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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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people living in the slums state selling their goods is the only way for them to someone. else i was nominated took a dog ton recently it was riots and looting flaring up next i'll teach others to find out why it happened. i'm joined by francis gilbert teacher and author he's written a book called the nation and is a frequent commentator on youth culture francis thanks for speaking to r.t. so what was your reaction to the riots and were you surprised i suppose i was shocked when i heard of them happening near where i live but i was not surprised because i think a lot of commentators have said this sort of thing. has been waiting to happen for a number of years now why is that. i think it's complicated and i suppose you could isolate a few factors firstly we have
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a kind of run of disaffected socially disadvantaged young people in urban areas. and maybe a couple of decades and they have become more and more become. divisions in society it got bigger. and they've become less frightened of the consequences of misbehavior because actually they've been getting away with this sort of behavior for many many years and so i think what we're seeing is a sort of your culture. and the kind of explosion of on the streets in the your crucially in my book i define as a theatrical creature someone who. believes he wants the street to become their theater and the whole point of this sort of thing that we've seen on t.v.
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where they're actually parading themselves in their power and smashing things up publicly and this is been a problem in britain for you know a couple of decades so why now why did it suddenly i think. what's happened is you've seen a group a small group of very disaffected alienated people who are on the internet a lot and they are becoming very good at seeing and getting people together in various kind of parts of the country so the social media played a big role in crude meeting it politicians have been quick to dismiss the rise to see criminality but surely they need to take responsibility too isn't this a province of the society they run i mean i would agree that i mean i think it is quite calm pegs i think that yes there are some very disaffected alienating quite very clever people out there from the underclasses who are incredibly bitter about
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the lack of opportunity and name credibly ambitious well i teach and i have talked to disaffected a united teenagers who are very clever and they realize that you know actually realistically in the opportunities there for them are very limited for example and what they're facing so they go to university they're facing the mountains of debt they want to get a good job in journalism or law they don't have the parental support the richer people have they don't have the sort of networks that david cameron and his have said was to blame for the thirty forty years ago the vast majority of working class people working factories weren't may now mechanization technology means that what modern western societies are dealing with are. people who are not actually needed for work you have to generate some sort of enterprise culture and that is
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a real problem for us to snit we've got a lot of people on welfare. how do you deal with that obviously you need to. you need to kind of think very seriously about how how you keep those people occupied what about the education system is failing. i actually argued very forcefully not know that said education isn't everything as i've been hinting at it once you've got rather highly educated group of people who know that they're not there haven't got huge prospects then you've got perhaps even more of a problem than if they were totally uneducated we also know we have a small minority of very disaffected illiterate poor so the education system has done well and i think it's that mix it's a sort of toxic mix of the bright working class kids and. a group of people lake
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a manipulator perhaps very easily educated or not though surely these kids should know that violence is not the answer people brought up in a context where they have a kind of conscience perhaps wouldn't be doing this with day and it is a systems i do something a little education system can really help contact with if you are dealing with a group of people particularly from kind of fractured families in a growing up in quite a brutalized atmosphere it is a real problem to use a one off or is the energy more to come the underlying rumbling kind of disaffection of your brewery that kind of affects all of us in the day to day level i don't think that's going to go away. for many years unless we kind of reorientate to the prospects for a lot of these young people to spread to europe do you think i don't know are i personally not i mean i always say this in my your nation book. you know
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french italian cultures so-called have a different attitude to social behavior and it doesn't seem to be so much of a. because of the way for example a treat things like alcohol which again we have mentioned alcohol in britain plays a huge role in the perpetuation of anti-social behavior and causes mass kind of problems throughout the u.k. every weekend what is it about british society then. the means your vicious flourishes and has it always been the case i mean i argue in the book how to mean. in britain used to be john ball who was this drunk fierce sort of yeoman type character who bashed foreigners abroad and that was a. cologne. and that's that was two hundred fifty years ago
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even people like david cameron were members of the thing called the bullingdon society which actually actively encourages young men to get drunk and trash property. you know the deputy prime minister. few years ago i punch someone in mouth a range in posting that she was celebrated for you know we have kind of as a culture an attitude to violence we've always joined in whatever was going on you know we kind of quite an aggressive adversarial culture. that really influences things as well it permeates into every level of our society you design it can be changed. i think i do think schools have a role to play and you know i have seen where for example in schools bus drivers have gone into primary schools and spoken to six and seven year olds and changing c.c.t.v. footage of themselves being stoned by your. talk to these young people about how
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they felt and how humiliated they felt and not really for me was very convincingly getting young children thinking about other people's feelings and developing a conscience my work in. classroom but how does that transfer on the wide level of society you could argue me obviously david ed miliband has said everyone in the test read the spirit level which is a seminal book about inequality causing ultimately many of society's ills and we have a very. unequal society which. durations of rich and poor rich which have affected things no doubt so there's lots and lots of little things that need to happen really worry that this current government doesn't have a grasp of all sorts of nuts and bolts things you know they need to look at how the police are behaving they need to improve certain things with an underclass in
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school they need to look at parenting moves we never personally in this country be not well governed we again have this adversarial system. that well. you have these chopping and changing of policy there's nothing seen through in any kind of long term basis there's no consensus about education health whatever it seems that the government's wanting to come down very tough on those who are caught rioting handing out strict punishments and things. do you think will do more harm than good. i mean again it's back to a kind of holding the scandinavian model of rehabilitation in finland in sweden in norway is the only serious way that you actually deal with these problems on a long term level but just buying them up in prisons where which are overcrowded i
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mean these prisons are crime factories they. received of it's a rate of english prison it is sixty seven percent and you know these people go into prison they come out and they re offend again the reaction in many parts of the country from communities. the launch vigilante groups clearly they're angry and they want a heavy handed response is the answer i don't think the public are very well educated about how and why children come to do this so for example there's a lot of discussion around how parents should be teaching their children and you know disciplining them more is so much evidence and all my experience a teacher is that the children by their parents are the ones who the worst behaved you know and that just doesn't come out in the kind of general conversation it's a sort of knee jerk reaction you know we need to be much tougher when we know it doesn't work in the long run ok so what should we do then if we say see thirteen
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year old who walking down the street should we give him a hug i think again it's much more. she should say hello building relationships in the in community is very important this is something i've had with you know quite strongly on the web site on my writing you know we have very socially segregated communities and socially segregated schools. where you have schools where all queen she come together we have communities that actually know each other these sorts of problems are dealt with in a bit better fashion francis thanks very much thank you.
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shape the future flight. our team takes to the mark air show. takes fifteen to twenty million years for the planet to recover from a major extinction event but the planet has time we don't. it's been going on for months twenty twenty five years and since it's been moved before there was even islamic fundamentalist terrorist in this country when the nine eleven happened the bush administration could not find any terrorists because the feds couldn't find any real terrorists they decided to take these young people who were accused of property sabotage and labelled then as terrorists someone you destroy property. with absolutely zero intention of harming a single human being. in my mind is not
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a terrorist real people who are green in this country are the housewives who recycle. and the children who play trees on the weekend with their cub scout troops that's the. sound. of. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule today.
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the german and french new undertaker actually had to pull europe out of economic want to. carry it as a desert country. or euro zone bonds all worried over some possible credit rating. aviation enthusiasts were around the world the gallery and ball state where an airfield is the stage for the latest cutting edge aircraft technology it's the ted max airshow which is also renowned for its spectacular performances by actions. and the giant shell of the persons government speaking to try to play down the scale of a major oil spill that came to scotland more than two hundred tons of over the stall speed into the sea following a leak the company's. all of its course on the way now without injury.
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hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the main stories we're covering this. injury crisis have depleted through been on with the players for their champions league. life fabregas aston prepare for their champions league clash with just twenty four hours after selling their captain to barcelona and down and down the road itself as a first round exit of the cincinnati masters. first the full. fronts tonight in the first leg of their champions league playoff at stake a place in the lucrative group stages of the competition but the russian could have been depleted severely with a string of players injured argentinian left back on solving is sidelined while sent about season of us is also out along with midfield appear to be strong and striker martin. rubin will also be without their latest signing your guy striker
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nelson and there's the deal went through a couple of days ago but he will not arrive in khazan for a few days yet and only in time for the second leg next week despite all that rubin cochabamba day have says he is confident of getting a result meanwhile arsenal will host naisi in the first leg of their playoff and will be with fabregas who completed his move to barcelona yesterday also missing the suspended samir nasri and robin van persie or their new signing divino is set to his champions league debut for the gunners naisi finished fourth in syria last season and will be an opposition there are some bankers men but the frenchman insist life goes on after fabregas so we do try to keep him but to be. described as hundred twenty five years old. you have to open the club window and do
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what we want to sure but we are destroying. and you need to follow we do. well fabregas signed a five year contract with barcelona on monday the twenty four year old spent eight years at arsenal but returned to the team he left as a sixteen year old and could make his debut in the spanish super cup against reality agreed on wednesday aston will receive a forty nine million dollar transfer fee plus a third their eight million dollars depending on the number of games played and trophies one for every gas thank his time at the north london club. i spoke to him on friday the goodbye to him. as i said before i got very emotional because he's been like a father figure to me a. good one you know when i wanted to hold grateful he was for what he's done for me. got a little bit emotional. so i had to send him
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a message afterward you know what he's done to me i will never forget it well actually continued in the english premier league last night with making an emphatic day before manchester city the argentine coming off the bench to score twice and set up another in his team's four no freshening of swanzy city had to wait almost an hour before we get it getting there. moments later where i was brought on i'm probably netted himself before setting up the silver for the third the arjun time then finished off the night with a rasping effort from distance to man city and a humbling return to the top flight. meanwhile chelsea midfielder john retail obi has appealed to kidnappers to release his father in nigeria we spoke on please television and said he knew his father had been abducted before he was laid against stoke on sunday he asked for anyone who had information to come forward adding i've always tried to help my country now it's time for my country to help me. let's
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switch to tennis where there's been an upset at the cincinnati masters eleven c. dandy roddick crashing at the end seeded german philip cole schreiber things were looking good for the american who won the first set on a tie break and went to break up in the second but then he lost his way by levelled the match at a set all right and then lost his cool throwing down his racquet in disguise. and in the deciding said he was given a point penalty after hitting a ball into the crowd in anger that are plaguing into kohlschreiber his hands he closed out the final set six games to one for the victory. elsewhere. no shock the twelve c. richard kaskade a frenchman got past ukraine's alexander of straight sets that was six one seven six. one hundred of us did have a tricky tie against brazilian thomas baluchi but the spaniard served well to take the first set six one and then won the second on a tie break wrapping up the match in just under two outs. the contest began to
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lopez get the better of fellow spanish one college ferrero went to a deciding set where lopez had a timely gaze to win it six four and a place in the second round. but are they going to be of any knocked out the fourteen c. throwing ski former u.s. open winner martin del potro made it to the second round after his opponent retired and played roger federer next time david nalbandian won his own net to set up a tie with andy murray and american james blake ease past markets but this from cyprus the women's draw there was a bit of a scare for nine seed and the german had to come from a set them to be discreetly jamila get us over levelling the match on the tiebreaker and cruising through the deciding set six games to two. and there's no bleach against blanche for former number one fan of it she made light work of her contest with the american winning this one six love six two and one next face the winner of the match between russia now he betrayed her and italian rupert vinci.
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and in all it was a good day for russia's ladies and catherine. spain's marriage was a martinez to set up a second round meeting with fellow russian visitors of on the over fourteen seats but lot of business over bounced back in her first round exit in toronto last week with victory over joel craig however the university now lost in three sets to a correction from our g.g. the other game their struggling qualifier and to see it early on a one to book a meeting with rory if you wrap up next. another new seven time formula one champion michael schumacher has denied rumors he's about to retire from the sport for a second time either germany is out. and he will stay with the sadie's denying reports in the italian media that he was considering an exit next season hasn't had the best of time since his comeback last year he still hasn't finished on the podium and is currently tenth in the driver standees a massive two hundred two points behind leader sebastian vettel. and finally will
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finish with the football i know what goal was from the russian premier league that flew in over the weekend it is time to sit back and enjoy them one by one it's still. clinical keep
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clean clear lead we thank you he was legally. live
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i. think i. have is how the sport looks for the moment so i'm back with more in to last time.
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he used to. get to. see. the world. cooling you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered. it can hit doctors' wives policeman's wives
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ministers why i just prayed to god. if you didn't find me if i could slip through the night that i would get my kids out of here because i knew that what was going to happen was that he was going to kill me many victims don't understand that domestic violence includes verbal abuse psychological abuse physical abuse and sexual abuse at least four million women are affected by abuse every year those are only two options that i saw at that moment either i'm going to kill him or me in jail or he's going to killin me.
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in india oldies availability in the movie the joint the hotel rooms a movie that's a great way to go to the grand imperial truly the george weston. you can a little bit to see don't need to go and. read this in the kernel was her job as a retreat. of pressure it's time
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to pull europe hours of economic turmoil as the good german and french leaders hold the weeks of power is that a comic over a possible credit rating cuts. all eyes are on the moscow skies as the world's newest say v.h.d. achievements taxi up alongside premier pilots for the stunning show that is max twenty eleven. a major oil spill off the coast of scotland but energy giant shadow of the person governments are accused of a slippery set up to keep it quiet. and india's body bizarre a gruesome old gooden trade is proving that leaders turn a blind eye and things in the can be preying on poverty stricken people sacrifice that help to survive.


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