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joins either two rooms on the villains the group where the grand imperial college to george was the most crucial new kind of letter to socialism or to its ability to go clear this is the kernel was the term as used to retreat. but the unemployment rate may have taken a dip but the stock market took a deep nosedive in the economy's rough waters so what's a good b. for the u.s. or swim. and while the u.s. is dealing with buoyancy problems some communities have chosen to swim against the current or currency in this case creating a different monetary system all together and there's plenty to go around. what is so dangerous about you making your own choice about whether or not you can drink bromfield i think we ought to vote for the right to drink rob. well not if the milk always had anything to say about it so why is the government waging a broad food fight.
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with acting it's friday august fifth four pm here in washington d.c. i'm lauren lyster and you're watching our t.v. now new jobs numbers are out and hey the unemployment rate ticked down a tenth of a percent to nine point one percent so is this a glimmer of hope coming just days after a lousy debt deal in washington and your u.s. default and stock sliding the most ever since two thousand and nine. it was it was certainly an encouraging development that we were way over their expectations. ok that's nice but let's see one hundred seventeen thousand jobs were added the u.s. needs one hundred twenty five thousand jobs though just to make up for new people coming into the workforce that's just people entering into the workforce so those don't even cancel each other out and let's look at what else came out of these
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numbers the unemployment rate went down because actually more people left the workforce so that helped bring the numbers down and the number of discouraged workers those who just aren't even looking anymore went up also those people that are discouraged move that has to do with them out of time they're out of work the duration of unemployment rose to a new record of close to ten months now the share of the eligible population holding a job that also declined to fifty eight percent the lowest since july of one thousand nine hundred eighty three those are working age people ok well at least that said the fault is behind us it didn't happen washington has reassured the world that it can pay its debt let's take a look at some of those global reactions no better way than cartoons look at this one obama is serving on the u.s. debt crisis that european leaders are about to crumble into angela merkel and sarkozy right there it appears that coming to us from london well so we have their nothing and we went oh there you go here's brazil's take from rio you have
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a rio grande to seoul you better pay that's the fortune coming out for the united states for uncle sam delivered to yours truly china who owns more than a trillion and u.s. debt out of the four point five trillion of foreigners that own u.s. debt that's an interesting take as well and this is actually my personal favorite this also comes to us from england from the economist you have the tea party dragging uncle sam dragging the entire world and the world realizing that hey you know what something is definitely wrong here so i wanted a different. take from the rest of the world than we have in washington where people are assured that at least a deal with done doesn't look like around the globe people are quite so assured now on top of this there is more talk of quantitative easing for a third round markets are volatile today still after the dow's five hundred point plunge yesterday the dollar hit a record low earlier this week all of this bad news what can anyone do well
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actually some states and people are saying enough is enough and they think the answer is minting their own currencies this the dollar it's a growing trend actually utah has legalized gold and silver coins as currency as south carolina senator wants its state to create its own currency and actually i found plenty of cases right under the noses of congress here in the nation's capital look i'll show you coming up in just a minute i have a report but first here to talk about getting the dollar cashing out on the stock market and salvaging the u.s. economy if it's even possible michael tenso senior economist at euro pacific capital michael it's nice to see you again and see you in iowa roots and do you i hope it doesn't make you sick i hope the f.d.a. doesn't raise you either. talk about a different issue the dollar you have concerns about the dollar obviously the i.m.f. has talked about replacing it as a global reserve currency in the past many times so are these americans at the local and the state level right to be concerned and move to get their own currencies going well or one section and if you have you should know stage them in
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any anything but builders current i don't like some of the states i'm looking at. yes exactly absolutely and when you have someone in charge of the printing press like ben bernanke seems so with them or challenging me out of jealousy then i would join those were concerned about the steady valuation dollar as it was ninety eight percent of its purchasing power girl oh one hundred seventy one yeah it's a great point and i'm going to have more on a later report but i want to get to what some of your concerns are about the dollar because your big concern is about. one of your big concerns is about u.s. debt and you told me right before when we have this whole debt debate was going on in washington you and i talked and you said that the real problem was not as much to fall as the debt that the country faces that the government is insolvent need to cut entitlements medicare the article that we have welding every day through exaggeration and we agreed to raise the debt ceiling by two trillion dollars and
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cut spending by twenty one billion in two thousand and twelve and forty two billion in two thousand and thirteen so we're careening right words greece of the year about three years graduate so do you think that's why we're staying as volatility in the market today and the sell off yesterday how much of it do you think has to do with concern over u.s. debt and deficits well we're looking at the ghost of christmas future and we're looking at three d's and italy and spain are looking at their bond yields soar and the case of greece their two year note was thirty percent and then italy it went from three percent to six percent on ten year and then our ten year goes where it is today around one am percent six percent we are absolutely insolvent and it will be michael ten don't tell me that everybody will know it because we cannot service our working trillion dollars and that pain six percent on the average interest rate ok but michael pinto can you tell me this why is it that we're seeing such strength
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and u.s. treasuries yields are extremely low everyone is so concerned about the deficits and the debt and united states' ability to pay back its debt after this debt deal which didn't cut much why are treasuries still so strong well that's a direct reactions we're going on in europe so it is hard to be a parking place for money so they're so afraid of owning it shall you that right now especially after what the e.c.b. said today that you know they said over and over again we will not monetize any of our debt and then they come out and things are deborah little you know we hear so we're going to write up a printing press and you know talk. addition and that's the central bankers are politicians they always key and they try to alter the people read and surf and that's exactly what they're doing over there so they're running over here right now but we're just about three years away from our day or two but you've been saying how long have you been saying that that this is all that happened that yields are going to go up that the country is going to die i thought people are going to want that i've been on the record for the past three years that saying
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around two thousand and fifty we are day of reckoning and so that ok so then i won't take be able to take a task on that but i will as you've got to go see my god i'm going to come back and second that the open to people in all honesty i will be higher than they are today in complete candor ok so that a complete kind of light was brighter i got to give myself do i have to get myself a little i would be much higher the rate of inflation in america is three point six percent year over year and the one you have to deal with thing about one point one percent so how much longer are people going to get a negative real return on their interest rates i don't know i mean i guess if everybody had a robot in me and we will want to have a real return on investment i'm betting again ok you're betting against that but you've made a career you've got a great point that you thought that even yourself that yields were going to hire they're not that they're just not are very many other states even for people to go so then that kind of makes it sound like the dollar is here to stay as what is the other alternative to the dollar to us that so so here's the thing so people have
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been telling me now the past few weeks on television and i used to be that the u.s. dollar is so. prevalent around the world and treasuries are still be got predominant around the planet that you have no other parking place for money but also that you that all it takes is one. treasury auction and yields will skyrocket and phrases will plunge not only for that little bit that was issued by. where are you olds across the spectrum on you was there was one car they treasury auction sends us into the trajectory of greece instantly mark my words it's happening and i don't think there's any way around all right what do you predict that happened he doesn't. seem all right but i heard of the week in two thousand to go oh right ok well i will i will see you whenever that day
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happens whether it's two thousand and fifteen or before or never but let's talk about something slightly different let's talk about jobs that's enough i really different because you kind of believe that one of the main things that needs to happen is that government spending needs to be cut social welfare need to be cut but look at the amount of people that are on social welfare close to fifteen percent of the u.s. population is now on food stamps the record rose to close to forty six million people in may and that's people that can't get a job people that aren't there can't so what happens to these people when you cut government spending over the years or is that that is to increase government spending and right now the rest of the middle class i mean where does government source its funds from. the tax base or its lenders so they are stealing it from the private sectors the money that was going to use into more productive assets in the private sector was going to use gets the bridge to the public sector even just print it and create inflation which is destroying the
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middle class because it was the discretionary purchasing power but at the same time michael and looks like the private sector is robbing the government you have two hundred thirty five thousand americans that made more than a million dollars in two thousand and nine fourteen hundred seventy of them paid no income taxes that's according to the i.r.s. how can you make the case that these people should get away with not paying any taxes that they're not robbing the government the top ten percent pay fifty percent well the taxes that they're there are already paying taxes i mean why do you want to punish people who are successful i don't understand just lots of it is a very good answer ok ok so again not so what do you do you cut government spending and you squeeze the fifty percent of the poor that control just two percent of the wealth get him off of food stamps get him off any kind of medicare medicaid we just let him die and that what is that way out there was that you think that the public sector is the only entity that cares about people those in the private sector have
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things like charities and churches. and the what can be up to my discretion to help people and you're right i mean big government and tell me how much i have to give to the poor what happens if it doesn't happen we've seen in a downturn since two thousand eight hundred charities don't have money and don't have the same donations to keep up their support if people are giving. americans are very generous population and we get bloody well that explains why there's no food improving shelves as we've seen and there's no food stamps then people start that's just what that's that's just what happens that's the bottom line and we tried this experiment a massive increase in government spending. try this keynesian aspera experiment of a massive increase in the money supply and it has not worked it has failed us miserably but why is that because the private sector is sitting on that cash so if the government's not going to spend and the private sector via corporations that
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are sitting by cash and base are going to spend then who is going to spend the losing money and why you think you know this is the market the private sector is the free market why do you think the private sector is not spending money you think their wants their marbles do you think there are evil people the good he evil or do you think they are so stopped in debt that because of the increase in money supply and asset prices and the groups that was taken on in the prior to decades that necessitates a period of the leveraging i know michael i actually think it's because. i don't know where or what you think these people are evil people that want to help out the private sector of the economy equate to sector is the free market or free market demands a period of do you leveraging that means paying down debt and selling assets so this is just the reality and its reality how bad does it get how bad does unemployment get to think up to fifty percent do we accept that we would if say
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five. i think fifty percent yeah five if you pursue now i think the great depression it was three percent now it's because we had smaller trade towers and the revenue added one hundred thirty i think it could go to twenty twenty two percent that's right thing unemployment has been we were out we had to rip the bin data are you have to reconcile the a balance as we don't agree as to its prices down to a level that could be supported by the free market and the working or not and the healing of this country but if we. were maggie and john. will end up with a hyper inflationary depression and that's where we're headed ok really quickly now michael let me just then you can if you can answer what i asked earlier which was here saying unemployment could go to twenty five percent you're saying cut government spending so you get people off the food stamp. off the medicaid don't tax the rich more because why should anybody take their money what if there is not the money for charities to feed the poor any that do people just die do people do we just let them go. you can morning you said the president wasn't spending is what
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you want to encourage them to hire people to raise their taxes no i want to ask you if you cut social programs and you rely on charity and unemployment has a twenty five percent so people don't have jobs to make money to buy food how do they eat today eat or do you let him starve well i you know i you know you know where this is not heading this is planet earth so there are people who are going to be poor but where you will always have with your eyes not mike was saying is that at you have a period of false prosperity and engendered by massive increase in the money supply and a huge increase in the acid level price price level then you must have a period of reconciliation i'm sorry that's the way the economic world works i think the laws of economics but that's the law of economics and that's what's going to happen and it's a process of you at least. for if you try to obviate that crisis
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you will end up with a hyper inflationary depression. more germany so you let him starve because that's what you're going to get masturbation so you let him starve now you know what masturbation later you get the private sector is perfectly capable of supplying a safety net for people who are injured all right maybe we'll see that was michael thanks so much thinner economists think they're a pathetic out i'll thank you. now as i mentioned earlier a lot of states and cities are taking matters into their own hands because they're concerned about the federal government's ability to not devalue the dollar keep the dollar able to buy things that people need to eat to not starve there's examples all over the country but there's actually examples right here in washington d.c. and in the surrounding areas i found plenty of them to explain why this is going on take a look at this. if you live in the u.s. and care about whether the dollars in your pocket will be able to buy bread in the
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future you've likely been paying attention to debates like this in washington d.c. what congress has done what if it has down we've literally injected. but five point three trillion dollars and i don't think we got very much for the dollar euro these last three years was devalued almost fifty percent our growing debt could cost us jobs and do serious damage to the economy if you're this state legislator in office just thirty miles from the nation's capital watching closely all these are all these are issued in february march of one nine hundred thirty three during the banking crisis growing more concerned about the direction of policy and the dollar this is how they were going to the currency if the federal reserve collapses are we going to go back to this you're making a contingency plan how do we conduct business how do we conduct an economy if in fact that this kind of a paper collapses because people don't have any any more trust in it and if you go shopping at this farm or as market in the shadow of capitol hill you want to get
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some cash to spend on the market you're already cashing in on another form of tender apparently using the market here called the common good stable currency instead of the dollar a local currency circulating within this community of merchants there warns and turn it was meant to help keep more money closer to home for these reasons economic instability the community. we first interviewed its creator close to two years ago when he began printing patel makes in his home now circulation has increased along with its reason to be i think the economy is getting worse and i don't think anybody will dispute it but it turns out others do agree i've seen where we're going i don't like there are no good outcomes but i see it all which may help explain why more than a dozen states are now looking into i'll turn. it is currency if you're on the titanic somebody asked the questions do we need lifeboats and maybe we should think
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about this here like this is that this is let's this is the way of life but back at the market the lifeboats afloat this is a nice situation where i can buy a boat just by being in the market which could amount to more someday if the dollar really goes south the possibility exists that. all the local currencies. based on deal with dollar can be freed it's going to be a lot of stuff because you've done so with my one to tell me i can't buy two years of corn and it's this kind of local stimulus for the economy which creators of the patel next and the people that used it today is really helping seems innocent enough right heidi but the movement is coming under fire with critics who call dollar alternatives catastrophic and unconstitutional first states but certainly disturbing if there are any people in political life think that the solution to
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america's currency problem is to opt out of america and earlier this spring bernard law not the house architect of the liberty dollar was convicted on charges of conspiracy and counterfeiting for making and selling his own corns he was called a domestic terrorist by the u.s. attorney but for those more concerned about the destruction of the dollar american dollar is. not backed by anything the terrorizing is being done to them you don't want to get a situation we've got to have a wheelbarrow to go to the store to buy milk i mean that that has happened lauren lyster r.t. washington d.c. . ok so what do you get when you combine a raw and organic farm whole fresh farm to table for buyers who are knowingly thinking that as an alternative to industrial genetically modified kind of foods that you get in say the supermarket but i think from that a little granola story how about this
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a multigrain feast watch teen brain on farmers and a raft of them on charges of conspiring to distribute raw knelt that's what really happened and wrong glenda was there for the fall and. welcome to america. better were agents and fully armed local police teamed up for a major raid in venice california but it wasn't drugs they were looking for what they perceive the do was take about eight hundred gallons of raw milk and for down the kitchen sink this week's raid is the latest battle between ross and boots on the food co-op and health officials the food and drug administration says that they are protecting people from the health risks of drinking but cash rice milk but members of rossum sign a waiver saying they'll take that risk raw milk doesn't have to sometimes it doesn't have allergies were passion is not just lots of itis with heart and lots of allergies despite that the operator james stewart and two others were arrested in r.p.g. and several charges you can be conspiracy and process the milk without pasteurization
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this extensive search lawyer shows that investigators have been keeping a very close eye on rossum for the past year it's an investigation which has taken up many man hours and plenty of us tax dollars citizens we all should rise up people protesting the crackdown are outraged at what they see as government going overboard we pretend like we're fighting for our freedom now overseas. and we're losing our freedom we're for simple simple things like let's just grow our own food last year russell was also reading. this video of officers with guns drawn true nationwide outrage mark mcafee a raw milk dairy farmer is angry that the industry is being pursued so aggressively and points to the influence that large corporations have on government regulators it's not just the public it's dangerous to the agricultural interests interests
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that want to capture all the milk and not have anybody drinking anything other than pasteurized not the recons just as one of the largest food producers in america cargill is recalling millions of pounds of me which may be causing people to get sick and that's going to one death in california so far no reported illnesses from the food at rossum today the only thing that supporters of the raw food movement are sick of is people telling them what they can or cannot put in their mouth if we sit back and do nothing we're basically saying go ahead take our rights decide what we get to put go ahead and decide like somebody else arbitrarily and so paul and many others here say they will continue fighting for their right to plant or share what they want in los angeles ramon galindo party now mike adams broke the story and is here to tell us why rondo is such
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a rat my thanks for being here so why is raw milk that a threat at a multi-day agency raid was needed not just this time but several times. well clearly raw milk is a threat to the conventional berry industry which doesn't want to see raw milk exist at all now the f.d.a. believes that its job is to destroy the raw milk industry and we actually have evidence now that the f.d.a. is conducting a secret war against raw dairy farmers across the country in wisconsin and california and it's doing it because it wants to have the power to keep people in their place doesn't want people to have the freedom to engage in their own food production and food sharing throughout the community without if you approval so you're telling me that these small farms where they're just selling to each other in ca lots and agreed to it not even a market are really a threat for the power of the industrial milk industry just because the popularity of raw milk and farmers markets and local food producers is spreading like wildfire
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fire and that's one of the reasons there's such tremendous outrage across the board about the story and about this raid that saw the u.s. government actually pouring milk down the drain destroying food right in front of people many of the people at that protest part of which you just showed there on your film there on the record saying that in their opinion this is an example of government terrorism against the american people and i hear what you're saying about the growing trend of broad milk i don't know what you have to do in order to get me to drink it i don't it doesn't appeal to me but that's not to say that doesn't appeal to a lot of people but that's not really the point who decided that the government should decide who gets to put what food in their body. you're exactly right i don't drink milk either i've chosen not to consume there is but i support the rights of others to consume whatever types of food that they wish to consume that's the basis of a free society but what the u.s. government is doing today it looks a lot more like north korea than the land of the free and that's what's disturbing
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many people and causing such outrage across the board but who decided that it was the government's role to do that well interestingly this is part of the expansion based on the food modernization safety act which was just passed into law last december and many people thought that was about protecting the food and making it safer well it turns out that the f.d.a. has new powers are targeting raw dairy farmers local food producers and it has nothing to do with safety everything to do with protecting certain corporate interests who lobby for the bill where their corporate interest lobbying for that bill. big time yeah a lot of corporate interests including the very corporation including the major food producers and a lot of people were hoodwinked into thinking that that was going to be a good bill and it turns out it's just another dangerous expansion of big government that's being used against the freedoms of the people where the people want they run rising up and protesting in the streets and lobbying to have raw milk bank over is a revolt happening online it's starting to spread old media traditional media has
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refused to cover this story so many people don't even know this is happening yet but they will as alternative media and institutions like yours continue to cover this people will find out and there will be more rallies and more protests against this kind of out of overreaching government power against freedom and you see overreaching what you call of arranging for something like raw milk and why is it that gift to talk more philosophically why are we allowed to own and buy knives which can kill people but you can't sell an i guess and rank wrong now. well one of the basic tenants of freedom is that individuals have the rights to enter into private contracts with other individuals for example i might contract with my neighbor to buy some raw milk a raw eggs or raw meat and the f.d.a. is saying that you can't do that so they are attacking one of the most fundamental tenants of a free society and now people are starting to see that all of this extra power is
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being used against them not not to protect them and that's where the outrage is coming from and you think that there is that you have proof that the f.d.a. has launched a war on the raw milk and astri and i know that you know as we're talking about a recall for the need that can make people think run milk has made you know it's going to few people diarrhea that's not pleasant not fun but what resources and by so many of the f.d.a. put toward targeting iran milk when it's not been shown to be that big of a safety risk just to comment on something you said there cost arise homogenize milk is demonstrably very dangerous to human health when consumed over the long term because it's artificially modified so it contributes to atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries raw milk is no more dangerous than using fresh fish or fresh meat all of which has a very small risk but definitely very real risks we've got to stop as nanny state
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attitude where the government tells you everything that you can and can't do. again the f.d.a. approved warnings on fish about mercury why can't they just say you take a small risk when you drink raw milk go ahead and buy it knowing what you're getting into and then after that i think that what you see but it certainly is interesting that you can't you know buy raw milk when you're aware that you're buying raw milk but yet you are perfectly fine to buy g.m. zero products when you're not even aware that that there and if in your eating that is my god and the health ranger who broke this story and that's it for this show but. don't miss the next hour we are going to get into a whole new show second amendment rights coming under fire according to some we'll talk to them a cell and tell policy for gun sales have firearms dealers and buyers really fired up the government want to keep track of frequent purchases in southwest border states but buyers and dealers called it a violation of second amendment rights.


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