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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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four years in jail for posting on facebook two men in britain in a locked up for calling for a riot that never happened as human rights groups say god is they going to follow. european leaders and the u.s. issues strong statements calling on syria's president and found to step down just as he announces a halt to all military operations in the country. the u.n. security council's considers allowing the international criminal court to prosecute syrian officials for crimes against humanity details coming up from new york. israel launch of the idea of thinking in strike in gaza in retaliation for a string of deadly shoot out in the part of the country we need call it clear in
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a few moments or more with. a very warm welcome to you this is our marty live from moscow now britain has sentenced to two young men to four years behind bars after their facebook posts they said were job called on others to cause trouble in their home towns now human rights groups are sounding the alarm saying the courts overreacting by dishing out penalties which are too harsh but as honestly as i have a better report it's part of the political drive for tough justice in the wake of the new singer disorder across england. four years behind bars for the riot that didn't even happen jordan black sure and perry sutcliffe kenan were banged up for inciting disorder on facebook no one turned up after the invitation
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to riot which they later said was a drunken joke but now they face sentences even tougher than most limits it's been our worry is that it is an imbalance. a four year sentence for example would normally be given to somebody for a previous courtly harm for holding someone up with a knife or even for. some for sexual assault so it seems to me that. there is a danger that the courts are moving into disproportionate territory and that actually devalues our response to more serious crimes that governments encourage courts to dish out harsh sentences by using the public disturbance as an aggravating factor it's meant this man anderson fernandez could even be sent to jail for think of just two scoops of ice cream because like this one of the lying bail to most offenders and ignoring any claims of previous good character of the one thousand two hundred seventy seven people charge so far two thirds are being
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reminded in custody that's way up on last year's rate for serious crimes this is just ten percent some offenders even being made homeless as their punishment with local governments taking away their houses but many say it's all simply cause more harm than good i think this is very unwise the move to remove people from housing interim of benefits because actually if we are seeing that some of the crime that we saw on the streets was an expression of people not feeling puerto society not feeling part of working unities and these measures are actually going to push it further away from society further away from our communities and former are likely to commit crime the facebook case is the first sign of the government's desire to crack down on social media sites like twitter were applauded by the west for mobilizing the masses in the arab world but they were also instrumental in the u.k. riots so now the prime minister wants it to stop we are working with the police the
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intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence disorder and criminality when social media fueled revolutions in egypt and tunisia. britain called it democracy but now the shoe's on the other foot when troubles closer to home. the new. prime minister says this is where britain fights back put it speeds these fighting fire with fire could only fan the flames of civil disorder are given its artsy london. let's talk more now on this and you can chandan a freelance journalist who joins me live from london let's turn down a while of records giving out such harsh sentences to some but not others it
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appears some of those convicted there were even took part in the riots were not as you did have been handed community service. i think it's quite clear that the government was to send a very. message out to young people out there who had any sympathy even with the op rising or the riot or whatever you want to call about took place but never again really can the british government legitimately criticize any of the regime in the world for any human rights abuses when as your report has said you know people are facing jail time for scoops of ice cream for the new water one child stealing a dustbin for his mother. but you know people are calling this the last generation i think this generation actually has found itself tragically in the way it has because there have been ignored and it's not like they weren't saying this in one screaming out loudly and clearly through their music and their culture grime culture especially which is being criminalized so i think i think it's a message a draconian message that the government is sending out but i think the young people
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won't be intimidated by this but surely the government in this is responding to another large section of british society which is the nodding a tough response to what they saw taking place on the streets of london last week. now alice you're absolutely right i mean i'm fortunately much of the discourse in the debate about this our pricing has been off for a very right wing draconian nature but obviously listen these young people have been ignored and they've been exploited and oppressed and they just have no voice now through in a very traumatic experience through the rioting but they have a voice what is the response again of people is to further criminalize them so if you're going to further criminalize them they're going to get more angry and i'm very regretful to report that the message is going around the street gangs in london and other parts of england is a competition as to who is in the kill the first policeman so this is the this is what we're facing in england mouth it's a civil war situation which is going to make the writing previously excuse the pun look like child's play and it may even look like
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a the troubles in northern ireland like a walk in the park so we're facing we're on the precipice of a very dangerous situation right now so do you think that the plant down that we're seeing on the parts or parities supported by the prime minister david cameron could backfire. it's it's i think it's already backfiring i think what i'm hearing from young people out there is incensed that the government cannot see the obviousness of what needs to take place these people are so alienated these people are so humiliated and harassed by the police you can just look at the footage and see the anger coming from our children and you know those who have the children guaranteed the future the government doesn't have a car doesn't have the lot of our children so its future is far from guaranteed but there's a chance and what response then do you think would have been the right response and the author to have taken to what happened. well it's a response of which the obviously the not politically are willing to do but it is it's one of economics is very a.b.c. generate jobs put through their jobs put money in people's pockets and you generate
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a moving economy and all the social ills lessen but this government is not willing to do that unfortunately and what do you think about one of the measures there's been put forward by david cameron saying that he's considering cutting offenders off from social networks could that actually happen and b. what do you think the ramifications of that could be i think this is this is this is this is a drowning man clutching at straws frankly you know nothing is going to stop these young people at the very shop they've learnt from the student protests that they're not going to be cut off that they're going to hit and run essentially and they'll find other ways of communicating these are young people who live in communities with each other so you can start these social networks all that you like it's not going to have a really fundamental adverse impact on the writing which will come again quite soon and why do you think that these riots happened in the first place and what should the government be doing to prevent this from happening in the future. i think look
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the rightful place in england why didn't they take place in scotland because the scottish scottish national government has policies in place to actually address the social ills and on the political problems that england is unwilling elin is still on a right wing trajectory and for that we're going to suffer the consequences unfortunately . transitive freelance journalism to us from london that's your thoughts. now the u.s. the major european countries have syria's president bashar asad to step down and impose a fresh scent of economic sanctions it can their response to the regime's a violent crackdown against protesters or the statements have been sent as a special u.n. security council meeting on syria is taking place in new york artie's read of what ny has more. not only has the u.s. president called for the syrian president to step down he has backed up his words with action and that action includes issuing an executive order thursday morning
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with fresh sanctions against syria and now according to the new sanctions that have been signed by obama all americans and u.s. corporations are now prohibited from investing operating or having any business dealings with the syrian government this includes a ban on imports and exports including cereal syrian oil and petroleum products i do all the syrian assets under u.s. jurisdiction will be frozen so clearly this is some more mounting pressure coming from the u.s. government in terms of financially trying to corner of syria shortly after president obama issued his statement and his executive order we did see germany france britain and european union rapidly issuing statements calling for the syrian president to step down and this all coming just one day after president assad did speak with the un secretary-general ban ki moon are assuring him that all military
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and police operations in his country have halted but clearly this is not stopped the u.s. and its western allies from putting more pressure on the syrian government the u.n. security council is meeting today to respond to scott's findings of a workout was released by the u.n. human rights panel this twenty two page report accuses the syrian government of carrying out of human rights violations since march when the anti government protesters began taking to the streets but one of our teams correspondents maria for notion is inside syria did speak to some people on the ground there some people who believe the government security forces are actually helping their lives here's a bit of what she found. city of there is sort of maybe liberated but in the last few days it suffered a brutal occupation every night. bandits plot the raids put up barricades and
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became very city were hiding there were just like hostages for more than a week the military claimed the army fought against armed groups that had taken control of the city and had been terrorizing its residents. soldiers of the syrian army i live in the city of the iraqi border. officials are saying operation is now over that the city has been freed from groves as you can see here the welcome in the saw this as the way there is but in other parts of the country the troops little assad's officials crackdown are far less welcome and a similar offensive against so-called terrorists in the coastal city of latakia the opposition claims government troops killed almost forty civilians while human rights groups report the number of deaths in the country could be almost as high as two thousand some say assad is simply using his army to silence peaceful demonstrators across the country. the syrian army hasn't met any resistance in
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cities across the country were. maybe there was some so-called bandits among protesters and maybe they use the momentum to spread. but if so where have they been when the army appeared. armed groups is just a theory invented by the stude they have an excuse in the series. a new liberated there is all life seems guess and back to normal the markets reopened and roads bridges days ago were empty are again filled with cars but reminders of the recent struggles are still hard to find and the most obvious one is fear. r t syria. israeli military has launched an air strike on guards there killing at least seven hundred palestinians of carrying out a string of fake let's have been three separate cities house in the south of the
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country along the israeli egyptian border and birthday parties policy the telephone . well the twenty minutes he has come for me one and strike over the cut them off of gaza and at the same time there are israeli drones flying over the city of nafta which is on the egyptian gaza border now on the supply it's early yet the i.d.f. the israeli defense forces issued a statement in which it states it was going to because it was those responsible just because to them at any cost the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is usually seizing these days with the claims that this shows they are messing up the way you do it that well yes he did say that this was an attack on the salzman state and that is what with the ten eight and six saudi now the jordanians it has transpired not so long ago did inform israeli intelligence that they had picked up that they want to sell a place in the south of the country that was planning an insect this was in line with israeli intelligence for some time now israeli security officials have been
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warning that the sinai peninsula is chaotic and it is an alkie there that range and they've been warning that shipment of weapons has been making me wait to gaza the israelis are convinced that this operation and did originate in gaza that there is still a massive manhunt in command hunt in the south of the country these may be a forces deployed as well as on the foot soldiers and just a short time ago they was a shootout between some of those shoulder soldiers and militants who are being told that one israeli has been critically injured and the number of gunmen so-called killed totals given the way the gazans deny having any involvement or not is in fact issued a statement saying that not only is it not involved but it has warned it is well not to attack it having said that though the math and trade minister has given a ground return for his security headquarters to be evacuated for fear that the israelis will retaliate and strike it as one of a target to quote him not in one of the states and they say that israel was trying
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to exploit the crisis and transfer it to god that now the campaign on the border. which is the border crossing between israel and garden and now. it has been closed down. now it's been a bloodbath the european in the us has the markets took another name some analysts say the global economy is moving dangerously towards another recession well for more on this as cause lived. applied economics the cardiff business school patrick third. dissonances many thanks for being with us here on r.t. now what is driving this latest bout of market volatility. well there's been inflation in the world economy and there's been quite a tightening of monetary policy around the world especially in china and india and some of the other emerging markets and that has led to a fall back in growth in those countries and elsewhere and so the markets are
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worried about slow growth but really they shouldn't be too surprised because with the situation of raw material prices so high oil prices so high there is a big factor of a slowdown in the world economy because it simply can't grow any faster given the shortage of ariel's so i think that that's what the markets are factoring in the slow growth but it's going to happen. and has been likely for some time to put this into perspective for us how deep is the financial crisis at the moment are we talking collapse of lehman brothers bad or worse. no i think there's obviously a lot of uncertainty about the eurozone and what will happen that goes to the eurozone summit wasn't very conclusive or helpful in that respect so that's a great deal of uncertainty which is worrying the markets about the situation of banks in europe i don't think that that i think that will be a result but it may take some time to resolve it that's the problem meanwhile
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markets are very nervous and what will be the boiling point do you think in all this all we lined you to see a double dip recession in europe and beyond. i don't think it's likely it is that there will be a double dip no i think the slowdown you go to remember the world growth is still quite rapid and has slowed down from five percent to probably a bit over four percent and that's not a double dip recession but i think what it is happened what is happening is that the western economies the richer economies are having a harder time of it because you know all the growth if you like in ability of raw materials is being taken by countries like china and india and brazil and so that's leaving very little scope for the richer countries to grow their groaning under these very high oil prices you know which depress their incomes and make them much more cautious so many factors that you mentioned is there any realistic way to
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result of his current situation then before would have further. no i don't think so i think that we just have to you know grin and bear it as as one might say just keep on going through this crisis the eurozone will be it will take time to sort itself out either the euro will break up or they will produce a fiscal union with big transfer to bail all these countries out nobody really in a quite knows which but that won't be resolved any time soon because there's uncertainty also about growth generally which i mean it will be slow in my opinion i don't think it will be a double dip but of course markets i'm sure. professor i'm inferred from the car business school and that's your thoughts. now are turning to the skies which have been there particularly noisy in the mosque in the ongoing manner
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international is hosting all sorts of magnificent men in their flying machine. the nineteen billion dollar deal sealed on the ground and all sorts of military and civilian aircraft on parade overhead biannual next meeting allows private of this isn't a flying machine that action before buying them on the spot it's also the scene of death defying air stunts from some of the world needing air about sixteen hours in time was caught but what of that they wasn't there to tell the tale. engines checked. instruments checked runway checked and then it's takeoff of the russian aerobatics display team. their nine first
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class pilots have performed over two hundred times in the past nineteen years but they all had to start somewhere. and draw a training to join the team he thinks he's nearly good enough now but still remembers his first flight as a solo pilot. without any warning they told me i was going to do the next flight on my own i had no time to be scared there was no longer an instructor at my back it was unforgettable takeoff you're on your own controlling the plane then when you land you've done it i think you're a real pilot at that point. he has moves are always trying to hone their maneuvers they practice most weekends thinking of new tricks and practicing old ones for me but they're what we come up with stunts and then research them but it often turns out if you've been done before nested of a russian came up with the loop and all the other stands are based on the loop the loop is the basis for all aerial acrobatics. however it always comes down
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to time in the air even with years of flying and training experience between them it never becomes easy. when you leave. the cockpit if you can squeeze a gallon of swig from your suit your knees are shaking because it's extremely difficult search for an anyone with fuel that was. so with that gut wrenching fear ringing in my ears i was told it was mine to put crowds on the ground this is an exciting spectacle but that's not quite the emotion that's going through my mind at the moment because on about to see what happens from inside the cockpit. we did the loop the loop all the planes just meters apart. it. but when it came to the fountain i nearly blacked
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out. like faced but not defeated i returned to if. it hit with. it it hit. it if it hit. but i could also see some of the strains that go through. this newsgroup and if you know the might be for the crowds of eerie like robotics arm to shoot at a pilot it's always a difficult job a terrorist a pilot has to show his skill and the beauty of flight so next time you look up at those speeding planes spirit thought for the pilot inside. tom bottom county. i want to stay with you throughout the day with we bring you more updates and live coverage from the back twenty seven international ash in the thinking ok more of
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the. headlines coming up but first of all the aussies this is teams they are in by the minute. hungry for the. we've got it. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on. the ship would be soon which brightened if you move about song from feinstein question the same. stance on t.v. dot com.
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or walk into business here on r.t. the markets are taking a tumble over of europe and the united states feeding off each other and securities european and american markets have all been down at least four percent and there are underlying fears of a double dip with morgan stanley warning the global economy is dangerously close to recession but a team from r.b.c. capital markets explains what spurred the sentiment. we've had two bits of information come out this today which is really driving sentiment one in europe has been following to the merkel circles the summit they're going to week has been discussions about whether the second greek ability is going to be reopened meanwhile in the u.s. even though we've had a decent patch of data over the last couple weeks with retail sales and i can claim to be a bit stronger today still the fed index has been a very nasty very ugly member. index in about two years and because of that we seen
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you know i could stumble we see new records of those in ten year treasuries and booms and fields and gold reaching new highs as well with this is something that a repeat of last week i must have struck a good thing last week we're still in post u.s. downgrade mentality we're looking at these to be intervention in spanish and italian paper was this week the focus has shifted a bit more towards economics which we had saw three european data. and german t.v. people slightly below market speculations and then the u.s. made it today as we said. here stocks that when the read on worries about europe and the global economy market sentiment continues to deteriorate amid concerns about the eurozone banking sector bank of america's biggest fall the losing six percent and u.s. economic reports are not much of a help although the number of americans filing new claims for jobless benefits rose last week stock markets across europe nosedived as well a lot of those folks the last point a half percent while frankfurt stack's fell to just under six percent the banking
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shares suffer more shop falls good in central bank lent dollars to an unnamed eurozone bank shares and suddenly banks plummeted we're talking even more back problems in more than eleven percent here in russia markets closed deeply in the red as well trading on the rise it has been halted for more than an hour due to technical problems deals came to stop just after four o'clock last the time and we see you. can resume about an hour later. and here's the snapshot of the market movers all of my sex energy majors are among the worst performers of the day was their last over three percent banking stocks also got a hit as investors were pricing in the recent decline in futures s. and p. five hundred rivet ended six and a quarter percent down while the t.v. lost almost six percent have a holder for his gold managed to gain half a percent on stronger precious metals. and all the shopping down as economic reports point to a tire squeeze on consumer spending concerns about the global economic recovery are
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weighing on the price however we could always giving some support brant plan is trading at one hundred six dollars a barrel while the b.t.r. eyes are dark it is at around eighty two dollars. and here's a quick look at precious metals gold is trading at a new record high as the certainty about the global economy is pushing investors back to say havens the spot price is now at one thousand eight hundred twenty one dollars per ounce and sober is also after trading about forty dollars per ounce. that's all for now but stay with our team for headline of. the really.
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wealthy british science one. that's ninety minutes. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report.


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