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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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we've got the. biggest issues get the invoice seems to face with the news makers. good. little robot will lose. one or run into that guy so was tempers flare on the streets of london over another day of riots vigilantes and shop owners are now fighting back police skipping holidays so what are the protesters looking for what does it mean for the us. and it's all greek to me as austerity measures have put greece in ruins and london is now in a lot of trouble is this the end of the economic era the difficulty is one thing a lot of people prepared for. and with good reason so will you be prepared for the
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end of the world as we know it well we'll show you just how far some americans are going to be ready just in case. after noon it's wednesday august tenth four pm here in washington d.c. i'm lauren lyster and you're watching r.t. now in the u.k. riots have gone into a fifth day and they continue to spread as the night goes on looters are taking what they can get their hands on setting fire to buildings the number of london police forces on the streets have tripled to fifteen thousand now now along with rioters a new development a different type of mob is springing up those cleaning it up you can see him down there holding brooms but analysts and citizens say what is really in need of confronting is what's going on underneath all of this the root cause some say in equality and inability to move up in the world racial targeting by police all
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issues under the surface somewhere else the united states so we'll get to what these riots in the u.k. could mean for the u.s. but first my colleague in the u.k. gives us the backstory on just what's going on there. across england and wales more than eleven thousand police have already been laid off in austerity measures by two thousand and fifteen a total of thirty four thousand will go meanwhile london and other cities are taken over by thugs the police have not been anywhere where the police if the police were here that would've been i think a price i think was a little bit better i don't think they're doing everything they can i think maybe more. while police numbers are being cut the estimated cost of the war in afghanistan from two thousand and one to the end of last month was thirty billion dollars all taxpayer cash british forces are also heavily involved in libya despite the ministry of defense being required to lose thirty two thousand start m.e.p.
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general patton says money's being spent on foreign wars that should be spent at home i think at the point where we have to call in. what we're seeing now is. chaotic criminality across the whole what we should pull our troops back from. pointless wars in afghanistan in iraq. as money is spent on two wars in foreign lands parts of london birmingham liverpool and bristol are essentially ghettos partly because of high immigration but also because young people in these communities have no prospects the board and disaffected and as the cuts bite that's not going to improve a cup of youth worker told me four out of eight youth centers have closed since last year invest in your communities when you take away the money from the police in it's a way the money from the. army are to never imagine such consequences to be honest
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you know but you look at consequences tuesday night saw sixteen thousand police officers on the streets of london according to the metropolitan police the force is being stretched more than ever before and increasingly londoners are talking about taking matters into their own hands bringing with it ration under control is just the beginning of a whole big problem and it's not just about cleaning up it's about communities coming to terms with the fact that even at the current numbers if violence is widespread enough the police be my navel to retain control the feeling of insecurity in these communities is likely to remain a fun time particularly if police keep disappearing from the beach your emmett r.t. cup and london so just what is behind these riots we heard a few ideas in laura's report right there but should this all be a warning for the united states i mean spending on wars cuts to social programs all
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things going on here also what are the police tactics going on in the u.k. neber people protesting in democracies in general the united states included joining me to talk about all of this is catherine bell she is lead reporter for truth march and independent journalist luke ridout he thanks you guys for being here so look i want to start with you because you were just in europe you were just in london did you feel any. there any premonition that this was boiling under the circus and something like this would happen i mean almost everywhere i went in europe there was protest against the rising cost of living there's austerity measures there's barrackers devaluing the currency so there was a feeling of resentment of resistance but right now it's being carried out in a very wrong way and people are just reacting and sort of acting towards a solution and they're only creating a bigger problem right now which is very sad whether it's right or wrong you saw this coming i pretty much did i mean what's happening here in the united states i mean i grew up in brooklyn and there wasn't one week where me or one of my friends
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was either targeted by the police intimidated and my rights violated so i understand where these people are coming from especially with the culture of consumerism people are just going out there they're desperate they don't know what they're doing and they're just acting out acting stupid and creating more problems for their country do you think that this could happen in brooklyn in the united states in areas that are affected by poverty lacking for some ability targeted by the police like you just mentioned i mean the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer the bankers are going out of control this is very likely in united states i hope it doesn't happen because it's hurting people it's breaking down communities of good solution it's coming together nonviolently peacefully taken you know an example is taking money out the banks instead of burning down communities and businesses owned by people who are getting screwed over but this is very much likely going to happen in the united states and you're ready for it catherine you know luke saying that this is not the way to. act out in reaction to all of these things that are going on in your country in your society but it's it
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is caused by by all of these issues that are very bare and that bring about this reaction martin luther king jr once said a riot is the language of the herd do you what do you think the message is of these people what do you think is the language that they're trying to speak well i think that right now we have an instance of a lot of disenfranchised youth where there parted with messages of you know. consumers. they come from lower income families and there's not a lot of opportunities afforded to them and it really in. a way that they see their their self-worth or their ability to get a message across is by consuming and it now they finally are given an opportunity to be in control of a situation so i think they're taking an opportunity right now i think it has less
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to do with political grievances and more so to do with. disenfranchised youth and it's not an opportunity to take what they feel they're owed so why do you think they're burning their own pubs they're going to report that they're you know they're looting their own bars why would you do that if it was a bad thing like your bars i mean the police are actually allowing this to happen i had a friend i was talking to last night on facebook and he told me that he saw the police stand back and watch as writers looted a whole building burned down the whole building they were doing anything this plays its role of of the problem reaction solution they want this problem to occur they want the people to feel angry at the protesters and the people who are writing as well right now because they want to clash you know them and we seen this in toronto during the g. twenty police letter kissed burned on a police car then they came in and arrest everybody so this is actually a huge step back for the people in england who actually want real change and that's what they're told me i mean i was at the g twenty in toronto and police just didn't have the control over i mean even though there were such
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a large police presence there i mean the black bloc anarchist whatever you want to say believe didn't like allow them to do that they just didn't have the control over that you don't you don't have the same i mean i was only its words i was actually not allowed into kara no but i was at the g twenty and i was there and i was going on in the place where that one troll over those people at the pittsburgh n g twenty i saw anarchists go out and break buildings police officers were just watch and vote breaking windows. were just watch and then the next day they came in without the police officers they had the manpower in pittsburgh they gathered everybody up corralled everybody just like they did in london during their g twenty protest they're very efficient there they even killed a man arrested a lot of people but here we're watching the police step back so i think this plays into something that the system wants the system wants us to keep fighting each other destroying our communities instead of building communities and being there for each other so this as the bankers are looting the economy they're sitting back watching as we destroy each other and this is a very sad state of affairs i were viewing right now ok and in response to this
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what you're calling it has to do with there's one of the things we simply do is target people with social media so blackberry aggregated organizing using you know b.v.m. messaging each other to figure out where to go how to get around police that sort of thing you know one lawmaker who wanted blackberry to suspend messaging altogether and you have blackberry cooperating saying you know especially they'll do what they can to help the authorities catherine what do you think about that is that right or wrong well i think that's a big threat to our civil liberties and we can see instances like that happening here in the u.s. i mean in response to flash mobs in philadelphia the mayor. michael nutter he made a nine pm curfew and you know basically telling parents how to raise their children and you know wrong monroe in chicago set up an eight thirty pm curfew and depending on which violation you're at you could be fined anywhere from five hundred fifteen hundred dollars so and that's not even to go into other
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violations of our rights privacy as this is you know the patriot act that has been around for longer than so if you think this is going on in the united states it would be dissing the same thing will be seeing black berry do what they can to help authorities we do thing bubble phone companies hand over and you can they can in order to helpfully there's a say offices in risin into mobile and all the major companies are right now today . the n.y.p.d. actually notes that they're actually setting up a new facebook division that will monitor their control i mean this is no surprise i mean right when we talk about we don't talk about n.s.a. offices and prize and wireless i don't know about that i don't know your sources on that but we do talk every day about the expansion of the patriot act where you know you don't have accountability for warrantless wiretapping that sort of thing so you think the same be used used here in the u.s. if that's what's going on i mean they really are i mean there was one guy who put up a flash mob at the federal reserve and he came there he was the only person who came
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the people there was n.y.p.d. officers there was about a hundred of them surrounding the building and they were all talking about hundreds and thousands of people they were supposed to come and storm the federal reserve meanwhile i was just one guy who posted the barn so and white people were already monitoring and watching what was going to happen so there are already you know they're going to cooperate they're already sparring and if they were you know what people are going to do before they do it here well then my next question is what do you think would happen if you know how the united states saying you know what is u.k. doing cracking down through blackberry or you know searching people out there twitter or whatever using a mobile phone companies but yet you hear you know reaction to the arab spring but the u.s. you know say that china should be cracking down on internet dissent something that a chinese newspaper even came out and said hey this just shows that internet freedom what we've been doing is the right way to go do you think there's hypocrisy do you think if this was going on these tactics that are going on in the u.k. was happening in venezuela or china we here in the u.s. say hey you can't crackdown on social media the you need to encourage democracy do
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you think happened. yeah i think there's definitely an instance of hypocrisy here i think that. you know even the even our own government has been talking about legislation to to monitor our own internet so. it's it's very much sort of a bait. they say one thing and they do another it's a lot of couples and look i mean i know there are c.c.t.v. cameras on every corner of london you were just there i mean are they everywhere you look how come they haven't helped i mean when you think that that would would would help police to exactly and yell system of well all the system grid control in london is extremely scary there's cameras everywhere you go you drive in a car there's speed cameras every single street you go on i mean it's just insane i mean they have facial recognition cameras and i soon as you come into the country they take pictures of your whole body and they know who you are they know exactly where you go and so then why aren't all that going i think if it can help them to
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you to have order on their streets votes used efficiently against protests like the g twenty in toronto and sorry in london and also other people who protest and want to get messages out like what happened with charlie beach when he was arrested for a pre-crime incident just for calling for protest at the royal wedding so they're using this against to say this is playing into the favorite holiday anything against this that i mean everybody thought on the street expressing dissent looting buildings right now they want people to burn buildings they want people to write they want the situation to occur and supporter out of chaos are going to take more control more power more money for the police budgets are going to come into it and because of this i know people in london are actually saying that one one out of every three people london are saying that the police actually shoot and kill these people so this is having a very negative reaction against the people who are actually trying to you know do something here if that was the case then why would they institute curfews now i don't know i mean it seems like there are. they want this to happen in order to get more control in order to possibly and sort of marshal law in london what way does
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the iranian i've ends but one of the things the british mainstream media you've seen media reports where they're saying they want to help identify protesters that sort of thing is that right or wrong catherine when you think being a journalist or stuff but i mean it would be very nice to be able to i dinna fire. i. i don't know if you're talking about protesters are protesting the people that are looting well that's the thing it's hard how do you tell the difference you know are you going to crack down on anybody to identified as being out on the streets right exactly. what i mean i think that there's clear evidence that someone was taking something that would be fine to to charge them accordingly i mean these people should be held accountable for what they're doing and they're there you know vandalizing small business owners and stealing properties i mean that's not a good thing or something that should be encouraged or go on punished but i don't i
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don't so i mean if it's possible to to see who these people are and you think it's ok that it's ok but i don't think that security measures are the answer really quickly right and i just want to ask you one more question lou i mean you're saying that london would use this to crack down or the u.k. would you know what are they going to do for everyone in jail for sixteen months like they did a sentence that pink floyd guitarist adopted son who protested at a student rally i mean can they put everybody in jail for sixteen months are they can handle that all these looters on the street the prison industrial complex yeah sure they're making a ton of money off of the work in there for your book there they're not doing it all right well we'll see what happens i appreciate you guys for coming in and giving us your take from our side of the pond on what that means for for the camera that was catherine dull the reporter for truth martin independent journalist luke redoubts q now the u.k. impose austerity measures not too long ago which has affected the lives of people many who are now living on the streets of the u.k.
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not too long ago two austerity measures push people into the streets of greece is there a connection and could this get worse as the u.s. and the global economy head towards what some call recession what some say could be a depression well joining me from greece is a radio host and economics blogger dimitri safina who was covering those protests and greece when they were going on to me thanks for being here. so my first question to you you cover the protests in greece you were there when people in greece reacted to austerity measures you talked about the toll austerity measures have taken on the economy of greece people have suggested these riots in london two or fuelled by economic issues lack of mobility inequality austerity measures do you see a connection between what is going on in greece what's going on in the u.k. and what's happened in europe you know in portugal and other places as well i mean i think there's a new similarity between these riots and the ones that happened in december.
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because we had a similar sort of situation where we used to get the and murder of a young man from the road what but but in general they're receiving rights across the developed world and the developing room in part of its food rise other parts of it are austerity budget surplus are trying that we seem to see and it's certainly a trend you would expect to see during a bear market and we're truly in eight markets certainly in the west but globally as well and so in some surprise i mean it all it all stems from economic issues and it you know just look at inequality for example in britain you know in two thousand and ten the richest ten percent of the population had more than one hundred times the wealth of the poorest ten percent in the united states the richest ten percent controls two thirds of net worth of americans so do you think that the same kind of unrest will come to the united states we have the same issues in the united states . well yeah absolutely i think there's no question so it's going to happen and the
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downgrade of s. and p. of the good of the united states whether it was worth it or not i think speaks volumes about the shift of risk from the balance sheet of banks the advantage of sovereign countries which are vocal backstops for the welfare state so when they get through the question of course you're going to have mounting on rest and i think ultimately because the system architecture is such that the banking system and the way that the sovereign countries are benefiting backstops for and. for the banking system i think that you're going to see more and worse especially once those because the u.s. is an empire and so it's the reserve currency of the world so when the when this when the system collapses it's going to be most felt in the u.s. because an empire sits on a nation state within which it resides a good giant parasite and so when that crumbles it's the biggest balance that is the final he has to go but the meter at the same time you said that the united states dollar is the reserve currency there are unique aspects to the united states that somewhere like greece doesn't have the us has a monetary policy at its disposal it can print its own currency greece can't do
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that greece is attached to the euro they they don't have that ability they can't print the reserve currency and yesterday the federal reserve came out and said they'll keep interest rates near zero for two years so do you think that this will help the u.s. economy in a way that other economies cappie. well what it does is it gives the u.s. the flexibility to continue to get capital and it gives the flexible possibility the u.s. the u.s. treasury market as we have seen a pretty real drop substantially during this period where isn't in the u.k. enough that you can story in europe you're seeing a real rise for yields and. it's one of the things that's instigated the c.b. to go into the secondary market and buy a lot of time spent there. but. when i don't i don't i don't think that this is a good thing for the united states absolutely not zero zero district policies and so it's only we're only getting it because the banking system isn't solvent and and
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the federal prosecutor part credit which is it's just very just more debt to work to do to prop up the system so i don't think that it's a good thing for the long term in the storage and it allows it allows the u.s. to stay afloat perhaps longer than than europe would otherwise what in the long term now i mean is that really going to help because i mean let's was writing and that's all times earlier today that those worried about the shortage of quality and star myths are partially correct that bad monetary policy got us into this mess but it cannot get us out can it do anything does did does the federal reserve have any tools they can do anything. well i think the first proven inapt really because the thing is the money multiplier is broken in the banking system remember the federal reserve used the fed the federal funds rate to push down the boring rate for banks but if no was willing to borrow that money you're in what people call the liquidity trap which is why the fed was forced to find innovative ways to continue to probably just a mess which we wanted to we too were about they were buying bonds they were buying long term fronts i mean if it could effectively if it wanted to go against its
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charter but theoretically the free to go go ahead and buy whatever it wants when it's open market operation so theoretically before you go in monetize everything on plan but it's not going to do it it's going to further work dollars price everything to infinity you can collapse the monetary system and that's the nature of the system the system is market taken so that it's going to self-destruct ever since we went off of bretton woods we were running deficits like the sixty's we had the guns and butter of the johnson vietnam war that got us after a defacto gold standard and the fixed exchange rates system a grand words and that pushes you to the inevitable delusional world today which is . and move to the point with nation states take all the liabilities in the banking system and then effectively put themselves in a position where they sat on the grenade and the nation state is the vessel that within which humanity has been able to see or a certain human rights and if that goes it's effectively and you have feudalism are so can leaders that now have so much control or can federalism central banks that
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now have so much control over there so much reliance on to fix this can they do anything at this point to keeping us or any other country even europe from heading towards recession or depression as that are saying we're at it. well you know i mean it's an interesting thing in japan. after nine hundred ninety three you should now started to expand its public debt substantially as a try to get out of it was going to balance sheet depression because the banks are taking on so much that so the government was there and have had all the you had you know flooded into the japanese bond market which drove down years of the japanese government they were able to try to keep the system up and today you going to similar situation of the banks are trying to take advantage of those low yields and about money coming into the to the u.s. treasury to prop up the banking system and federal government spending but unlike them i think there are some things that are not in the favor of of the current system then i think that he should read his gold price of gold gold is now in your
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if you harder and i think you will through it today but gold was in a bear market still a very market and i think i'm still a gold is a secular bull market and gold is indication do you have bridging of assumptions and systems so as the system to leverage is as if the leverage is credit as it writes down liabilities and that's a good use right because people don't trust now the banking system but they don't trust the government and used to be the governments were a backstop even if they're my in the treasury they've got the money if they put the money in the in the in the sovereigns as a safeguard so they they don't trust the government anymore and that's a real big change in a big problem i want to you know it has a really interesting point. there is it's a question of are we in a new era where politicians can't do anything leaders can't do anything where really you know there's nothing that can be done and i do think all of our power and cary grant that he is head of earth founded jammo it's a large investment management firm and is one hundred and six billion dollars or so and he said and out my worst fears about the potential loss of confidence in our
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leaders institutions and capitalism itself are being realized we have been digging this hole for a long time. i mean dimitri is there just really nothing that anybody can do that no political political leader can do that no president can do that no central bank can do are we in a new era. where it's a really good question there's some sort of respect for the free market who recognize all the problems of the family system that has been really it has blown up and has really been responsible for the expansion of money supply since one hundred seventy one who believe that nothing can be done and it has to have to be a system research because the system is working for augmented and so discombobulated and there are certain are you can if you have some other show and others who try to advocate for certain teams in solutions because they recognize look we don't like this system it's not a good system but we're so far down the rabbit hole of the government has to step in now that it's the only one that it will trust you know a sort of goal that so much there's not been just inflation put the money to work
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build solar panels build a high speed rail and maybe the private sector to take advantage of that i've tried to look at the solutions and tried to think about them and see the work and i frankly very optimistic about it the reality is if you work with the government with what the government has offered so far to a venture capitalist you would have escorted you out of the office in handcuffs you can post the the business model of a business plan that a government provides is not a business plan governments don't know how to spend money they put in after doing so so i have begun politicians and policymakers and professional economists the gears of this crisis because if he understand it they wouldn't be in the position they were in they would be in the private sector doing something different they go not much that anybody can do but i appreciate you for telling us what you think. you think i thought boy that was me take a phone at his radio host and you counted blogger now all this has got you freight doubt about the direction of the economy you're not alone that people are getting ready they're stocking up on food and supplies in case catastrophe and just in case
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you want to take any notes and as artists are going to have their story. a typical house in a regular suburban town. but here a family's preparing for the end of the world. a german mouser and p. thirty eight from world war two a twelve gauge shotgun. a forty caliber pistol and an eight ar fifteen weapons and ammunition r t if we're carrying this out on the street for some reason and you know and the world type situation you can walk around with these guns here he first cura a certified n.r.a. instructor and all of two businesses store student supplies to help you survive no matter what disaster might hit breakdown of government is one thing a lot of people caring for now were facing possible paid of ladies for social security. i don't believe we're going to be doing this kind of quitting for that but we're going to have
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a lot of americans that are. thirty seven year old is among thousands of american preppers who would rather view ready than sorry are to spoke with the founder of the preppers network from inside his truck now if somebody were to call them or you can know many. people every day will. have to rely on. more than a. gas mask bulletproof vests can't tents and helmets will basements like this one a proper survival bag is not a typical first aid kit it includes things like a parachute cord of body heat regina space blankets a survival knife a meal ready to eat and bagged emergency drinking water according to proper is one must also be ready for a chemical catastrophe or a large scale terrorist attack continuously and on top of you you have loved. the if you would slip into a chemical proof if you don't situation. where you are now one hundred
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percent fine and nothing is going to get through to you know a variety of walkie talkies are ready for use if the communication network shuts down w a two am will keep me to go to you for being with us i need. and the. father who was actually next to you always officer for twenty five years he is now retired navy past time operating system radio. communications. like. tsunami and earthquake in japan a couple of months ago i mentioned really played a big part in that and providing emergency communications when everything else failed and a big hurricane in haiti a couple years ago there's one scenario years more than others if there was some kind of a nuclear fallout radio wave propagation good probably for all practical purposes.


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