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of what i have done i believe my decisions were nor for thought how to use unnecessary things i said thank you very much mr president. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've dumped the future coverage hungry for the full story we've got it from the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in india oldies available in the move go on to join the hotel rooms. the gateway hotel the grand imperial trying to talk to. you can
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a letter tell the closeness you see don't need to go and. read this in the kennel was her job as a retreat. dropped stock and apparel europe's shares a slide in early trading mirroring asia and wall street retreat amid a gloomy u.s. outlook and deepening at eurozone debt. president medvedev urges a serious leader to start talks on reforms with the opposition or expect a sad future protestors reject the offer of change from president assad whose tough attacks on their stronghold also this hour. is a lot the little's of the place you live find somewhere where you do appreciate the littles blind muslims in britain make efforts to have been sent by trying to put london under strict sharia law. and enter the dragon rushes of more regions arms are open to the neighborhood china in close up we hear how they're going far
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beyond the pale. just after three pm on friday here in moscow you with our roll receive shine it's been a rocky few hours on the global stock markets with europe's exchanges dipping again echoing similar drops in asia and america stock holders fear the worst after the prospect was raised of a sharp slowdown in the u.s. economy as well as the eurozone debt weighing on their minds and there's no friday feeling for spain or italy have seen their borrowing costs shoot up again daniel bushell is following the trade session in brussels. well it's panic stations because. more than eight percent on the news that it took over a billion dollar loss related to greek debt problems and of course many european
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banks have exposure to greece and the problems there so they are suffering their shares the suffering at the moment as well we saw a fall and then a slight correction and now again the major markets germany france and britain in europe are suffering and lloyds bank saw from the beeb a greater loss for call to two related irish debts of the successive days of falls all the major bourses there again suffering greece lower limb the worrying you know but what investors are even more concerned about italy's current crisis talks with the e.u. italy's economy is the number three in the eurozone off the germany and france much bigger than portugal greece and ireland put together and the news the economic figures from there or even worse than at the height of the global economic crisis in two thousand and eight effect in the whole history of the euro investors are also pulling out of spain in record numbers and if those two join countries fall we
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are really in trouble when the world's biggest lenders bank has slashed its exposure to italian that as well as to other struggling countries. who thought of the board and that really shows the investors the mortgage or confidence in the claims by those countries that they can tackle the problems. are reporting what i mean market gary who's a hong kong based business consultant who says that the transatlantic turmoil is forcing investors to head for safe havens in developing markets such as china we've seen you know china is looking at about nine percent growth this year india eight percent and don't forget indonesia at about six point five percent. that's about forty five percent of the world's population these populations that have been been growing their economic wealth has been growing so they're now significant spenders on retail themselves we've seen tremendous growth in the property markets
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particularly in china we've seen china's car market now become the world's largest car market and i think major companies are looking to for growth in asia pacific and they're diverting their attention to these markets and i think if you look at just the announcements that were made yesterday like by h.s.b.c. they're cutting back in europe but they're adding they're adding about five thousand people in asia pacific. or asian markets over joined friday's free fall but bangkok based economist daniel tarbush says that the region's economy will easily withstand america and that europe's turmoil. concern that we have now is that we have to see growth rates in asia come down a bit further from where we had been expecting them and if you remember in the global financial crisis previously a lot of banks in asia got very cautious so they themselves decided to limit their lending and that's likely what we will face again and compared to the global
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financial crisis you may remember actually asian economies and banks didn't get that hard hit so again the situation today is is not that worrisome compared to the last two crises in asia for china remember in the past they were able to continue to grow their infrastructure program and banks were providing credit for that so china probably is still one of those countries where you'll still see acceptable growth remember they've been trying to manage down their growth to about eight percent and maybe we'll get there now but what you should see is china doing less in the way of tightening measures if the global economy is much weaker. well our business desk is are keeping a close eye on developments right there for us so what can you give us the latest on the markets there corrina markets here joined the panic across the international trading floors and the two major indices are down over two percent at the moment after having plunged over three percent already and the day now we have to bear in
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mind that russia had a fantastic run and the last weeks and the my xix is coming from its highs mainly because oil pressure is a key export fell to a five month low experts also warned that american unemployment figures to be announced today could prompt further losses here and on the global markets. we'll be seeing you in about fifteen minutes time thanks for that. president of year there is a warning syria's leader that he must enter dialogue with protesters in order to end of the ongoing violence discussion of the conflict came up during an interview with r.t. and other media on the eve of the third anniversary of the south asserting war here is some of what you'll hear throughout the day here or not. unfortunately the situation in syria has taken a dramatic turn we real politicians should follow developments gadhafi gave violent orders to destroy the opposition the syrian president gave no such orders
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unfortunately a lot of people are dying in syria this is our biggest concern in my private conversation with the president of syria and in the private letters i sent him i discussed the same ideas reforms need to be carried out he should establish peace with the opposition establish peace in the country and create a modern state if he fails to do that then a sad future awaits him and at the end of the day we'll have to make a decision we are watching the situation it is changing our guidelines are to. the syrian opposition dismissed a decree from president assad proposing a multi party government system saying the violence has to end before dialogue begins assad's gesture came after the un security council condemned the regime's crackdowns on peaceful protesters meanwhile syria's military has reportedly been attacking the opposition stronghold of hama activists say dozens of died there in the last twenty four hours adding to over one hundred killed since the we can
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prance says it may seek further action from the security council if the killing continues but arab lawyer. says such threats are counterproductive. effectively it is it is not doing enough to station itself it's how it's going to be implemented and the restrictions included in there there are quite a lot of restrictions which makes it probably very difficult to implement and i think the pressure of international pressure on syria is producing some result what is the lacking is the action. to have to make the changes that are required. principally start killing people remove some of the leadership. on the part decide on the government and on the military and i think the threats. the u.s. and france and and britain are applying to syria is very counterproductive russia's position i think it's a moral one in the sense that if you are a friend you actually give honest advice to your friend you don't just agree with
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them and you don't threaten them it is not acceptable what's happening they have to have a dialogue but they are resisting falling into the same trial which we have fallen before with iraq when there will be security council said they will not invade iraq but they did they said in libya only we are going to have a no fly zone as it turned out to be into a war and invasion of libya. meantime the islamic leadership tension of a very different kind in britain with hardline muslims trying to enforce sharia law in london from abstention to amputation and it's been hearing how they want to instill that tough code on the capital. so we are here to tell you that islam. is unstoppable in europe stoning for adultery cutting off hands for stealing death of renouncing islam this group of men is trying to enforce shari'a law in the u.k. they've started a campaign to make certain areas of london and other cities islamic law controlled
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zones starting with will from stone east london will become good if there's a new samas an alternative to the muslim of an all muslim community or some of the ability of the muslims kind of together trade according to the sharia was all the problems. and even police themselves to a large extent hopefully one day to have a summit governments would have authority locally security locally and you provide well for local choudhry and his friends are fly posting parts of london with large muslim populations they want to ban drinking gambling and playing music and they say they've got bands of young men ready to patrol and in full shari'a law by any means now that enforcement will not initially be in on the level of inviting and forbidden but if someone has the capability to be would an essentially evil like pornography prostitution issue do so. by that you mean physically of course i
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believe that i need a mosque should be run out of the area these muslims say british society is broken little with drugs crime and prostitution because of that they firmly believe members of the communities that targeting will welcome shari'a law but the word on the street about the campaign tells a different story comes down to if you don't like the laws of the place you live find somewhere way to appreciate the laws and. things completely legal in this country this is not india or pakistan this is our own laws people have no rights coming here and bringing their laws in here we often have a costly but trouble councillor martin. griese saying this could destroy community cohesion we've. taken down the post this assumes that because we do not want these posters around. they have no place to move and for us citizen equality campaigners say this should real supporters shouldn't be considered
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a religious movement but a far right political organization with a place to campaign designed to divide and conquer communities the danger lies in dividing people dividing communities creating mistrust and particularly among from non muslims towards moderate muslims i think this is part of their aim is to create mistrust so they can then turn to moderate muslims and say look everyone hates you we're your friend turn to us and it's a very very dangerous thing and it's a political tactic to increase their own power undeterred by opposition chaldron and his group plan will they see is the beginning of an islamic emirate not just of the all over europe police have mobilized to take these posters down as fast as they appear but choudhry and his group say they formed bands of vigilante and forces to make sure syria is to all physically and in other parts of london women have already been harassed for not covering their heads if these muslims ever get
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their way i won't be able to dress like this on the streets. or many other parts of london brussels rome and paris and it's r.t. . and more on what some european leaders describe as the failure of multiculturalism can be found online at r.t. dot com here's some of the other news on our website waiting for you today from a would be suicide bomber to peace campaigner. woman whose life changed when terrorism. she tells her story to us at r.t. dot com. i'm fishing out a submarine untouched. that's been looking at.
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you with r.t. now russia has struck gold well not quite yet the un has allowed access to possibly one of the planet's biggest gold and copper reserves but it won't come easy they lie in the deep sea deposits of the mid atlantic ridge. has details of this deal. russia has fifteen years to explore the. mid atlantic ridge in order to find out whether indeed this is spec to gold and copper or are in fact contained there and if the research proves to be successful if they do find a war in the mid atlantic ridge that that means i should get the priority of the development of that field this has never been done before no country's ever applied for the development of the seabed into in international waters until last year china has decided that they wanted to ask for permission to do research for any potential valuable materials in the seabed off the indian ocean so this of course
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brought forth many opportunities for other countries who are interested in develop development of such resources particularly for russia there's the the arctic the arctic sea russia is very interested in possible development of a well and gas resource there in fact russia for quite some time has been trying to prove that the last of bridge in the arctic sea is in fact a continuation of russia's continental shelf and if they do prove that that in fact is the case of other countries agree with russia that that means russia will get to develop the possible incredibly rich oil and gas resources in that field of course russia has to compete with other countries who are vying for the for the peace of the arctic by in those countries of course are canada the united states denmark norway and interestingly enough china. are going to go to you with all it's you know let's check out some of the stories from around the globe for you this hour
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another over and behold a libyan leader muammar qaddafi's sons reportedly being killed in a strike. he was in one of the colonel's compounds when the raid begun a nato won't confirm or deny whether the twenty eight year old was among the thirty two died in may one of confused other sons was killed along with three grandchild. when a nato bomb hit the house they were. found out teachers have joined the anti-government protest movement currently sweeping across israel hundreds of education workers rallied through the streets of jerusalem. the news comes after the three week old demonstrations overwhelmed cities nationwide with tens of thousands of protesters reportedly involved the movement initially targeted over priced housing but is widened to encompass anger over a number of other living issues. thailand has its first ever female head of government. has been elected as prime minister after her party secured
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a parliament majority she's the sister all former prime minister thaksin shinawatra who was overthrown in a military coup in two thousand and six he was charged with corruption and fled the country but some speculate he might line up for a big comeback with his now sister in charge. or as i will next do stay with us we're off to one of russia's remotest corners and where integration with china knows no boundaries. and today we're in the far eastern region it's a remote but rich region holding russia's largest gold reserves it's also quite an industrial powerhouse with heavy manufacturing flourishing and more is also russia's eastern economic being perfectly situated to make the most of its proximity to china. to see how state borders turn into a french. very wealthy. place this week coming from the.
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in the very. little sense of kilometers away from. us from china and unsurprisingly the influence of. is everywhere here. high heels and a hard hat it's not a look many women can pull off but then lilly white on arrests or if she prefers to be called in russia is no ordinary woman having first arrived in a more as an interpreter and there were nineteen she and her family worked their way up from running a small cafe to owning this large construction company. and spread across the region's capital blagoveshchensk no fewer than four large chinese restaurants full most nights and serving up the taste of the orient to russian dinah's it's an impressive pool failure and one that the mother of two says she
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couldn't built in china if you. use the word of said i saw an opportunity to create something here russia needs skilled laborers and with china being so close and easy our existing chinese goods and equipment and are already working for someone new mr is just one of a growing band a successful chinese entrepreneurs operating in russia's far east where a river is all that separates the two countries easy proximity coupled with favorable visa regulations continues to inspire thousands of chinese work is people like sunshine to flock across the border every year his is a tried and tested business model selling cheap secondhand chinese clays. so whether it's a pair of a trendy train is that you raft or perhaps the design of fungal also if this is where the people of blagoveshchensk head to pick up a bargain were instantly the chinese market which then the sense of town and of course everything inside here bad the label made in china and all the sellers also
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come from china and let me tell you it's absolutely packed inside here and the party is like this every single day so clearly business is behaving. so i've been here for three years and i left china as the one to not jobs things are going well. here you can get things really cheap here which is great if you've got a large family the quality varies hugely but on balance i think we're lucky to have chinese traders here russian goods just can't compete on pricing. and by hopping on one of the many packed ferries that cross the river every day russian consumers can enjoy an even more authentic chinese shopping experience. with a slight slavic flavor thank you for a bargain and in the process help to fuel the chinese economy it's led some to fear that russia's far east is being exploited by its entrepreneurial neighbor. pessimists revel in self-pity at the sight of china forging ahead just think of
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ways to develop like a fish at the same pace using chinese expertise capital and labor because i believe our region is hugely fortunate to go to china if we compare our city to others in russia we're much better off in almost every respect i was told of extensive plans for more joint ventures and great integration between the two countries as far as government is concerned its relationship westray. but i'm very pleased to say that joining me now is got to sort of call the works of the confucius institute here in the uk there should also speaks chinese many times of being with us here on closeout why did you decide to add chinese and how do you use it to everyday life there are actually learning chinese it is a years old think here in blagoveshchensk as we look at it very close to china so more and more not only on paper but also grown ups older generation strive to learn
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chinese of course it's very useful as we have lots of opportunities to go travelling shopping i don't know doing business with china i have some time as friends so it doesn't communicate entirely as. i would have in china is a bit of a question because an internet has its. own peculiarities and chinese mentality. differs a lot from european mentality i think so you have to get really fast in terms of quiet to the ways and means to get to work there many thanks to fascinating topic i'm afraid that's all we've got time for over there speaking to us about the heavy selling simply here in the region we are out of time but do join us in the next edition for much more for me and all the rest of the place up to. our how time now for the business corrina say. hello and welcome to our business portentous our thanks for joining me global
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financial markets are witnessing the worst selloff since the middle of october two thousand and eight the gloom was boosted by news from europe the region sovereign debt problem is in golfing two of its largest economies spain and italy and poor u.s. economic data that showed slowly growth after another where the sluggish pace in the first half to help nick parsons from national australia bank says it's a time when cash is king the certainly not going into gold that's not been the experience of the last twenty four hours he what we've seen is a lot of a lot of very very large losses have been racked up many markets were down five percent overnight now when you've got losses of the scale you've got to you've got to finance them i think what we're seeing here is investors are still selling the good bits of their thought for you in order to finance the losses in the bad when they're faced with margin calls and so on so i think that the the whole investment universe is shrinking here and the the safest place to go is cash you do nothing
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it'll make you nothing but actually the guy who lost nothing yesterday who came out top of the pile nothing is not a bad thing to have right now. now while global indices are retreating a lot of from the t.x. capital group says russian markets are likely to be the first to see an upswing. russia has had a fantastic run look at the. great run of the last few weeks or so you slow these thoughts come off but it is coming from the holidays and with the increased amount of exposure to us that we have with a high amount of exposure to the oil and gas molecules i feel the reason the. russian it was used to be hard but when the recovery comes it will come at some point in the russian market those seem very well positioned to benefit quite significantly from its. now let's have a look at the market that we start with gold that we see edging up adding eighteen dollars per ounce while similar is adding fifty nine cents that's up to concerns
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over the u.s. and eurozone economies have sent investors running for a safe haven precious metals are providing right now all prices are making a comeback light sweet is slightly down trading at eighty four dollars per barrel while brant is gaining sync is sixty cents this hour now asian markets nosedive on friday tracking the losses on wall street japan's nikkei finished three point seven percent in the red its lowest since the post earthquake plunge in march energy companies and financial firms were among the worst performance with all of impacts shedding over seven percent minus i've also been hard hit hong kong's hang seng ended over four percent in the red with exporters among the main losers now let's cross over to europe markets there on the downside as well extending a global sell off all sectors are trading deep in the red with banks among the west before was well bank of scotland citigroup is now losing eight percent and plunged as much as twenty one percent early in the day that's after the bank swung to
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a second quarter looks and markets in russia joined the panic across international trading floors the r.t.s. is down three and a half percent of my xix is to have a percent lower now let's have a look at some individual first on the why six energy majors among the worst performers on low oil prices gazprom is losing nearly four percent have fell to its low. since december after oil plunged in new york that's all speculation that fueled a manner for financial stocks are also under pressure and telecommunications company was telecom one of the worst klein as the six percent in the wrapper so. the markets are in turmoil have the u.s. has managed to stave off a potentially crippling default but many countries are considering reducing their large dollar reserves into other less risky currencies however saying you guys over at burbank argues there are. japan and switzerland to have a lot of reserves in the us dollar but this basically means there's not much
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difference between. the strength of the american dollar and because sistrunk is backed by american those grades and we are all kind of in the same doris' and there is not that many alternatives. to in the long run we will see some all cheering tiffs grow even and actually euro is a good substitute for the dollar it will see rypien that rather than dad separate countries that's all for now join us in forty five minutes for more financial news here not.
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the last time the close of team was in the cool gum region where men flock from all over the world to have a few centimeters to their self-confidence. this time archie goes to the amore region. for the gold rush still gets people high joke. for an ancient tribe fights to save its culture. where cranes are protected in the first and dumped on official nature reserve. to the alamo region. bush will close up on r.t. .


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