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this is a home in miniature operation in the country and the u.n. is preparing to call on the international criminal court to investigate the regime's lethal crackdown on protesters. and the moscow region. continues with aerobatic displays in the sky lucrative deals being signed on the grounds. of republic of the caucuses and preparing for an early election following the death of its president and any future leader will take on a region still work compering from conflict with neighboring georgia next we talked to the country's president about the challenges his country faces. we are in the republic of a cause here where preparations are under way for the august presidential election . is the country's acting president and also one of the candidates and he's here with us today the upcoming election will be the second presidential election since
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of cause a gain recognition just how hard it is for a cause here to live as an independent state i hear from of course there are many difficulties with the company a lot already but there's still an enormous amount of work to be done we're optimistic about our future the most important thing is that following our country's recognition we've had its security ensured now all we need to do is get down to work as there are a lot of things to be done for the country and people many of cause currently reside the brought there also georgian refugees who would like to return to their homes in the plaza will the upcoming election take into consideration the needs of those who consider this republic their home then even you know of course yes you know i don't see any relation between the abkhazians who resigned abroad in russia or in more remote places and the refugees who became ones because of the war and as for the election it's only citizens vote republican are eligible to vote there's nothing i can add to this will the international observers be present at the
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election who's been invited already and who agreed to come number two that it wouldn't push him and there will be a very many observers if one hundred is a lot sten then it is because that is approximately the number of observers that will be monitoring on election we have already sent the invitations opon and source and that by the way observers were present in significant numbers at the previous election when sergey baggage got reelected i can tell you honestly that their evaluations were mostly positive for him because you. can see that our election to be fairly democratic and transparent and maintain that if you should serve as an example for many countries i think the upcoming election will go exactly like. that is well since a pause here remains unrecognized by many countries what are the chances that the current election will be considered legitimate abroad than we have with them but a new broom we don't even focus on that what matters to us is that we must administer the election in accordance with their concious legislation how others may react to it is another matter what is truly important is that we do everything
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right those who unbiased will come up with an impartial assessment of the election as for the issue of recognition of our election let me speak plainly even if it sounds a bit too blunt for this interview we don't really camping according to supporters of your competitor sergey samba is the current leader of the polls with almost forty percent support what are your views on the campaign. in compliance with a longstanding principle i would prefer to refrain from mentioning any names now and according to our new and improved procedures i wouldn't cite any figures public opinion is a very intricate matter especially in the air because in society and figures do not always reflect the actual situation the results of the election will become clear once the votes have been counted and formalized in an official statement as for today we're busy preparing the votes and the election campaign is generally moving ahead without any trouble but there are occasional rough edges but i'm confident that the people in some of the campaign headquarters really just this stone says
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and keep along the guidelines of the agreement that was signed by the three presidential candidates the political battles of two thousand and four place the pause there on the brink of civil war what should be done to avoid such a scenario today. and there's nothing in the kind of not by a long shot in two thousand and four the situation was absolutely difference i can tell you honestly and i believe it's very important that your viewers should be made aware of this back in two thousand and four it was through some very serious efforts by sergei baghdad and rule has that the situation was stabilized i would even say that it was. thanks to the wisdom and full sight of these two politicians into the situation was resolved successfully and appropriately. society was very grateful to both of them for that one if anyone feels that the events of two thousand and four may recur and i believe such an assessment is premature because we i mean the society do not share the opinion of those who believe this election
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should end up with some kind of confrontation we have entirely different plans. the result because in treaty on military cooperation the glade grown work for stationing russian troops in the country was signed one half years ago but it has been submitted for a terrific ation by the russian parliament only recently why is the process getting a fresh start today is the fear of new georgian aggression and was not what would have been asking of those members who got so we know that for us georgia is not a very friendly state at kanzius present legal standing allows us to say that any aggression will be repelled if the size of the presence of russian servicemen feeds our optimism about the future safety and that of our country is securely protected and we intend to strengthen this kind of cooperation with the russian federation and we've also been collaborating with russia in other areas everything is just getting started and it all looks promising
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a mutually rewarding if we intend to meticulously implement the comprehensive agreement signed by our two presidents dimitri medvedev and mr second baggage we strongly support the case of strengthening our relations with russia what kind of methods can we expect from georgia and its attempts of restoring what official police equals the country's three tauriel integrity when the us over the past years we've lost a lot of people to violence at the border including over one hundred russian peacekeepers as well as obo to go its customs offices reservists and civilians and they certainly georgian politicians that is to blame i think even today regretfully the georgian. often in gauging assaults and sabotage operations as you probably remember when there was a russian i would attribute a young lieutenant colonel who was killed in action a few months ago he was in the news reports but despite that russian border troops keep settling down in abkhazia i believe that in the year or so our border will be sufficiently for to find them and the situation will change drastically if we're
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really looking forward to that was or is it possible for georgians who are prepared to recognize a cause as an independent state to return to their homes not only in the bordering gali district but also let's say in the capital so who should cross or rights come in and say wouldn't you today the situation in the gali district is very different from what it was like in the past and we convinced that there will be continuous progress at the moment we've issued about ninety thousand cosima passports for the residents of the gaudy district and this trend continues and we're strongly concerned that all people should feel safe and live in peace traditionally this area was always well developed economically and we're confident that it will pick up eventually and the life of the people in gali will improve we believe that this district has great prospects and it is going to tell us to make sure that all gali residents feel like rightful citizens of our republic of there's a whole generation of people in a positive who survived two wars with georgia during the past twenty years as
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a possible at all for these people to live peaceful lives. through the model if you refer to our young people aged eighteen to twenty they ready cherish the events of the recent past and honor the memory of those who defended their country's independence and it's the task of the government to keep strengthening this memory the way i see it all people don't live in constant expectation of things to come nor do they consciously think back to the events of the past from my point of view because these present domestic situation is very tranquil you have survived five us this nation attempts during the past six years why has no one been charged you probably know who is. behind them. is your life in danger now but if you are in the past if a politician should always be aware of danger as for me personally these assassination attempts being investigated by the relevant security agencies have made considerable progress in this aspect but this is an issue for a separate discussion applies in needs foreign investment but is it possible to
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attract capital to projects in the country when its legal and economic status lacks credibility in the eyes of potential investors how would a qazi a protect international investors creditors of course our own budget is quite modest and we certainly are in need of money in the form of investment when the president makes the investment comes from russia but we would definitely be happy if international businesses would also consider cool phrasing with the republic of the coliseum we are open with that and on fiscal issues investment legislation is fairly advanced and i believe this is surely going to happen someday as for now we mainly get investment from the russian federation and we're very happy when we see it well we understand each other very well and our prospects a great the russian city of sochi is very close to our plaza is there any profit for a cause in the fact that so much is being invested into such as the limbic project critical more southern india where much to our regrets we are unable to organize in jus time so as to take part in those projects at least with our commodities i'm
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talking about sandy gravel cement to crush stone we do deliver some of the materials but the volumes are very tiny if we were to increase our sales this was certainly honest money and that would be good for both thought business and government if in with the so far our sales volumes virtually insignificant and it's on the run up thank you for your time with us today. to. give. the book. to it.
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it. was to. say. this is true still keeps the secrets of the now it's time to reveal the shooting of the soviet files on. it can hit dr swan's policeman's wives ministers wires and i just prayed that if you didn't find me if i could just live through the night that i would get my kids out of here because i knew that what was going to happen was that he was going to kill me many victims don't understand that domestic violence includes verbal abuse psychological abuse physical abuse and sexual abuse at least four million women are affected by abuse every year those are only two options that i saw at
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that moment either i'm going to kill him i'm in jail or he's going to kill it says . would be so much brighter if you knew all about sun from funniest impressions so. please for instance. teams don't come.
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well see british soil it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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courts are cracking down on drives his hosts and staff sentences to the human rights groups is over reacting by dishing out severe penalties indiscriminately to young men who've been given full year sentences the posting a joke message on facebook calling for people to leave. israel launches an airstrike in gaza killing at least five dinner salvation for a string of death and shootouts in the south of the country israeli officials are playing palestinian militants for the triplets. all the israeli egyptian border. european leaders and the u.s. issued strong statements holding on syria's president assad to step down just a c.m.l. says hope still military operations in the country and the u.n. is preparing to call on the international criminal court to investigate the
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regime's needs to crackdown on protesters. on the mall scare regions by new international asho continues where there is a display from the sky is the secret of deals being signed on the grounds. about with more news feud around fifteen minutes time meanwhile that's have to say but it's a sports. thank you alan good to have you with us you're watching the schools on our team here that have lines a number of russian sides take to the pitch in the europa league playoffs today including the months here more school now in action against slovakia is part of navarre. barcelona and. the first row feel the spanish football season placing their basis rivals real madrid in a five goals. and. crashes out there from a second straight monster's event this time in cincinnati. three russian teams take
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to the field for europa league qualifier tonight with two of those now in progress to slide sides have league a wall so for company away in poland. it was a trade even while the middle at times and animals besides looking mighty pain is big favorites athletes to know already to the russians in that one second to travel to push dosh that some take even told have are also actions by take on hearts for a place in the main competition. was staying with european football in barcelona have won their first trophy of the new season by claiming the spanish super cup that. was the real madrid three two on the night and five full over all here is to go with the details. last weekend's first likewise didn't provide any answers on which side was closer to winning the super cup as it ended all square at two goals it be said have been about but barcelona spurred on by the massive fan support this
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amount to the late fifteen minutes in andras and yes the chippenham artists about foo ball from lionel messi the glad to respond to just fine minutes later the world's most expensive player christian are now the found himself in the right spot to make it one zero but massive played his spot just before half time they want to with gerry mccann covering up in them to defensive in time to fire how with these missing half was frantic stuff without pushing forward to tear up to ninety and they got there were ten minutes from time there and it's a much shallower the quickest a feat to equalize the final say was left to the house though messy the match went out with the new fifty eight million dollars signing for us no subsequent says fabregas would provide i put it up again with the goal from the first minute of the second have there were no ball boys no balls the way small time teams do when they're in difficulty and as for the game i think we played very well
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both at home and away my players demonstrated an absolutely fantastic attitude in the review and delivered this in order for us to beat real in this game and to win the super cup for the third time in a row it was a very intense match in which they put us under a lot of pressure and i believe we've learnt even more in how to take on a real again. three two two bossa was how it turned giving them a fine for i do between and there were also three sendings off in a fiery encounter zuma chill and do it all go to the marching orders to shoot got to. and very news awaiting punishment from the spanish after a following that incident at the end of the match where he tried to provoke bosses assistant coach one barcelona pleasure r.p. care has said that the portuguese is quote destroying the spanish football well let's move on to tennis now am i to shut up about takes on fellow russians for the in solving the third round in cincinnati in one of thursday's highlights meanwhile
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on wednesday draw followed zoolander andy murray both progress into the last sixteen of the masters tournaments but nikolai the identical went out to mardy fish the former world number three losing the first set to love and that's for the first time in nearly a year and a hall second was much better either to get by six games to two to set up a meeting with frenchmen skin next. to the ice where the cage fell and oust a number of rule changes they hope will make this season's action flow there will be fewer officials with some referees replaced mine handstands center employee video new signing on teammate to me and i'm on those taking to the ice on the new format bronze olympic medalist mansion in the arrived for all men a challenge minnesota wild signing or any two year deal he promptly added to an assist for his new side last night as a force all three won the match was also watched by zinn it's a little bit early to know the bar's boss of the russia's national coach no doubt
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keeping an eye on the loops in them down appreciate crew. ability to see. the two go box referees are now gone as are the two officials who kept track of the team lineups on the ice the statistics department has taken over the latter duty the only drawback that i see is the lack of up and coming referees learning the game from such positions the players. probably won't notice the changes the crowd in the coaching staff will get a clearer picture of what just happened. on to rugby and there's a challenge a change to the captaincy falls straight ahead of the foster protein world cup wins the reds skipper james hole will taking over from rocky elsom as well of his skate but coach robbie deans unveiling this that it's a man school he hopes can call girl at next month's finals elsom had held the cows in say since two thousand and nine but injuries have kept him sidelined for most it was truly as recent as cole will be able to put his skills to the ultimate test on august twenty seventh as australia has just reigning try missions champion trying
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to champions new zealand that they. regarded as a big surprise. something that didn't think would happen but. once it was sort of sort of you know you guys know it's so very very old so i'm. really looking. now at a fellow receiver plaxico burress has taken another step towards redemption on the big stage the thirty four year old given the go ahead by his new york jets coach rex ryan to play a preseason match against cincinnati on sunday some amount of drugs may have gotten the best of the rest as had his first training camp after serving a two year prison term for shooting himself in the leg with an improperly registered weapon but now the thirty four year old seems to be rediscovering this spring in his step looking increasingly shaba his first full practice rests claim to fame was catching the game when he passed away in the super bowl back in two
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thousand and seven with another new york team the giants. and finally it's a favorite pastime of birthday parties across the world and it's also an olympic sport the latter a possible reason why trample innings popularity is booming here in russia constantin part of the story. more than trampoline was an advantage by george negus and laurie greasewood in one thousand nine hundred thirty six in the us though it was a long time before the first world championship was held in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the soviet union dominated the sport well only a handful of other countries were considered to be contenders however everything changed since it finally became an olympic discipline at the sydney games in two thousand. and one of the former us president said that the power of a country is measured in its number of nuclear warheads and the number of italian pick champions trampoline wasn't popular when it didn't have an olympic status and the soviet union was competing against few opponents however when it was included
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in that in big games the number of competitors increased dramatically and china's concurring them all. this southern russian city of course now there is the capital of trampoline ing in the country with long held traditions of producing world in olympic champions including the first ever women's olympic champion and the most decorated athlete in the sport i mean like i live and the thirty six year old the athletes retains the kind of olympic spirit that so her given the international fair play world in two thousand and one. at the world championship in denmark a judge made a serious mistake and i won the gold medal but i just couldn't accept that and i just had to give the medal to my opinion because it was unfair and i didn't deserve it. however the trampoline is widely used not only for sporting competitions in spaceflight programs that for a soviet cosmonauts he would get in and well. trained on it and it's also used in
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cross training for many other sports. but there were many people started trampoline as it provides a foundation for other sports like gymnastics diving freestyle skiing snowboarding and other extreme sports in russia many genes now have trampolines. and the popularity of it is growing. but got complicated in the coordination of movements food goes in hockey players also use it in training for example many food police perform cartwheels and soma sorts of to score goals and they practice those tricks on the trampoline and many other sports use trampolines well the decision speed for jump as high as that of formula one drivers. with its increasing popularity trampoline is working its way into fitness clubs in gyms is becoming more affordable it's agree with of keeping in shape eight minutes of jumping musical to running three kilometers an hour to just a couple of minutes i was running out of when i give it
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a go it's not easy keeping your balance comes natural to athletes but takes years of practice because nobody out of close. just some more jumping activities from south korea now where a group of american daredevils introduced base jumping at one of the country's main lane landmarks the two hundred thirty six meters whole soul tell an attractive occasion for terrorists but their scripts were seeking much more than just a seven in a game of rock paper scissors deciding their fate and off they went for some high octane part of the action is just a pale used for things to come and sell the railway a way borders skateboarders famous riders among others all set to showcase their skills over the next number of months. as last fall for now coming up as the web analysts will update you on the main years stay with r.t. .
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he is indeed.
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four years in jail for posting on facebook two men then working along holding up for a riot that never hurt but that's human rights groups say judges are going to fall . european leaders in the u.s. issued strong statements calling on syria's president alsop to step down just as good analysis a holds all military operations in the country. the u.n. security council says consider is allowing the international criminal court to prosecute syrian officials for crimes against humanity details coming up from new york. israel launches a devastating a strike in gaza in retaliation for a string of deadly shootout in the health of the country join me full of fear in a few moments from will. and business markets tumble.


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