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in the movie the joint the hotel rooms the violence the grief we go to the grand imperial truly the torch was pushed coromandel you can a with a little closer to sedona to go. read this and the colonel was her child as a retreat. this is tonight's the u.s. still on raising the national debt ceiling is facing a vote in congress but critics say the new compromise won't solve america's financial problems and its reputation going down the drain. lawmakers are preparing to vote on an agreement between the white house and party leaders just one day before the u.s. with the prodding on its loans more details from washington d.c. and that's. also the u.s. and the e.u. step up their push for more sanctions against syria after a crackdown on protesters reportedly left more than one hundred people dead moscow
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says violence on either side of the country's conflict is unpredictable. egypt's on fire again as troops in cairo clashed with demonstrators demanding faster changes after february is revolution. and deadly tornado hits one far eastern russian city injuring dozens and making the boy spread. a little bit here monday night here in moscow you're watching r t with me kevin now in our top story u.s. lawmakers are gearing up to vote later monday on an emergency deal to raise the country's debt ceiling and avoid potentially devastating to fold it was finally struck after weeks of stalemate and political wrangling between democrats and republicans lucic of an office across the balance in the u.s.
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capitol for. lawmakers did finally hash out a deal party leaders with the white house the house of representatives is expected to vote this evening of course the house is a little bit more tricky there's a lot more folks over there and in order to get this legislation to pass the republican leader john boehner will actually need two hundred and sixteen votes he does not have that from his own party a lot of conservatives say frankly the cuts in this deal just not enough for them and so in order to get this legislation to pass in order to prevent the u.s. from a first ever default they will need at least sixty six democrats to sign on board and now we've seen actually the vice president joe biden has been dispatched to capitol hill this afternoon to sort of tell democrats you got to get behind this you know this isn't a raw deal for you a lot of those folks are criticizing the legislation because they say hey there's no revenue raisers we can't get enough money through this deal in order to pay for all of our obligations and now of course the senate the other chamber here in the
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u.s. congress is also expected to vote on this the timing is a lot more tricky on this but the majority leader harry reid does expect for some sort of vote this evening there is a lot of criticism i mean standard and poor has said that they might not they might not be willing to keep the us apprised aaa rating as it is regardless of what comes out of this they don't think the cuts go deep enough and quite frankly this kind of last minute negotiating really taking the nation to the brink of default right against the clock is it's not a positive sign for the markets or for other financial watchers it's quite an embarrassment here in the u.s. and please let's let we all have to keep in mind that this whole debate over the debt limit it really is about previous spending spending that the united states has already agreed to make it does not address the bigger deficit problem and the long term picture of the long term fiscal health of the united states. well the compromise agreed in washington comes just in time to revenge immediate catastrophe
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its fate it might not be enough to persuade ratings agencies to let america keep its precious aaa credit score financial as max kaiser believes whatever the outcome of the vote its bankers will reap the rewards of a crisis. all of the proposals on the table all add debt and that's the basic underlying theme u.s. treasury bond market will be downgraded it will no longer carry that aaa rating no matter what they decide and this is exactly what wall street banks wants you don't make much money trading aaa rated u.s. government debt the spreads are very tight and there's not much money to be made traders on wall street what i call the nine eleven crybabies like jamie diamond or lloyd blankfein they want the u.s. dead downgraded to if they can just junk status because you can make a lot more money trading junk the spreads are huge more volatility more money for blankfein and diamond who for ten years have been getting all of the money they've
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extorted from government whether it's hank paulson back in two thousand and eight or now barack obama who is just a puppet of wall street extorting once again for free handouts free money again for the too big to fail banks and this is going the way of all these other countries of saying where they downgraded the debt great for bankers great for fees great for christmas bonuses this year for the kids but unfortunately horrible for anyone living in these countries oh the american public is having their worth decimated by wall street banks and j.p. morgan goldman sachs are to america's middle class what buffalo bill was to the buffalo population in america their interest in wiping them out it's foolish to think of this sometimes of republicans versus democrats this is about savers averse to speculators speculators want interest rates at zero percent and they want u.s. treasury bonds the junk savers who are not getting any return on their investments
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because interest rates are zero are buying gold which is about to hit another new all time highs in currencies around the world they're buying silver that's what the silver vigilantes are doing. because they realize that the american kleptocracy and the folks on wall street have the american public by the juggler and are going to keep squeezing and so they end up putting another fifty or sixty million people permanently into poverty and just destroy this economy for the purpose of making a quick buck these people are financial terrorists which includes blankfein and diamond and what a guy rick obama needs to do if you're working in the interest of the people would be to nationalize j.p. morgan and goldman sachs immediately fire these crooks and start all over again because you've got a predatory monopolist down there on wall street was interested in wiping out the middle class for a quick buck and that is tyranny. and it's guys are america's possible two fold
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resonated for him why did russia's prime minister says that the current deal struck by u.s. lawmakers will not solve the underlying issues but he reputedly was that raising the ceiling yet again only postpones inevitable problems. no civil union. actually there's nothing good about it just postponed looking more system into cities this colossal get fourteen trillion or more means of the country has been living on credit which is really bad for one of the world's leading economies this means they live beyond their means and put it on a little burden on the entire world's economy to some extent play sponge on the world economy and on them on the political dollar positions this means that firstly the other reserve currency should show up in the world not just the dollar the euro should be consolidated it will be easier to come up with a regional reserve currencies the ruble can become a regional reserve currency. economy if the. next tonight several nato states are threatening action against syria with the un security council said to
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hold an emergency meeting on the situation that says activists report that syrian security forces have renewed attacks on the city of hama one hundred people are said to have been killed on sunday when government tanks force their way into the opposition stronghold russia has condemned the violence in syria calling on both sides the government and the opposition to abstain from brutality and abide by the law meantime the e.u. is expanding sanctions on the massacre says get more the situation in syria from michael maloof is from a pelican officer joining us now from washington thanks so much for being with us michael much appreciated so present a sad has admitted the country must embrace reform yet we still see tanks on the streets how serious do you think the regime is then about change after all this we're saying all this violence right up to this current there. well i think stability is the key in any government regime such as assad's and i think you saw the same thing in iran and ultimately its opposition was put down but this
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opposition seems to be more cultivated from outside and i think that that is one of the problems that. assad is facing it's not just internal unrest although he's promised reforms but you have a concerted effort by forces outside of syria can you elaborate on that michael who you're talking about you say forces outside. well i think it's a combination of the united states already arabia and israel. they see. alternately. union and alliance with iran iran to them is the big problem they see the spread of iran. traditionally arab the arab world and iran has scored heavily not only in iraq but also in love and on and. iran has made it very clear that it's going to support assad
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and they have helped solidify that arrangement by. in recent weeks with a multi-billion dollar. energy agreement which brings together both iraq and syria and iran. and in effect helps solidify iran's western flank and allows iran thereby to have more influence in the middle east i guess syria of course. doesn't so i guess i goes on to explain that michael you know why the u.n. security council is set to meet later today for the session on syria the other not doing a similar thing about the problems that are going on in yemen for example other things seem to be on the radar of the internet the international community does it for those reasons you talked about i guess yeah. well syria is a far different animal than either yemen or even libya there is
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a lot more at stake. with syria and. given given iran's relationship and also saudi arabia's relationship in the region and the concern that saudi arabia has for the spread of shia islam. in the middle east. we've looked upon bahrain for example of basically a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran and i think you might say the same thing is actually occurring right now and in syria but no one's going to say that openly with the way the pressure is mounting up in syria other parallels to be drawn with what happened in libya could we see another libyan scenario. i don't think so i already britain. russia china expressed opposition to any kind of sanctions or even movement of troops or anything similar to what occurred
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in libya. and i just don't i just don't see that happening we might see some sanctions imposed but i don't think the mask is too concerned about sanctions which have been imposed on them for years already and they receive what they want from iran pretty much already michael maloof we appreciate your thoughts from the pelican officer on the line from washington tonight thank you meantime egyptian troops have clashed with protesters who are camping out in the center of cairo hundreds of demonstrators were cleared away from tahrir square where they've been gathering for weeks to demand faster reforms out of revolution michaelmas professor of modern history oxford university said egyptians are ready for another uprising because they see too much of the old regime in the new one. the secular opposition . aren't happy with the changes since the barak. military government in practice is a continuation of the old regime and also they want to turn knocking down was
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essential to exist when we can see this attempt to clear the square may well but more protests more violence the beginning of ramadan on the other hand it's also maybe a sign the government wants to use grama to calm the situation before we are supposed to have elections. in eight weeks time now back of course hope more protests will come to see at the scene in other parts of our world expectation in the evening after the end of fasting people will just break their will demonstrate and we could see the government thinking that this would be an opportunity to crack down some support from people who feel they've had enough demonstrations in cairo that you have a kind of weariness of demonstrations but of course there are many people who feel that if they start demonstrating then. the change would also bar. this is r.t. from moscow with me kevin no internet coming up rewriting history veterans are hitting those tracts with all the valley in the soviet big band in other countries
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that are staring fears of revived now is the main europe we've got reports of. in israel thousands taken just election in tel aviv in protest against the government now these strikes follow a weekend of massive demonstrations of rising house prices and an escalating cost of living people there are demanding social justice and they know better working conditions policy is across the latest development. israelis are mobilizing on the streets of tel aviv tonight monday for a number of demonstration against the government although the numbers on my team to meet the tens of thousands that we witnessed over the week the demonstration was much the same as it has made over the past two and off weeks it's been urbanized immobilised online the grievances are gangs these may be government's economic policies they are caused by the israeli prime minister even that's a not which resigned as well as for a blue sheen change time ago these may be presidential palace mixed with some of
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these protests were knives as he initiated the meeting the city wanted to see what the grievances were and finding that leads me to say that what needed to be changed would be changed agree different message from page about me feeling when the time nothing happens between now in the solemn has been the two months over these protests since they began and we know that he is pushing play thousand votes because as quickly as possible this is a bill that looks like you want to see the rounding construction planning and the two not the spokesperson saying but these demonstrations were also one of caution and that was really kind of need with sound and healthy having said that both the director general of the finance ministry the scions that's anomalous is the special committee to meet with the protestors and looking through the grievances of sophie the government is struggling to deal with what is really one of the largest missed a crisis that they've had in listeners yes there are of course part of those being made between what's happening there in israel what was sort of the arab world over the arab spring in the last few months there was at this stage seem to be no
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indications of this purges dissolving into violence although one of the pentode there has been a number of the most amazing that's according to this possibly going to the weekend before there was another mobilization happening online for a million man march tens of thousands of these raids are really signed up for fact which is going to take place in the first look at the end of september perhaps the easiest way it's just might be moved there is one at the moment this was a big we are. well it's just that the state. to state. funds was reckless simply walking the payments back in one thousand or so of course the i want to tell them. ok let's talk to one of those very protesters first hand you only shot me is one of the organizers of the mass protests in tel aviv is on the line with us now a very good evening thank you being on r.t.e. you say you're protesting against social injustice but what are you trying to achieve in the short term what immediate measures are you hoping for you know me
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well first of all good night from tel aviv what are you hoping for a change in the dysfunctional computer leading them through the news for at least the last decade under under the netanyahu regime and but also. former prime ministers. more and more people have become poorer while a small small group of families eight hundred families all go have become will for each so what we want is a better distribution of the wealth and a more a better economy base but we're not corresponding support they. said to be numb to the protests he's facing from you and your colleagues right now these are the strongest poses of course since he's taken office in two thousand and nine this is reaction disappoint you. well i disappoint but it doesn't surprise us because netanyahu you know i think more than any other section
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of government if you look at his record on education on security on the peace process he change his mind all the time the only things that he does that he never change his mind about is economics yes a very strict very clear economic ideology which is extremely radical extremely radical it's inspired by the u.s. but he went a few steps further and and i don't i don't think that if i can really you know change is as they say this is true and really even to his credit this is what you believe you really believe the economy is working only as a people are telling him you are telling him no it's not working but it is even if you did get your wish the smile she. said yes you're right i'm resigning now do you really change things for the better. i wish. well. we don't there's no political party yet we don't have a political party we have people from watching street everything started but we do
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believe that there are other people as the readers who can take us where we want to go and you know things it's not it can be complicated there are other economies in the world that we look at and we like the way they operate they're much more equal so much more efficient and we don't have to invent anything here we just need to divert our self from the disaster especially that netanyahu is leading us on right now ok most of you are in charge and for another way i would you resolve the crisis what price actually can be done well. well let's get back to can be done it's a serious of measures. to just put it in the simplest terms one of the things we would do is raise the taxes on the super rich and lower the taxes on basically the rest of us. there are those measures that can be taken for states and then i was running i suppose a very small government the government of israel which was along during decades after the country was founded was very good at giving service that you have great
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there because we did great things including. getting immigration from russia as a huge national project we succeeded it and now camps and all of that and i want the private sector to do everything and as a private sector simply saying that we're not getting thick the same level of services for example has services that are used to get fifteen years ago we went back well thank you being on the program gives you a socially shot maybe one of the organizers of these mass protests that we've been reporting on and some of these thank you. there's a lot more for you of course on our website including that story as well a chance of your sanity so it's good to hear about what you think about the stories you see on our channel tonight china has its own copycat ikea you have a giant furniture store the style of the iconic swedish brand itself and think imitation we here right down to the navy yellow coloring of the free pencils and paper rulers they're always and the father what i'm going tonight also moscow's old
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architectural gems are getting a new lease of life but not in a good way they've been turned into of money traps targeting illegal immigrants you'll get a back story about one it's dark see dot com. veterans of hitler's elite troops who fought against the soviet army in world war two traveled from around europe to hold an annual rally in a stone year former owners of the nazi waffen s.s. referred to locally as fighters for freedom we're joined by neo nazi groups of the country and as i see sara first reports it's fear the stone is glorification of naziism it's feeding dangerous far right movements right across europe. former soldier of love that i offer but. it's something the moment you don't think about later think about the people. that for. him country and maced of year at these kind of events
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a band we cannot know what you're going to hear it in a sting it's a different story altogether. it's common in the story to call these people freedom fighters we hold our protest rallies on the same day be home this event. you are going to play given allegiance to him you can tell them not to have never learned anything moreover many of them are engaged in and wanted to know more or less and qantas is involved in crimes committed by nazi germany. in fact in recent years the is then you know thirty and made it increasingly difficult the days you come to accuse the events this year once again members of the anti fascist movement were detained at the buddha that by the late because we were traveling in was a stop the questioning on the way in i was stopped. i have an entry prohibited to the country and of course one thing any kind of other opinions of
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their own opinion which is very very much for supporting the. revival of the far right across europe has caused growing concern right parties a gaining ground in countries like korea finland and france savage flew said by far right extremists and this brave taking norway recently driven shame just how dangerous these. i think this is a problem of. the extremism far right wing extremism and the fact that authorities in addition. calls causes. your eyes. doesn't want put sort of this these see far fields take decisive action to stop the nazi commemorations it's called is bush's international legislation to condemn the glorification of wartime ashes and did this like the one in this thing in making clearing it clear that not all countries and. critics of this event argue that the
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gathering for a fight for an dangerous fascist state is the government's failure than it seemed at the very least morally and politically in sense it's so i see. finally freak where the destruction and death one victim has been killed by a powerful twisters that swept through russia's far east twenty eight others were injured by the huge whirlwind of natural phenomenon considered very rare not only for the region but also for the whole country these are the pictures the tornadoes you can see all through this city sense of tearing apart the rooftops and balconies of more than a hundred good things it went its power was enough to overturn trucks through trees knocked down power lines but it ranged from your few minutes but i will says reporter because incredible damage most roads have been cleared but many homes are still without electricity you can see more of these dramatic scary pictures are online tonight from this is exclusively an artsy dot com. now about five
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minutes half fiery debate show crosstalk hosted by people of all who sued to be fired up tonight i hear that's all in a short run but before that a look at the vice president's news with a rather far cooler. hello and welcome to business here r.t. german energy major iran is going to take gas flowing to arbitration court in order to pay lower prices for gas on argues that spot gas prices are up to fifty dollars per four thousand cubic meters in the current long term contract it has with gas price after more than a year ago she ations castro is still only willing to meet its german partners the alliance taking the matter to arbitration is part of the contractual agreement between the two companies. crude oil in this fall once again and made here is
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global economic growth is slowing down the latest manufacturing figures from the u.s. and europe make this more reading but the slide in the oil may not be all bad for russia as of oil in chicago from renaissance capital explains. if you can the u.s. economy for example one reason why the economy has not done very well in the first half of year is because the american consumer has suffered because of the high all prices social have also be used to put us in power of the american consumer and again this is a drag on global growth in my opinion the best price for the global economy right now and maybe even for russia is not one of them really permits around ninety five dollars for a little bit. and it would be nice you know prices right now i think would be very beneficial for united states for the world and for. her let's take a look at the oil prices now light sweet this credit trading at ninety four dollars
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a barrel while bryant has made a little comeback it's in the black this hour trading at one hundred sixteen dollars as opposed to what's happening in the u.s. markets there are still in the red but the losses aren't as big as in previous hours markets opened on the positive note today and as investors were encouraged that the government had agreed on a cost cutting program that optimism was drained away by the weakest ninety five. years. where year in moscow stocks lost some of their earlier games and finished the day next the arts yes lowest point three percent of all the my sex was up by over one percent let's take a look at some of those individual movers only the my sex energy rangers were among the main gainers with gas from almost one and a half percent banking stocks were also higher with ample moscow off work for science on paths the lender of war the defaulting on its euro bonds and that was after publishing twenty third earnings and power generator in surround was also on
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the rise become penny has crippled this not for profit in the first half of the year reaching eighty three million dollars. and that's all the business news for now you can find more stories on our websites our columns last. business headlines are next. for the full summer we've got it for. the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers. plus time to close up team was in the cool gun region where men flock from all over the world to have a few centimeters to their self-confidence. this time archie goes to the on the region. for the gold rush still gets people hyped joke. for an ancient tribe likes to save its culture. for cranes are protected in the first of the unofficial nature reserve. to the average of. what should close up on our teeth. if.


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