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in india g.'s available in the movie joint b. that shows the a movie that's a great way to go to the grand imperial truly george was the good girl and you can oh well it's a little close mission viejo civility to go and clear on this in the can it was that you know as you're a treat. washington takes the first step to approving the long awaited deal to increase the u.s. debt limit just a day before a full tensional devastating default. the destiny of the bill is now in the hands of the u.s. senate after months of political bickering will it be enough to avert financial crisis. global stocks rally as the self-imposed crisis in america is averted but confidence in the u.s. economy's reputation as the world's creditor has been severely down. russia says u.n. action could help bring an end to violence in syria the wars against excessive
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pressures that could lead to a libya style intervention experts stress the e.u. when the american sanctions are being enforced against the fastest are only making matters worse. and the voices of tens of thousands of anti-government protesters in ease row calling for the prime minister to stand down are going on reported by the international media. just after twelve noon here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. now the lower chamber of the u.s. congress has passed a last minute deal to prevent a devastating a full scale default that's after months long political confrontation where the only remaining hurdle for the legislation is senate approval which is expected later on tuesday well archy's lucy capital it is in washington with more. not
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a lot of good news in terms of the big picture for the u.s. economy of course the only thing that we can be certain of that this deal means is that it averts the self imposed potential crisis of a u.s. default what we do know in this legislation is a does sort of cut spending by about two point four trillion dollars over the next decade what that means in the short term for the u.s. economy is potentially a lot of stifling of growth now we have to keep in mind that the unemployment rates are still astronomically high at nine point two percent and so a lot of economists are saying this is not really the time to be cutting the spending this whole battle over the debt limit is kind of a proxy war an ideological proxy war between the republicans in congress and the democrats in congress and we have to keep in mind that the two thousand and twelve election is coming up for both the congress and of course president obama and a lot of political analysts are saying this is just another way for the republicans
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to try to embarrass the president to make them look bad the irony in all of this is that neither the left and nor the right really liked what came out of the deal at the end we saw one democrat said that this is a sugar coated satan sandwich you look at the bun and nobody likes what they see that and of course by creating the special commission that will sort of figure out where to cut spending over the next few months that issue is still going to come up right in time for the elections so no one really wins in this deal. while the compromise agreed in washington comes just in time to prevent an immediate catastrophe the national analyst max keiser believes it won't be enough to persuade rating agencies to lead america keep its precious triple a credit score. u.s. treasury bond market will be downgraded it will no longer carry the aaa rating no matter what they decide and this is exactly what wall street banks want you don't make much money trading aaa rated u.s.
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government debt most of the economy in america over fifty percent of the economy is tied to investment banking and wall street trading so they control the g.d.p. for them to continue to make money they need to look for new business new revenue is turning america's aaa rating to junk will make them many many billions of dollars in fees it's just simple economics and simple business just follow the money of the folks on wall street the american public by the juggler and they get to keep squeezing until they end up putting another fifty or sixty million of people permanently into poverty and just destroy this economy what obama needs to do if you're working in the interest of the people would be to nationalize j.p. morgan and goldman sachs immediately fire these strokes and start all over again because you've got a predatory monopolist down there in los trade who's interested in wiping out the middle class for a quick buck and that is tyranny of the risk of america's possible self-imposed
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defaults has resonated far and wide with global stocks rallying following the house vote but artie's british leader reports that despite the media economic relief more voices calling to replace the dollar as the world currency are being heard. chinese newspapers are calling this entire u.s. debt deal debate irresponsible and even immoral so although people are celebrating the fact that this did pass there is a lot of cautious optimism here but it's important to note they have a huge vested interest in what's going on in the united states that is held by asian countries china being number one shipping and being number two so confidence has really gone down here many critics of this deal are thing that this isn't going to do anything to help american unemployment which directly impacts the asian economy is all as you know asia is the manufacturing center of the world so if the unemployment problem isn't solved in the united states but also means that consumer confidence goes down for america god means that they're not going to be buying
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exports from asia so that can really impact. people's jobs here in this ponson it. that was. the reporting there from india. and coming up ahead in the program on the reported voices. i haven't seen anyone from c.n.n. or from fox news or any other you know big news channel here and it's really sad we also deserve the chance to be heard out. tens of thousands of israelis demanding that their government stands down say the international media is turning its back on the country's problems. all reports are coming in of dozens more protests or deaths of the hands of government forces in syria russia says limited a un security council action could bring quote good results and helping stop the
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ongoing violence of a country but moscow warns that any measures must be restricted to solving it not aggravating the conflict now the security council has held a close emergency session on syria amid reports the government forces there killed over a hundred protesters on sunday moscow's already issued its strongest condemnation of the violence appealing to both sides of the conflict russia's been cautious about international action on syria fearing a repeat of what it calls the violation of the un mandate on libya will damascus is already under a set of american sanctions a former u.k. ambassador to syria told our t.v. that internal developments in the country will oust the leader. the economic sanctions are not of themselves going to bring down but what will undermine him over time is the fact that the economy is collapsing it is a truism of syrian politics that if he loses the sunni middle class support from
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damascus and aleppo to a lesser extent. he will not be able to maintain his hold on power and when they see the road he's leading them down he's leading to economic disaster then they are more likely to turn against him the moment he has talked about reform but not done anything he's talked about checking the security state but in fact as unleashed it i don't see that intervention militarily would be anything other than disastrous within syria all syrians would object to that would be the one thing that might unite all syrians behind the government in fact. so i don't see any prospect of it a western officials have ruled out military intervention in syria but economic sanctions against the baskets are being stepped up middle east expert trashmore
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landis thinks these measures will eventually back far on the syrian people. all of the syrian opposition leaders who have met send and elected executive committees have all commanded there be no foreign intervention now of course foreign intervention is a very broad and gray area there is military intervention likely up but there is also economic strangulation of a country which might come along the united states already has sanctions fairly severe sanctions on syria the west feels it needs to do something it doesn't want to stop trade you know we've tried sanctions in iraq in iran libya they haven't worked very much and when they have work they starve the people and not the government and that's the danger of sanctions if they feel good because you feel like you're doing something and you could tell you opposition you're on their side but in fact they are going to hurt the people you don't want to hurt. oh well we're following all the events taking place in the middle east where the rest continues
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you can go to our web site that's our t.v. dot com to get the latest news updates and videos and waiting there for you right now egyptian police clash with activists of the long lasting a demonstration on cairo's stuff we're square trying to disperse those angry at the interim government for a lack of political improvement. also on our website a hacker group who hijacked a twitter page of the you know region of mass murder under stray vick claims the breach was an attempt to undermine the killers all life posts and ideological statements. and wild west meets the east of russia where people turn into power boys and indians for the start of the annual cowboy test it will.
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be. able to transport the. streets to. a. field in the soviet files and. it used to be you know ideal place for a holiday and wouldn't change in a moment. beginnings
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of your are still visible. the republic is not only relieved but also shaping the future. king great for the feel we've got. the biggest issues get an invoice face to face with the news makers. now the a suspect arrested in connection with an explosion that took place at a kindergarten in eastern russia which left one girl injured has confessed to the crime and police are questioning the twenty eight year old man whose name wasn't disclosed in the interest of the ongoing investigation well the blast wounded a five year old pupil who noticed a small box decorated with a ribbon on the terrace of a kindergarten in the city of qom some. reports say the bomb was packed with nails and others small metal objects leaving her with multiple cot sense of your girls
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local authorities are treating the assault as a terrorist attack. and on the way back to the front line after two decades we'll find out why the u.s. has sealed a multi-billion dollar deal to supply russian helicopters to afghan security forces . now any zero mainstream media are being accused of burning their heads of the sound over coverage of the biggest anti-government protest the country has seen in decades while tens of thousands of people fed up with deteriorating living standards are staging demonstrations calling for prime minister binyamin netanyahu to stand down as artie's policy your reports from tel aviv protesters voices are simply going on heard by the rest of the world. tens of thousands on the streets of israel angry today and protesting for change but is anyone listening when it comes to
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a lot of the foreign media want to see more of an action movie and the thousand. by you and it's been very. very positive. well into week three the largest demonstration in israel in over a decade and how did a.b.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c. coverage they didn't a younger woman set up the tent while the editors of france twenty four b.b.c. and sky coughed up just a few meager seconds perhaps not even that interesting to. look back in the studios ok there's a quote as well what exactly is a protest a social protest for the revolution it's not the same kind of story the pollution is not as big and dramatic some of the bigger revolutions happening around the middle east and i mean of his writing isn't surprised by the worldwide lack of media interest he's worked in the israeli press for decades but courting for media
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both foreign and local there is a box that the international media has put israel. palestinian conflict also israeli lebanese and syrian conflict and anything that doesn't fit into that. type of of news item which is unfortunate that just makes hundred radius and others angry for nine days she's been camping here furious that she can't make ends meet as a university student in excel says that when egypt decided to stand up and say we've had enough and. in lebanon they decided to say we've had enough the media was all over there i haven't seen anyone from c.n.n. or fox news or any other big news channel here and it's really sad we also deserve a chance to be heard out in the streets has been. let's not feel cornered by some of the people here an optimism perhaps the bait to bring down the government in the way they neva think tuck it square. fast with the cameras they were willing nonstop
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to hear a pretty absence. to see on t.v. tell if it matters. danny schechter says that the reality of life in israel often goes unnoticed because the country only attracts coverage for its role in conflicts. many americans think some of the israeli government is very popular the leaders of israel are kill a lot of attention in the american media israel is presented almost as a model with the country when it's actually an extremely divided country a massive protest of the kind we've seen in israel about even just the economic realities that people there are experiencing something americans have no understanding of because there's no context in the reporting israel's only reported in the context of its conflict with iran or its conflict with palestinians the actual reality of life in israel and what's happening to people there and how this
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right wing government in israel is handling the economy is something that we never really hear about whatsoever it's a very unstable situation the economy there is very unstable as well you know when you look at the middle east generally speaking they talk only about the arab countries only they have internal the discord the never hear about israel's internal discord and the fact that this uprising essentially is taking place in israel while the same time there's one going on in syria this one going on in egypt you know shows that the same pressures are being experienced by israeli people as well which is inflation economic pressure food prices rising oh all kinds of economic uncertainty. more news is coming from e.'s royal where the prime minister has announced he is ready to discuss is really borders with the palestinians when a minute ago who has agreed to negotiate
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a possible return to pre-one nine hundred sixty seven territory lines israel has been occupying lands in the west bank where palestinians hope to build their own state since the a sixty war over forty years ago a peace talks over borders had been stalled since last september due to construction of jewish settlements in the area. afghan officials say at least four people were killed and wounded in a suicide bombing in northern afghanistan one of the attacker blew himself guesthouse two other insurgents broke in and engaged police in a two hour shootout all this comes two days after eleven people were killed in an assault on police headquarters in the south of the country. japan's energy operator tepco has detected the highest level of radiation at the fukushima nuclear facility since the march earthquake and tsunami hit the plant the
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reading taken between the first and second reactor buildings registered at levels considered a fatal to human health become beauty and government say they remain on target to bring the reactors to a safe state of cold shutdown by january. still tens of thousands of people remain in temporary shelter after a no go zone around the complex was forced. mexican police arrested a suspected senior drug figure in the western state of michoacan twenty four year old mary snow got a harrison is accused of supervising the production of methamphetamines of the state for a local cartel so this is the latest arrest of a series of crackdowns on drug cartels by that's a good of border just last week police arrested the alleged gang leader who later confessed to ordering the murder of fifteen hundred feet. of booking a ticket to space is a goal for many but one that very few have managed to achieve and in just
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a few minutes the commander of the legendary apollo moon mission tells r t how reaching a zero gravity can actually shrink your ego. i think that people who are astronauts are cars and it's. the people who live on the. people who like to explore people who like to see something different who like to open up new doors when we look back at the earth three of them we had we could put our earth to the window and everything behind our earth was it was disappeared what with everything that we've ever known was it my height or it was that's sort of a usual feeling a feeling of how insignificant really we all are back on earth if i could put myself at height everybody. else
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legendary russian military helicopter which has been in service for decades is coming back to the front line in afghanistan the u.s. has bought over a dozen choppers from russia for the afghan security forces r.t. said value no vehicles are reports. ambani it's is the nickname soviet soldiers gave for the strong sending wind of afghanistan over twenty years ago they regarded as their main enemy as they struggled for air missions over high mountains in extreme weather now it's easy to describe these the soviet designed am i seventeen which made it seem as a guided survivors. the engine of this helicopter may not be the most advanced but it's well protected from the destructive sounds unlike many of its alternatives is very powerful and perfect for the extreme climate of afghanistan if we'll be able to operate here for about twenty five years in. the u.s.
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led mission in afghanistan and soon when nato troops go there and why seventeen's will maybe come back to face the afghan is when it's once again russia will shift when she won helicopters to advantage than to help the country security in years and pilots work together to perfect and ease operating and why seventeen while it seems quantum physics to me afghan pilots are already familiar with the machine many of them trained under soviet airforce instructors even now twenty years later speak perfect russian. i graduated from a pilot school in the russian city of christendom in nine hundred eighty four when i go back to afghanistan to serve in the army we only have soviet aircraft those machines would have been just to get the most difficult and isolated parts of the country with the us will be for afghanistan's m.-i seventeen's something which put american helicopter manufacturers in a spin with congress and using russian military aircraft the countries had plenty
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of helping hands after the soviet invasion and russia provided millions of dollars worth of military hardware and wrote off a ten billion dollar debt to the us is our now the deal is sealed and russian engineers are working to assemble the helicopters and my seventeen's proved that military might doesn't always mean advanced technology as long as it's got the that stuff for the terrain and they've beaten their guides wins before they were r.t. as a. well time now for the business news reel corrina. hello and welcome to our business update this top story on energy major be honest taking gas problem to court in order to pay lower prices for russian gas the company argues spot prices are up to fifty dollars cheaper per thousand cubic meters than the current long term contract it has with gas probably let me cover half that he's . gazprom says it will raise their bars the gas price last year at their
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time perswaded the gas pump to sell a part of its gas at a price leads to support prices which will lower the gas prices called charts now elan is asking for further reduction so the company is suffering have the losses due to the gap between gazprom surprise and that's all the european markets which serves but gazprom wants to stick to its long term contracts which it says provides a secure it's of all the customers at only a small premium to the support prize the talks have lost it for more than a year now without success so evil is now taking the matter to arbitration courts lawyers we've spoken to suggest it is within the court's power to instruct gazprom to decrease what it charges but it would need a contractual reason to find three very. valid to have the markets prices are under pressure following a disappointing report on u.s. manufacturing that both have concerns over crude rights where it is currently
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trading below ninety five dollars a barrel well brant is losing twenty six cents and is trading at one hundred sixteen dollars a barrel. precious metals are gaining this hour as investors look for safe haven gold is gaining nearly half a percent while silver is over a quarter of a percent and the black. now asian stocks are in the red investors are concerned about the slowdown in u.s. manufacturing japanese exporters strain under the weight of the strong again because last three percent and intended dropped over two and a half percent overnight polls in commodity prices also hit the region's resource and banking stocks are among the worst performers and hong kong. stocks in europe open lower with banks and focused markets are keeping an eye on us where the debt deal now is heading to the senate after winning approval of the house of representatives chairs of b.m.p. point six percent of the second quarter results barclays rose over two percent.
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after its earnings. and here in moscow it's a similar story both main indices in negative territory the r.t.s. is down three quarters of a percent. noisettes is down a third of a facade now let's have a look at some individual movers of my sex energy and banking stocks are winning on in the seas gazprom is losing point six percent while the t.v. is a third of a percent down and russia's air carrier air quality is also down despite positive results the company has almost doubled its net profit in the first half of the year reaching two hundred forty three million dollars. bucks an internet investment group. has bought five percent of social network twitter for four hundred million dollars that's according to the financial times quoting a source close to the deal the newspaper suggest the investment might be the last one for twitter list of wall street d.c. global also owns almost eight percent of facebook. the united states
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may have avoided defaulting on its debts but that has created little optimism in the markets instead investors are focusing on the poor state of the world economy and also adding to concern is the fact that washington will be cutting spending by two to have trillion dollars over the next ten years. you in plays we're going to see some significant cuts in public spending in the second half of the year exactly at the time when the u.s. economy slowing down so obviously i think you saw imply some good old divisions downward a division some good in gold united states eyes it's still the biggest economy in the world i think that we're going to see some growth down down the divisions in the world i mean such kind of environment is really russia doesn't do very well we have democrats or calculations we estimated if. you and i just as for example is not using seduced by want to stand and watch him in russia could actually suffer by two percentage points which is not non-trivial nontrivial impact. that this is not
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good for the saudi backward no and it's. closer to those in the cool guy richard that flocke from all over the world has a few centimeters to sell costs this time bartz he goes to the army or reaching.
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for the goods were still gets people like the good. natured try to save its culture. where grades are protected in the first at the finish of the brits or. the teacher. should close up on the party. wealthy british style. time to. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with meit's cars are run no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars reports on r.t. .


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