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it's have us now in our must meet this is all t.v. washington a result measures to avoid at the polls on the debt crisis which is weighed heavily and i don't believe that is criticizing fate exult the nation's long tough financial woes. a longing tendencies a state he is not the s.s. that principles and stage a rally is old policies do not only authorize a chance for a rival on fascism and sing i'd surveyed say that laura for patient narcissism will
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give rise to nationalism and xenophobia across. the west threatens to punish the syrian regime for the latest round of crime downs on protesters which reportedly killed more than a hundred people last year house condemned the violence and is calling on the war in song i've been serious to maintain a ceasefire. next to russia's deputy foreign minister about the ongoing events that have come to be known as the arab spring. explains why most case against any u.n. resolution targeting syrian regime despite its condemnation of the bloodshed in the country. the developments in the middle east concerned the entire world and russia is no exception russia is a permanent member of the u.n. security council as well as an active member of the international quartet on the
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middle east russia's deputy foreign minister mikhail but none of your reasons to discuss recent developments in the situation in the middle east and answer the question whether the region is going through the arab spring some experts say or a period of decline mr dunne of before you became deputy foreign minister you were russia's ambassador to egypt for a number of years and witnessed the tragic events that shook the country the life of the vast majority of egyptians remain bitterly hard and it's constantly deteriorating do you think there's a possibility that egypt will experience another way of mass protests this time inspired by economic demand here and what are the prospects for egyptian state or considering the influence of the region. it is true i was russian ambassador to egypt for over six years and i saw the social economic and political situation unfold in the world's largest out of country we are deeply concerned about egypt's future but we are also aware that any crucial decisions taken should only be taken
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by the people employing a democratic procedure be it a referendum plebiscite or a nationwide election did you know that there has been an option fine for reform drafted in egypt which includes reforming the electoral system for both parliamentary and presidential elections introducing amendments to the constitution adjusting existing legislation and adopt an important new laws that will affect this social economic and political aspects of life without of community we hold our gyptian friends achieve progress and success on their possible for reforms we have seen political struggle for among various social and political forces including islam is movements we are following all these events very closely we think the best way to result. any program has to start inclusive nationwide dialogue. that's what we go into syria now which is one of the most difficult problems in the region the west responded negatively to the statement and the actions of the syrian government the use tightening of sanctions against syria the un resolution is being used to
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probe the situation for the possibility of military intervention how high are the chances that western countries will indeed unleash a military campaign against syria. we realize that city is going through a very difficult stage of development similar to few other countries in the region and internal civil conflict brigade between the government and part of society political social and economic problems and arguably it is both in terms of numbers and complexity we think the best way to deal with these problems is a nationwide dialogue combined with crucial political social and economic reforms we support all efforts aimed at launching and promoting a substandard of dialogue between the government and the opposition we adhere to the notion that both parties should abstain from violence and engage in constructive dialogue and are not afraid of cooperation we wish them progress i say it as you said the syrian government and president assad has delivered a number of statements on the reform plan for instance the president's speech damascus university party presented the action plan for reform during our
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negotiations with the syrian leader we insisted that it should be implemented step by step and consistent manner promptly and efficiently we also call in the sitting government to keep their promises and live up to the hopes and aspirations of the people there were adequately expressed in the mass rallies that. russia has refused to even discuss the draft resolution on syria proposed by france what is the reason behind such a tough stance especially with regard to the fact that moscow did not stonewall the u.n. security council resolution on libya are there any other ways of resolving the syrian crisis with international help. i want them we believe that the city and should address their problems as part of their domestic it's. and this is an internal civil conflict and it should not be internationalized as for the situation in libya of course every country is unique in terms of its particular situation the background of this conflict the form of the scale of public protests on the other hand we should learn our lessons this refers to the un resolution on libya you've
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mentioned we are all witness to it and we still see it neither the number of international players tend to digress from the strict observation of both the instructions and the spirit of these resolutions therefore we are naturally concerned the such loose interpretations could only result in making some of the opposition circles taking their position and option for a tougher approach which is by no means opposed of achievement in terms of finding a mutually acceptable solution. as far as the opposition is concerned and international observers point out of the demands of the syrian opposition are quite in sync with the demands put forward by the west could this be considered as evidence of some coordinated process in place and under such circumstances what meaning would the syrian delegations visit to moscow have. it is the way i see it the syrian opposition is not homogenous it is internal opposition there is external opposition and there are forces that indeed translate to a certain degree the opinion of some part of the public there for i think that we
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cannot talk of your position as a uniform force some of it is leftist some stick to socialist or communist views that is the liberal opposition and islamist opposition represented by the muslim brotherhood and other islamic forces there for i think this matters a lot and makes a great difference in terms of our contacts with various parties i must say that we maintain contact with pride to the old syria's social and political forces. europe is becoming increasingly wary and disappointed with neo's military campaign and libya conflict shows no sign of ending the plight of the civilian population is deteriorating radically what measures would you consider necessary for the conflict and parties and the international community to take in order to bring about a solution both in political and humanitarian terms. from the very start we have urged the parties in the conflict to cease all military action be clear a truce and work at a sustainable solution for peace in libya in order to kick start the process of
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political reconciliation in this regard we have highly appreciated the contribution of the african union push to get a rule of law for reconciliation in libya the u.n. secretary general's envoy for libya is also contributing a lot to this process having come up with a number of additional settlement proposals addressing will the military and political aspects we are currently encourage in promoting these constructive ideas put forth by the african union down the united nations as you know there have been several meetings in mosul with representatives from both tripoli and benghazi a russian presidential special envoy travel to tripoli on benghazi we'll something to in contact with the various third parties as for the humanitarian situation in libya you are right to nl put it is a matter of serious concern for the entire international community in recent days we have provided additional. aid shipping food medicines and other humanitarian items to move tripoli on benghazi. as we discuss events in this region we can't avoid touching upon its key problem i mean the palestinian issue new
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generations of israelis and palestinians have a mature it seems the middle east peace process was washed still haven't seen any feasible progress and negotiations would you say this is a deadlock or is there a way to get the peace process on track and what would it require you know. like you said the palestinian issue is a key issue for the entire region i believe that regardless of the arab spring and the developments in particular countries in the region the palestinian issue will remain for the entire arab world and for the region in general i also think that it will remain pivotal for our israeli partners as well as spend five years as an ambassador to israel myself i am personally acquainted with quite a few top ranking officials both than the israeli government on the palestinian national authority as well as the palestinian liberation organization and the numerous policy mean factions and i think that everybody realizes that the palestinians and israelis are bound by destiny itself to live side by side as you
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know russia advocates establishing an independent palestinian state as soon as possible for this state to live alongside israel maintaining peace and security we are committed to this purpose both as a permanent member of the security council and as not the president of the middle east quartet there was a ministerial meeting of the quartet in washington recently which featured a very specific detailed discussion on the situation with regard to the palestinian israeli track we are certainly concerned with the negotiations been stalled at the moment the negotiations currently suspended but we still hope that both parties will find a way to agree on resuming the talks with a view to establishing an independent palestinian state as soon as possible and to resolve all of the remaining issues and not just reach a final settlement between israel and the palestinians. you were russia's ambassador to israel for five years and to egypt for six year well and formed about the situation there tell us what is the present role of the mediators in the palestinian israeli negotiations would you say that the present format has
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exhausted its capacities and we should look for new ways what is your assessment of the quartet's latest meeting in washington. the quartet is a perfect format for providing international assistance to the israeli palestinian peace process i happened to attend that meeting question as part of the russian delegation which was headed by foreign minister sergei lavrov and i witnessed a very constructive discussion among all the participants ministerial meeting the carried a comprehensive analysis of the situation and identify the reasons behind a common stall in negotiations they also discussed various future scenarios of the situation and most importantly the members of the quartet agreed to keep in touch intensively to keep an exchange of opinions and proposals running all the time all members of the quartet have committed to keep talking to both parties in the dispute this is based on the understanding that there probably will be one more meeting of the quartet in september once the u.n. general assembly convenes for a regular session in new york and all of the members of the quartet will be there
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to discuss the situation one more time this proposal came from the russian foreign minister and the hope of the parties may come out with certain adjustments to the positions so as to be able to resume the peace process if that is not the case the quarter we discuss other options for dealing with the situation and referring to the initiative that is currently being discussed by the palestinian public and has already been endorsed by the arab league which is the idea of taking the issue of establishing an independent palestinian state to the un general assembly. please. lose. it's
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tsu to. the people of the united states and their friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder his regime as an active program to acquire and develop nuclear weapons and let there be no doubt about the know for a fact there are limits to. this we're just being carried out in the direction of dr david kay respected scientist and former u.n. inspector was leading the weapon search in iraq we are determined to take this
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apart you have a tremendous a group of dedicated american men and women involved in this with the best assets of the intelligence community and for by. david kay he is not going to be done with this for quite some time david kay wants more time and he says it could take another six to nine months to make a definitive finding ministration is asking congress for hundreds of millions more six hundred million dollars to fund a continuing search if not yet shiny pointy things that i would call a weapon before we can draw from conclusions we need to let the iraq survey group complete its work. we were all wrong probably in my judgment. and that is most disturbing. sometimes the true patriot takes the unpopular course but helps a country of wooden stakes and even if they come this way at least patriotism is
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the last refuge of scoundrels and i think these are scoundrels they have no argument now they have no defense for what they did the country is in the church boy or national security situation but i think it's perilous so they're attacking the patriotism of. washington agrees all measures to avoid a folds and then the debt crisis which is way to heavy over america but the plan is criticized with failing to solve the nation's longtime financial blades. the west threatens to punish the syrian regime for the latest round of crackdowns on protesters which reportedly killed more than a hundred people skews condemned the violence and is calling on the warring sides in serious maintain this inspire. and i'm longing tendencies this aim is not the fs that joins the forces stage a rally is all thorazine denial drives a ship for
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a rival as a fascist means saying this is the glorification of naziism will give rise to nationalism and xenophobia all sealed up. of that with the main story about a few minutes time that fazul the nation's. hello there thanks for watching the sports and these other headlines so need courage clarity targets new signings the russian transfer window opens plus the road to recovery we catch up with n.h.l. superstar you can even when he's planning a return to action after a nice surgery. on three williams banks is back on her long layoff to claim her first title you know every year. now the russian transfer window opening today is any chinese policy says he intends to strengthen his side in time for the champions
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league adding he's after reinforcements in all areas of pay well as anita currently second in the russian premier league but have closed the gap on t.s.r. to five points after a one year when i respond that now chip they took the lead after twenty three minutes when victor physically impaired it with an exam because he called the head home the only goal of p.k. on the same page as backside hung on to that merrily to pick up that eight in a row. the chance to restore their seven point lead at the top of the class in the dark and sunday and so clearly thanks to kazuki honda that despite missing a penalty the home side eventually found a second half equaliser through on that evening here one one zero it finished. the normal moscow maintained their top three position with it saying you know victory over stubborn boulder the new boys were reduced to ten men approaching the half hour mark here about picking up two yellow cards in the space of
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a minute with a man advantage unarmored then scored at p.t. because sensual. alexander similar all completed the score line midfielder was first to react to the rebound the injury time. motif had a good win on the road against ross still three know how that one finish dimitri lost cause netting the first is in these many games. then double the lead from the sport. wrong cause humble and dimitri proudest of the great start the new manager j.j. can see that he's got two wins from. a quick look at the top of the table after eighteen matches it is to play that lead any closing the gap five points between the non are closely followed by angry and routine and at the other end of yes of proper the rest of the teams. they are right down in the bottom one play and car
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tonight and night after that draw with ts guard. one of the world's highest paid ice hockey stars you can e-mail in hopes to return to training the pittsburgh penguins within a month the rushing forward has been sidelined with a serious knee injury but has been receiving treatment in moscow and we caught up with him and his twenty fifth. you game out that stanley cup winner in the russian household name is now going through one of the longest and toughest periods in his life then a shell star nicknamed geno some pretty serious knee injury after a collision with a defenseman in january and was sidelined for the rest of the season. it was really hard for me as it's the first time i've been in such a situation you can't get away without injuries in hockey you just have to put up with it and don't let it play on your mind so it was more of a mental challenge for being here however the surgery went well and this month the
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stuff ford was able to train with his strength and conditioning coach in moscow and in a month and a half he will start training camp with his team that is both been with thank you very sad we're here today yeah and i saw face was a matter of. fact he's going to have to set the time ever since he was around the first your training camp is going to get you out of my workout. you are up i said. training. now can develop through the system and russian powerhouse we don't need i go out and get it for the team in two thousand and three when he was just seventeen the following year he was drafted second overall babies were behind his national team mate alexander later but due to a dispute hellwig contract with mentality geno was forced to stay for another year how his dream of playing in the n.h.l.
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came true in two thousand and six when he finally swapped the russians still city for them merican want to keep the ice alongside man up and coming canadian siegel clauses and it seems like the wind is right enough to hold both hockey giants. and we is there more than a year ago crosby was injured last season too and we spent a lot of time together while we were recovering we supported and cheered on our teammates. when we could we keep in touch and i know that his recovery is going well too and he's training on the ice already he's a nice guy and a big star he's already won almost all the trophies in hockey and he has no superiority complex marking has been made into office to his cabinet every year but there are still no olympic medals in his collection and undoubtedly it's one of these per year it is for the near future will. ensure you we haven't won a lot with a national side which for me it's a great honor to play for my country all the greats like mario lemieux and wayne gretzky one olympic gold crosby's already grabbed gold too so i'm determined to win
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the olympics and not only insulting one medal is never enough. despite mountains money on the start where remains a straightforward honest reserved person while still greedy for victories on the ice at the age of twenty five the career of the england school it is just starting and speak to use both in north america and in russia should enjoy his skills for many years to come. his name. meanwhile indianapolis colts quarterback peyton manning says he still doesn't know when he'll be back in action he underwent neck surgery in may and is still recuperating however he says he's delighted he signed a new five year deal with the colts with nineteen million dollars. that was important for me to get all this that's why contracts and trade just all. that's good and healthy that a lot away and albeit with a lockout. and
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a lockout scotians was. for sure trying to get this country it's nice to get those two things. jenson button says his son gary graham prayed when with down to great a great team effort by mclaren had to britain's tie changes making all the difference during sunday's race button swap ties at his third pit stop before rain fell the. pass team mate lewis hamilton to take the lead hamilton didn't have the best of times and spun his car red bulls championship me to sebastian vettel who started on pole was second with harare's and and they were long and so in third come out and had six pit stops including a dry three penalty they still passed mark webber dreadful to finish for battle now leads the championship by eighty three points from where there is a long as a full on button fit after his win at the same track where he claimed his biggest grand prix victory six years ago. for some reason i like these conditions for last
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me why. but it works. great call by the team to put me on prime time when they did and i think the great call by for all of us and we decided not to go to the internet so. all round amazing weekend went on to a big thank you to the whole team. and also back to winning ways is the former tennis number one serena williams she has captured her first tournament since returning from a long layoff beating marion bartoli in straight sets to win the bank of the west classic in california williams had to overcome cheap break points in the first separation came through to win that seven five and then strong through the second six games to one day to regain full use who lost the bartoli in the fourth round of wimbledon this year the american afterward say there's more to come. home really i . am happy to work with where i have my determine now while. it's really good
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but i'm not finished i don't feel a break any means work ok in the majors does mention the push. elsewhere rookie scott stallings has won his first golf tournament on the p.g.a. tour he claimed the greenbrier classic in west virginia getting the better of the best is bill hass in a play off all three ended their final round on ten under par overall and so they go to a playoff stories here landed his ball closest to the pain from the tee and that meant he could sit back and watch to get his first ball of the legs but not the accuracy. and the part to how. best is then missed an easier part. again going wide of the cup. that meant stallings could seize his chance and he did he read the break of the green perfectly to win the title and a million dollars in prize money and then explain how the bible helped them to
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victory. three thirteen fourteen for getting was one person on towards a goal i just told myself that all and. even when i had my wallet almost. become a chip it would be easier to resume surgery. on the other side of the atlantic england simon dyson here won the ari show you can snatch in victory after a stray is richard green with buckled under pressure on the last hole dyson had a clubhouse lee on fifteen under and green needed to party eighteen here to set up a playoff but he missed his chance with a baby handing dyson victory and qualification for next week's world golf championship in ohio. i'm fine it was too much for one of the best pitches in major league baseball los angeles jared weaver lost his cool in spectacular fashion and they're free to go last a bit detroit tigers' weaver was angry after he thought detroit's carlos coolant showboated too much after a home run and he let the batsmen have an earful next time he faced him this is him
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at the start then he meets the same batsman again and i have a little. set amount seem to wind waver up even more and he decided to take it out on the next batter alex severe almost taking his head off instant ejection for weaver he was still feeling towards three two wins before they see. me smiling now where there is always support for more access. for the feels like we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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