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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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it's all false now i hear i'm ok this is all t.v. former egyptian leader hosni mubarak had lots of chords and face charges of corruption and ordering the killing of protesters but activists say the military was replacement of prosecuting dissidents and ways even more brutal than the previous regime. or off is israel's bossing a new assault by bob husband in lebanon five years after the deadly exchange will some believe the means will help shift tension at home from growing social unrest and abroad on the palestinian bid for u.n.
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recognition. and ukraine's vocal matches the common ugly near knowledge meeting ground off since having a violent because of the authorities actions the new kids could ruin next years away from top a state naming the previous leadership or encouraging naziism among go. on that it's all season screams of interview with one of the sons of libyan needed me. so first well thank you very much for joining us here went out to see them as well in two thousand and eight you were welcomed in london tony blair embraced your father you received your ph d. from london school of economics and now just three years on you had media failon targeted by nato missiles in your own country split by civil war why do you think has your face turned so violently so good listen for everybody for us and for others. we heard. i mean we got messages
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from mom many countries and you heard many news from iran north korea saying this is your mistake you give up europe. of mass destruction you will start developing go along. and you'll be here i'm going to friendly with the worst and this the result so what does it mean it means this is a message to everybody that you have your strong you never trust them and you have to be. an alert because those are going to don't have friends over one eye they change their mind understand. and the same thing could happen to any other country talking about mistakes and lessons what would you have done differently one of our big mistakes that we start. not to stop it we delayed buying a new all weapons. especially from russia doesn't even stay by the way we delayed
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that. building only strong part of me because we thought that we would not fight again the americans the europeans are our friends going to fight again. so. not to build a strong and modern army was a big beauty because we thought that most of our problems and now we are peaceful country. anymore no local to be normal relation we do business and the women said this was our mistake to be very tolerant with our enemies. of everybody is really regretted because if you because you were tolerant you were nice with everybody and now when you brought all the enemies from abroad to libya and this there is of you are charged by the international criminal court with the design of quotation as state policy ngo deterrent quelling but any means including by the use of lethal force the demonstrations of civilians against gadhafi regime which started in february two thousand and eleven this is
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a policy exist. among the accused me of killing people everybody in or even bibles themselves they are accusing me of using force or because i'm not in the in the army i'm not in the government so for me to be responsible for killing people it was a big joke second to all the people who die at the beginning one hundred fifty nine and most of the people died when the attack with this site and this would happen anywhere anywhere in the world and russia in america in france in germany and italy if. people in the street move towards a military side frame to see that little arms the military would prevent this what happened in benghazi who are these people and later on we found our north of the they belong to two groups. but it was too late at the time was the purpose of this
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warrant when nature is already trying to kill your father the disk or. the sentence or against against. that here is the capital punishment so they decided to kill me and my father and they'd killed my brother and it is still my house so there's a need to execute you so now you're out of the wild arrest me i mean. the nuns are going to kill me and you are after me every day you are trying to confine the other can you really i'm a brother so there's no point number two just to tell you that the supreme court the little one we are trying to negotiate with us a deal of your service deal we will take you at the care of the court what does mean it means is it's a call it is controlled by those countries. which attack us every day it's just to
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put. political pressure that you say no to nato is trying to kill you right today i was swimming and national because very heart of what we went to the beach. saw in our country. fighting for our country living with our people if we lived with our country we would if we die we go to heaven so what they did destroy our house in the middle of. an area small house surrounded surrounded by. many houses people a little girl a small school next to them. born that house. inside. because my brother. young civilian who had nothing to do with the war with politics and willfully in germany because of the war he can both of
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you he was the stupid think of. nato so. we bomb a command and control center. because of where the two bedrooms a kitchen. small house this is your example for my family let alone many other examples they had a house of a friend of my father killed the whole family the wife pregnant by. two young girls of that and again we are hitting a military site a plane a president. with her kids the control and commanding libyan troops come for the senate so very funny shit more than the had one target this country is
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a piece of cake rich full of guys oil and we have more than one hundred billion dollars it was abroad so we have to share this cake that it and we have to get of consecutively because it is the only obstacle between. us and the cake it's as simple as that. there are some people saying that if gadhafi the fighting will stop store. because their goal is that the goal is to control libya is to control it this is the target and the libyans will not allow them to do that so the five hundred you know what do you think about media war who's winning this war at the beginning the one they want special jersey or the one because it was planned from the beginning they could have is in from israel or. collapsed but i was terribly and
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that he. would be caves in the whole country. still now suffering from doctors but now believe us we're one day everybody and the word is saying the libyan navy is bombing the harbor off mr and mr is in the middle of the desert it's one thousand kilometers on here he let there that the libyan ships are bombing the harbor of wisdom since when was this the security council issued their resolution against libya because all the fake media reports saying that the libyan air force is bombing a minute civilian districts in tripoli and killing seven thousand people we started with the past let me finish with the future. it's knowing that you get a message from the front that there will be no place for you in
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a place for the where and when. i see her interest and i want my abroad so realistically where do you go from here who you well many people are angry with me and they are right because you said. they had a problem they were. wrong my friends but at the time i was very rude tolerant. very peaceful. peaceful to a certain extent. i thought the. libyans are equal to that so everybody has to. to be in libya were cleared to be active to do with it were they want but it only found a boycott legal on that they were. was because getting money because there were a against libya told it they said it's called
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a few of. those sneaks. many pre-treat our country and work with foreigners to the story of clinton so we already only with you because you are very tolerant and don't forget i released all the prisoners. at the beginning of the when there were zero prisoners so i was going on the fuel system too much to them as i do think they're right to be honest we were super tolerant i was naive yes we no longer naive one of them what changed i will not repeat them stick. to the. minimum hit again from a moment to see him speak from the same hold so i thank you so you can forgive you but don't forget so what you have done is going to be
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mine for a long time and everyone. according to that experience one all this nightmare will be over others it isn't for me to controls poll on harry they want to punish as soon as possible because they are hungry. tired they want to share the cake. slake for them levy is bake fast food let them fast. because evolution first post war costs airplanes very possible it's literally. been pushed by our country so our country. really view. so we're waiting one day the fish will go back to corsica in france the italians will go back to sicily and italy. the danish will go back to denmark
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the kids will go back to toronto and if you'd like to live in. takes fifteen to twenty million years for the planet to recover from a major extinction event of the planet as time we don't. see a spring going on for months twenty twenty five years and since there's been the eco terrorist before there was even islamic fundamentalist terrorist in this country when the nine eleven happened the bush administration could not find any terrorists because the feds couldn't find any real terrorists they decided to take these young people who are accused of property sabotage and label them as terrorists someone he'll destroy property. with absolutely zero intention of
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harming a single human being. in my mind it's not fair and real people who are green in this country are the housewives who recycle. and the children who play trees on the weekend with her cub scout troops that's the. type. of. wealthy british style sun holds sometimes.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars reports on. former a gypsy married to hosni mubarak heads back to court to face challenges of corruption and altering the killing of protesters and activists say the military was replaced him in power prosecution dissidents in ways i'm just more proof than the previous regime. for all fears israel possibly a new assault and why the problem has never been five years after the last deadly exchange some believe the move will help to shift attention to the growing social unrest and the rules for the palestinian big un recognition. and ukraine's football match has become an ugly neo nazi breeding ground oftentimes violence the country's
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all colors into a new to goodness ruin excuse us for a cop a state naming the previous leadership or encouraging non-system among young people . from religion sports news outlets of parenting. hello there you're watching the spoken to have you company and this is what is coming up this chance any stay second behind league leaders to discuss the only grabbing of the point i'm car. plus on the moon is probably gas has devolved to learning for a medical school finally agreed to sell him to the european championships. and i knew champion this one go for keegan bradley wins golf's p.g.a. championship. the thoughtful and eight have missed the chance to join see a scar at the top of the russian premier league this morning after coming back to
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draw one one at home to. stunning the defending champions with a sizzler midway through the first half alex unemployment yes doing the damage that a fourth league win in a row would have put any level on points with ts garba danglers of age missed the penalty fours and eat right before the bright. sky over by alexander casey close did then level shortly after being interval making him the league's joint top scorer this season with tanglewood but one room i stayed in fianna splices man three points off the top off his reservations and bentley the night really missed him is a back to be sold to angie angie we're showing off new signing you're a jerk off but his day be well and truly spoiled by spot moscow they crisscross the dagestan side from the rain as a new striker arey blasting in the first an event then provide the ice to me to combat a message from close range. spot i continued to press in the second half with
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alexander course know that nothing bad spot for the cop and full of praise for his prize afterwards. can i say this game is one of our best seem to spring we played intervention in a child who was caught by three and had even more between a cheese and didn't let our opponents straight anything except for one moment so i have no complaints only gratitude is like congratulate all my boys. british and you come you else welcome to more studies new manager jessica said no has yet to taste the fate since his arrival last month even though his side failed to score for a second straight day on the runway and tells another cold restore this time you boys paul got me to see i did his best to write the deadline for we had a goal in each. offside. there was
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a rare victory for bottom side pleased to get off against crossing the gap at a horrible makes up the facts before you take the leap three billion beach and they make sure to win five minutes from time and from both finding that it's time i present i'll call them back in injury time through my lads they see one to have finished their first win on the right they see. look at the table and see a scar top of that senate seat points behind in our mass followed by spot of moscow and routine it's all pretty tight those things are for the points they have. and at the bottom despite my wife victory it is still pretty suggests that they're at the first but they're not seeing much interest sharing the same number of points a spot on outings and rough stuff. while off the page twice former champions ruby have signed hard wife strike and nelson hedo found that the twenty seven year old joins the spanish psychic police in a three to five hours as was instrumental in paradise once before the finals at
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last year's world cup but his national side also finished runners up for europe why last month's proper america. elsewhere it's official boss and i will sign awesome. fabric gas other clubs have reached an agreement for the player to fly to barcelona today for a medical and to sign a five year contract that is according to barcelona's bedside the free will be close to around thirty one million pounds arsenal signed a twenty four year old from pass a years ago during his time with the gun is from a three hundred three appearances scoring fifty seven goals. but if the team mates have a good start to their season. at the baron the first leg of the spanish sea pick up real school first made it also putting them ahead in the trial for many that the past the world level went out of the. arctic cassius and then just seconds before half time you met him put barcelona to one. however pressed after the break
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a long as i seem to believe in the time nice employees second like me now wednesday . being all over new england defending champions punched united have got off to a winning start themselves beating west brom two one of the hole for course when rooney how do you know it's only late to pull out in them even shane long grabbed an equaliser albeit thanks to a gaffe from united states but they fear however actually young state united's blushes is late after getting off the fender stays in the race but there's no winning start that chelsea and their new manager. his side at stake tonight manage the city hosts a new voice one. another new east coast last major of the year has been won by little known american keegan bradley he claimed the p.g.a. championship after beating jason dufner in a playoff and becomes only the third player in a hundred years to win a major at his first attempt and he had to keep
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a few stars that day to world number one don't know if it's playing himself into contention but fabian told me again finishing five shows awfully while u.s. open champion rory mcilroy hanging inside the sixty fourth place but considering he was still. we're going to do an easy ride on to finishing with an achievement in itself on the front by bradley and now we're fighting it out just now we'll have playing the target of. effort for winning but as it was played by the finish from eight under par and it went to three how. and then we did bradley needing to sling part on the victory and be just like you celebrate for me family he's the p.g.a. champion and look up the world rankings one hundred night twenty nine. and i will number one my joke of it continues to set records in tennessee beat mardy fish to lift the rajah's cup in montreal becoming the first player to win five masters titles in one season the clear favorite joke of
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a trade on to cope with fifty wins and just one defeat and one season among the first that got underway looks certain to be a victory number fifty three same story three that sixteen. out of the fish has climbed to number eight in the world rankings recently and second said he showed why some lovely that she is that and that. i the deciding set was a different story djokovic to find fresh and forcing areas from face the said taking a set six four on the match the strain open a movie titles ready to his name a few seasons in the bunch the less i think for me says the still ring from prague . i was seven i mean i was playing well. returning right so i think the basics but it was. but i got it back in march i
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think he took his chances he broke in the second set at the time and then you know i started. you know decreasing a little bit the speed of the ball from baseline and it was a very even match of the green wall serena williams the women's former number one continues her comeback she won the women's rogers cup in toronto a six four six two win over strategy some studies that even the american the second time since returning to the sport i was being out of action for a year through injury and illness and is definitely in form now and that match point with an ag said there isn't time grand slam winner must believe she's a real chance at the us i think the finance committee is happy for the weekend. to cuba has had all this is one term and in the beginning of the year i said i want to win toronto don't ask me why but is true totally and i did it so i am excited about women's right to thirty one in the new world rankings released today while russian invaders are only over becomes the world number two behind
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caroline wozniacki now in major sport the style now has extended his laid over rain in may taking pain champion your gala renzo off your stride in triumph in the czech republic to claim the sixth win of the season a stoner's repsol hundred team mate dannie tries to start from pole but crashed out early in the race and style and never looked. after that they're finished just over six and a half seconds ahead of another team andrea. last improving marcus and kelly claimed his maiden podium place just over a second for the back rent i have to settle for and i trail city the starting of my thirty two points on the ice will stand so. we managed to see my gap after any pressure so i think danny would have been extremely competitive today has been a weekend but unfortunately fortunately for us they gave us the opportunity to make a break and once we had that you know i just kept a lot of times up make sure i stayed not consistent pulled away bit by bit and you
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know the black body in the race is fantastic so we just got on and staying on two wheels britain's top cyclists not cavendish has won the test event ahead of next summer's london olympics max michel springsteen victory in iraq almost one hundred forty kilometers which nearly coughed as long as the projected olympic right twenty six year old playing the green points to the tour de france last month and was once again a happy man see cross the finish line you're packing your products but i mean in the olympic gold it will still be a tall order. to sit in the rest of the you want to be the reason the makes you want to do. g.'s g.'s you can. do you may lose this is it didn't go to the abuses and because it will raise. you pretty. so that brings the end of the sport for the moment but when a couple of asked time makes i've got the best.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realm plus. we've got the future of coverage. wealthy british scientists. markets. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines including new kinds of
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