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especially to be on r.t. . well you got it as i think you very much for having us here and she spoke simple school thank you for coming chapman here illegal armed groups being destroyed the number of attacks on police is not decreasing their level it seems like terrorist groups are rapidly increasing their numbers by your estimation how many terrorists are active in the north caucasus at the moment with local calls the kurds if. in the mosque i can't tell you about the entire caucasus because as far as chechens are concerned there are about sixty to seventy active students in the sea mideast wolf you can tell us more about the tactics used by this bandits are those who attack your republic based in chechnya or do they travel from one republic to
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another throughout the whole north caucasus. in middle earth coca well the whole model has proclaimed the caucus is a single emirate so they are popping up all over the region when we defeat here they appear in english and vice versa so what is your what drives young men from the caucasus to join illegal armed groups. of. course nikken whatever it is something that no one understands i spoke to a man who was to become a suicide bomber to sacrifice his life that i asked why he wanted to do it he didn't understand me but i told him he was encouraging the chechen republic are you not allowed to build mosques or to take the hard sure what are you banned from wearing the job or observing the soldiers who are supporting it why do you come out and say i fight in the name of allah so we are all muslims everything we do is for the good of the muslim people and religion there i am an abiding muslim myself i live by the laws of islam put you what is happening between us ok you didn't answer me when you posted. people who chose to become suicide bombers are mentally
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retarded they are usually blind or deaf they find these people completely disconnected from the outside world and use them that's the cause of what is happening in our republic the caucasus russia and all over the world. so it doesn't have anything to do. various are. upset of folks on the very set of bull is absolutely not it used to be true yes there are rumors circulating now about terrorists being paid in dollars nothing of the sort is happening they don't have any money they don't even have a place to stay they are always on the move never stopping at any place for a long time before we can duck special operations to locate them but they are very hard to find especially now that there are a few of them left it is not because they are so good at concealment they used to get a lot of support not so much these days but it was spoken out against negotiating with terrorists or as you put it criminals do you maintain that position to. put
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all of the service these things in the hopes of absolutely wrong or people who are moved with why negotiate what we have to talk about the russian authorities are doing everything for them to come and live peacefully where we have all the agencies for that and we eagerly welcome them to come and give away their submachine guns give themselves up and then relevant agencies will deal with them not who should we negotiate with just imagine to go see it with each and every one if they killed a huge number of people that is why they are now scared to protect themselves they are now doing everything possible to attract young people so that they ensure their security the lives of they know that they have no future for them or if we gave power to them they would not know what to do with this power look it's funny indeed that therefore they had better apologize to the people of the chechen republic and russia and to move them on you would forgive them the mission of a lock professional of course is forgiving we should be. in each other and in the
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sake of people and for the right to go and pressure you wouldn't make them go to prison yeah. me no any why if they understood everything good for you with a person says that he understood everything i don't think he should be taken to prison actually i'm against people being taken to prison and if i'm not mistaken last summer he says that sherry along is about russian legislation do you really think so don't worry i'm with mine and yes yes i do being a muslim i'd rather die one hundred times than disobey sharia law i'm a believer it doesn't mean that sharia law does not allow us to serve people as we do today and serve russia one million percent sharia law is more important for me in life laws are applied somehow but them and says where when and how to apply them it's all prescribed luxury therefore when people ask me if i'm against plural marriage i don't have the right to say that i'm against never in my life and i say this because our law allows it to well what's your take on that. a little i
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have no objection to it a law allows it how can i object to is could your of to object i am a deeply devout muslim and questions like this one seemed strange to me but i will never say anything against us if i did object i would cease to object to everything that our law permits look at what our law says about it you have to be morally sound in order to treat all your wives the same if you follow all the rules then having a second and third wife is a thousand times as difficult as having a lover of this when they ask me what is more important to get your of i say of course that the laws of the show riot are more important we live in a secular state the law permits us to live and work while observing the law as long as the law does not intrude on the rights of muslims maybe if the law does intrude on your rights as a muslim we shouldn't fight you should leave the country find a place where you fit in so i'm a believer who tries to follow the laws of these lovers. well there should be
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political you're definitely a religious man but you're also a statesman which means you have a poll. should there be a borderline between and in a modern society. mass abuse would try to fill them with sharia law obliges us to protect the constitution of the russian federation and the constitution of the chechen republic we should be carefully protecting the existing system i mean muslims and one who do you think it's possible to foster tolerance religious and ethnic in our society and in our country because according to the latest events we're far away from that is it possible to bring up an ethnically tolerant generation but if the more of course yes why not how. everything is being done for that in our republic there is mutual understanding in all respects in terms of religion and ethnic origin mine we haven't had a single interethnic clash but we live in build our future treating everybody equally but we give ethnic minorities an opportunity to promote their cultural
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heritage including their language and everything. but when i asked about tolerance i meant events at square. no manuscript at the corner there was nothing interethnic about what happened on monday square just as in other countries if somebody masterminded all this gathered people and wanted to stir them up against each other but i am sure that we are incapable of it we've always stood together as good friends i'm sure the chechens will never go to manage square or to any other square and won't be declaring our embassy we already saw this we saw what happened up to rallies and what rallies bring about. the russian constitution states any citizen of russia could become president of the russian federation do you think a non russian could ever become russia's president going to feel horribly of course if the constitution says so why not so might get a muslim to come russian president bush one and more after almost in a minute why not. public enemy. on the contrary if he's
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a believer hears god one should be doing even more than any other person is just like a christian now i can't think of a suitable candidate where there is a system and most people the russians would raising this question today was even appropriate going to get. an african american president but that's why they are having problems now. we do not put out a political machine and within a month they are pursuing an incorrect policy regarding muslims the hanging of saddam hussein no matter what kind of person he was was an insult to all muslims they hung him in the former president on a muslim holiday when obama came to power he started doing what he could personally think is that he had a chance he would have made a certain reshuffle but he is prevented from doing so as i see it if only with but one of them. you want to make chechnya destination for tourists where you at right
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now could you imagine the. public for vacation. there are a lot of tourists coming here we have a very unusual place in the district a very beautiful place a lot of people are going there and there will be two tourist resorts there actors performers officials come up what do you make of the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer to your suitcase that was in a commercial it's very bad if you have any worries how can i keep him close by or even closer but if you have an enemy you have to deal with. i don't have anything so i don't know where to keep of the court i have friends not enemies there is no such person who could sit down together with who i am your. here's what i don't like you. let's just say what bush said one of them i would be happy if they told me frankly what i did wrong to somebody personally the man would at least have a chance to. prove that it's not my fault and that they do not have
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a moral right to be against me or that is why i believe that i have no photos i have friends my dream is to make everybody who has a bad opinion of me learn that kind of person i really was not well look at a person are you really. other very good person at all respect i try to be impartial if i do something wrong i apologize and i don't feel shy about it if a person lies but i can tell him he's lying i lived this life with the awareness that it may ended any moment but what matters most is reputation and dignity to save human face as that so let's say thank you thank you for. it can hear dr swan's policeman's wives ministers why i just pray. if you didn't find me if i could just live through the night that i would get my
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kids out of here because i knew that what was going to happen was that he was going to kill me many victims don't understand that domestic violence includes verbal abuse psychological abuse physical abuse and sexual abuse at least four million women are affected by abuse every year those are two options that i saw that mostly either kill him in jail or he's going to kill it. takes fifteen to twenty million years for the planet to recover from a major extinction event but the planet has time we don't. spin going off about twenty years and since it's been eco terrorists before there was even is . fundamentalist terrorist in this country when
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a nine eleven happened the bush administration could not find any terrorists because the feds couldn't find any real terrorists they decided to take these young people who are accused of property sabotage and label them as terrorists someone you destroy property. with absolutely zero intention of harming a single human being. in my mind it's not fair and real people who are green in this country are the housewives who recycle. and the children who play trees on the weekend with her cub scout troops that's the. sound. guys. signed. up.
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just so. wealthy british soil sun it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is because reports.
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top stories this hour on our t.v. former egyptian president charges of corruption and ordering killings in the quarter but many who acted to depose him say little has changed since he left the. rest is world wide ready to buy u.s. government bonds in defiance of a debt markets in shambles raising tough questions over the trustworthiness of credit rating agencies. ukrainian football matches and brutal violence in stadiums leading to fears who could ruin the european championships to be held there next year. and i'll be back with more on those stories in less than fifteen minutes from now we'll stay with the world of sport is next stay with us tonight here in alt. hello welcome to the sport and here are the top stories. going home last night
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counting sets fabregas signs a five year deal to join his former team european champions barcelona. while mr childs champions a nice day second behind league leaders to discuss the scrambling up point against i'm caught. under this time without american rookie keegan bradley beats compassionate jason dufner in a playoff win his first major at the us p.g.a. championship. first of football and asked the captain says fabregas has finally become a barcelona player after signing a five year contract with the european champions the twenty four year old midfielder passed to medicals on monday ending up a track to transfer saga he made three hundred three appearances for the gun the scoring fifty seven goals and winning the f.a. cup in two thousand and five the fifty eight caps spanish world cup win and now returns to the team he left as a sixteen year old in two thousand and three where the number four shot the gun us will receive a forty nine million dollar transfer fee plus
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a further eight million dollars depending on the number of games played and trophies won say the buy at close on progress contract is two hundred ninety six million dollars while the player said no ill feelings will be harbored between him and former coach all something. we spoke to him on friday to say goodbye to be him . as i said before i got very emotional because he's been like a father figure to me and i couldn't even talk at one stage you know when i wanted to say how grateful i was for what he's done for me. i got a little bit emotional and i couldn't talk much so i had to send him a message afterwards you know saying what he's done to me i will never forget it. well the news of that deal was confirmed on sunday at halftime of the first like a boss of a spanish super cup match against well to the bone about gender to see and feel that could make his debut in the second leg on wednesday in the offices he missed him as it does all but boss a poor level after thirty six. called
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a beautiful person cassius then just seconds before halftime the other messi also have a two one zero however rail pressed after the break xabi alonso saying maybe you can tie nicely poised for a second like showdown at the encounter. meanwhile over in england defending champions manchester united made a winning starts to the defense of their title with a two one win at west brom another face an injury crisis and defense center backs the money of it should rio ferdinand both slipped off and will be respectively sidelined for two and six weeks displays on from the slightly with the silver he's out for ten weeks after dislocated shoulder well wayne rooney gave united a thirty minute lead in the end every time shane long grabbed a first time vaporizer actually on his late efforts of united victory but there was no winning start for hughes chelsea manager and the last boss his side have started while this monday night's manchester city host new voice ones even to still be only
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premier league home win on the opening weekend of the season this is the first top flight meeting between the sides for over twenty eight years swanzy clinched promotion in victory in last season's play off final as manchester city qualified for the champions league on the f.a. cup. meanwhile here in the russian premier league champ. incidental reflecting on a wasted opportunity so petersburg side had to come from behind to claim a one one draw at home to one car missing their chance to join tesco the top of the table and cart stuns the defending champions with aces left midway through the first half exam because of it said i do not damage. the force only when in a row what if it's me level on points or tesco i say we're guilty of missing child says i don't there was a bitch was guided penalty right before the break i think so because of course i did a level shortly after the interval making him the league's top scorer up with ten goals but one zero was how it stayed in china split his men to two points off
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top spot afterwards that's a bitch denied rooms and is about to be sold to one she i well i'm jean was showing off new signing you were sure to come off but his debut was well and truly spoiled aspas life was the moscow side cruise past the biggest outfit three nil at the asian if you're into brazilian strike arey blasted in the first and then he turned provider to me to come out of netted from close range but the haste to not buy the interval and spot i continued to press in the second half with eighteen year old alex on because love between his maiden top flight goal spotted coach the larry copy nor did his players afterwards say the team had played that best for months i also heard well can i say this game is one of our best scenes green we played both in defense and in attack what we scored three and had even more between a trees and didn't let our opponents create anything except for one moment so i have no complaints on their gratitude i congratulate all my boys. everyone i love
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the motive moscow's new manager as a crusader has yet to taste defeat since his arrival last month even though his side failed to score for a second straight game the railway men were held to another goal in the store this time i was told that i need to see john did his best to break the deadlock for lock up the. had a goal in each home all that sort of side. but there was a rare victory for bottoms likely a set up the thousand a formidable mix up at the back we're going to take me three minutes georgevitch and this just make sure the wind find it in time and on but you are squeezing in another goal. cousin don did get going back in injury time to a lot celebs a lot to do here is how it finished first bring home the road this season. and this is how the table is shaping up often as we can get used to scouts they talked to points periods and eight. first those departed spotlights don't drink be
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. honest it's also close at the other end of the table clears the vets are still propping it up and i level on points to sponsor. just off. to go off now where unheralded local hero keegan bradley has won the us p.g.a. championship on his first ever appearance at a major tournament the victory came in a thrilling playoff finale with jason dufner to make him only the third player in a hundred years to win a major on his debut and he had to keep a few stars at bay to do it while number one luke donald was playing himself into contention that faded towards the end machine five shots off the lead. while u.s. open champion rory mcilroy came into life the sixty fourth place but he was struggling with an injury right on and just finishing it was an achievement in itself at the front but bradley and duff and i were fighting it sounds definite could have claimed the time i thought if this after twenty four and then. but they both finished on eight on the com the match it went to twenty three home playoffs.
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it ended with bradley needing to parts on the eighteenth hole for victory there just that was celebrating with his family and the twenty five year old new u.s. p.g.a. champion he's hoping this year to stay. i don't want to be one of the guys that kind of disappears i'd love to be i'd love to be up in a category with you know the best players in you know be mentioned with phil mickelson one of my idols. i hope i don't disappear i don't plan to and i think i can honestly. tennis now and world number one live that djokovic also continues to set records the serbian beat madi fish to lift the rogers cup in montreal to become the first player to win five most us titles in one season like a favorite stride onto the court with fifty two wins in just one defeat in his name this season and one first that got on the way it looks set to recreate number fifty
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three as the storm through that six two however fishes time to number eight in the world rankings recently in the second says he showed why with some deft touch is around the net. site it wants to deciding set which is also a close affair djokovic that storm and twelve forty love lead at five four up through a three match points to score take six six for the match the seven has won the australian i think and wimbledon this year and if badly wanted to be to the u.s. open which starts in a fortnight ago djokovic says has been frankly. look the seven i have i mean i was playing well. returning great serving i think from the baseline but it very soon. but i got him back in the match i think he took his chances he broke in the second set to get in at the time and then you know i started. you know decreasing a little bit the speed of the ball from baseline and it was
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a very even match up to the end and meanwhile former world number one serena williams continues her impressive comeback as the american won the women's rogers cup in toronto with a six four six to win i will study as some star is a to give her a second title in four tournament since returning to the sport the american had been out of action for a year following a nice threatening illness spending injury was definitely in finance and sent back to match point with an ace thirteen town grand slam winner must hope she has a real chance at the us i think that now it's just happy with her weekend's work. so good about this tired of this. one term in the beginning of the year i said i want to win toronto don't ask me why but it is true totally and i did it so i am excited about that well that when we have serener thirty one in the new world rankings released this monday russian viewed as one of the becomes the new world number two behind caroline wozniacki also in the top ten is russian maria sharapova
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she slips back to places to number seven. now thermometers have been creeping up to record heights here in moscow so let's finish off with some cool snowboarding pictures this was a world tour season nightwing event for the sports enthusiasts in new zealand over the weekend former champion kelly clark won the women's half time event american sealing the deal with a front side cork nine hundred while the men's victor audio i don't know japan performed a frontside double called to his finishing move to while the crowd the judges russians was right and we had logical silver at the world championships in january to settle for third place at the car drona alpine resorts. spectacular stuff and that's all the sports news i think.
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in the czech republic he's available in. central. full stop. in bosnia and herzegovina. children of each. times.
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the former egyptian president charges of corruption and ordering killings in the car many. say little has changed since he left. investors worldwide ready to buy us. a debt mall down that left markets in shambles raising questions over the trustworthiness of credit rating agencies. in the european championships to be held next year. was a new pricing formula could. have more and that's twenty minutes.


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