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about a lot of must go with me quick summary of the headlines standard and poor's to strip the u.s. of its highest credit rating infuriating the country's lenders i was china saying it's time to ditch. the reserve cuts. israel is bracing for another round of unprecedented government protests some have already compared the country's revolutionary. inquiry continues into a bombshell case that suggests british officers were encouraged to choose how much
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should be tortured for information but activists say the closed doors probe will not answer questions. right now i expose a place that's fit for a queen in his final someone simply discard it. hello and welcome to the program on this the show of exploring one of the oldest and largest museums in the world i will be taking a day trip to the pizza hut palace with its impressive gardens and fountains founded in seven hundred sixty four by catherine the great to have its cause he opposed any great million items in life historic buildings this is one day trip in
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st petersburg you cannot miss out on. mrs journey starts of here at the bridge taking joy in staircase full of lies and gleaming with gills in the mirror is this a case extends for the holy shit of the winter palace it's golden why some design usually treats cases because we follow. you can see it illustration of the hand it's mostly katie and palace where the building school and in principle saw it along the embankment of the lever is a built in the eighteenth century by the italian architecture strelley it became the home of truth from when she ascended to the throne in seventy six to over the centuries the passkey larger and mysterious and in various new buildings. ice is a planet just until late it is held by the trench of century the heavens hans is one of the largest museums in the world. you know a lot of this new zealand from what i have read but this goes far beyond all
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my expectations is incredible is the same thing. that you can only dream of but it's absolutely fascinating since i too for want art and the building all together it's just. an excuse ian is included. we had a great tour guide and she showed us just a small piece of a small piece we've seen is just incredible we have a private tour and i think it's fair we can see a few more things get better understanding. things they always have a lot of. the palace posts almost two thousand windows and over a thousand elegantly and largest decorated pools and rooms many of which are open to the public. it is estimated that's a sea building exhibit in the home as far as we have to move to twenty five miles perhaps even move fascinating at least for those interested in russia's glory days it's not just washington says all the exhibits eliminating russia's imperial past
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also the rundown of the hermitage treasures would be complete without mentioning the museum stealing collection of western european art the state's really thirteenth century onwards michelangelo money goes matisse the hermitage collection is like who's who of parts history. with really a hole on the first floor was designed in an eclectic style and with a second starter in eighteen fifty eight in serious here are just breasts aching it occupies the northern territory of the small habits hard and that the main focal point is this amazing peacock clock. from seven hundred ninety seven to the present day the people called as you will hematologist most famous exhibits the figures of the peacock koku and the form part of this elaborate time piece of that it would make innocence that set them in motion today so it's one of the few of its size still in working condition. is to see
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how fast everybody was but it's really interesting to see so many people from different places gathered together to see something so unique very very beautiful especially when the captain around it is made even see the famous school room a collection of antiquities including a large number of goals are facts. bracelets rings earrings and male female clothing decorations the russian saws lived surrounded by wealth and luxury the earliest looks in the gold ring here date back to the fourth millennium b.c. gold in russia became people advice siberia and the black sea the wealth includes a of course it's an abundance of gemstones least spot behind the splendor of other you work in courts while your precious stones were only on ladies' clothes in russia men rivaled women in self the who merely dimitris just as it is gold and diamonds only in russia russian and western painting sculpture applied only
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historic periods of the early twentieth century is displayed in hundreds of holes if you do visit i directed by that guy or group guided tour i have it's hard because information overload is. all you guys can do several languages is true is given a number which you press when entering in simply be lost without a guard of some sort in the high massage one of the highlights museum is a collection of paintings by leonardo da vinci called madonna and child it was rumored to be painted in a land where the artist lives in a chair the image shows a beetling child the personification of maternal love their only child work so you're not a left in the world then we have in this museum my it isn't titled madonna leaps out and it's very famous voice elegance in eating out when i was a challenge i remember a giraffe in my. textbooks at school and i was really impressed when i searched for the first time after ten years ago i. said is that
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a jam or jam this museum and one of the best in the world even if you're not an art level story and will only be impressed with what her massage has on offer as a museum and a grand palace in war and a visit to the state how much more she said pete is but it's. i think he will never forget. leaving the hermitage now and let's continue our journey crossing the street to the riverside next to the hermitage and you'll see very spent stands and a large jetty this is where we'll catch up harder for boats to peterhof the journey takes twenty minutes and is much faster than travelling by car or train you can see on final destination here in italy have to travel around the entire coastline to get to the world part in a state taking a boat or fos harder for the area called part of the border that's because the journey time down considerably.
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and is a real. nothing was it a good it's a good estate museum reserve peterhof is a big complex which includes the palace of peter the great instrument the alexandria park upper and lower parks and peterhof and also parks and palaces in all ramey embalm each year more than four million tourists visit if you're off on the early it is named one of the wonders of russia when you plan your visit here make sure you cover the whole day to thoroughly enjoy this is silly. in my opinion this is one of the most players taking sides in russia. because in part a piece off often referred to as the brushing aside. a french palace was the inspiration for a piece of the greats designed to build a similar complex in the suburbs of his new city the window to your. peace hall which means peace is close in germany is essentially popular kids graduate in
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person is a bit of the expansion of the ground because. peterhof was ravaged comfort she destroyed by the german troops during the second world war it was whether one of the first to be resurrected and thanks to the work of military engineers are the ones. thousand volunteers to be statesmen destruction has been fully restored by nine hundred forty seven the most famous founded on someone peterhof if the ground gets carried here with dozens of water jets greatly missed breathtaking view surrounded by impressive growth statues of the time for the famous something found it resting in the jaws of a lion erected in the seven hundred thirty s. it was built to represent russia's victory over sweden with. the grocery behind the great escape which is once used a small policies contains the in the most pipes original wooden the feet the fountains. is just
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a stack and when they were told the fountains were only for the use of gravity. it's really beautiful actually more so than with all looking at photographs that we saw people again definitely worth a visit to see full beautiful and it shows a lot of russian history i like it i think it's spectacular how good it was still more than three hundred years ago and it's just awesome and i love the alleyways in the and to all the parks and the amazing fountains even. in austin for example saucy is not just because years later surrounds the spectacular parklands a piece of hof is remarkable for the shia variety of styles encompassed its layout and features a walk around the gazans is a must for every visitor. representing nearly two centuries of european socratic fashion execute to the high standards beautiful is like an encyclopedia of design.
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remember to bring your camera and listen to the phone submission is not included for you if you harder for john to. come rain or shine a trip to the venice of the north to do something you'll never forget. from your goosebumps. first time you enter the hematologist dazzling staircase to the sing the rainbow is created by the gracious k. stern sit in peace hall school st petersburg concerns and false reconstruction assistance like a dog. as you can see the story we tell has come to life and for those who come to see the magic of the council i suggest you come here quickly this is an. absolutely spectacular one of course the last hotel we have from sir the most peaceful attractions here in st petersburg i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then for me i'll address the crew from peterhof by now.
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it used to be an ideal place for a holiday couldn't change in a moment. the wounds of war are still visible. the republic is not only relieved but also shaping the future.
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it was the first order of. this street studentships its secrets good times and revealed the soviet files on oxy little. would be soon which bryson. song from phones to christian. who threw stones on t.v. don't come.
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to. the headlines on r.t. standard and poor's has stripped the u.s. of its highest credit rating infuriating the country's lenders with china saying it's time to get the dollar as the reserve currency. israel is braced for another. a round of unprecedented antigovernment mass protests have already compared the country's plight to that of a revolutionary. an inquiry continues into a bombshell case that suggests british officers were encouraged to choose how much the prisoners should be tortured to get information that they say the closed doors probe probably will not answer the question. right ok so you know if there was a sports.
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i want the latest sports update this busy saturday and musical and what's coming up . heavyweight battle leaders discussed host second place in the wake of saturday's russian ivy league action. while conquest of troy relatives concluded that a should still with a six no victory against michael side. and give me disgrace speedskating superstar one apologizes to the people of china a drunken little tear. first a football and there's a big games i can place this saturday evening in the russian premier league as he just has just kicked off at home to second place depending champions a need that both sides are struggling with injuries commission that says mark gonzalez and go to chicago are sidelined for the army men was an age when he
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started as a knock down colossal bitch but have hundred italian defended the money for his debut five points currently separate the sides last time the match on april the tenth instant petersburg to start were awarded a technical three nil victory after failed to field at least one hungry player. that's going to give it just about to kick off a snail mail also the sausage as well thank tom although all that's nice time you should call the joint aside after russia spending the soviets next wednesday lights up the volga and trust alpha also go head to head down face and inform it out of the one that lost five eight games. and in the meantime look forward to being one of the big movers since the transfer window opened on or was the first for new players have joined the sixth place wasco side which is now about as large as a coup so there is not a lockout is free of the trade much as i saw among. the
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railway men have become the forty eight year old portuguese specialist ninth club in his coaching career besides the club circuit josie cause they are also managed in national t.v. lithuania during its one to ten people world cup qualifiers where he defeated the likes of rimini austria and the faroe islands at this moment the team. has more confidence. because of the games challenge some teams in the peach of course yes the stats as you talk. about the scene. of the first scene is ease of mind now this gets the acquisitions forward to lead it i said oh the twenty two year old record dorian international joins the currency from live on today in this kind of slightly guy he played thirty two matches for his country's national team and scored five goals in the process over his relatively short professional career he's played full five teams including manchester city basel sporting lisbon and spain's molokai live on tape another new arrival is the nigerian international twenty four year old
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banger big sur are they not was also somewhat of a club hopper and injure milan player he spent the last two seasons on loan first for molokai in spain and the following year west ham in the english premier league you can see a lot of players from a year old a couple boats and recently to support says. it's all different clubs here and also when a close plays in in europe on a club plays in the champions league or europe only playing a bit more to various players a lot will be nice at west ham's he made money while the cost also join looking at sea during the summer transfer period the portuguese defender's trophies include the french got the two thousand and six and the netherlands title in two thousand and seven by their time as possible as a priority. for us four years ago and. it was a test to think that the canadian training facilities are safe and want to play for part of the four would do well so we all began looking at the latest signing is
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spanish feel they're all there is up there who joins the club from sporting lisbon it's twenty six year old started early guests are going where he played for five years scored five goals and winning the spanish super cop in the process in an interview was looking at cvs official website zapatero admitted that he had offers from four spanish clubs as well as if they spar mock england's new castle and only got calls from greece however looking much these offer outweighed the rest mainly because of a new head coach's job as a coach say rose personal involvement. so we're going to see they are yet to lose a match or even concede a goal under josie cozier olds the management team is now ready to reach new heights in the remainder of the season and the existence of should help the team achieve that goal among koester of ardsley moscow but. now it just weeks ago before the start of the new english premier league season managed to city manager out about someone cheney admits his size to long type effects as they prepare to face
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local rivals much to no i said in the traditional curtain raiser community shield on sunday. is the first official matrix in this season is important because. these games play a cd and i think is that there are we want to win i think like united. but i don't think that the team in this moment. and the percent that are ready to play. make a baby in her mouth because we are already in the face there week a negative spirit in that there will be very. well meanwhile united health and i've been training sessions all traffic this saturday the three new signings when the ashley young goalkeeper diving the fire and defender thought jones holds up costs but the straight why not the sum total of the summer's transfer targets for managers roddick's ferguson says he might further strengthen his scythe of the
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season as the red devils and to stop the name on top flight title number twenty. but they may still say in a couple more players but that's. we get this i was a real cauldron of is by and. those. reports were numerous written as. well in the meantime it was a one way street for elementary to the final game but a pre-season tour of china spies coming from a local side can didn't pay that six mil at the who took it because they didn't open to penalty for the media capitalized for defending for example and thirty minutes. netted thirty soon after the break but that's a confusing move almost on a strike that was their request because they are now right now though they didn't want to long last stoner rankest cornello and carrying ben's amount back to
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brace with a just three minutes for a fast chinese to start the spanish cup holders will take on track his boss alone on the first leg of the super cup showdown in santiago back next sunday. tennis now and russians up see verizon oliver has reached the semifinals of the mercury insurance open in california although she was made to work hard by jimmy sabine lisicki the twenty six year old won the first set six three but then lost the second by the same scoreline for taking the decider six for the right one next plate and i evanovich. enshrined in their prodigious book by adding a shrub that one step well ivanovich was down four games to one in the first set against wind but afaik compared to the world number one reeled off the next five games to take the set six ball second pretty much simpler than
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a match six one. while german rich have a much easier time the number two seed means american sloane stephens into easy set sixty six one was the score there late in the last poll that would be to denmark to provide a match that would. let its now and russians of former world champion pole vaulter not step on about has produced a season's best of the latest dominate meeting her lead before me to seventy one was enough for third place in london when i first saw of the united states and won the event clearing four meters seventy nine russians and libby trial in the us and by over wasn't competing as there is every on a second eight centimeters behind what's on the track or not is eighteen year old kirani james was the start of four hundred metres in the fastest time this year forty four point six one seconds his first professional outing gonzalez a good way for second first round with holmes and first what the response is that
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a record time for the year in the women's four hundred meter hurdles her time of fifty two point seven line of the second faster than anyone else the season also looking good ahead of the world championships as a champion hurdle they won wrote this cuba he's american model take it all about just the thirteen seconds. this band. leader is very tired today but is ok but. he's my best this year and i'm not very good at it now is just over a month to go until the rugby world cup in new zealand dan carter kicked fifteen points as the all blacks comfortably beat australia thirty points to fourteen and the tri nations in countering oaklands to retain the lead is low carb the traditional had before the game clearly boosted the home nations morale and the all blacks dominated from the off the deal but they have not lost the test to australia's night in eighty six and resilient seventy available on time after transfer my not only in my lonely and city veni we've got to put the much beyond
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doubt halting routes into the second half when connecting with congress with their spectacular run. and seven. big i on a rocky elsom did good on the scoreboard for the wallabies of the second period but this is never looks like it's a back into its new zealand and i two wins from two in the tri nations and the right thing success is to get me to south africa last week i. am finally sorry seems to be the hardest word for a short tempered chinese speed skater the country's greatest winter olympian gangbang has apologized to her nation's people but not to the officials for a drunken brawl with the team manager menke was a sorry sight after being once again expelled muti unruly behavior the twenty six year old punched her boss we've reprimanded for late night out during training camp
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the short track star is a full toiling pick champion but has a poor echoes of bad behavior he was also kicked out of the national team four years ago it's not cup coach. and that's all i've been in for. wealthy british scientists. sometimes by. markets financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines you need to cause
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a report on r t. home. from. home.
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and. called. in india calls you.


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