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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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i'm sure knight from the russian capital mrs t. top stories now this hour calls for israelis nationwide to join the country's biggest social protest grow louder as saturday promises become another record breaking turnout however some in tel aviv say the demonstrations are only benefiting the privileged. chance rhetoric between police and politicians in the u.k. is david cameron slams officers for their poor handling of street violence and instead to the us for advice courts work day and night and heavy patrols in the streets to
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deal with the consequences of looting and rioting throughout the week. rumors of insider trading and an accounting error worth two trillion dollars leave the standard and poor's rating agency facing a vengeful washington inquiry even as world markets continue to shift following the unprecedented us this downgrade. will be back when i got the phone about fifty minutes from now the meantime all of these moscow team takes you to the capitals outskirts to find the best ways to take a break from moscow's searing summer heat. great . comfortable. unique. so different but the only one. moscow.
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welcome to the moscow outsell in the service will be exploring area cool celebrity gold trancelike it's a simple process in english is that the states of the say in the summer floods and they just some bathing swimming water sports i notice the hof now it's all jenny from sixty cents seventy four is actually an island surrounded by and off the shore lake i'm very small twice it's coming by top ten you'll time in catholic otherwise you could end up being stuck in traffic for hours on end no telly drivers who are resident permit holders trolley buses and minivans school bus with cash he can enter the actual long. so it's best to get much of
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a transport from the polish i've got a better station. when the capital heats up tens of thousands of some dishes and to moscow's various forests same streets was life and decide activities seventy boys one of the most popular on the sea is the well you're saving beaches and he could pull off a link susan playgrounds for children including one on the beach is also how they're into service for schools equipment in restaurants serving european russian cuisine in the winter there is also a little juice. skating rink. teacher. is often leaching the mid thirty's in one of the beaches here is the way to cool down at moment is great overhead. beautiful ball around. there you can enjoy the freedom it's nice water is so cool it's greatest leaders believe it's a great. part of the city and come to serve time i remember
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a car used to play here when i was a child and it's amazing how well preserved the deer is his ability to. measure the area he's taken on a new forest that centuries old it's a wonderful place to enjoy a leisure stroll even. if you don't read harry just. loving it's a film haven from the communist country for a diplomatic elite provides a taste of life with plenty of buildings mixed in with palms and forests. the park has over two hundred thousand forms of plant life for many of the trees are over one hundred years old seventy bowls beaches are the cleanest in the city i don't very popular among muscovites on the weekends it's difficult to find a free spots here especially because a whole range of services are off to this is. the out to every here has enough of the old and of the new to make a trip really worthwhile just make sure you tell get lost the forest is much larger
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than people think i'm going to come straight to the seas there are dozens of choices. makes the traditional some additional shush leak a recipe for quite a history in asia which spread to the entire british empire still today live visit to a country touching forest in russia will be completely about enjoying the traditional summit off a cheap mushroom all kinds of fish which are completely open for we also crude oil here the ones being prepared you can. trysts surroundings. alongside the state very tasty and the freedom table to discuss it of people with a very easy to teach traditions it's neat to speak against me. to be living here in the russian capital i've been here for seven months i moved in the middle of winter . it was mad but now it's the middle of summer it's a complete contrast to what it was when i got here and what are your impressions of
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the capital in the summer months and when you go the freezing conditions minus twenty but here's now i was thirty you can lay on the beach and somebody can play volleyball you can go to water sports jet skiing water skiing it's great it's such a difference compared to london so i really enjoy it and tell me what is the little bit unpredictable here must join the some of what you do if the weather is bad even if it's rain you can still have fun by the water and on the moscow river you're going to go away anyway so it's always good law is the people you're with no no the weather but generally in moscow in the summer is really sunny and it's like plus thirty and it's perfect and so we go where we on the sunny go it's a park very close to the center of moscow and you can come here a lot of family's income and friends you can come here with your grandmothers your . grandfather's and you can just play in the grass and in the water you can play
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games straight what is your favorite part of that every board the beach stephanie chile on the water relaxing i'm just being chilled out. on the busy last on the day of this here we've got you know. the risk is love that meet someone that you know people have. meet and they could better. i've never tried to make it but my friends make all the time we've been in the countryside and we've been here before and set up a new board and we've made sure we just stay on the site. on the side of the beach . are the. keys there we can read it on the perfect day. for you so for me i'm the first. of the areas of interest in celebrity. nature to get closer
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to it. mr lake it stretches from one thousand two hundred b.c. is. the longest. feeding ducks is a small wooden houses from enclosures for hair and cranes and. interesting facts about the environment is provided and several information stands out for those who are on the path to education. to take pics and fishing. one of the area's main attractions in the six peaches. beaches of its territory some quiet family time others providing more activities to young people some beach areas a free of charge. facilities like tech chairs and towels. you'll stay longer than one day in the green area. there's a hotel in its territory. it provides not only accommodation. and restaurants conference whose schools grounds and the bike rental service complexes are friendly
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towards its guests with children as young people can stay at the hotel for free. as a professional babysitting service. services for. four hours a day even the restaurant. that consists of several buildings. if you go to beaches i mean right in the area. if you believe relaxation in quite some. i think this is the area where you can enjoy dozens of adrenaline filled who speaks. to something more exhilarating now good old jet skiing outfit school provides all the training and equipment but only if you have to try out a block of an sessions which cost twenty four thousand rubles roughly eight hundred dollars on any one of the fourteen years old and their previous experience is for quiet. activities such as jet skiing weight pulling had
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explained to the popularity of the show in the past ten his mission to the jules that went to school for centuries and now with someone soon impedances realize the sometimes he can bring exciting new schools today to see. all repairs and sights since has a fully featured was shot making sure the machines aren't working condition school in the school is still good our school has been open for six years now mostly children and young people practice here but at the same time there are courses for people of any age people to use all sorts of water equipment and course consist of a minimal training sessions safety is our priority we teach me how to mind your own safety we also have to ensure safety on the water for other people who swim nearby or avoid collision with other vessels. changing hobbies this might be an expensive form of enjoyment but professional training training with several local
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and international competitions you see the jet skiing and other with the sports because of the business. so we take the key in hand it's also the jet ski and. fifi's to hear the sense of the jeep pull off the cable with the poles out in the jet ski to stop to take that said. i'm taking. wow that was absolutely brilliant stuff and also crush here. well fun i just love the summer here in moscow with the sun beating down relentlessly interesting capsule going off and to the beaches to get away from the heat but they want to scream in a jet ski will be tasty shush reach into the room sun the sun areas likes it every cool kaisa full movies huge forests become past children's books restaurants and
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thousands of activities the whims of a simple first area so popular. so next time just sweltering excursion and red square all that exhausting shopping spree is getting too much just things maybe seventy pull is just a refreshing tonic elite. very relaxing although i think i'm getting a bit spun but of course they got so tell me how on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next you can sell them for me and the rescue crew here that every board i bought found. him on during. his time called. friendly.
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dynamic. to friends but he'll. go. the british.
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market. the global economy with. headlines. the official. from the.
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city of. gold costs an. apology. calls for israelis nationwide to join the country's biggest social protest grows louder as such they promise has become a record breaking turnout however. there. inspirations are only benefiting the privileged. tense rhetoric between police and politicians in the u.k. it's david cameron slams officers for their poor handling of street violence turning instead to the u.s. for advice on what's working day and night and heavy patrols are in the streets to deal with the consequences of looting and rioting throughout the week. rumors of insider trading and an accounting error were trillion dollars leave the standard and poor's rating agency facing
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a vengeful washington inquiry even as world markets continue to shift following the unprecedented u.s. debt. i'll just remind you are these exclusive interview with the iranian president mahmoud i'm going to share coming your way live on r.t. that's in about fifteen minutes from now that will be after the sports update. a busy afternoon in the russian premier li certainly house bill all going on the leaders were well seconds away from going to their second straight the feat but the crawl to another back into it we have more nuts and football is the focus once again in england yes thankfully the premier league it's back on board for another nine months of football fans are all the rejoicing there's a surprise leader in the league i will find out who that is in just a second all right thanks jeanne.
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good to have you with us if this is sports today this summer reading plenty of head . game on the twentieth english premier league season has kicked off with half a dozen much is done for consideration on suffered. goals galore eight strikes find the back of the net in the russian premier league game between vietnam and moscow on turf grozny we've got the latest from all the football in russia in a moment. prince of pittsburgh wall of ice hockey the biggest stars in malta ensures his views with our t.v. only game life in the u.s. and sid the kid crossed. let's get going with russian football where another weekend of premier league action is underway all but one of some of these four games now wrapped up now goals were not in short supply when moscow on target grozny met up and keep the visitors from chechnya grabbing the lead with just half a dozen minutes on the clock you were thong creeping in at the box for one nil but
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that was as good as i got for tarik the nama first equalizing through a river onin right before the half hour mark and then they took the lead six minutes after that kevin karami turning his non superb leach let refer to one worth another look. two more goals either side of the break would make sure it's job even harder shots or cross it doesn't monitor archer. he claims fourth six to how the one sided clash would turn out eventually no move to within a point of second seeded zinny pts and people. sport acknowledge it meanwhile have climbed off well from following it to know when away to the visitors taking the fifteen minutes from time alexander shiny. finding a true contender for miss of the season would follow look at this arson cough tarring over when it looked far easier to school but the striker would make amends
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right at the death hitting home with the s.c. champ defense once again let's see the school psyche. means. sit all alone at the bottom the big clash between leading cisco rubin finish just minutes ago the per kicking home a point speech enough to thirty fifth minute penalty tonsils out rights of the dead by alan. cooperman much these pictures with clay getting under way in a run. it's grown kickoff. twenty eleven twelve premier league season now underway one game though talking versus everton is postponed because of the recent riots that took place across the country five games on track over newly promoted side queens park rangers a. weakling to the big leagues going down four nil at home to bolton while their fellow writers knowledge for better now being
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a point away to wigan liverpool have the honor of scoring the first school of the season to be precise but some do and point to leave the final score on field goal in the last in the spoils. alongside both unfolding come from behind with a blocker and while it's scoreless after fifteen minutes in the days late picture arsenal versus newcastle the gunners taking the field without says fabregas to spawn you believed to be leaving proportional in a sixty million dollars. tennis on the player who not maria sharapova of the rogers cup yesterday is now herself. showing little resistance. to rank advancing in straight sets sixty. on six two to set up a semifinal encounter with serena williams developed russia no aiming for her fourth final appearance of the season and a third singles title. williams meanwhile had
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a tougher time against lucie safarova on seeded czech taking the opening set six four before thirteen time grand slam champion williams points back to claim the next couple of sets six three six two williams thus closing in on her second title in as many weeks following victory in stanford a fruit. a very sweet sporting reception in washington for obama the u.s. president inviting reigning n.f.l. super bowl champions green bay on the traditional yearly visit to the wife's harvests obama however is a well known fan of the packers' n.f.c. rivals the chicago bears to add insult to injury the commander in chief's hometown squad were also beaten by the partially in conference championship playoffs the sky thirty didn't look to on be having the green bay jersey to his wife's ice collection. so. it's
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a little bit of. a hard thing for a barrel spending. it doesn't hurt as much as the n.f.c. championship game hurt. but it still hurts. you know you guys coming to my house to rub it in. i stay with american football works by pay visit kansas city on friday to kick off the coast of their preseason and the book and you're showing it could be a dangerous prospect this year rookie linebacker mason foster recovering the chiefs homebuilder early on you're just freeman is considered one of the quarterbacks in the car for this season the twenty three rules quick feet saving the year and waltzed into the end zone to open the scoring josh johnson also looking good finding michael spurlock in the corner of the books roberge the chiefs twenty five to zero. brings us to be ice finally on a one on one with russian n.h.l.
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hitman yes any knowledge can r.t. caught up with the chief in the nine stanley cup winner who reveals his views on his club pittsburgh teammates friends american like. some of the some here they fought hard making it to the playoffs without sidney crosby and myself taking a three one series lead against tampa but in the last three games we maybe relaxed too much or ran out of steam and then lost the seventh game it was devastating to go down in the decider especially at home on the other hand time proved a very tough team and made it to the conference finals so i think we lost with dignity. you know a little you know when i was drafted by pittsburgh i was glad that she won the stanley cup in my third year there another thing is the nightlife doesn't really
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compare to moscow or new york so you can easily focus on hockey you come home and just go to bed and have a good sleep they are going to see no not long ago so there's now a place to have fun songs on but on the whole pittsburgh is cut out for devoting herself to hockey and that's great. he's a very friendly guy without any ego even though he's such a great player who's won every major trophy at such a young age he helps me a lot in the us and we're in touch all the time we feel no envy towards each other seriously of united for the fans and i'm always happy when he wins awards. don't think it was brilliant to have sort of gain here by we became good friends i stayed at his place at first and i got to know his family well he's a great player and was one of our key men when we won the stanley cup so it's a pity that he and the club couldn't reach agreement over a new contract put it talking everybody gets new opportunities or changes team
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every so often i can only wish to give the best of luck this local. cultures the well wisher the awful he's won so many awards and had so. many injuries but surprisingly he's still the same as he was at the age of eighteen he invites us to his place for dinner and talks to the players in the locker room he doesn't just support sydney with the entire team he always travels with us to games . like you. know but it was you know and yet so i don't think you know i missed them i still don't have such friends here in america that i have in russia people i grew up with people i've known for years went to hockey training with i've recently bought a house in moscow and now my friends can visit me more often so it feels a bit better for me that otherwise i'm generally content with everything.
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but if i'm turning twenty five soon and i'm not sure if i want to return in the near future rather more likely in five or ten years many players like jaeger in future of moves to the cage l. who knows ok hey joe may one day become stronger than the n.h.l. so while the top players might move to europe. chris thanks to all the sports world weather is coming up just around the corner so you shortly. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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great. open. comfortable. you need. something different but the. moscow.


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