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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EDT

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all. in india. we go to the grand imperial.
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road as the colonel was toto treat. us for the debt limit bill to avoid criticism that america still faces harsh economic recovery. for the debt both here in washington after months of brinksmanship but that the short term political victory spell doom economic doom and the months ahead. the u.n. security council debates a resolution on syria following the escalation of russia says any decision must meet the interests of the syrian people. and israel is seized toddled wave of protests demanding sweeping economic reform but demonstrators complained. the international media.
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international news and comment this is live here in moscow just one am in the russian capital good to have you with us so after months of political squabbling in the shadow of a looming default the u.s. can finally breathe a sigh of relief the bill to raise the country's boring limit has been signed into law by president obama after an eleventh hour deal passed its final hurdle in the senate. has the latest in washington. president did come out and speak earlier he called this crisis a so-called manufactured crisis saying that it shouldn't have taken the risk of a default like a task or a few for a washington to get its after work together interesting words but of course we can't neglect the fact that both the president as well as the both both of the political parties are all equally to blame for the big picture economic crisis that
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has brought the united states to this next one which now what this deal does is essentially raises the borrowing limit of the united states wolf cutting spending by about two point four trillion dollars there's a lot of sort of strings attached in order to raise that debt deal that limit and the reason that we saw this battle over this fairly routine vote the raising the debt limit keep in mind is something this country has done more than one hundred times since one thousand nine hundred eighty s. what we saw what was different this time is that this became a proxy ideological war between the republicans in congress and the democrats now of course we are entering an election year and so the republicans chose this time to sort of dig in their heels and to really fight with the democrats over issues that both sides are diametrically opposed to what do these so-called tea party republicans the right wing republicans want no taxes much lower taxes they want very little government spending with the exception on occasion to of course defense spending democrats meanwhile want to keep spending on social programs at high
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levels they want to close with they call corporate tax loopholes and essentially have the wealthiest folks in the society the brunt on the economy now at this at this stage in the economic game both courses are unsustainable of course we ended up seeing this political battle erupt bringing the nation to the brink of a first ever default and the irony at the end of the day is that both sides walked away very very unhappy one of the things that this legislation does is essentially guarantees that there will not be any more stimulus spending so in the short term there's going to be huge effects where of course the. with the country the united states that has abysmal unemployment rate levels at nine point two percent the g.d.p. has barely been growing one point three percent over the last quarter the housing crisis is still an issue and in the long term this legislation does nothing to assure world markets that the united states is on a sustainable fiscal path as i said earlier does kick the can down the road and so world markets are standing by they don't know exactly where the united states will
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cut whether taxes will be increased whether revenue will come in and so the ratings agencies have also sort of remained a mom on this we did see fitch come out and say that essentially the triple a rating will not be threatened or the united states of course which was not the one that threatened to downgrade at any point in this crisis we're still waiting to see where standard and poor's stands on this they want to see cuts of about four trillion dollars the deal only promises about half that amount and moody's has still been silent so a lot of questions and of course the biggest the biggest losers in this whole deal are the american people who are simply struggling to get along to survive and what has been one of the most catastrophic recessions this country has seen in a long long time. will it be a loss for the establishment of a special cross party congressional committee which will recommend what hall decisions law ahead in terms of budget cuts covering social security medicare tax
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tough times around the corner to explain more i'm joined from washington by he's a reporter from the business insider magazine there in new york good to see you. the hard decisions would seem to my head of course just tell us how briefly what this committee is. intended to do. while this committee's was established to solve what congress as a whole could do itself. could be bailed out by twelve lawmakers six senators congressmen three. democrats three republicans in each house so there it is they're going to go into this room beginning in the next month or so. and sort of find a way to cut one point five trillion dollars from the federal deficit over the next ten years and. whether or not they can do that whether or not they can succeed at what congress is as a whole has failed to do as yet remains to be seen that sort of they have to report
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back by november twenty third and then congress has to act by december twenty third really just before christmas in order to avoid these massive spending spending cuts across the board is the ideas that this committee would have the backing of both parties in congress to actually try to get something done wait a minute. so are there. is exhort interrupted sounds like more decisions to be made more discussion i mean you think you think that this committee will actually manage to agree on anything after the huge divisions and difficulties seem over the vote and indeed if they do agree do you really see congress agreeing on what they've agreed on. yeah i mean that's really the question this is part of that depending on who they put on these committees. there are some reports out today that the republican senators wouldn't wouldn't put on any fiscal conservatives on to that committee remains to be seen for the democrats will put on to that committee and if
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they appoint if they appoint moderates is a good chance they'll be some sort of deal it's a majority vote so they actually actually they have to come out and agree on something by november twenty third whether or not they can sell that to congress and the president said today in phatic leave that he wants to see revenue increases tax increases tax reform in this deal and then you have speaker of the house john boehner republicans in congress saying absolutely they don't want to see any of those so you know it all depends on who they put on these committees what this committee actually does we'll see whether or not they can actually get through congress right now it's too early to tell really ok no point us doing any speculation on what could happen in the future let's talk about what's happening right now almost eighty percent of americans believe their elected representatives are acted like spoiled children in this debate now what impact is this whole affair had on american politics and and how might it actually influence next year's presidential election. i think what so if you look at the other have the poll most
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americans weren't paying attention to this process at all all they saw were media reports they weren't looking at the substance they were looking at the with covered the press and that was that these two sides couldn't agree they were acting like spoiled children that were going into an into an election year as you said in that you know really does hide in the partisan rhetoric both sides trying to win the election trying to gain the try to gain the upper hand in that race and we saw that start a lot earlier with this process. you know the fracturing within both parties now between in the republican caucus between the tea party republicans and the mainstream though the old guard of the republican party and the democratic party between the progressive liberal wing and in many respects president obama both of those fractures will play a big factor in who wins next year and how those who wins the presidency next year how those congressional races turned out they were out of time good to hear what
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you have to say thanks very much indeed for joining us zygmunt politics reporter from the business insider magazine there live in new york. but first outbreak of violence has brought more death to syria with unconfirmed reports of at least seven protests to show government forces on tuesday the u.n. security council has resumed discussions on the situation after more than one hundred were reported killed on sunday by troops. has more now from new york. this is the second day that discussions at the u.n. security council are taking place what's clear is that all members of the security council understand that the international community has to react somehow to the uprisings and the violence and the crackdown that has been taking place in syria at this point all fifteen members are trying to come to a consensus a compromise and an agreement on how to react to syria because there's a lot of differing opinions and we know that western countries or the u.s. are calling for condemnation either in the form of a resolution or
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a presidential statement but we know other countries such as russia say that they would not support counterproductive measures which would possibly exacerbate an already sensitive problem and those measures include any sanctions or pressure that would be put on syria there's other countries such as brazil india china that have also has a cheated from supporting any any kind of resolution or indefinitely sanction so at this point what all the countries are doing they're trying to come together and figure out a common consensus on how to react because clearly this is a very violent situation and this is a situation the international community cannot turn away from but they're all just trying to find a way of agreeing on what the best approach is and that is what members of the security council are discussing at this moment behind closed doors and that makes the result may be solution by the security council or presidential statement but
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they are working diligently to hammer that out right now for over four months there has been all prizes and a crackdown taking place in syria back in mid march that's when prizing is against president bush ariel assad began and it was anti-government protesters that took to the streets demanding that he step down and over a matter of these months the protests are still continuing to the street. some groups human rights groups have estimated that more than a thousand people have been killed in the interim this crackdown and fresh violence did occur on sunday in the syrian city of hama when anti-government protesters took to the streets there there's been reports that they were shot at and there is an estimate that up to one hundred people were killed in the violence continued into monday the first day of ramadan so clearly this is a very serious situation and one of the international community is paying attention to but at this point they're divided on how to react and they're working to come to
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some kind of compromise. there was still ahead here on r.t. this information vacuum mainstream media remains and one hundred fifty thousand israelis demanding social change. and the brings a whole new meaning to overtaking the verses a little so you know that's what about later in the program. but first an expert independent panel says they're adults about the objectivity of putin's investigation into the plane crash that killed president lech kaczynski along with much of the country's political elite was who agreed that pilot error caused the tragedy in russia last year but differences remain between its findings and those of the moscow based interstate aviation committee we want to see the details. in general it's clear that the conclusions mead earlier by the polish side and those made by the interstate aviation community here in moscow are similar in
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the sense that it were the actions of the pilots which caused this catastrophe but after the media conference held here in moscow by the interstate aviation committee it also it's also clear that their approach to detail is a difference first of all the interstate committee says that the pilots ignored the warnings from the air traffic controller and decided to attempt to land the plane anyway despite the weather conditions it is a fact that he had off the air force was present in the cockpit at the time when they were trying to land the plane and the interstate committee says that that alone can be viewed as direct psychological pressure whilst the polish side says the head of the air force was simply standing there monitoring the situation i was able to personally speak with the chief technical expert off the interstate aviation comedienne here's what he had to say on this is the presence of the commodity in chief or the portion of forces who was treated as
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a person who. and when commander all the crew members if profile like that. and as a cook with. caesar several times he informs luke who was actually. doing some of the actions of the prime with more flying so as a technical investigation to know we definitely consider these to be psychological . pressure on another issue very important here is that the polish committee concluded that the airstrip itself was not ready to receive the plane all the while according to the interstate aviation committee that airstrip is certified to see planes and even though their world minor defects be solved he could not have possibly a way to be plane crash the interstate comenius also they are an independent
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international body whilst the investigation conducted by paul and was being done by a state committee questioning its objectivity but if you go to pissing off reporting there. in israel central square has been turned into tent city crowds of protesters have expressed their discontent with soaring prices and plummeting salaries but it reports their peaceful demonstrations often go unnoticed by the government and by the world's mainstream media. tens of thousands on the streets of israel angry today and protesting for change but is anyone listening when it comes to zero a lot of the foreign media want to see more of an action movie and this has been very violent it's been very hasn't been violent at all it's been very positive. well into week three the largest demonstration in israel in over a decade and how did a.b.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c. cover it they didn't a young a woman set up
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a tent while the editors of france twenty four b.b.c. and sky coughed up just a few meager seconds perhaps not even that interesting to back you know back in the studios ok there's a protest well what exactly is a protest a social protest for the revolution it's not the same kind of story that they're used to it's not as big and dramatic as some of the bigger revolutions happening around the middle east and i mean isn't surprised by the worldwide lack of media interest he's worked in the israeli press for decades reporting from media both foreign and local there is a box that the international media has put israel in and the israeli palestinian conflict or so the israeli lebanese and syrian conflict anything that doesn't kind of further into that. type of of news item which is unfortunate the street has been dubbed top corner by some of the people here an optimism
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perhaps that they choose to bring down the government in the way the neighbors in toughness square. bus was the plan was they were winning nonstop here they put you up so that just makes hundred wayas and others angry for nine days she's been camping here furious that she can't make ends meet as a university student it makes me feel sad that when egypt decided to stand up and say we've had enough and where eleven and they. to say we've had enough the media was all over there and i haven't seen anyone from c.n.n. or from fox news or any other big news channel here and it's really sad we also deserve a chance to be heard out but without foreign media a very few people around the world will even hear what protestors here are shouting it's a missed opportunity at a crucial time just weeks before palestinians plan to announce the very own state policy r.t. tel aviv. nato send more troops into kosovo after
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a week of conflict between ethnic albanians and serbs tensions were raised last week when kosovan police seized two crossing checkpoints to enforce a ban on imports from serbia. the good serbian canadian film director told me earlier that whatever the sides may agree it'll just be serbia making concessions. they're sending five hundred fifty more german troops and one hundred fifty more austrian troops. they would not be sending troops into kosovo if they didn't estimate that the situation could explode into a larger conflict and considering that the international community has an interest in solving the so-called north kosovo issue it would not be unreasonable to suggest that they are trying to sort of fix this issue as fast as possible and i strongly believe that if force is necessary to do what they have planned they will use it this escalation of violence of course is not helping belgrade because. the people of serbia. see this as
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a provocation and it is making their sentiment against reaching a compromise. not very favorable tried her side so i think this is not definitely helping anybody whatever both sides are urged to negotiate it is mostly for the reason to get the serbs to accept something rarely are albanians out to make concessions to the serbian serbia has already made many concessions to the so-called republic of course so they recognize their documents their i.d.'s their license plates so i think calling for the albanians to negotiations is another call for serbs to accept more things that are just leading to serbia recognizing kosovo . by the way check out our dot com for plenty more stories and eye catching videos you can watch the news you want twenty four hours a day and here's a taste of what's on my view right now. a terrorist suspect confesses to making a bomb that injured a five year old girl in eastern russia
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a homemade device was brought to the gift box and left on a kindergarten terrorists. also online allegedly russian military helicopter is coming back to the front line in afghanistan but this time it's courtesy of the usa you can get all the details dot com online all the time. we're told now to update you on some other news from around the world this hour at least twenty three people have been wounded in iraq by a car bomb outside a catholic church in cook and ethnically and religiously mixed area of the mainly muslim country a priest inside the building was hurt along with people living nearby whose houses were severely damaged by the blast police also found another two vehicles packed with explosives outside two of the christian churches nearby attacks on christians have led to over a million fleeing the country since the us led invasion in two thousand and three with bombings increasing again recently. violent clashes are continued in pakistan city of karachi since monday twenty six people are reported dead dozens more
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wounded much of the fighting has been carried out by armed gangs each supported by one of the country's main political parties officials have said up to three hundred people were killed in karachi in july alone one of the deadliest months in the country in decades the city which also has a long history of ethnic and religious violence has deployed additional police and paramilitary troops to tackle the latest arrest. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has agreed to discuss a possible return to pre one thousand nine hundred sixty seven borders with palestinians the country's been occupying land in the west bank where palestinians hope to build their own state since the six day war follows netanyahu is consistent rejection of the same. proposal put forward by. many in return would be expected to drop their bid for statehood at the u.n. and formally recognize israel as your state. well how
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about this then heavy traffic chaotic parking as a daily headache in just about every major city of the world people unable to find a parking space will often just leave their cars in any available spots be the pavement or a bus stop but the mayor of lithuania is capital vilnius has decided that the ticket just isn't enough he can see how he'd pull it simple yet effective to solve the problem the owner of this. was functional say these. are the pressing look this is called worst in a confrontation with a man driving a tank vehicle seem to say he's going flat out but not quite like this video was published by the mayor's office as a reminder to those who violate traffic and parking rules but clearly he's a man tends to clean up bad habits on the road and it seems to work. inside the street. well that's how it looks to me next will be taking you back in time
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and space to the famous apollo thirteen mission which failed to land on the moon because of a technical failure of all three crewmembers did return safely to earth and. caught up with the missions for his memories of that space flight that's next our special interview and i'll be back with the summer of our main news stories about seven minutes from now stay with us live.
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jim low it's a great pleasure and honor to have you with us it's nice to be here now you've started out for the moon twice without ever landing on it is that fair while the first time was deliberate we were merely going to test out the navigation of the communications and look for suitable landing spots for the people who would make the first lead and thirteen of course was supposed to be the third lunar landing mission and as you probably know we had the explosion and so we had to go around the boat and come back home again fortunately we were successful in doing that. jr moon walk in your dreams oh yes i've been before the flight i would try to figure out what i would be doing there at a place called from all but after i came back i never really dreamed about it after
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that i mean once i was you know safely back on earth i just forgot about it when you spoke about the moon you spoke of fast loneliness tell us how inspiring. to get homesick to join to go back. no as a matter of fact we were around the moon on eight and going to run on thirteen and we were still sort of attached to the earth but we did have this idea of being you know. away from the earth and separated from the earth and although i have to admit that when we look back at the earth and we could put our thumb up to the window and everything behind our thought our earth was was disappeared and everything that we'd ever known was behind our thought it was that sort of a usual feeling a feeling of how insignificant really we all are back on earth if i could put my
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thumb up and hide everybody. and of course that incredible shot of the earth rides you guys went to france to show us they aren't i think for everyone it has a special personal meaning what does that shot signify to you. while i think of that one photograph which was not over here my personal impression of what we saw but to everybody who saw that picture and is perhaps one of the most famous photographs of the last century. again that we are a. space ship here on earth and we're all astronauts whether we want to be or not and we have to live and work together if we are to survive because you guys were very religious all three of the on apollo eight we had very strong religious convictions right well we did but we were not that religious to know that.
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you know that that we were violated the sanctity of heaven. because god is with us on earth as it is with us just two hundred forty thousand miles away around the moon and so as a as a better fact you know on the way we were read the first ten verses of genesis the old tested but we did that because it reality the old test of that was the basis of the three basic religions. on earth islam christianity and judaism and so when we were thinking about what to say being the first three people around the moon what can we say we said lady who was the wife of a adieus paper reporter said read for the first verses this will appeal
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to most of the people who will be listening to you. and most of the earth is not christian other religions too so that's what we did to appeal to the greatest a lot of people that were listening to us when i think of austin arts who retire now you are a successful businessman but many of them couldn't really find their place in life after they are retired from active duty a lot of them suffered clinical depression alcoholism why is that why is it that when awesomeness retire they can't always find the right way on earth. well i think it's very similar to that old saying that after you've been perry what else is there you know. it is it's a high point in everybody's life and then when that high point stops and you go back to living a normal life again a lot of times it's hard to recover because many people say.


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