a tit for tat trade ban. six
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am in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story it took just a few minutes for an earthquake and tsunami to devastate swathes of northern japan a tragedy that will take years from which to recover for some people it's simply too much to deal with the trauma of thousands of lives lost entire towns leveled and the threat of nuclear catastrophe or thomas reports on the worrying rise in japanese suicides. a triple disaster on a scale the world has never known causing damage and destruction in done certainty forcing tens of thousands of japanese refugees to. leave their lives behind and seek shelter anywhere they can some people. but the but the problem is the minority. be they have been accused by.
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classmates all you know of course by offshore. causing. people. not. primarily a move towards self-preservation this idea of desertion is defined by many as characteristically in japanese and has earned those who have evacuated the dishonorable title of traitor. of course it's hard to hear that we have family members would think about our health but in other words we run away we escape because we're scared of radiation but there is no example in the world of something similar and the consequences are still ongoing. while those who have moved to shelters here in tokyo are facing it guilt and the pressure to move back home there are others who have lost everything cannot handle the overwhelming change and they are faced.


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