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tv   [untitled]    August 5, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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for the feel we've got. the biggest issues good voice face to face with the news makers. asian stocks tumble as global markets react badly to america's gloomy economic outlook as well as the swirling eurozone debt crisis that's what in consumer confidence out brits. as former egyptian president hosni mubarak stands trial for mass killings during february revolution those who fought for change are left jager as violence and arrests continue under cairo's military rule. and we take you to russia's far east where integration of neighboring china goes far beyond any borders that's it close up at this hour.
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eleven am here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. now to our top story asian stocks slumped on friday following a day in the red for european and american markets well investors are nervous over the a prospect of a sharp slowdown in the u.s. economy as well as having a eurozone debt crisis on their minds largely has been getting global reaction to the ripple effects on the markets and bangkok based economist says it is an economy can easily withstand america and europe's. concern that we have now is that we have to see growth rates in asia come down a bit further from where we had been expecting them and if you remember in the global financial crisis previously a lot of banks in asia got very cautious so they themselves decided to limit their lending and that's likely what we will face again and compared to the global
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financial crisis you may remember actually asian economies and banks didn't get that hard hit so again the situation today is is not that worrisome compared to the last two crises in asia for china remember in the past they were able to continue to grow their infrastructure program and banks were providing credit for that so china probably is still one of those countries where you'll still see acceptable growth remember they've been trying to manage down their growth to about eight percent and maybe we'll get there now but what you should see is china doing less in the way of tightening measures if the global economy is much weaker. all over in america the relief over congress finally agreeing to that solution prove shortlived doesn't vester stick right from wall street or even to its worst in three years a specialist who helps american firms quodling says the crisis shows that
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washington's not tuned in to the right signals. right chest speak for all the investors are certainly. looking at. it washington doesn't raise anybody's kind of. politicians will do the right thing the u.s. should be concerned and should be worried but i'm sure that the politicians in washington i getting that message it seems like. in the. daily political struggle and battle i need place at the important to really political points in t.v. . into consideration the national interest stage as well as the world why interest in a financially stable market i'm very concerned about the future of the united states much less conserve what's going on in asia there's no question in asia
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including china but other parts of asia as well is very much on the right and they seem to be much more sure footed and they get things done over there is what's going on in this country. as europe's markets prepare to get going let's go to brussels and talk to our teams down your bushel hi there danielle. couldn't just tell us what's expected where you are following no one thought in europe pretty steep there and the slump in wall street. absolutely this was a car because the dog is a big lousy will we serve the future so they point to a very sharp drop sort of business here and obviously people are extremely concerned it came all the stronger berlusconi the prime minister of italy gave a speech which was designed to reassure people but the very fact that he came out he waited till the markets close that day signaled the people there he was
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concerned i was a lot of people over its leaves are calling me of course we saw the crisis talks between italy and the european union this week only their problematic economic situation the fight the eagles all the polls had reached above six which is considered the straight hole for a sustainable rate the same happened in playing a prime minister all of us claims up and so there are piles of his holiday to return some address and deal with the problem there were also know that italy's economy is hardly over the big sea but mean that there is more than its gross domestic product which is also obviously know it's sustainable now it's only one hundred dollars at salvage spending cause trouble is believed tell you people say they want except those cards and that they are actually going to want strong ties across are still expecting steeper clubs and the markets here in europe yes growth was in most of the same to me those words unless there's a saying very much throughout europe we've seen for example the footsie one of the
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stock markets in europe in london so using a short break throughout the week thing drops every day but the futures in this morning which is what signals will happen through the day a showing of very significant drop throughout the day which is because extremely concerned it's people here in the european union all right thank you very much for that diet will certainly be a key thing and i thank you. well there are business addresses also keeping a close eye on developments and kareena is here now for that hi there are kareena do you hear me. well unfortunately i think we're having a bit of a technical problem will try to bring that back around in the meantime in egypt where islamist groups grow and influence the debate spreads over whether the post revolution country will become a real ruled state and this is the nation's former president and his allies stand trial and hosni mubarak denied the charges against him on the first day of his
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hearing where he was accused of ordering the deaths of protesters back in february the hearing which will continue in ten days could see face a possible death sentence well the eighty three year old lady in a hospital bed in court where he's being tried alongside his two sons and who are also accused of corruption and mass killing. of local reports with new people in power blood is still being spilled on the streets of egypt. so young to vote yet old enough to die for his country this boy was just seventeen wanted to kill him where these were true that adorns one of cairo central thoroughfares there's even talk of naming a street in his name from one and more fear and a not very well in nature right now if the data. gunned down riot form of art the resignation of celebrated its patron. would be
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a rider future of the country killed after his outfit sometimes a great fear of criminals to undermine a country democratic thrives it doesn't matter that they shared the same goals and each of these days just this is about power and not be out that way around this young man also counted in south among the children of the revolution if he's older brother he celebrated mubarak's departure from power or to taking you for the and to the police a few months later he was killed and what he's brother believes was a government sanctioned shoot out the man is the bible and on. shoot my brother dad the bullet went through his forehead and it came out on the side and i saw it that no one here has a weapon like this only soldiers do like families of victims whose deaths and now being pinned on the park these people receive no monetary compensation for their loss in fact they're increasingly worried that the new military authorities may
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persecute them a struggle just became an all encompassing term for those who don't appreciate the ruling military. and i was about this we expected beyond it's going to be to protect people just took minds but instead he started to kill people themselves are the supreme council of the armed forces as an interim caretaker but mubarak stepped down brought to power by the protests the generals nevertheless cultural much liking for mass gatherings the cradle of the egyptian revolution is now cordoned off by riot police those caught protesting his or public disturbance and sense of military trials in the last seven months there have been more people put on military trials than the number of people that were put on movie shows under president of the most is the president of war so that's really president mubarak's regime individually of course a scar on his forehead still hasn't heal but these activists believes he got off
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lightly from season counter with the police a month ago the son of the former presidential contender was jailed by the mubarak's regime nourse as the new authorities are just brutal its version of the all of its extremely few that there is very little difference between the people who are ruling us now. and that many of the crimes the western world are committed to his people are currently being committed. to us now by the people who are ruling as the supreme council of armed forces. whether it is using violence or oppressing. the public or even if it's manipulating the public opinion but the and this is what hurts more is that these crimes are now being committed with the disguise of the revolution it is these bloody t. shirt as a reminder that the egyptian revolution is far from over the former president is
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now on trial for his role in the mass killings but the body is still being spilled on the streets of cairo it's not a boycott art says it's empty. the syrian opposition has dismissed a decree from president assad authorizing a multi-party government system but the law could see the formation of political groups opposed to the ruling baath party's national front protesters are mad an end to brutal crackdowns before they'll enter a dialogue gesture came after the un security council condemned his regime's violence against the opposition and called for internal political dialogue to the bloodshed a local reports say the military is attacking the protesters stronghold of hamas activists say dozens have died there in the last twenty four hours added to over one hundred killed since the weekend while france announce it may seek a further action from the security council if the killing continues however such threats are counterproductive to any real change according to some tar president of
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the arab lawyers association. affectively if it is not good enough to station itself it's how it's going to be implemented and the restrictions included in that there are quite a lot of restrictions which makes it probably very difficult to implement i think the pressure on international pressure on syria is producing some result what is lacking is the action on the syrian side they have to make the changes that require . principly start killing people or remove some of the leadership. on the part decide on the government and on the military and i think the threats that the u.s. and france and the and britain are applying to syria is very counterproductive russia's position i think it's a moral one in the sense that if you want a friend you actually give an honest advice to your friend you don't just agree with them and you don't threaten them it is not acceptable what's happening you
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have to have a dialogue but they are resisting the forming in the same trial which we have fallen before with iraq when there will be a security council said they would not invade iraq but they did they said in libya only we are going to have it a no fly zone and it turned out to be into a war and invasion of libya. and immediately medvedev has stalled syria's president bashar al assad that he needs to carry out reforms and open dialogue with the opposition. nor serious thought succession in your pocket unfortunately the situation in syria has taken a dramatic turn we real politicians should follow developments it duffield libya gevalia orders to destroy the opposition the syrian president gave no such orders unfortunately a lot of people are dying in syria this is our biggest concern in my private conversation with the president and in private letters or send him i discuss the same ideas reforms need to be carried out so he should establish peace with the opposition establish peace in the country create
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a multi-state if he fails to do that in a sound future awaits him and at the end of the day we'll have to make our decision we're watching the situation is changing are good ones are to. use as though it were really the call the russian president gave an interview to our t.v. . station and the doors of the cook television channel on the eve of the third anniversary of the assertive war and speaking about those events of the caucasus and later that have said a georgian president mikheil saakashvili should face an international court for starting the war in two thousand and eight a little can watch president may get interviewed all thought about stalin on r.t. if you. had a great civil war that threw a tiny nation into the global spotlight. three years after georgia attack satisfaction. could anything how stop the bloodshed.
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i did russia have any choice but to step in. president medvedev gives r.t. the straight answers. and now no more drinking no more gambling and no more music all just part of a proposal put forward by a hard life muslim group which wants to see iran to fall under the strict muslim code of sharia law artie's door and i found out why the move was vision for the local capital is just the beginning. so we are here to tell you that base mom. is unstoppable in europe stoning for adultery cutting off hands for stealing death of renouncing islam this group of men is trying to enforce shari'a law in the u.k. they started a campaign to make certain areas of london and other cities islamic law controlled zones starting with wealth of east london people on the good of being evil because of islamism plotted to kill the most of all muslim community also looking to
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believe that muslims who live together trade according to the sharia is all the problems. but even police themselves to a large extent hopefully one day trying to summit governments will have apology look at the security locally and you provide well for locally choudhry and his friends are fly posting parts of london with large muslim populations they want to ban drinking gambling and playing music and they say they've got bands of young men ready to patrol and in full shari'a law by any means now that enforcement will not initially be in on the level of inviting and forbidden vegging it isn't as a business to be but essentially say evil like pornography prostitution should do so. by that you mean i think of course i believe the pressures that are needed most should be run out of the area these muslims say british society is broken little with drugs crime and prostitution because of that they firmly believe members of
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the communities they're targeting will welcome sharia law but the word on the street about the campaign tells a different story comes down secular law the laws of the place you live for and so my way the laws and all of these things are completely legal in this country so this is not india or pakistan this is including our own laws it's a rights community bring our laws in here we often are because i think the trouble councillor martin east. griese saying this could destroy community cohesion we've. taken them to since they put up because we do not want these posters around if you know. they had no place in the forest this is an equality campaign a state issue real supporters shouldn't be considered a religious movement was a god right political organization with opposed to campaign designed to divide and conquer communities the danger lies in dividing people dividing communities
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creating mistrust and particularly among from non muslims towards moderate muslims i think this is part of their aim is to create mistrust so they can then trying to moderate muslims and say look everyone hates you we're your friend turn to us and it's a very very dangerous thing and it's a political tactic to increase their own undeterred by opposition challenge real his group plan what they see is the beginning of an islamic emirate not just of. all over europe police have mobilized to take these posters down as fast as they appear but choudhry and his group say bay formed bands of vigilante in forces to make sure syria is. all physically and in other parts of london women have already been harassed for not covering their heads if these muslims ever get their way i won't be able to dress like this on the streets of both them stay or many other parts of london brussels rome and paris. r.t.
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well from stone. and now look at some more stories from across the globe for you team first time trying to govern the protest movement. across israel hundreds of educational workers rallying through the streets and through so well better working conditions for the news comes after a three week old demonstrations overwhelms nationwide with tens of thousands of protesters reportedly involved the movement initially target. overpriced housing but his ride into and compasses anger over a number of other living issues. is to get its first ever female head of government watch has a clear road ahead to become prime minister after her party secured an absolute majority in parliament she's the sister of former prime minister talks in fit a lot who was overthrown in a military coup in two thousand and six it was charged with corruption and fled the country but some speculate he might line up for
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a comeback with his sister in charge. next or off to one of russia's remotest corners and where integration with china knows no boundaries. and today we're in the far eastern region it's a remote but rich region holding russia's largest gold reserves it's also quite of industrial powerhouse with heavy manufacturing flourishing and imo it is also the real russia's eastern economic outpost to be perfectly situated to make the most of its proximity to china argues alice stewart went along to see how state borders turned into bonds of friendship. a very warm welcome to this edition of russia place out this week coming to you from the i would eat in six ways yes in the great hall this reaches of us is for respect the uses of kilometers away from you in
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moscow but to me of like this i books from china and all surprisingly the influence of china and its culture is everywhere here. high heels and a hot house is not a look many women can pull off but then lily white on a restaurant she prefers to be called in russia is no ordinary woman having first arrived in a more as an interpreter in the other ninety she and her family worked their way up from running a small cafe shining this large construction company. and spread across the region's capital blagoveshchensk no fewer than four large chinese restaurants full most nights and serving up the taste of the orient to russian diners it's an impressive pool failure and one that the mother of two says she couldn't have built in china if you. use the word of yet i saw an opportunity to create something here russia needs skilled laborers and with china being so close and easy our existing chinese goods and equipment and
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a ready work force of. the receiver is just one of a growing band a successful chinese entrepreneurs operating and russia's foreign just where a river is on what it separates the two countries easy proximity coupled with favorable visa regulations continues to inspire young thousands of chinese workers people like sucha to flock across the border every year his is a tried and tested business model selling cheap secondhand chinese clays. so whether it's a pair of a trendy train is that you raft or perhaps the most design of fungal says this is where the people of lack of years of head to pick up our game are inside the chinese market which then the center of town and of course. everything inside here bev belabored made in china and all the sellers also come from china and let me tell you it's absolutely packed inside here and how it's like this every single day so clearly business is booming. i've been here for three years and i left
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china as the grounds not jobs things are going well here you can get things really cheap here which is great if you've got a large family the quality varies hugely but on balance i think we're lucky to have chinese traders here russian goods just can't compete on price and. i hoping on one of the many packed ferries that cross the more river every day rushing consumers can enjoy an even more authentic chinese shopping experience i'll be good with a slight slavic flavor thank you for volume and in the process help to fuel the chinese economy it's led sons of fear that russia's far east is being exploited by its entrepreneurial neighbor dismissed the church work as pessimists revel in self pity at the sight of china forging ahead not to miss think of ways to develop like a vision of the same pace using chinese expertise capital and labor i believe our region is hugely fortunate to go to china if we compare our city to others in
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russia we're much better off in almost every respect i was told of extensive plans for more joint ventures and greater integration between the two countries as far as government is concerned its relationship with west from. their founding here on the a more couth line it's a mere five minutes by boat across to china so close you always feel like you can reach out and touch it and people living here say that they've been witness to the phenomenal pace the developments along the hike a slight representative of the growth of the chinese economy as a whole and its influence here in russia alice said it r.t. border region. oh let's see how jumpy the markets are this hour history now with the business news. hello and welcome to our business update this hour global financial markets are
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witnessing its worst aloft since the middle of october two thousand and eight the dow jones tumbled more than four percent while the nasdaq lost five percent at the end of the thursday's bleak session worsening economic data suggests following american growth after an already sluggish pace in the press top there's a lot of sentiment was boosted by news from europe regions sovereign debt problem is in the gulf in two of its largest economies spain and italy seeing a diver from his bare bank says if global financial problems lead to a second wave of global recession russia will be hit as well eve it is rescission them include russia is the fact that even as default in restructuring or we all know it's too soon but rather you still position in return if you can improve and this is good for us is the new season even greater sunni is even better than in changing for example right in terms of for all that
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problem. eve we see or seen the economic situation globally very clearly russian markets in russia will be affected through christian. let's have a look at the markets gold is edging up adding over twelve and a half dollars per ounce well so where is that in twenty six cents that's up to the west and eurozone economies have second best is running course they play with precious metals providing right now low prices extended sharp losses light sweet is now losing two dollars fifty cents trading at over eighty four dollars a barrel of brant is at one hundred five dollars per barrel asian markets have nosedive tracking the losses on wall street's trans nikkei down three point seven percent the slowest senses post growth play punk in large energy companies and financial firms among the worst. romer's oil from impacts down over seven percent miners have also been hard hit hong kong's hang seng that is over five percent in the red with exporters among the main losers now europe stocks long there in early
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trading on friday standing in global sell off amid mounting borys over economic growth the pussy is losing almost three percent at the start of the trading session and the dax is down nearly four percent given the markets are plunging into the red joining the global rout over the r.t.s. and isaac's shooting over three percent in early trading the r.t.s. is well into the fourth day the longest losing streak since june twentieth now let's have a look at something individual movers on them isaac's energy majors among the worst performers on local prices gas problem is losing over four percent this hour financial stocks are also under pressure with the t.v. bank down over four percent as well telecommunications company ross telecom is not an exception it's more than eight percent in the red. russian high it's a corporation ross not i was getting into the pharmaceutical business by creating a new drug maker called soon be able the total investment into the start up would
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be around eighteen billion dollars with first sales expected in two thousand and fifteen the company will concentrate on a wide range of drugs including anticancer nets. that's our business update for this hour we'll be following the market's performance in the next hour so join me in about forty five minutes from.
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last time the close of team was in the cool gum region where men flock from all over the world to have a few centimeters to their self-confidence. this time archie goes to the amore region. for the gold rush still gets people hyped joke. for an ancient tribe fights to save its culture. where cranes are protected in the first and dumped on official nature reserve. come to the region. watch a close up on the r.t. . for the full six we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers a multi.


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