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welcome back here's a recap of the top stories today here on r.g.p. washington takes the first step to approve the long awaited deal to increase the u.s. debt limit just a day before a potential devastating to the. highly publicized partisan struggle of all america legislators has severely damaged confidence in the u.s. economy's reputation as the world's creditor. russia says u.n. action could help bring an end to violence in syria but once against excessive measures that could lead to a libya style intervention will some experts suspect damascus is being targeted for regime change by the way since. the voices of tens of thousands of anti-government
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protesters in easy calling for the prime minister to stand down are going on reported by the international media the demonstrations demanding the social justice are the biggest in the country has seen it. all next we take you back in time and space to the famous apollo thirteen mission which failed to land on the moon because of a technical failure but all three naso crew members managed to return to earth safely well argued sophie shevardnadze caught up with the commander of the mission for his recollection of the events that's up next. jim lowell it's a great pleasure and honor to have you with us it's nice to be here now you've
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started out for the moon twice without ever lending is that fair while the first time was deliberate we were merely going to test out the navigation of the communications and look for suitable landing spots for the people who would make the first lady paula thirteen of course was supposed to be the third lunar landing mission and as you probably know we had the explosion and so we had to go around the boat and come back home again fortunately we were successful in doing that. jr moon walk in your dreams oh yes i've been before the flight i would try to figure out what i would be doing there at a place called from mile but after i came back i never really dreamed about it after that i mean once i was you know safely back on earth i just forgot about it when you spoke about the moon you spoke of fast loneliness that was inspiring.
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to get homesick to join to go back. no as a matter of fact we were around the moon and eight and going to run on thirteen and we were still sort of attached to the earth but we did have this idea of being you know. away from the earth and separated from the earth and although i have to admit that when we look back at the earth and we could put our thumb up to the window and everything behind our thought our earth was was disappeared and everything that we'd ever had known was behind our thought it was that's sort of a usual feeling a feeling of how insignificant really we all are back on earth if i could put my thumb up and hide everybody. and of course that incredible shot of the earth right think that's where the first to show us they are and i think for everyone it has a special personal meaning what does that shot signify to you. while i think of
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that one photograph which was not over here you know my personal impression of what we saw but to everybody who saw that picture and is perhaps one of the most famous photographs of the last century. again that we are a. spaceship here on earth ever all astronauts whether we want to be or not and we have to live and work together if we are to survive thank you guys we're very religious all three of you on apollo eight you had very strong religious convictions right well we did but we were not that religious to know that. you know that that we were violating the sanctity of heaven. because god is with us on earth as it is with us just two hundred forty thousand miles away around the moon and so as a as a better fact you know on the way we were read the first ten verses of genesis
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probably the old tested but we did that because it reality the old test of that was the basis of the three basic religions. on earth islam christianity and judaism and so when we were thinking about what to say being the first three people around the boom what can we say and we said lady who was the wife of a adieus paper reporter said read for the first ten verses this will appeal to both of the people who will be listening to you. and most of the earth is not christian other religions too so that's what we did to appeal to the greatest amount of people that were listening to us that the whole science behind the saturn launch was very cold and calculated and you've said so many times in your
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interviews that we're just three guys sitting up five million pounds of high explosives and three in biles away from everyone and we have faith it's just a question of when you go on such a mission how much face how much does faith matter need only be guided by reason or you have to have faith well you have to have faith you have to have faith that. the faith that god would be on your side is faith in your fellow band who built that saturn five who built the spacecraft who designed the trajectory and launched that everybody do what they are to do it and that everything would be ok you would never get on top of a saturn five booster if you did have faith of the people who go for what would you say is the right stuff what does it take for someone to go in space i think the people who are astronauts are caused by it's. they are people who live
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on the. people who like to explore people who like to see something different who like to open up new doors and these are the people that you know fired as astronauts and cosmonauts and the people who are here today at the starbucks festival that who have to see the earth is there really is. the joy what they had done and when god gary made his first flights and one nine hundred sixty one year already rejected by not sound once how do you feel about the twelfth of april one thousand nine hundred sixty one well i think i figured that. ever since but because we knew what they were doing. that. the russians would put somebody up into space. quite early on and we were tempted to try that we were behind it as a matter of fact what really woke up the american people was but the can making
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fifty seven up to that time we didn't realize how far danced at that type of sylvia's work he had rocket technology and and then we got started of course they had developed their booster hurt the put yuri up into it and it's amazing. throughout the years. the booster the locket the put up eureka kara is the same one today with a lot more bought of occasions that are putting astronauts and cosmonauts into the international space station now this is like the old story of the tortoise and the hare we seem to be the hair we build. rockets and then we don't build up to go to something else so we build this and now our shuttle is stopping this year whereas the russians have taken
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a different tack they build what they have learned and keep expanding that and pretty soon now that the turtle has finally test up and the surpassing the here what i've been carrying will present to you what is the thing the last team well i think i get carried slight is the symbology is something that. has really brought the world closer together i mean he was able to circumvent a gate to the earth and tie everything together and i think that it was a breakthrough. a challenge that that he is a really good symbol and it is that really a shame that he he bet is his demise. so early in life now when you were going to fly to the moon and the second time were you anxious i said yes i was anxious because i wanted to do something i had always planned on doing and i was the backup on apollo eleven so if bill armstrong had become sick or broke
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a leg or something like that i was also at the go but i wanted to actually hear sort of close up my fly space career plan and now of course here returned you had to control the space ship manually and kept make all the calculations right there when did you know that you're safe. well we only knew we were safe wed. we saw water splashing over the window but spent we were back of the ocean and the spacecraft had that saw some of that because every time from from the time of the explosion all the way back there were certain crisis that we had to overcome including whether the persians will put up because the pyrotechnics to put it out the parachutes have been cold so for four days and we did know where the the explosions the charges were put out the persians what goes through your mind when
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you don't really know what are you going to land or you going to explode is it are you still mobilized that you're not even you know you have time to fear that form what goes through your mind at that point while i think our our training has got us in a position and a mindset that do we look at things one one step at a time our minds are concentrated on what the next step is going to be what we have to do we don't worry about failure. we'll worry about that if a failure occurs but not until that time so we're pretty so straightforward what we're doing and thinking about our attackers did you really say houston we have a problem the true story which seems to be. going around all the time never never die is that when the explosion occurred jack's weicker. first said. hey houston. we have
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a problem here. the capsule communicator came back and said say again please i then said here's to we have had a problem and that's there's rules to story about that of course where they made the movie. they had tom hanks say and he said we have a problem to ask questions when i think of austin ought to retire now you are a successful businessman but many of them couldn't really find their place in life after that they are retired from active duty a lot of them suffered clinical depression alcoholism why is that why is it that when asa notes retire they can always find the right way on earth. well i think it's very similar to that old saying that after you've been perry what else is there you know. it is it's a high point in everybody's life and then when that high point stops and you come
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back down to live in adorable life again a lot of times it's hard to recover because many people will say yes i understand what you did but what can you do for me now and so. to be successful you have to always look forward not to look backward yes i went to the moon twice i've made four spaceflights that was of the past what am i doing now what how can i satisfy my life and enjoy life and the seasons and so a lot of us of course problem i'll have to look at the earth after we see that so far what do you think of the moon when you see it now well it doesn't have the roll bands for me that i had before i went to the moon. i was pretty close to it right now sometimes i wish i could go back and actually big the landing. but but that is the way in the past put you guys a space tourist maybe as
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a space tourist yeah now i think i would if i could just go around the earth i've been there all the time and still that doesn't doesn't thrill me anymore but. that maybe there be some commercial operations where people start you know going take it in their own honeymoons on trips around the round the earth thank you very much for this insurance and my pleasure take care. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers on. top stories on our t.v. washington takes the first step to approve a long awaited deal to increase the u.s. debt limit just a day before a potential devastating default. highly publicized partisan struggle among american legislators has severely damaged confidence in the u.s. economy is reputation as the world's creditor. russia says see what action could help bring an end to violence in syria but once against excessive measures that could lead to a libya style intervention some bags were suspected basket's is being targeted for regime change by the west. and the voices of tens of thousands of anti-government protesters in ease row calling for the prime minister to stand down are going on reported by the international media the demonstrations demanding social justice are
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the biggest in the country has seen its. i'll be back with more of those stories in about fifteen minutes time but first a sports highlights with them over there we hear that one of russia's best footballers a look set for a return from the wilderness is that right indeed it was always mr forgotten man he was known as youri djorkaeff spent two seasons at chelsea burley played but there is a high profile on a big money move to russia it might be helping more not just the second. great to have you with us this is sports today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including. moving home or staying put style is the question reports claim russian international here is your cup is to join one of the country's
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richest sides on g. after a disappointing to your spell with chelsea. low point i'm car snatch a late one one draw in some denying. the chance to move off the bottom of the russian premier league. break time former tennis world number one dinara safina is forced to miss the rest of the season and not being true. let's start with football where the biggest signing in the russian premier league this year looks old but said twenty million dollars believed to be the figure on g offered for chelsea and russia winger yuri sure a call for that twenty seven year old is believed to have visited that much kalac club's training ground with terms on a four year deal now agreed upon your joining russian own chelsea from c.s.k. moscow two years ago but the versatile player feel to secure a regular place in the blues starting line up a series of knee injuries not helping his cause either management declined to
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comment on the move the side signed brazil legend roberta corliss in february being constantly linked with big names throughout this season. staying with the russian premier league itself managed to put a four game losing skid behind them on monday evening but the smart set remain at the foot of the table following the one one draw with carr the home side which were on course to move out of the drop zone going up after ten minutes. on the player letting rip but with nine minutes remaining liam. love popped up with an equalizer for car heartbreak for the hard working crazy man who stay rooted to the bottom they have won just two out of eighteen games so far this season. a quick look at the bottom of the table confirms that scroll sitting on a dozen points missing the chance to move the ball. because of last night's results
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. so only seven points clear all of the relegation zone. up the other end it c.s. gal who are still the team to catch off the weekend's action to the most you've only managed to throw f.c. cross the door on sunday meaning champions need to help close the gap to five points at the summit our third closely followed by angie being. ok we stay with the russian game where a goal against league. been folded as the best of the past season in europe by a portuguese magazine the strike chosen a surrogate. for coup in the one one draw away to the army man in twenty ten the striker bok heeling home across the stone russian goalkeeper igor. when rooney's famous bicycle kick against manchester city was voted. polish giants real madrid have been ridiculous lee are numbered in what was arguably the biggest mismatch in the club's history cristiana rinaldo on team it's
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taking on one hundred nine local kids in china the reason to remind everyone that real were funded that many years ago scrubby encounter also part of their preparations for a pre-season friendly one jew ever grand day the new prefer a league season kicks off in spain in three weeks time. now it's an aura soften that won't be playing any tournament tennis until at least the end of the year the former world number one nursing a persistent back injury having already missed plenty of action already. since may the twenty five year old russian slipping to sixty fifth in the single standings. nagging injury concern she also missed the french open on will do in this year. her brother more ups are distinguished as the only sister and brother held the world's top ranking brother soften generating headlines in the world of politics of. tennis
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for nine thirty one year old aiming for a seat in the russian state duma no less running for the united. there's just a month to go before the european basketball championships tip off but russia has been dealt a major blow in their preparation c.s.k. moscow center suffolk county forced to miss the competition with injury the twenty six year old is scheduled to undergo minor growing surgery and choose they know it will take him up to four weeks to rehabilitate ruling him out of international duty on david plotz squad however you touch us for the under the informed reale. call from the denver nuggets are all expected to fly the flag for russia in lithuania the continental championships are vital in qualifying for next year's london olympics this is only european triumph came four years ago. there is no movement in the ongoing n.b.a. labor dispute between team owners and the players association is according to
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commissioner david stern who states he's very pessimistic about the state of affairs ahead of the november first season started. we're the same place to work. thirty days ago. we would really be in touch to schedule some additional meetings that's all i. can only go so long discussing non-economic or system issues source of the care of the next song can eventually all bring you back to what's. there quad bikes world championships are now over in china though despite winning four goals in shanghai there is no time to rest for michael phelps the greatest ever olympian named as global ambassador for the special olympics the games for children and adults alike with intellectual disabilities are also held on a four year basis the next special olympics will be the twenty thirteen winter games staged in the south korean city of young china also day twenty eighteen which
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are exposed venue fourteen time olympic gold medalist phelps joins the likes of retired basketball star ja ming ryall madrid midfielder cock out and raising awareness of the special games the american himself saying he's finally feeling good again ahead of the olympics in london. i haven't really felt the way i have in the water i think mentally was. you know over the last two years of really being over being able to get that back six to eight months i think it is going to play a huge in my performance next year. brings us finally to motor sport all of a heavy duty variety germany's a walk in home extending his overall lead up to european truck racing championships the competition in this madeleine spring in central russia for the second straight year over the weekend. power and speed all in one these trucks gear up to one hundred sixty kilometers an hour and could have done even
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faster if they hadn't been restricted by the regulations of the european truck racing jumper ships the high obtained action which hit russia over the last weekend this mine's between the two year old track designed by famous formula one architect paramount to get hosting the sports elite for the second straight time for the fifth leg of the two thousand and eleven european championships. the reigning champion and don't know the third and proved to be the fastest driver during saturday school vacation and started three swans from full position although this season's leader in holland was quick to would take this one and lead the way to fourteen let actions soon turned into a deal between the two with the spanish fire while in melting the german ice in a thrilling phenolic abutted taking the vantage of a slight mistake by hand and snatching victory in the dying seconds of the race i
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was trying to portray that absent or see if they make a mistake at the end i happy he made them say yeah and i was there a short break so that drivers could recover and so could the trucks they were back on the track for race two which according to the competition regulations so the top eight start in their birth order a perfect opportunity to shine but those would fail in the first event of the day germany's mark was strike was keen to take his chance and win while russia's biggest hope in the sport aleksandra off finished both races in the ninth place pretty disappointing for the thirty nine year old who would claim his first victory in spain earlier this year but far from fulfil his potential in front of his home crowd now you. i would say performing on home soil is a bit harder for me it's about the out of responsibility you want to produce your best make your fans happy and i also try to share my time with the fans who want
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a photo with me or sign a poster so it cuts both ways however there were still two more racist scheduled for sunday so still time to set the record straight the key event of the day race three turned out to be the decider of your hand hard to believe and claimed a confident victory well the third it failed to finish his second race in the roof due to technical problems two hundred two in a syllable eat and clean overall victory at the russian stage of the european championships just like he did last year it's a very good place for me and last year i have pulled muscles in this and i have made a big step in the champion not. now i've got a happy it's monday and this is how it stood when it came to race for week with the winner decided still proved to be a true gift for the spectators it looked like the drivers had lost their inhibitions and live their trucks skill sydney scores amongst themselves something
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the russian fans of the sport will look forward to witnessing again in two thousand and twelve robert but in your own party central russia. as if they're from mechanics after all those crush as well as all your sports right whether it's next to shortly. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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