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in india oh she's available in the movie joins me that shows the i love you that's a great way to turn the branding period. that george was to school until you can a let's let's we'll close with the joke it's a duty to go and. read this and the colonel was neutral as a retreat. washington takes the first step to approve the long awaited deal to increase the u.s. debt limit just a day before the tensile devastating to fall. the destiny of the bill is now in the hands of the u.s. senate after months of political bickering will it be enough to work financial crisis. highly publicized parts of it struggle legislators to. get it u.s. economy struck as the world's creditor. russia says u.n. action could help bring an end to violence in syria but once against excessive pressures
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that could lead to great libya style intervention experts stress the e.u. and american sirens being in force against a basket are only making matters worse. the voices of tens of thousands of anti-government protesters in easer all calling for the prime minister to stand or going on reported by the international media. just after ten am here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. thanks for being with us our top story the lower chamber of the u.s. congress has passed a last minute deal to prevent a devastating full scale default that's after months long political confrontation well the only remaining hurdle for the legislation is senate approval which is
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expected later audit tuesday artie's lucy catherine all visited washington with more. not a lot of good news in terms of the big picture for the u.s. economy of course the only thing that we can be certain of that this deal means is that it avert the self imposed potential crisis of a u.s. default what we do know in this legislation is it does sort of cut spending by about two point four trillion dollars over the next decade what that means in the short term for the u.s. economy is potentially a lot of tightening of growth now we have to keep in mind that the unemployment rates are still astronomically high at nine point two percent and so a lot of economists are saying this is not really the time to be cutting the spending this whole battle over the debt limit is kind of a proxy war an ideological proxy war between the republicans in congress and the democrats in congress what we saw with the past election is the rise of the so-called tea party wing of the republican party and ideologically what a lot of those folks want is they want
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a lot of major cuts in government spending almost no government spending but the exception occasionally on defense they also want to lower tax rates they believe that this is the way to really stimulate the economy so this is diametrically opposed to the democrats' worldview the democrats argue for you know closing tax loopholes on for example all cup preparations and other like companies they want to tax reform they want to social spending for the poor and they don't want middle class americans low class americans to sort of face the brunt of of the economic this whole crisis is really what this is all about and of course we wouldn't have seen this this whole fight connected to the debt limit if republicans didn't want to make a political point you know we have to keep in mind that the two thousand and twelve election is coming up for both the congress and of course president obama and a lot of political analysts are saying this is just another way for the republicans to try to embarrass the president to make them look bad the irony is in all of this is that neither the left and nor the right we really liked what came out of the
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deal at the end we saw one democrats that the. it was a sugar coated satan sandwich left in a bun and nobody likes what they see that and of course by creating the special commission that will sort of figure out where to cut spending over the next few months that issue is still going to come up right in time for the elections so no one really wins in a steal. well it's safe is this position shared by jason johnson a professor of political science who says washington and the presidents have little to celebrate who wants a clean reform and that's all that's left congress's approval ratings have dropped to twenty percent the president's approval ratings have dropped to go or it wants to claim victory but although no one is really happy with it so you're not going to hear our crew or you're going to hear a lot of people so for the more we're you know what you're going to hear people say flips move forward and try to get their other policies through before the end of the year it's going to a huge impact on twenty four at least in the short term. what's the who already
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because every year strangely you still have a higher. rate you know that this point is. we were to be harder so he could recover if you can reassert leadership and do something about the economy and how detroit is still sixty miles away but of president has got to do something to really inspire the public because this was the first. for the rest of america is possible self-imposed default has resonated far and wide and less cost lives artie's for you schrader it was only for global reaction to the volatile priya how have your world markets responded to this long awaited deal. well tested the stocks here in asia are rallying people are obviously happy they've been watching this u.s. debt ceiling debate very closely for a while there are actually they're not really celebrating there's a lot of cautious optimism i was watching very closely they have a lot at stake here at the country's euro just comical to reach really in dollars
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of u.s. debt china the biggest u.s. debt holder japan number two so political leaders are shocked at how want washington just had on this day there were some chinese newspapers and actually they even call it does deal quote unquote irresponsible and laurel but it will go this it has been a near miss has it as a what does this mean for the confidence in the u.s. economy worldwide. confidence even before it is us details of the. economy in the united states wasn't that high to begin with this only added to all of that people are worried that a lot of the two point four trillion dollars that is that in those deals cut spending in the united states over the next decade has not been decided and given the fact as i brought it up before that it took so long for this deal to cast there isn't much state when it comes to these political there is that these decisions
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will have it in a sort of it's timely fashion they're worried but you know there are all these political games when it came to passing the u.s. debt ceiling the first place when it comes to making decisions about what exactly will get a clue to just as long also u.s. dollar has been at record lows in the past and that's made many people here are very concerned and because of all of that there have been mutterings about alternatives the reserve currency or perhaps a basket currency that would include chinese china and japan ok well how about ordinary people korea how would an average family in asia be affected by all of this. sometimes the people are worried about the fact that the critics of this study are saying that this isn't going to solve the unemployment situation obviously that's a bad thing for the united states but that's also a bad thing for india you know asia has become the menu capturing center of the
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world and if the unemployment issue in the united states is a result consumer confidence in the u.s. will also remain low and people in the u.s. simply aren't going to buy you should ask for it so that's negatively going to impact the economy here and that's why people here are watching the situation so closely all right well thank you very much for that report ortiz prieur from the reporting there from india. well of russia is keeping a close eye on washington's political struggle to resolve the crisis prime minister vladimir putin says the american economy stays at risk despite the deal which means that washington can no longer be a symbol of economic stability around the world. so. actually there's nothing good about it it just doesn't make it more systemic decisions this colossal debt fourteen trillion means that the country has been living on credit which is really bad for one of the world's leading economies this means they live beyond their
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means and put on the entire world's economy to some extent play sponge on the world economy and on them on a police state dollar position this means that firstly the reserve currency should show up in the world not just the dollar and the euro should be consolidated and you should come up with a regional reserve currencies the ruble can become a regional was just currencies. it's all coming up ahead on the program all reported voices. i haven't seen anyone from c.n.n. or fox news or any other big news channel here and it's really sad we also deserve a chance to be heard out. of tens of thousands of israelis developing that their government stands to l.c. the international media is turning its back on the country's problems. were reports are coming here have dozens more protests or deaths of the hands of government forces in the syria nasco says
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a limited un security council action could bring quote good results and helping stop the ongoing violence in the country but russia as you would all board without its european warns that any measures must be restricted to solving not aggravating the conflict but the security council has held a close to emergency session are syria and that's number of reports of government forces there killed over a hundred protesters on sunday moscow's already issued its strongest condemnation of the violence calling on both sides of the conflict to refrain from using force or russia's big cautious about international action on syria fearing a repeat of what it calls a violation of the u.n. mandate on libya one monday. a fresh round of sanctions on damascus washington is also calling for action against president bashar al assad's regime but a former u.k. of vaster to syria told our team better internal developments in the country are likely to oust the lever of. the economic sanctions are not of themselves going to
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bring down but what will undermine him over time is the fact that the economy is collapsing it is a truism of syrian politics that if he loses the sunni middle class support from damascus and aleppo to a lesser extent. he will not be able to maintain his hold on power and when they see that the road he's leading them down is leading to economic disaster then they are more likely to turn against him the moment he has talked about reform but not done anything he's talked about checking the security state but in fact is unleashed it i don't see that intervention militarily would be anything other than disastrous within syria all syrians would object to that would be the one thing that night unite all syrians behind the government in fact. so i
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don't see any prospect of it. for western officials have ruled out military intervention in syria but economic sanctions against of ask us are being stepped up middle east expert joshua landis this will eventually backfire on the syrian people . all of the syrian opposition leaders who have met. elected executive committees have all demanded that there be no foreign intervention now of course foreign intervention is a very broad and gray area there are still going to mention like libya but there's also economic strangulation which could come along the united states already has sanctions fairly severe sanctions on syria the west feels it needs to do something it doesn't want to stop trade you know we've tried sanctions in iraq in iran. they haven't worked very much and when they have worked they've started it all and not the government and that's the danger of sanctions it's a big feel good because you feel like you're doing something and you could tell the
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opposition you're on their side but in fact they are the people you don't want to hurt. we're following all the events taking place in the middle east where the arm rest continues and all of these on our website you can go to our to dot com to get the latest news updates and the videos and waiting there for you right now and you're simply squash without the rest of a long lasting demonstration on cairo so we're square tried to disperse those angry at the interim government for a lack of political improvement. and also on our website a hacker group who hijacked the twitter page of the door huge a mass murderer and burst braving the wave of the breach was an attempt to undermine the killers on my post and his ideological statements such. as wild west meets the eastern russia where people turn into power boys and indians from the start of the arab world calderon passable.
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police have arrested a suspect in connection with an explosion that took place at a kindergarten in eastern russia which left one girl injured the blast wounded a five year old pupil who noticed a small box decorated with a ribbon on the terrace of a kindergarten in the city of qom some a movie reports say the blog was packed with nails and other small metal objects leaving her with multiple cuts and burns local authorities are investigating the assault treating it as a terrorist attack and on the way back to the front line after two decades of finding out why the west sealed a multi-billion dollar deal to supply a russian helicopters afghan security forces. now in
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israel for a media are being accused of burning their heads in the sand over coverage of the biggest anti-government protests the country has seen in decades tens of thousands of people fed up with tear your rating living standards are staging demonstrations calling for prime minister benjamin netanyahu stand down as artie's policy your reports from television protesters voices are simply going on heard by the rest of the world. tens of thousands on the streets of israel angry today and protesting for change but is anyone listening when it comes to a lot of the foreign media want to see more of an action movie and this has been very violent it's been very hard and been going out on all it's been very positive . well into week three the largest demonstration in israel in over a decade and how did a.b.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c. cover it they didn't a young a woman set up
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a tent while the editors of france twenty four b.b.c. and sky coughed up just a few meager seconds perhaps not even that interesting. in the studios ok there's a protest well what exactly is the protest a social protest for the revolution it's not the same kind of story the pollution is not as big and dramatic some of the bigger revolutions happening around the middle east and i mean it isn't surprised by the worldwide lack of media interest he's worked in the israeli press for decades but pushing for media both foreign and local there is a box that the international media has put israel is really palestinian conflict also of israeli lebanese and syrian conflict and anything that doesn't kind of front into that. type of of news item which is unfortunate the street has been dubbed top your corner by some of the people here an optimism
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perhaps that they too can bring down the government in the way the neighbors in toughness square. but it was the plumbers they were wanting nonstop here they put you up since that just makes one of racists and others angry for nine days she's been camping here furious that she can't make ends meet as a university student it makes me feel sad that when egypt decided to stand up and say we've had enough and where eleven. they decided to say we've had enough the media was all over there i haven't seen anyone from c.n.n. or from fox news or any other big news channel here and it's really sad we also deserve a chance to be heard out but according to independent media consultant judy rudin the protestors need to be patient with star has really reached international proportions yet it's out of the government's fault. this is like an inside trying world story and that is a bit of a problem when you're looking from overseas trying to figure out what to cover it's
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not there you know the got the economy is picking long before the economy collapses which is just him might have to throw in the charm because as demonstrators have known around the world without the international press and without the pressure of foreign governments the protest can go only so far for the c.r.t. television. blogger danny schechter says that the reality of life in israel often goes on notice because the country only attracts coverage for its role in a conflict. many americans think somehow the israeli government is very popular police years of israel are to get a lot of attention in the american media israel is presented almost as a model with a country when it's actually an extremely divided country a massive protest of the kind we've seen in israel about just the economic
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realities that people there are experiencing something americans have no understanding of because there's no context in the reporting and israel's only reported in the context of its conflict with iran or its conflict with palestinians the actual reality of life in israel and what's happening to people there and how this right wing government in israel is handling the economy is something that we never really hear about whatsoever it's a very unstable situation the economy there is very unstable as well you know when you look at the middle east generally speaking they talk only about the arab countries only they have internal the discord you never hear about israel's internal discord and the fact that this uprising essentially is taking place in israel while the same time as one going on in syria this one going on in in egypt you know shows that the same pressures are you know being experienced by israeli people as well which is inflation economic pressure food prices
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rising all kinds of economic uncertainty. and more news is coming from e.'s role where the prime minister has announced he is ready to discuss israeli borders with palestinians william bennett said yahoo has agreed to negotiate a possible return to pre-one nine hundred sixty seven territory lines israel has been occupying lines in the west bank or palestinians hope to build their own state since the six day war over forty years ago peace talks over borders have been assault since last september due to construction of jewish settlements in the area . afghan officials say at least four people were killed and ten the will the suicide bombing in northern afghanistan what an attacker blew himself up at a local guesthouse two other insurgents broke in and engaged police in a two hour shoot out this car was two days after eleven people were killed in an
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assault on police headquarters in the south of the country. japan's energy operator tepco has detected the highest level of radiation at the fukushima nuclear facility since the march earthquake and tsunami hit the plant the reading was taken between the first and second reactor buildings registered at levels considered a fatal to human health the company of the government say they remain on target to bring the reactors to a safe state of cold shutdown by january of thousands of people remain in temporary shelter after a no go zone around the complex was in force. mexican police arrested a suspected senior drug figure in the western states on twenty four year old mary snow got a harrison is accused of supervising the production of the means in this state for a local cartel well this is the latest arrest in a series of crackdown so drug cartels by mexican authorities last week police
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arrested the alleged gang leader who later confessed to ordering the murder of fifteen hundred people. well legendary russian a military helicopter which has been in service for decades is coming back to the front line in afghanistan well the u.s. has bought over a dozen choppers from russia for the afghan security forces are of our reports. our ballots is the nickname soviet soldiers gave to the strong cindy winds of afghanistan over twenty years ago they regarded as their main enemy as they struggled for air missions over high noun tins in extreme weather and now it's easy to describe these the soviet designed am i seventeen which made its name as afghanistan viber its. helicopter may not be the most advanced but it's well protected from a destructive sound unlike many of its alternative is very powerful and perfect for
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the extreme climate of afghanistan it will be able to operate here for about twenty five years and. the u.s. led mission in afghanistan will end soon when nato troops go there and my seventeen's will maybe come back to face the ban is when once again russia will ship twenty one helicopters to venice than to help the country's security engineers and pilots work together to perfect and ease operating and why seventeen while it seems quantum physics to me afghan pilots are already familiar with the machine many of them trained under soviet air force instructors even now twenty years later speak perfect russian relatives of course now that i graduated from a pilot school in the russian city of christendom and nine hundred eighty four when i go back to afghanistan to serve in the army we only have so good a craft those machines were the best to get in the most difficult and isolated
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parts of a country made rather the us will be for afghanistan's m.-i seventeen's something which but american helicopter manufacturers in a spin with congress using russian military aircraft. the countries had plenty of helping hands after the soviet invasion and russia provided millions of dollars worth of military hardware and wrote off a ten billion dollar jet to the u.s.s.r. now that the deal was sealed russian engineers are working to assemble the helicopters and my seventeen is proof that military might doesn't always mean advanced technology as long as it's got the tough stuff for the terrain and they've beaten they've got it wins before and then we go r.t. . and once again it's time for the business news with kareena. welcome to. the united states have avoided that they felt that the optimism that has left for the markets as that investors are focusing on the poor state of the
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world economy also adding concern is the fact that washington will be cutting spending by two and a half trillion dollars over the next ten years. we've used you in plays we're going to see some significant cuts in public spending in the second half or gear exactly at a time when the u.s. economy slowing down so obviously. some good old procedures downward revisions and green growth united states and united states is going to mean the world i think that will receive some gold down double digits in the world and in such kind of environment usually russia doesn't do very well we have done a couple of calculations we estimated if. growth united states for example is very easy to do by one percent growth in russia could actually suffer by two percentage points which is not non-trivial nontrivial impact. looking at the markets now oil prices are under pressure following a disappointing report on u.s. manufacturing and who's had concerns
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a recruit about light sweet is trading below ninety five dollars a barrel while brant is losing twenty six cents this hour and it's trading at one hundred sixteen dollars. and precious metals are gaining this hour as investors look for safe haven gold is a third of a percent higher than wall street where it's over the percent of. patients stocks are in the red investors are concerned about the slowdown and u.s. manufacturing as well japanese exporters away by stronger yen with ten do over three percent banking stocks among the worst for the hong kong investor or commercial bank of china lost three percent read reports of a major share placement. here in moscow the r.t.s. open the trading session point four percent in the red line six is still closed off in a few minutes so furious in monday's closing records. although investors have become more confident about the u.s. debt resolution not rubenstein and i believe they will still be focused on the
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other side of the atlantic for key indicators. of the world economy. a lot of this was going to the sidelines for tikkun the second june the second part of the week. and she spading their us labor market rate on friday morning and this statistics that that's been coming out of an ice age is being painted a mixed picture and that's why i think a lot of into investors are going to be trying to stay on the sidelines and see what leads this number comes out and particular this is going to coupled with a seasonal slowdown in august so when a lot of investors given all the uncertainties in the market prefer to sort of stand the sidelines and say conservative positions but i mean we're still in the gold market and this is just the pause and i think now when we pose in the good times to look at their winners or rather maybe losers ok that's out of date for this hour but stay with us for headlines coming up next. if.
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