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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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it's four thirty am in moscow do you r.t. how do i dropping the dollar to china again raises the possibility of a new global reserve currency after washington lets the u.s. credit rating slip standard and poor's downgraded america's prized aaa status after losing confidence in the way the latest debt ceiling standoff was handled. hundreds of thousands of israelis returned to the streets across the country angered by the high cost of living and on affordable housing prices some protesters are comparing the demonstrations to those that happened in a dream neighboring egypt as they call for widespread reforms social inequality.
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and america suffers its biggest single loss of life in afghanistan as a nato helicopter is reportedly down by the taliban thirty u.s. troops including some from the same unit that killed osama bin laden died along with seven afghan soldiers. but next martin enters explores a place that's fit for a queen in his final summertime trip to st petersburg stay with us. hello and welcome to the pride of on this week's show i'll be exploring one of the oldest and largest museums in the world and will be taking its a trip to the pizza hut palace with its impressive gardens and fountains founded in
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seven hundred sixty four by catherine the great to have its eyes here post that a great many licensed in five historic buildings this is one day trip incipit is back he will not miss out on. mistress's journey starts us here at the bridge taking jordan staircase full of lies and gleaming with gilding amir is the same case extends from the new height of the winter palace its golden white system designed these retreats cases was will follow. you can see the location of the home it's mostly casey and palace where the buildings from an impressive to saw the long embankment of the lever is a built in the eighteenth century by the italian architecture strelley it became the home of king from when she ascended to the throne and since hundred sixty two over the centuries the cars are larger and mysterious and in various new buildings . isis approaches them to native until by the trench of century the home is hans as one of the largest museums in the world. you know
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a lot of these museums from what i had read but this goes far beyond all my expectations is incredible is the same thing. and you can only dream about it's absolutely that since i can for one art and the building all together it's just. a sleazy amazing feat. we had a great tour guide and she showed us just a small piece of it but a small piece we've seen is just incredible we have a private tour and i think it's better we can see a few more things get better understand. things they always asked a lot of. the palace boasts almost two thousand windows and over a thousand elegantly and largest decorated rules and rooms many of which are open to the public. is this a macy's that's a see the exhibits in her massage you have to do twenty five miles perhaps even
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move fascinating at least for those interested in the shoes glory days it's not just bush insistences of the exhibits illuminating brushes imperial past also the rundown of the hermitage treasures would be complete without mentioning the museum stealing collection of western european art the states from the thirteenth century onwards michelangelo money goes matisse the hermitage collection is like a who's who of history. believe a hole on the first floor was designed in an eclectic style and with a second start in eight hundred fifty eight in serious here are just breasts aka it occupies the northern territory of the small habits and that the main focal point is this amazing peacock clock. from seven hundred ninety seven to the present day the peacock close as you will the hematologist most famous exhibits the figures of a peacock cuckoo an owl that formed part of this elaborate fine piece of tissue with mechanisms that set them in motion today's it's one of the few of its size
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still in working condition. see how trust everybody was but it's really interesting to see so many people from different places gathered together to see something so unique. is a beautiful especially when it keeps happening when you're on it as it made me even see the famous school room a collection of antiquities including a large number of gold artifacts. bracelets rings earrings and male female clothing decorations the russian sauce lives surrounded by wealth and luxury the earliest looks in the gold ring here date back to the fourth millennium b.c. gold in russia became popular via siberia and the black sea the wealth includes a of course it's an abundance of gem stones the spot behind the splendor of the york in courts while in your precious stones were only on ladies' clothes in russia men rivaled women in self to her racial bigotry still lives with gold and diamonds
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only in russia russian and western painting sculpture applied only prehistoric period to the early twentieth century is displayed in hundreds of holes if you do visit. or a group guided tour to have it's hard because information overload is. all you guys come in several languages is true is given a number which you press when entering you'd simply be lost without a guard of some sort in the high massage one of the highlights of the museum is a collection of paintings by leonardo da vinci called madonna and child it is really to be painted in the land of the artist lives in forty eight to the image shows a beautiful little child the personification of maternal love their only child works so they are not a left in the world to them we have in this museum i it is an title to not only tell and is very famous for its elegance and beauty and i was challenged their
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mandate after my. textbooks at school and i was really impressed when i searched for the first time after a ten years ago i l m that is just a general jabs based museum and one of the best in the world even if you were not an author level story and will only be impressed with what amazon has on offer as a museum and a grand palace and want a visit to the state how much more she said it is but it's. i think he will never forget. leaving the hematologist now let's continue our journey crossing the street to the river side next to the hematologist and you'll see various points stands and a large jetty this is where we'll catch otters for boat to peterhof the journey takes twenty minutes because much of southern traveling by car or train you can see on final destination here in italy have to travel around the entire coastline to get to the world part in a state taking a boat or foss huddersfield to the area called pretty good for us because the
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journey time down considerably. and this year we are. nothing was it about it it's about the state museum reserve peterhof is a big complex wishing to use the palace of peter the great instrument the alexandria park upper and lower parks a pier hoff and also parks and palaces in all ramey embalm each year more than four million tourists visit peterhof on the area is named one of the wonders of russia when you plan your visit here make sure you cover the whole day just thoroughly enjoy it this is silly. in my opinion this is one of the most to taking sides in russia. the passing part of peter hart often referred to as the brushing aside. the french palace was the inspiration for a piece of the great design and to build
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a similar complex in the suburbs of his new city the window to your. piece off which means it's close in jail it is easy to leap a little pieces ground and priscilla's about the walls of the expansion of the grand palace. peterhof was ravaged and searched the destroyed by the german troops during the second world war it was one of the first to be resurrected and i saw the work of military engineers are the ones. thousand volunteers basically states may destruction has been fully restored by nine hundred forty seven the most famous count on someone peterhof is the grand scale with dozens of water jets straightly with breathtaking view surrounded by impressive growth that she's at the center of the famous samson fountain resting in the jaws of a lion erected in the seven hundred thirty s. it was built to represent russia's victory over sweet with.
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the grocer behind the great escape which is once used a small policies contains the in the most pipes of original wooden the feet the fountains most business is a stack and when they are told the fountains work only for the use of gravity. it's really beautiful actually more so than we thought looking at photographs that we saw people again generally worth a visit beautiful beautiful and it shows a lot of russian history i like it i think it's spectacular how cool it was still here more than three hundred years ago and it's just awesome and i love the alleyways and the and to all the parks and the amazing council even. in boston for example songs the sea is not just because years later it's very man's perspective secular parklands a piece of hope is remarkable for the sheer variety of styles encompass its layout and features a walk around the gazans is a must for every visitor. representing nearly two centuries of european or socratic
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fashion execute to the high standards beautiful is like an encyclopedia of design. remember to bring your camera and listen to the force of mission is not included when you pay if you harder for john to. come rain or shine a trip to the venice of the new foodie something you'll never forget. from your goosebumps the. first time you enter the hematologist dazzling staircase with the single rainbows created by the grand cascades fountain in peace host said his parents consent and vos reconstruction associate. as you can see the state has come to life and for those who come to see the magic of the of the council i suggest you come here quickly this is an. absolutely spectacular one of course a lot so it's how we have from sir the most peaceful attractions here in st
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petersburg i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then for me i'll address the crew from peterhof by now the. wealthy british style. market. can find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to gaza report on our. it used to be an ideal place for a holiday good old changed in
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a moment. the wounds of war are still visible. the republic is not only relieved but also shaping the future. the people of the united states and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder his regime as an act of program to acquire and develop nuclear weapons and let there be no doubt about the know for fact that there are that there. this work has been carried out under the direction of dr david kay respected scientist and former u.n. inspector was leading the weapons search in iraq we are determined to take this apart you have a tremendous a group of dedicated american men and women involved in this with the best assets
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of the intelligence community can provide. data cheney is not going to be done with this for quite some time david kay wants more time and he says it could take another six to nine months to make a definitive finding ministration is asking congress for hundreds of millions more six hundred million dollars to fund a continuing search we have not yet found shiny pointy things that i would call a weapon before we can draw from conclusions we need to let the iraq survey group complete its work. we were all wrong probably in my judgment and that is most disturbing. sometimes the true patriots takes the unpopular course but helps the country of origin states and even if they come this way at the same time and patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels and i think these are scoundrels they have no argument now they have no
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defense for what they did the country is in a terrible international security situation and i think it's perilous so they're attacking the patriotism of others. dropping the dollar china again raises the possibility of a new global reserve currency after washington lets the u.s. credit rating slip standard and poor's downgraded america's prized aaa status after losing confidence in the way the latest debt ceiling set standoff was handled. hundreds of thousands of israelis returned to the streets across the country i heard by the high cost of living at an affordable housing crisis some protesters are comparing the demonstrations for those that happened in major at neighboring egypt as they call for widespread reforms to the social inequality. and america suffers its single biggest loss of life in the afghan conflict as a nato helicopter is reportedly down by the taliban thirty u.s.
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troops including some from the same unit that killed osama bin laden died along with seven afghan soldiers. four news bulletin coming your way in less than a quarter hour kate first though with a sports update stay with us. well i welcome to the sports news and here are the headlines. some of the table trash champions in a narrow the gap to lead astray scattered to points with a cino victory in the moscow region and the russian premier league. while finding form a little bit high jump champion and resell not wins the latest diamond league meeting didn't stop the chance of going to the world championships. please forgive me disgrace speedskating superstar one lang apologizes to the people of china for a drunken punch up with the team manager. the first goal and defending champions in
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it have narrowed the gap to leaders ties can suggest two points after beating the moscow side to know in the russian premier league two goals within one second half minutes did the damage alexander opened after fifty four minutes with a pinpoint. before and shocking unmarked alexander and call for swift minutes to know it's enough to make that eager i can fade to the near post to remain unbeaten for a ninth straight game and reflected on week second defeat of the season and the only man. in the navy to look a little bigger than they deserve but anyway they use their jersey as we did and so it's always there when they go it will be three points where we have to get way to keep playing so that's. what elsewhere angie undervalue russian midfielder eurasia ahead of their home game against tone when they beat their own thanks to a first alexander through the golf and then in late strike from not actually idea
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of angie's state forced to keep up the pressure on the leaders were told lingering tosspot not twenty seven year old joins from chelsea on a four year deal for its next week's pay. it's. also an impressive five game winning streak came to an abrupt end for third place to now moscow as a goalie in charge. they've got a three one win on the home turf take that back among these eighty second minute when i saw stuff move after the bottom two they won their victory at struggling valda despite having too many sent off in the last seven minutes. while in the meantime looking mighty for have been one of the big move this since the transfer window opened or was the first for new players have joined the six base moscow's side which is now managed by you as a conservative and has led to three victories from three matches so far from one closer every reports. the railway men have become the forty eight year old
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portuguese specialist ninth club in his coaching career besides the club circuit josie close a role also managed the national t o lithuania during the twenty ten feet a world cup qualifiers where he defeated the likes of remedial austria and the faroe islands but these moments came with tamia has more confidence. because when the games challenge some scenes in the beach of course yes the stats as you talk. about icing. the first scene is ease of mind now this gets the acquisitions forward phillida i said all the twenty two year old ecuadorian international joins look let's see from live on to in this kind of slightly got he played thirty two notches for his country's national team and scored five goals in the process over his relatively short professional career he's played full five teams including manchester city basel sporting lisbon and spain's molokai live on tape another year rival is the nigerian international twenty four year old banger mixer of
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a not was also somewhat of a club hopper and injure me like player he spent the last two seasons on loan first for molokai in spain and the following year at west ham in the english premier league you can see a lot of players from a year old are coming over to me recently and that's bits and you know in different clubs here and also you know when a close plays and in europe a close plays in the champions league or the europa league play for a bit more disgraced players a lot of business west hands he made money while the cost also join looking at sea during the summer transfer period the portuguese defenders trophies include the french cup in two thousand and six and the netherlands sides all in two thousand and seven and that's when i was posting as if. i don't remember four years four years ago and. it was a test to think that the canadian training is it is the same. if you want to pray for peace for forward you also began looking at these latest signing in spanish the
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fielder of bears up there who joins the club from sporting lisbon it's twenty six year old started in the league as our goals where he played for five years worth five goals and winning the spanish super cop in the process in an interview would look i'm a teacher official website zapatera admitted that he had offers from four spanish clubs as well as italy spore england's you castle and only got calls from greece however it looks much the offer outweighed the rest mainly because of the new head coaches josie personal involvement. are yet to lose a match or even concede a goal on. the management team is now ready to reach new heights in the remainder of the season and should help the team achieve that goal remark offer of r.t. moscow. now just two weeks ago before the start of the new english premier league season managed to city manager and i want to mention a admits his side still on tightly fish as they prepare to face local rivals
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matched united in the traditional couldn't raise a community shield on sunday. their first official in a trio this season is important because. it is a game of play c.v. and i think. we want to win i think life. but i don't think that the team in this moment. when i'm there percent are ready to play. and i have made me feel mouth because we are already here. if it's there with me it was very different that their victim rating . meanwhile united held an open training session as old trafford on saturday the three new signings winger ashley young goalkeeper got a fair and defender phil jones all to pass these three might not be the sum total of this summer's transfer targets for managers roddick's ferguson who says he might
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further strengthen his side for the new season as the right devils aim to stamp their name on top flight title number twenty. but the mysterious story of a couple more players. that. we get this always a real quadrant of guy and. that it's. important when it's regarded as. well in the meantime it was a one way street through a all madrid in the final game of the pre-season tour of china the spanish giants powell's local side inside the six mil at the russian for that stadium that got open through and healthy before and felt the media capitalized on some poor defending to double the money thirteen minutes kampala uganda netted re aus third soon after the break up a source of confusion by hand. striker isn't replaced by christiane i will like you didn't great line last time. and this one goes for me
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a lot. as an up side to brace within just three minutes into chinese style spanish stopovers will take on champions boss alone in the first leg of the super cup showdown birnbaum next sunday and coach there's a merino explains why he doesn't want any new players in his team. it would seem as. competitive everybody feels part of it everybody must be ready to play and epicenter i'm a young voice from the second team then old i have a chance so i hope tomorrow i don't really again morning or once more players because i don't want more players i'm happy with the short squad they have and the good things and with the bad sayings. in athletics i mean because i don't jump in and race and not could be going to next month's world
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championships and last career after all the russian has so far failed to qualify for the showpiece tournament but has now won the last major event ahead of its twenty six year old cleared to meet as a thirty six centimeters at his first attempt at the diamond league meeting in london last three years ago a similar journey is taking the seven off to take gold at the beijing olympics elsewhere two americans triumph in the sprint group world record holder you saying gold sitting out also takes new away the field in the men's team and to me since carmelita jeter was peerless in the women's one hundred meters and knocked out his second straight victory in a timely. moving on and with just over a month to go until the rugby world cup in new zealand down caught a good fifteen points as the all blacks comfortably beat australia thirty points to fourteen in a try and asians in countering all plans to retain the gladdest low cut the
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traditional have got before the game june boosted the whole nation's meron that dominated from an offer didn't pass and have not lost a test to australia since nineteen eighty six and new zealand were seventeen zero up at half time thickness and why not in the railroad and says any city run to put the match beyond back forty minutes into the second half going back to with conrad smith for a spectacular run to make it twenty five seven to me i on me and rocky elsom did get on school board through all of this in the second period but the business is never looked at getting back interest is in and out two wins and two in the trying nations following the opening success against a depleted south africa last week. and finally sorry seems to be the hardest word for a short tempered chinese speed skater the country's greatest winter olympian wang wang has apologized to her. people but not to the officials after a drunken brawl with the team manager man was
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a story sliced off to being once again expelled from the team for a movie behavior twenty six year old punched her boss was reprimanded for a late night out joining a training camp a short track star is a four time olympic champion but has a poor record of violence at work she was also keep track of the national team four years ago beating up her coach. and that's all from a sports desk on her. mind . right or if you knew about someone from funds to pressure.
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these stunts on t.v. don't come.
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