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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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he's still for several miles a patch is up with a prominent roster now straw men are astronomer i should say who sure little green men do exist. and then we heard mr thinker thank you very much for being with us today you have promised that in twenty years time you will have discovered life on other planets are we actually talking about elin's or merely some of the. we're talking life forms of course from what particular form such life could be is a separate question of where there is life and intelligence and civilization are a possibility but discovering life is of primary importance in what form. of the so what i'm going to tell you is a paradox the form will definitely be well known to us in my opinion and i believe
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experts generally agree on this life and intelligence should they exist elsewhere at all should be highly human like you see essentially the origins of life follow the same pattern just as it is with atoms molecules or macromolecules there are fundamental laws of physics that apply invariably in each case these laws have been thoroughly researched and explained now all you need is the right environment that would enable a process like that to start for example an atom of hydrogen that originates in a galaxy located millions of the past six away from us that is hundreds of millions of light years away is absolutely identical to a hydrogen atom that originates in our solar system because fundamental laws are universal and it's the same with the fundamental laws that govern the origins of life including the fundamental laws the evolution of the these are universal so all living things should have the same composition and living organisms should look like the ones we encounter on. these life forms you're talking about develop into
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a civilization to work with primarily they can develop intelligence or i think it is possible because apparently there is some. regular pattern life inevitably develops intelligence if only there's enough time intelligence leads to civilization however this is a very long process mind you the earth formed four point five billion years ago four billion years ago it was already suitable for life forms and in fact that is how long ago initial indications of life date back to but evolution takes a long time homo sapiens originated two hundred thousand years ago but it was only forty thousand years ago the modern humans came about the culture bearing humans that you would know i belong to that by the way their genesis was a paradox too as they emerged on earth very quietly and then they immediately spread all over the vast area from the cape of good hope to china apparently there are some laws that we still don't know in detail. as
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a scientist would you guarantee one hundred percent that we will discover life yes and i will explain why you see there is this rational if not purely scientific outlook on the universe a process can either be very weak or if there is at least one similar occurrence of then it is a regular phenomenon for some time scientists believe that the solar system is something unique but nowadays we find that most stars have planets or furthermore the formation of planets is an inevitable process that occurs when a giant molecular cloud forms into a star about a thousand planets located around different stars have been discovered to this date over five hundred stars are known to have planets a million planets are projected to be discovered within the next ten years with moreover some of the recently discovered planets not only resemble the earth by composition but also seem to have. an oxygen necessarily indicates the presence of life of so planets a regular phenomenon meanwhile the universe consists of about
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a hundred billion galaxies each of them has roughly one hundred billion stars. these are immense a multitude of almost all stars might have their planets we've already discovered about a thousand of them and some of those planets being ten percent or even one percent might be suitable for the origin of life you know. the present time the earth runs out of its resources and they will definitely be depleted someday perhaps in a few billion years do you think there is a chance that humankind will be able to inhabit other planets would you if you will see what you're talking about i'm not an expert on this although i do have a feeling that life is generally organized in such a way that any species exists for a certain limited period of time it is highly possible humans are no exception environmental conditions on earth changed at least five times in the two hundred fifty million years that we're able to trace back with up to ninety percent of all
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living organisms becoming extinct and earthly floor of foreigners changing completely some hypotheses maintain that it was caused by an asteroid or comet hitting the earth but i'm more inclined to think that the earth and the solar system or even the universe in general is something of a chemistry lab a giant factory with its own workings and certain species may only be designed to exist for a limited period of time and that may also be the case with humans would find it rather difficult to visit humans will be traveling to other stars and migrating to other planets on a massive scale in terms of our immediate prospects the primary destination for human karna zation will be the moon i might not live long enough to see this you definitely will as it will happen within the next twenty to twenty five years three global powers with the united states the european union and china are already competing to set up the first lunar observatory and hence the first colony on the
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moon later on people might colonize mars with china's ideas of populating mars with millions of people getting the. land seem naive to me although the chinese are capable of a lot in any case i doubt we'll be traveling to other stars out in the how will locating conscious life forms and other planets help us because i don't know for some time i stuck with the idea that we were alone in the universe that we were unique it seemed like the desire to discover extraterrestrial life forms was essentially a desire to answer some of the questions that troubled as all questions related to health technology and survival if we do indeed discover a civilization outside of earth a highly advanced civilization we may gain some technology from this technology it would be fantastic look at how the world has changed over the past forty to fifty years the changes will radical people who remember the first era planes taking off and the first televisions are still alive and on the other hand we have the
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internet it has only been fifty years now imagine meeting a civilization that is ahead of us by one hundred or two hundred years the discoveries they must have made are unimaginable this is especially relevant considering that technologies can be transmitted to as vice signals. and what sort of signals with. the air we are of science that searches for extraterrestrial civilizations is divided into three parts we have seti the search for extraterrestrial intelligence the ketty communication with extra terrestrials and met even the message for extraterrestrial intelligence is the best way to do it i think is by radio waves it is the most powerful transmitter we have moreover it has been tested astronomers are looking into this where looking for signals of extra terrestrials and using capacities we have here on earth to send signals to outer space do you believe in aliens when in what sense do i believe they have visited us
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of that and their existence of the why do you. if there was intelligence and a civilization outside earth then we would call that civilization extraterrestrial but the term is used quite differently by the public to refer to phenomena that we supposedly observed here on earth that i do not believe in when i know for a fact that it didn't happen the thing is in the public might find this interesting the u.s.s.r. was the only country in its day to host a grand experiment the general staff issued an order to various units under the defense ministries command to report any unidentified flying objects they were called and identified atmosphere phenomena about them the program was called the net it was divided into two parts the defense ministries net looking for what might be traces of new types of weaponry the other net the so-called a n net looked for phenomena previously unknown to humankind for more than twenty years people of
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course one sixth of the earth's territory even more than that as we had military units stationed outside the u.s.s.r. at certain points all those people monitored the skies for u.f.o.s. every single day they detected approximately one thousand out of unusual phenomena only two of which made it and explained this day here the rest were either manmade or natural some of them were amazing you would not believe me if i told you about some of the things that were found people didn't know such things could happen airplanes are bounded by pilots flew on for days a missile was wants to tempted that bypassed a passenger jet by a mere two meters we saw something of the sort later on in ukraine i believe it has been proven quite convincingly that extra terrestrials never visited us it makes sense to the way the public is thinking and i'm sure that if we were using horses to get around rather than planes they would think aliens were visiting us on horseback with certain phenomena are interpreted into
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a myth this way. we recently spoke to jill tarter who works with seti and. hell does that valley and so indeed exist to their civilization should be much older and more advanced than ours and she said ellen's was not contact us but there is a joke we have in the fact that extra terrestrials are not contacting us proves that they exist and they're smart but seriously we know that there is no speed faster than the speed of light it takes light from the star closest to earth for years to reach us it would take us centuries to devise a means of transportation if that would allow us to travel this distance we know for a fact now that the star closest to us is devoid of life the next star the d.s.a. is twenty light years away it would take us. to think of a way to get that physical star travel is impossible that's my belief we would have to revise the whole science of physics miracles do not help in science they do
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happen but there are different sources to what we used to is clear everyone is talking about the risk of the earth colliding with another asteroid their profits do you think this is a real threat. just. first of all i want to tell you that asteroids and comets played a very important role in the birth of life remember the solar system is essentially a child chemistry lab with comets and asteroids transport matter across this land including some suspect organic matter they have often collided with earth the earth is dotted with asteroid craters we call them in space will. some scientists believe that the disappearance of entire species of plants and animals has to do with asteroids that happened two hundred fifty million fifty million twenty five million years ago now this asteroid is not anything out of the ordinary what's more you and i may have seen something of the sort happened twice we saw jupiter collide with an
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asteroid jupiter is in the earth's lucky star because our defendant if it were not for jupiter all those asteroids would hit us the moon. a lot of asteroid imprints but a comet recently flew into the sun so there are some examples for you the science that studies asteroids on a collision trajectory with the earth which is approximately ten percent of all asteroids states that they do present a threat but back to apophis i think we do not have to worry about it it will come as close to earth as a geostationary satellite does a twenty twenty night it will be the brightest object in our sky then in twenty thirty two it will return but it will not pass as a close it is quite a large asteroid about not point five kilometers in diameter so there is a chance of it striking earth that is if it hits the so-called keyhole of the earth has two of these key holes in its gravitational field each one approximately the size of the master oid but i do not think the upper fits will hit one we will be
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able to affect its trajectory after all. how so can we destroy it in experiments conducted on earth have demonstrated that asteroids are destructible we will need a stronger force the more we use it in the experiment to destroy it however. then again we have been warned in advance which is very important as we think we could have kept a trajectory gradually pushing it into the gravity field of another planet then after making several revolutions it will no longer be on a collision trajectory these ideas have never been implemented but i think they are plausible we shouldn't have a problem doing it even at our technological level thank you for this.
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sickness and society or sickness in the system as u.k. authorities mop up the aftermath of the. riots locals ask if the government can break down the crime inciting social vacuum it helped create but downing street is blaming gang of fire violence for the democrats. paranoid and prepared with its economy teetering on the brink american stock up on food supplies radios and guns to get them to doomsday which growing numbers believe could be right around the corner. and ethnic serbs in northern kosovo say they live in fear of having their land and property taken as tensions remain high following weeks of violence near the border between serbia and kosovo. and after course of and police took control of two disputed calls things next to sport with.
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you're watching the sport live on our t.v. and here are the top stories this hour back to winning ways was last than a month before your eyes when it's wild qualifying russia recalled the first victory since june in a friendly. with his basketball team holds a warm up again as part of preparations for the false approaching. twenty eleven. and also look at had to the ninety third edition of the p.g.a. championship the final major on the gulf and calendar which tees off later today. russia have won their first friendly match in almost one year after a victory against moscow russia has more on that who rushed. to qualify for the two thousand and twelve european championship finals in poland and ukraine the less said about to come for current side's record in friendly matches. the russians have put in some very subpar performances which had seen them lose to
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a run and only dream of khatam however almost a year on from their last victory in a friendly against big area russia will finally. looking to win again especially with those euro qualifiers against macedonia and republic of ireland coming up in early september. undercount picked a strong side though he would lose strikers alexander kitchener corven and to a shove in with only half an hour go on recall of having to go for the leg injury are sharp in received a cut to his head. chances were the premium in the first half the service was done right to reach should have done better with this free header five minutes before half time russia would open the scoring seven minutes after the break robin public speculative drive from distance was fumbled boy boy on your good cheer each and puppet of new york was on hand to score his first goal for the national team in almost a year moments later visitors could have drawn level but he guy can fave did well
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to deny his former sales come moscow team made me last class which. again of should have doubled the home side's lead midway through the half hour of everton midfielder straight of a goalkeeper that was one sour notes here that should call for his playing his first match in russia since joining on jima which color was booed throughout the match much to the fury of head coach tick of the accounts however the dutchman was much happier about how his team played. against and you were doing because the majority of the players from several european clubs so in that way it was a very who. practice game before the game with. his opposite number of argument pape that of each said there were positives for his side to take from their performance of a server leaves the russians ones at the top of a game. i thought russia were not as impressive as they can be i thought russia can play much better but maybe i was doing to the way we played well this win against
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the serbs will be a welcome confidence boost for the russians it will count for little dick of the cut side fail to get all six points from september's qualifiers at home to macedonia and the republic of ireland richard on board for eternity in moscow. elsewhere germany came out three two winners against brazil in the friendly instead good the festive three over the five time world champion since one thousand nine hundred three they have been sixty minutes into the game following this fall against. the area they buy and the made no mistake from the spot for. seven minutes later the germans doubled their advantage their motto go to receive the boss in the box and needles the rest then. brazil though called to get soon off the words philip mom fouled. in the area to make it to one from the spot. however set up on drip schulin put the germans three one up with just ten minutes remaining and in the dying moments nineteen year old brazil hopeful neymar schooled
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this second on the night but that wasn't enough to complete become back your himmler was schooled when say three two. in the meantime all snuck out then says fabregas could join barcelona by the weekend it's believed the camels will pay field about thirty five million pounds of its went to four year old midfielder fabregas had joined arsenal from the catalans in two thousand and three and made his name in london if the clubs fail to complete the deal before they go on his game against. the fabric us will be a mabel to play for barcelona in the champions league this season. to basketball now where russia finished their final preparations ahead of the european championships in lithuania but before that david blot schooled faced the two men hosts reports. for the first time the european championship will be played with twenty four teams and the n.b.a. lockout offers an opportunity to watch the best you were born players take to the hardwood for the title in their only friendly match on home so before the games
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russia face tournament host lutherie ennia the home side produced an electric start securing a lead they would never link wish much to the delight of the home crowd forty nine thirty six the score at the big break but that wasn't enough for the full effect heem karina n.b.a. stars to my famous golf under a kid in ankara and teammates kept attacking conjuring up silly besting moves and so the defending on the seven ends it seems russia will once again be more into the favorites in louisiana as they aim to regain the crown they claimed in two thousand and seven ninety one seven to six their final score it would be showdown likely on the cards sooner rather than later in the playoffs of euro busken will to win eleven you know obviously this team is a little different than last for years because we have that quality factor of caroline go on a more mature goal of the most important thing though is that other guys that have
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played in the last few competitions are now showing their maturity and their level which is appropriate for playing teams like lithuania. i really like the way we play tonight especially in defense we are working hard to improve it in and as a result we play more aggressively and put a lot more pressure on the opponent i think it will become our trademark during euro basket. with only the finalists automatically booking this board for next year's london olympics expect and all action to want to mint to deep off on august thirty first because they about out of energy. over in tennis are off on the dull suffered a shock defeat to question it on dog day game his first appearance since they were more than final to stone to victory in the airplane set claiming it. six one of adult it cranked forty first in the world found its rhythm late turn the dial was five three helping to decide the vote was denied by the crowed secuity hard old tree with two successful tie breaks. and rushed the goal identities also
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out in the second stage to noble djokovic sheen what was the debut as the world number one the russian giving a fight in the opening set which nearly went to a tie break but jokes which eventually to the twelve game and the sun seventy five winning the second six want to reach the last sixteen the joker plays more in chile next to knocked out juan martin del potro. elsewhere a comprehensive victory for roger at the rogers cup as two time champion and lost it was runner up federer battle it out against local favorite. seven five six three of us west will face a tougher opponent next there will be four more for it's own goal. now plenty of where they come to and as including a returning tiger woods are lined up to go for the p.g.a. championship this year it was of course came out previews the ninety third edition of the major ahead of thursday's start. the p.g.a. championship is nearing a century of golfing excellence with its ninety third edition but only one of over
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one hundred fifty players will get to live that final major trophy of the year luke donald knows that a world number one ranking isn't enough to silence the critics the englishman well aware of the fact that nothing short of a first ever major would bring him in line with the other greats of his era a predicament he shares with combat street and world number two lee westwood you know majors and they stand age made out to be you know the biggest deal you know people. put a lot of pressure on the guys who have won them like myself and lee and you know adam and who have some might be there is this pressure to win and sometimes you can go to these events and just try to hard adam scott is the man of the moment coming off a win at the w.d.c. bridgestone invitational with a new star sidekick on his bag caddie steve williams recently fired by tiger woods has been taking shots at his former employer after scott's four shot when it firestone the australian himself is well aware of the bite that tiger and others in
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the field possess the competition is strong at the moment luke donald played amazingly west was playing amazing and now we have tiger you know healthy again so this is going to be interesting for everyone to watch because we're also interested in what he does and how he plays such a big factor on the game northern ireland has been able to both an increasing number of major championship winners recently rory mcilroy is overall favorite in atlanta after winning the two thousand and eleven u.s. open graeme mcdowell also participating having won the same major the year before and yet another northern irishman derren clark holds the british open title his celebrate tory rounds after the win gaining almost as much publicity as his outing on the greens but now the forty two year old focusing on the details of his game in a new environment. golf course is different the shots are different the what's required is totally different so you know i just go to the range and work on my
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balls striking and hope make up our back to a level where control the ball five inconsistent has been defending champion marking climbers middle name of late after winning four tournaments in two thousand and ten the german taking last year's title when the event was held at the whistling straits course and the world number three knows that holding on to the crown will be a challenge at the atlanta athletic club we're playing at different golf course if we play the same golf course and of course. i would see myself. well i would expect to to to do well again this week always use a new golf course i haven't played here any tournament yet. and i think it doesn't really matter if you're defending champion or not plenty at stake for each of the leading lights the end of the final major of the year including tiger woods who can't be ruled out as he seeks a fifth p.g.a. championship. gorski arkie. that's it from me for.
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you the latest in science technology from the ground. we've got the future covered.
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in india oh geez available in the movie the joint the hotel rooms the movie that's the gateway to the grand imperial truly told us that. you can a letter to. see don't need to go and publicly and read this in the kernel was her job as used to retreat. a sickness in society or a sickness in the system as u.k.
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authorities mop up the aftermath of the riots locals ask if the government will break down a crime inciting social vacuum and help create. paranoid and prepare with its economy teetering on the brink of american stock up on food supplies radios and even guns to get them through doomsday which some believe could be right around the corner. and ethnic serbs in northern coast of both say they live in fear of having their land and property taken as tensions remain high following weeks of violence. plus any business or also of any european markets to make a comeback but analysts say the rally could be short lived more and that's an business in twenty minutes.


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