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in india in the movie joyce be. the case we go to the grand imperial truly the taj was the. most delicious. to go. read this and the colonel was her child as a treat. the u.s. house of representatives swings behind the bill to avoid amid criticism that america still faces harsh economic recovery despite. the death and the bill is now in the hands of the u.s. senate after months of political will not be enough for financial crisis. nato members pressed for tough u.n. action against syria's government in response to escalating violence but russia to block any resolution leading to libya's stalled interference. on
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a wave of anti-government protests demanding sweeping economic reform but demonstrators complained this summer of discontent is largely being passed over by the international media. international news and comment live from moscow this is r.t. the russian capital just turned eight pm here the lower house of the u.s. congress has done its part to prevent a devastating the falls by supporting an eleventh to raise the country's foreign limit. and political squabbling the bill could be signed into law if the senate also gives the go ahead. the latest now in washington. not a lot of good news in terms of the big picture for the u.s. economy of course the only thing that we can be certain of that this deal means is that it avert the self imposed potential crisis of a u.s.
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default what we do know in this legislation is a does sort of cut spending by about two point four trillion dollars over the next decade what that means in the short term for the u.s. economy is potentially a lot of feeling of growth now we have to keep in mind that the unemployment rates are still astronomically high at nine point two percent and so a lot of economists are saying this is not really the time to be cutting the spending this whole battle over the debt limit is kind of a proxy war an ideological proxy war between the republicans in congress and the democrats in congress and we have to keep in mind that the two thousand and twelve election is coming up for both the congress and of course president obama and a lot of political analysts are saying this is just another way for the republicans to try to embarrass the president to make them look bad the irony in all this is that neither the left and the or the right really liked what came out of the deal at the end we saw one democrat said that this was a sugar coated satan sandwich you let the bun and nobody likes what they see and of
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course by creating the special commission that will sort of figure out where to cut spending over the next few months that issue is still going to come up right in time for the elections so no one really wins in this deal. well earlier we spoke to jerusalem to from the trends research institute and publisher of the trends journal he believes despite the last minute deal the u.s. is heading towards the next great depression. the devaluation of the dollar it's been going on for a long saw him but they're not calling it a devaluation what they're doing is they are flooding the world markets with chief dollars just as the europeans are doing with cheap euros so the more the product is out there the less valuable it is the dollar is it worth to get paid for it's not printed on the united states can't deliver on its wars that loses wars where there are iraq afghanistan the war on drugs the new war with libya they're losers the
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government did everything that they touch look at all the trillions of dollars the tens of trillions that have been pumped into the system since the panic of zero eight struck why would any thinking that dulls look at the republicans and the democrats be in nets and the incompetence to come up with a program that's going to salvage the nation investors having confidence looking to the same people that caused the problems to resolve it's that's called insanity the american economy as well as much of the global economy is heading into the greatest depression anything everything that you're doing is not going to salvage you if you have a third mortgage it's like taking out a fourth benefit how is that going to fix the real estate problem which by the way the prices of four would not dramatically since two thousand and seven since the great depression of the one nine hundred thirty s. how is it going to fix it trade deficit problem it's not the great depression is
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underway and all they're doing is trying to make it look as though they have a plan to stave it off they're not going to. a fresh outbreak of violence brings more death to syria as government forces fire again on anti-government protesters and u.n. security council is to resume discussions on the situation in the country amid reports of over one hundred being killed on sunday let's get more now from marty's marina portnoy she's joining us live from new york marina what could come out of the discussions at the u.n. security council. well bill a lot can come out of these discussions because his discussions are ongoing this is the second day that the members of the security council are meeting to discuss potential international response to what has been keeping pleas in syria since mid march we do know that the u.s. and european countries are pushing for some fierce fierce resolution potentially
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maybe sanctions against syria to stop the violence that's taking place there we do know that same sions will not be supported by russia and possibly many other countries their security council the russian foreign ministry has said that sanctions that option sanctions are absolutely off the table russia's position is that that would be would just add more pressure to an already very sensitive and vulnerable situation that's taking place in syria we did hear brazil's ambassador said that the country but possibly consider. over supporting a presidential statement by the security council that would that would talk about or oppose any kind of ongoing violence but where the security council is provided on is where they want to place their condemnation russia china and other countries are very concerned about not condemning one side or the other not taking sides not
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exacerbating this problem there are many countries that are part of the security council that do not want to see a repeat of what took place when the resolution of for a campaign against libya for no fly zone over libya was adopted and implemented and many countries including russia believe that it was actually used awfully and has been used on awfully and so many countries do not want to see a repeat of what is taking place in libya but there may be maybe an agreement on a text for a presidential statement that would call for all the violence to end we just have to wait. see if all fifty countries will agree on what they can say you talk about sensitive and vulnerable situation in syria your situation in america from your viewpoint what do you see the situation. concerning how americans are reacting to what's happened here since or what is the
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understanding of what is happening there at the moment. you know there are some americans that i believe are paying attention to international politics and what is taking place throughout the middle east and north africa and for some it's actually means of inspiration because there are a lot of americans themselves that are aggravated with their own government and you know have been taking to the streets but i have to say i think that the majority of the tension here in the u.s. has been on the u.s. government and the fact that they have not been able to govern and we know that the story surrounding the u.s. debt ceiling and partisan politics in the posturing that's been taking place in past months has caught the attention of the americans but with the power and there can be parallels drawn between the fact that this is a country that you have the majority of citizens are very frustrated with the way that their elected officials are leading they believe that they are not leading in their best interests and we've seen citizens in other countries throughout the
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world feeling that same frustration right now i have to say the majority of americans are probably concerned with their own domestic problems reno thanks very much indeed for. talking to us from new york well no well let's get more on the situation in syria from political analyst michel chossudovsky he's joining us live . mr. a trust can you hear me that is are you ready thanks very much indeed for joining us there in montreal. as we know the government turns to rolling once again on to the streets of syria with more deaths reported every day well could be done to stop this violence. well first of all i think we have to address the underlying causes because this is not a peaceful protest movements they are reports of several hundred men which have set fire to government buildings in the city of hama. that was
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yesterday mind you the most of of called insurrection is very similar to what happened in daraa writer but i'll settle a lot of the so-called protest movement. the city of hama is a stronghold of the muslim brotherhood and essentially this is a confrontation between the muslim brotherhood and the government i do not think that it reflects. generally public opinion. in syria which is committed to secular. muslim society well he's got a situation very similar to libya whereby there is no real clear understanding of who makes up the opposition so if president assad was to quit who was actually waiting in the wings to take over but the but i think what we have to understand is
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that president assad has very strong pluckier support as as could by the mass rallies pro-government rallies which happened the last couple of months and what is happening is. actually essentially by islamists supported by outside forces we know that that's the case we know that there was that there were incursions from from turkey and jordan and so on. we're not dealing with a peaceful protest movement where d.n.a. which we're dealing with a confrontation between. and it's a. correction on the one hand and at the bottom false is. the ability of the police so this could also hear it i think we also have let me just quickly also all to you you painting that background there if assad was to fall then that would lead to
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civil war wouldn't it so is it not in the west's interest to keep him in hell or well i mean i think i think really we are we are flooded with information which which is biased in the mainstream media i recall just about a couple of weeks ago i was all supposed. quite a hundred thousand protesters in hama in a population in a city which has a population of you know less than a million and in fact it wasn't five hundred thousand protesters it was ten thousand protesters it makes a big big difference. and of course want to use reports never bit is the fact that you have armed gunmen who are shooting at police and this even by the israeli press but there was there was an exchange of gunfire between between surgeons which was supported by the muslim brotherhood and play some as groups on the one hand and government so therefore should be foreign intervention as we've
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seen in libya. well though i mean i think this this this issue should not even be raised people who are actually committing crimes against humanity is the nato us military alliance we see in libya there was absolutely no justification for the intervention in libya. in insurrection which which took place in eastern and eastern libya and there's even less of a justification for one intervention in syria and some nations to be patient so it wasn't we were running out of time is no justification for the stability in the region and not just in syria syria's clearly it's strategically a very important country if that collapses that could have a new one is in the region well absolutely it's a very important country and if there's military intervention in syria then we are in for an extended war which goes from the mediterranean right to apply it is water
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because then you have integration of the war theaters in afghanistan and iraq of course palestine lebanon on and so we're in for a much larger war let's understand that any kind of military intervention in syria at this stage using the pretext of a protest movement or responsibility to protect we have devastating consequences and lead to a military escalation of a vast area we showed that ought to be always good to hear what you have to say thank you very much indeed for joining us live in montreal thank you very much. well still ahead for you this. information vacuum we have for why mainstream media remains to be one hundred fifty thousand israelis demanding social change. but also opens a whole new meaning to overtaking the tank and the mercedes you can find help that's all about a little later in the program. but first an independent panel of experts says there
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are adults that poland's investigation into the plane crash that killed president lech kaczynski was an objective one warsaw agreed that pilot error was the main cause of the tragedy in russia last year but there are still differences between its findings and those of the moscow based interstate aviation committee let's get more now on this from going off. the dispute over the reasons behind the contrast for you has been going on since the crash itself so what's the final word on that. well in general it's clear that the conclusions need earlier by the polish side and those made by the interstate aviation community here in moscow are similar in the sense that it were the actions of the pilots which caused this catastrophe but after the media conference held here in moscow by the interstate eighty sion committee it also it's also clear that their approach to detail is
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a difference first of all if the interstate committee says that the pilots even ordered warnings from the air traffic controller and decided to attempt to land the plane anyway despite the weather conditions the polish side says that the policy decisions were correct it is just that they were not able to implement their implement them also there is an issue of psychological pressure it is a fact about the hand off the polish air force was present in the cockpit at the time when they were trying to land the plane well according to all international rules and regulations that is strictly prohibited and the interstate committee says that that alone can be viewed as direct psychological pressure whilst the polish side says the head of the air force was simply standing there monitoring the situation i was able to personally speak with the chief technical expert off the interstate aviation committee and here's what he had to say on this. the presence
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of the com lawyer in chief of the port of forces who was treated as a person who. i mean c'mon for there for all the cool and if profane like that. anthem for the cockpit and you can see that several times before we cood through for going your way see the wheels doing some of the actions of the pilot more flying so i wore pilots our experts the technical investigation team we've definitely considers these to be psychological. pressure on the crew members. another issue very important here is that the polish committee concluded that the airstrip itself was not ready to receive the plane all the while according to the interstate aviation funny that airstrip is certified to see planes and even though their world
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minor defects. the sole leak could not have possibly away had to be plane crash the interstate committee has also outlined about they are an independent international body whilst the investigation conducted by poland was being done by a state committee questioning its objectivity but all in all the actions of both the polish committee and to the interstate aviation committee are not aimed at pointing a figure at somebody responsible for this disaster this simply a study of what was going on on the plane on that day whilst separate investigations by prosecutors are still being conducted to go thanks very much indeed for that update live from central moscow and it's not easy going to stand up . to israel now in tel aviv central square has been turned into tent city transit protesters have expressed their discontent with soaring prices and plummeting salaries this policy reports that peaceful demonstrations often go
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unnoticed by their government and by the world's mainstream media. tens of thousands on the streets of israel angry today and protesting for change but is anyone listening when it comes to a lot of the foreign media want to see more of an action movie and this has been very violent it's been very haven't been violent at all it's been very positive. well into week three the largest demonstration in israel in over a decade and how did a.t.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c. cover it they didn't a young woman set up a tent while the editors of france twenty four b.b.c. and sky coughed up just a few negus seconds perhaps not even that interesting. you know back in the studios ok there's a protest well what exactly is the protest a social protest for the revolution it's not the same kind of story that they're
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used to it's not as big and dramatic as some of the bigger revolutions happening around the middle east and isn't surprised by the worldwide lack of media interest he's worked in the israeli place for decades reporting from media both foreign and local there is a box that the international media has put israel in an israeli palestinian conflict also the israeli lebanese and syrian conflict and anything that doesn't kind of fred into the. immediate type of of news item which is unfortunate that just makes hundred reyes and others angry for nine days she's been camping here furious that she can't make ends meet as a university student in excel said that when egypt decided to stand up and say we've had enough and. in lebanon they've decided to say we've had enough the media was all over there i haven't seen anyone from c.n.n. or fox news or any other big news channel here and it's really sad we
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also deserve a chance to be heard out on the street has been. tucky a corner by some of the people here and optimism perhaps the pain to bring down the government in the way they maybe didn't talk with. banks whereas the plan was they were willing nonstop yeah they pushed it up things. she tended. otherwise it was a lot more for you on our website it's. just two of the many of the stories you can find on line there because it is a reply to some of the baltic states welcomes veterans of hitler's bluff and asked us to rally in a stone year with fascism finding a pocket of support in europe and. i know i've been panic a whirlwind strikes eastern russia becoming the country's first ever city for nato thirteen minutes respect injured thousands and caused massive damage. to some other news from around the world in world update this hour nato has sent more
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troops into kosovo after a week of conflict between ethnic albanians and serbs all the violence killed one cause of a policeman brought peacekeeping forces under fire you know and since the additional troops are not there to be thought its presence in the region but to provide immediate relief the soldiers have been on the ground since fighting began tensions were raised last week when the calls of the police seized two border checkpoints to impose a ban on imports from certain. at least forty three people have been injured in the northern iraqi city of kirkuk after a car bomb exploded outside a catholic church police say two further attempts to bomb christian targets were foiled when did including church staff and people from neighboring houses which were also damaged by the last this is the latest of a series of similar attacks in the muslim region where the north is a regularly targeted by insurgents and religious extremists. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has agreed to discuss a possible return to pre nine hundred sixty seven borders with indians the country's been occupying land in the west bank where palestinians hope to build
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their own state since the sixth they will announce from follows netanyahu is consistent rejection of the same. proposal put forward by barack obama may in return the palestinians will be expected to drop their bid for statehood at the un and formally recognize israel as the killers. but how about this then heavy traffic and chaotic parking is a daily headache in just about every major city of the world a people unable to find a parking space often just leave their cars in any available spot but what peter pavement or a bus stop but the mayor of lithuania is capital vilnius of the side of the ticket just isn't enough. here you can see how he employed simple yet effective means to solve the problem the owner of this mercedes called on a political name he wrote this is the fall of consul in the struggle with in the army. to be published by the mayor's office is a reminder to those who bought the traffic and parking rules for the city does beat
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a parking ticket as you try here in moscow park everywhere all over the plains. and that's the answer for you in. the. well i'll be back with an update of all my new stories for you in a few minutes from now and also will be meeting the commander of the apollo thirteen mission failed to reach the moon but first run is here with the latest business something. hello and welcome to business here on artsy now i knew needle specialist. and russia's federal districts so help improve the investment climate and all of the so-called investment and what's known as the brainchild of prized advantage their role will be to break down administrative barriers and be a point of contact for investors with the central government's. term an energy
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major owner is taking gas from the courts to get a lower price for gas the company or do spot prices up to fifty dollars cheaper per thousand cubic meters than the current long term contract it has with gas from artie's the democratic over has all the details. gazprom says it already revised the gas price for you know last year at that time your purse way to the gas pump will sell a part of its gas at a price linked to support prices which will lower the gas pump truck now iran is asking for further reductions the company's suffering had a loss of. it with gas prices and that's all the european markets which he'll serve at gazprom going to stick to its long term contracts which it says provide security for customer at only a small premium price is the talks have lost the for more than a year now without success so now you're just taking the matter to an arbitration
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court lawyers misspoken to suggest it is it will be in the courts power to instruct gazprom to decrease what it charges but it would need a contractual reason to find in favor. and stay with the story analysts claim russia's gas will play is in a difficult position as it's going to lose in profits or market share. all in all the german partners for more things actually especially they would like to surprise the one hundred percent of i think the. risk actually was in its profits from the other hand many criticism is from the partners because they think that you've guessed from them all that kind of flexible. with european partners they will lose market share so no balance between losing market share and losing the profits. or let's take a look at the markets now it's more or less
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a sea of red everywhere in the u.s. stocks are down as investors are cautious about the prospects of a recovery and a potential credit downgrade that coupled with the reports that in spending big quiet in june for the first time in almost two years kept and this is in the negative territory now over in europe stock markets are lower with banks leading to the kleins b.n.p. parbat felt super science after reporting a one point one percent rise in second quarter profits swiss banks are also lower with credit suisse group all four and a half percent in london shares of xstrata its home bought some point two percent after the miners said first half net profit more than doubled. and it was a similar picture here in moscow both in the seams and at the trade in session in negative territory the r.t.s. has dropped almost one percent of all to my sex loss point seven percent let's take a look at some individual moves on to my sex now and our g.m.
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banking stocks world weighing on the end this sees gas from was down point seven percent in the last almost one percent meanwhile russia's air carrier araf lots was holding its ground supported by positive results the company has almost doubled its net profit in the first half of the year return to hundred forty three million dollars alexander company flood renaissance capital wraps up the day straight for us. again we are hostages sore for our u.s. markets. and european the problems of the we will run for something lower actually the day or not consumer strain in the us pleaded bad in spades brought surprise and he didn't sort of move markets for the law maybe the main thing is that the end build joints are right now something on the feel resistance levels and broke this levels we have to have some fronts applied. that's all this is for now
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the headlines are next of. kin great for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. jump to get official t. allocation your i phone.


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