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. russia says that it could damage the road to peace and calls for more balance.
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because up to date for the moment i'll be back with more news for another update in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime marty has sat down with russia's recently appointed envoy for human rights to discuss his new role constantine dolgoff shares his views on the tourist guantanamo bay prison camp and also nato presence in libya and that's coming up in our interview next on r.t. . well thank you very much for being with us today thank you for your russian foreign ministry's first ever envoy for a human rights why was this position create now will you also the road this is a new position. has been established a few months ago to be rigs three and
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a half months. i am in dispositional now has been established to. be direction of the president of the russian for the federation mr madrid if. decision was taken by what the minister said your lover of the basic idea here is to. probably even more actively. profile our country or russia in the field of human rights democracy and rule of law there was a very important issues and there mentions or international relations as you know and of course an extremely important part of my job part of my job description i am a c. used to morning to this issue we've shown the with the implementation of human races . in the world and across the globe and it's not only human rights. shown in my title it is
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also doing real of low pressure realistically export democracy we're not exporting democracy and we do not think as a matter of principle that democracy can be exported but. obviously democratic development should come first and foremost from within the countries and we consistently proceed from the assumption but. you know there are no i mean this shouldn't be such thing as a first or second tier you know that some cancer is expected more to leave to the democratic standards than the others. so you are selling to means universality and this is the concept which is not unique. to russia. and internationally acknowledged concept how do you respond to this human rights
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watch report which highlighted u.s. reluctance. to investigate systematic torture and imprisonment by officials in iraq . is an interesting question actually. we took note of the report. it is not the first time. human rights defenders let me put it in this way or international organization which is the wing non-governmental organization in this case which is dealing with human rights drawing attention to this issue we have heard the un has american human rights defenders also from the non-governmental sector demand action from the us government namely a proper investigation of a number of cases very firm up mistaken there have been a number of lawsuits against the us government dealing with the religious human rights violations during the so-called counterterrorist operation in particular
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during the military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan. you mentioned also. i believe a similar one time miles who were there was another base in bagram and i'm going to stand up to now. unfortunately there hasn't been a proper investigation and. there hasn't been any proper. punishment so there is some degree of impunity will be asleep here and. quite a major issue in the field of human rights i just might say that we expect that the us government will react to those. recommendations in a proper way of course the. accusations are mostly referred to the period of the previous of the bush administration. and that we know
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that the incumbent administration of the administration has pledged a. number of times to deal with those issues. they still have to go on how to have been recently arrested by being authorities and he called for our fair trial for this man what are the chances that hot h. latin chant will receive a fair trial and we expect that those trials will be fair or will be objective will be based on facts will be impartial and not politicized those are the most important great duryea on which the i.c.u. way used to operates under. unfortunately the practice you know a number of respects. different ways. you know where they have been a lot of. criticism and problems related to the us if you want it to be clear it is
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including accusations of standards and unfortunately there has been sort of ground for this in the past we hope there. is. a way in which is by the way under the u.n. security council resolution. by the end of two thousand and fourteen we expect that the. remaining. international body will. draw a certain conclusion some lessons and will operate in an impartial and professional manner this is always speculation is not only are we expect the expectation of the serbian the serbian government as was expressed by the government publicly and this is the expectation of all members of international community topic for the past couple of months has been libya what consequences well we've been officials face american and european unfortunately unfortunately still it is in libya have been
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continuing for quite some time and. the. matter of the fact there is there. that was who do suffer from those who are still it is most a war. and unfortunately civilians suffer from both actions by the few forces by the government obviously and also from the. use of force. by the coalition forces and the other important trade deal of course is proper implementation of security council resolutions and until someone to maintain seventy three as far as especially as far as protection of civilians protection of civilian population is concerned what do you did to protect the integrity of the security council resolution in the future. this is a very important issue and i think that. once again as the russian leadership has
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stressed. time and again. proper lessons are to be learned. specially from the results from ninety seven to three where unfortunately unfortunately the limits or the use of force more properly i would land but let us not forget that it is. the prime responsibility of the governments to protect the civilian population. there is also a very important usual for sovereignty here so we expect that the governments of course will live up to their respective. obligations international obligations. but if the international community ease to undertake certain steps to protect the civilians. to act in strict accordance with international law what brings me to solicit money for example in case of nato because you talk about
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governments and how civilians are suffering due until actions but also need actions is there a diplomatic mechanism to censor nations action. i would see it is not so much probably the issue of censuring but of course the attitude. why the international attitude towards those deviations from certain deviations from security council resolutions of course this opinion is being expressed and we hope that the signal is being conveyed and it will be heard this particular signal. but. the most important and most acute task more store pickel task to be used once again to stop because still it is as quickly as possible to. ensure a proper transition to the political process. that rational hallett who was
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kidnapped in africa barack and engines and convicted in the united states will be given his sentence in september you have sat that pressure will not but will call for an absolute check response. we are absolutely against violating the legitimate rights of the russian citizens abroad. including including. improper extradition and which took place in that particular case. unfortunately the issues those issues are not. being satisfactorily check up by the americans say what they would like to see is that any response is of course you know what do you use to be most effective. what. proportion of. but russia has been consistently falling we are
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with hearing the norms of international law so it has to be based on international law so we are not violating international law in order to fight violations of international law so this is there. i don't remember that they use the term. maybe it was there in the heat of some discussion but. the idea was precisely this to not to respond with illegal steps to illegal steps this is not the method we she was basically as a matter of principle used by the russian federation. to russia. for the human rights democracy thank you very much but is all mine thank you.
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it used to be an ideal place for a holiday. and chilling moment. of war are still visible. to the public is not only relieved but also shaping the future.
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i. think they all thought oh i've heard. this story still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal that the soviet files on the odyssey.
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top stories this hour. crisis talks with the brits mounting debt problems. meanwhile spain's prime minister delays his vacation to the worsening fiscal crisis in the country. egypt opposed an ailing president hosni mubarak goes on. charges of corruption and killing protesters in february. a fatal clashes today outside court between his supporters and opponents. the u.n. security council is divided over syria western countries press for an outright condemnation of the syrian government. says that could damage the road to peace. or join me for more on those stories and other developments in about fifteen
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minutes from now in the meantime all the support he's. thank you bill what's coming to you live in our team here is what's coming up in the program anything bad to feed for being on. tonight we'll see the russian side reach the champions league playoffs the match is now on the way in. basketball as continue preparations ahead of the euro championships in the through any away only a place in the final would guarantee tickets to the london olympics. and the world champion american jeremy warren i will miss the world athletics championships in south korea due to its own ligaments. so baring a major upset of being will make it into the champions league playoffs in just a few hours' time the club. taking on key of the third round second leg and as we
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speak the latest school's one male to join fellow russian clubs in the. group stage is halfway through and thanks to that. are approaching the overall victory elsewhere surprise package will start against rangers in fifteen minutes. from that for a slag to the swedish side that. sean is up to. the playoffs holding you to go advantage while the region champions rosenborg have it all to do all the losing at home and last year old colleagues semifinalist spend. to reach the next stage at the expense of jobs on sport will have to overcome a two goal deficit. in the meantime ac milan prepare for the telly and super cup against a bit survivals and saying beijing is their first trip to china they know of a fifteen year old familiar with the state to having played the same match at the same venue two years ago they won down to
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a lot so them in their own game the trophy last year defeating roma so. the reigning champions coachella agree saying his man will do their best to bring the trophy back to the red and black parts. well over the phone of course last season would be team to twice in the league but last season was the plan it doesn't mean we have time i think both considering the super cup a very seriously it's an important point to win. and the meantime are better. one of russia's richest clubs have been attempting to lure another brazil and teenage sensation neymar to dagestan for weeks now but so have countless other clubs across europe and says the legendary pele of the nineteen year old son to strike is worth the attention. is a good player no doubt so i think of you like. me like a massey no doubt the like you son of
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a not because like his ego like the lad like him i don't know he has a chance for that because excellent player so i hope as he has a good know the house for that. now as this once eleven year old basket in less than a month away now team russia continue their preparations here in moscow with only the finalists qualifying for the london olympics david plotz injury hit squad has a tough tournaments i had as i'm on course here for parts of. russia's training camp began in early july in moscow with the head coach american david blatt concentrating mainly on bringing his largely inexperienced squad to optimal condition in the opening stages the team then moved on to slovenia where they were joined by more seasoned players like russia's n.b.a. stars and break a leg up into my famous golf however the squad is not quite game ready just yet as gaining strength rather than tactics still tops the collision stats plant that despite the lack of match experience the youngsters are ready to plough in the
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upcoming friendlies the most of the jitters already at least during practice it's true that some guys are really young and inexperienced however and i won't name any names i like seeing them working really hard no one is sky there might be some anxiety in the opening games but i'm sure it will diminish with each match of the. last dog is now one of just two centers for russia with says alexander kaun missing the euro basket due to an injury however it says call forward and captain big that is off the sick list and will join the team in lithuania now according to data blatter no side of the european championships is insured against such roster changes this kind of thing is common to almost all the teams and we have to deal with that it's. you know whether our group is trough or not. it's really hard for me to say i just know that in europe good for my experience every game is different . and you've got to play well to win so we hope that that's what we're going to do
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in the competitions russia's training camp is now entering its final phase said the team is now ready to absorb david blatz tactics ahead of the euro baskets once eleven in lithuania and we'll see the new team in action as soon as this week when it takes boards in a friend at certain points in cyprus room on call sort of artsy moscow. and other big sporting event coming up the small. championships in south korea with sadly for his support as american jeremy warren i will be unable to try for another cent of medals that santa tearing his last food ligament and they won't require surgery but it could take up to twelve months to heal more enough to be the best four hundred meter on a in the world won the gold in that distance at the athens olympics in two thousand and four and followed that win with two victory is at the world championships the twenty seven year old was also due to play at kiro in the us
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a full by four hundred metres relate. also a bruising old time is in store for rugby infuses with that world cup in new zealand just over a month away and wales has quite a warm up on their hands this weekend a classic battle against old rivals england at twickenham the welsh will play without their captain matthew rees though for saturday's road trip the hookahs nestling and neck injury and could even miss their world cup open all september eleventh against current hilda's south africa sam warburton is the standard escape with wales his record tries score a shame well and is also available for the clash the two thousand and eight twelve player of the air saying that heading into battle is the only way to truly determine the team's overall fitness. going to be tough we know that i think for. really you know if we are on this it's all about four months and see where we lead into that we'll have to see both sides are going to want to win this game on the floor would give me three. but as far as we're concerned it's about how we progress
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as the six nations you know where we are just as a side going into the world cup. now in golf tiger woods returns to action out this week sprayed stone into the ohio and will be welcomed back by an old friend down clark bad with the former well best for the first couple of rounds at a ground there recently crowd open champion was quick to point out parallels between the two play as similar build similar color or similar structure. i don't know we just got on really well he sort of got my sense of humor and i got his and you know it was all those years ago what we played first together in one nine hundred sixty let them in the open there when he was still around with her and with the time that i was with butch we spent a bit of time together in vegas. you know i just he sort of i give him a little bit of stick and what have you and nobody really i don't think anybody given that what about brings us to motor sports where power speed and fun filled in
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the latest leg of the european truck racing championship since my lance quest in russia over the weekend with germany's you'll have han winning the stage brings you the behind seemed you.
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and finally back to football they do say that a goalkeeper's life was a lonely won well for one japanese play it got so much was this week during a j. league clash. confident they collected enough to break a problem because sherman and r.c. sides opponents so far so good but their confidence and reckless rival for the use of the shooter had stayed behind the goalie a little passé and the ball dropped in truly bizarre goal and one which doesn't get any better at all and repeat showing the strike equalized matters a long and peaceful of the adverse who went on to win the game three one and insulting frustration while the unlucky goal sounds. and you can catch up with these and some other stories at you tube dot com slash
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sports news coming up next as the weather than bill will update you on the main news stay with us. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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