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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2011 10:01pm-10:30pm EDT

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nosedive following an index drop of more than four percent in europe and the us. and bringing you the top news in headlines from around the world this is r.t. certainly glad to have you with us let's take a look at the top stories human rights groups in the u.k. cry foul after the sentence of two young men to four years each in prison for using facebook to incite riots what the two described as just a drunken joke may now cast a shadow over the rest of their lives as artie's ivor bennett reports the knot is only likely to tighten as a political drive for tough justice seems to be the new british government policy. four years behind bars for the riot that didn't even happen jordan black sure and perry sutcliffe kenan were banged up for inciting disorder on facebook no one
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turned up after their invitation to riot which they later said was a drunken joke but now they face sentences even tougher than most looters and our worry is that it is an imbalance a four year sentence for example would normally be given to somebody for a previous bodily harm for holding someone up with a knife or even for. some form of sexual assault so it seems to me that that there is a danger that the courts are moving into disproportionate territory and that actually devalues our response to more serious crimes the governments encourage courts to dish out harsh sentences by using the public disturbance as an aggravating factor it's meant this man anderson fernandez could even be sent to jail for theft of just two scoops of ice cream because like this one denying bail to most offenders and ignoring any claims of previous good character of the one thousand two hundred seventy seven people charged so far two thirds have been
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reminded in custody that's way up on last year's rate for serious crimes chris just ten percent some offenders even being made homeless is their punishment with local governments taking away their houses but many say it's all simply cause more harm than good i think this is very unwise the move to remove people from housing interim move benefits because actually if we are seeing that some of the crime that we saw on the streets was an expression of people not feeling part is the city not feeling part of our communities then these measures are actually going to push people further away from society further away from our communities and far more likely to commit crime the facebook case is the first sign of the government's desire to crack down on social media sites like twitter were applauded by the west for mobilizing the masses in the arab world but they were also instrumental in the u.k. riots so now the prime minister wants it to stop. we are working with the police the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop
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people communicating via these websites or services when we know they are plotting violence disorder and criminality when social media fueled revolutions in egypt and tunisia britain called it democracy but now the shoe's on the other foot when troubles closer to home i'm very conscious of the news you know the. poor. movements we would be the force to complete. the authorities and countries were trying to walk. the prime minister says this is where britain fights back but it speed this fighting fire with fire could only fan the flames of civil disorder bennett artsy london. and for more on the story we spoke with freelance investigative journalist chandan he believes that the harsh response will in the long run only lead to more violence across the u.k. . i think it's quite clear that the government want to send a very draconian message out to young people out there who had any sympathy
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even with the uprising or the right away if you want to call it that took place but never again really can the british government illegitimately criticize any other regime in the world for any human rights abuses when people are facing jail time for scoops of ice cream for mineral water one child stealing a dustbin for his mother listen these young people have been ignored and they've been exploited and oppressed and they just have no voice now through in a very traumatic experience through the rioting that they have a voice what is the response again of people is to further criminalize them so if you're going to further criminalize i'm going to get more angry and i'm very regretful to report that the message is going around the street gangs in london and other parts of england is a competition as to who is going to kill the first policeman so this is the this is what we're facing in england now it's a civil war situation which is going to make the writing previously excuse the pun look like child's play and nothing is going to stop these young people they're very
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shocked they've learnt from the student protests that they're not going to be cattle that they're going to hit and run essentially and they'll find other ways of communicating these are young people who live in communities with each other so you can stop these social networks or that you like it's not going to have a really fundamental adverse impact on the writing which will come again quite soon . and a later on in the program breathtaking top gun tricks. and we are on the ground at the by annual international air show near moscow where all eyes are turned to the sky. the u.s. and major european countries have urged syria's president bashar assad to step down and imposed a fresh set of economic sanctions that's the latest response to the regime's violent crackdown on anti-government protesters which assad says he's bringing to a halt a special un security council meeting on syria called for more pressure to be put on the country's government. reports from new york. international pressure
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continues to mount against the syrian government as the united nations security council held closed door meetings with the un human rights commission following a report that was released by u.n. investigators that this report did find that the syrian government and security forces in syria have carried out a pattern of human rights violations since mid march when anti-government protesters took to the street calling for the resignation of the syrian president bashir al assad and security council members were briefed about what u.n. investigators did find this report accuses the syrian government and security forces of carrying out numerous summary executions kidnapping and torture over the past five months and also u.n. investigators are encouraging security council members to refer this issue to the
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international criminal court to the un is planning to send a humanitarian team to syria on monday no u.n. investigators were not allowed inside syria to to see what is going on inside the country but maybe this weekend things will change and of course this meeting happening within the security council is just the latest blow to syria we do know the u.s. president barack obama came out calling for president assad to step down this was the first time that was vocalized by the u.s. president in the aftermath we saw a european countries such as france germany and britain and the european union all issuing statements calling for mr assad to step down in addition u.s. president barack obama did sign an executive order calling for more sanctions against the syrian government clearly this is a circumstance where pressure is mounting international pressure from all angles and it is a story in
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a situation of pressing situation that will continue to be discussed within the united nations and among many countries around the world. cheeseman important reporting for us there now while far as advisor at the anti-terrorism caucus says if assad doesn't step down and continues with his policies syria will be in for a very bumpy ride it all depends on how president assad quit that power if it's of his own will if he decides to leave like ben ali or quit like mobarak then you going to have the process but even that process is not going to be easy because the international community doesn't know much about the internal mechanisms of syria syria didn't have a regime that was open so if he quits on his own which would be the best option for the international community there should be a u.n. sponsored initiative inside syria but if he quit as a result of being militarily defeated which is the less required the less accepted
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the less wanted solution meaning there would be a battle and he would lose that battle and then at this point in time one can look at other cases as in libya for example or what's happened today in yemen and these are the dramatic solutions and i hope that the syrian situation is not go into that direction. the israeli military has launched an air strike on gaza killing at least six including the leaders of a group it blamed for thursday's bus attack which claimed seven lives meanwhile shots are heard on the egyptian border as government forces are locked in a firefight with insurgents who have infiltrated the country it's further seven palestinians were killed in southern israel and egypt and troops are believed to have killed at least two gunmen archies policy or is in tel aviv with more. well we have twenty minutes we have come firming one strike over the southern part of gaza and then at the same time there are israeli drones flying over the city of russia which is on the egyptian gaza border now none of this comes with
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a surprise earlier the i.d.f. the israeli defense forces issued a statement in which it fit it would bring to book one of those responsible just because to them at all costs the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is meeting this evening these days with the claims that this shows they are making on the way through and that the only way he did say that this was an attack on assad when state and that is not with ten eight and six accordingly now the jordanians that has transpired not so long ago did inform his way in the intelligence that they had picked up that they were operating in the south of the country that there was planning an attack this was in line with his main intelligence sometime around it now israeli security officials have been warning that the sinai peninsula is chaotic and it is and not he there that rain and they've been warning that shipments all the weapons have been making their way to gaza the israelis often convinced that this operation and did originate in gaza that there was still a massive manhunt in the manhunt in the south of the country israeli air forces
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deployed as well as foot soldiers and just a short time ago they was a shootout between some of those shoulder the soldiers and militants are being told that one israeli has been critically injured and the number of gunmen so far killed totals haven for aid. the gazans deny having any involvement in math and in fact issued a statement saying that not only is it not involved but it has more begins well not to attack it having to think there would be have nothing to diminish to have given a direct for his security headquarters to be evacuated the fear that the israelis that will retaliate and strike it as one of the targets to quote in one of a statement they say that it's always trying to take the crisis and transfer it to gaza now the camps along the border crossing which is the border crossing between israel and gaza that announced the goods to be transported has been closed down arteries possibly are reporting from tel aviv now asian markets are taking
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a battering as the nikkei stocks opened over two percent down hitting its lowest level in five months of the markets in china japan and korea have also taken a steep nosedive it follows a day when the u.s. commodity stocks fell as of the dow jones industrial average plunged by more than four percent world markets have been rocked since august when the u.s. was stripped of its aaa rating across the atlantic french and german leaders tried to shore up very early in a commie with a set of proposals which included the creation of a european government but so far the markets have failed to react favorably patrick oppman for a professor of applied at the nomics at cardiff business school explains why stocks have proved so unstable in recent times. there's been inflation in the world economy and there's been quite a tightening of monetary policy around the world especially in china and india and some of the other emerging markets and that has led to a fall back in growth in those countries and elsewhere and so the markets so
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worried about slow growth but really they shouldn't be too surprised because with the situation of role material prices so high oil prices so high there is a big factor if a slowdown in the world economy because it simply congressman you foster. there's obviously a lot of uncertainty about the eurozone and what will happen. because the euro zone summit wasn't very conclusive all helpful in that respect so that's a great deal of uncertainty which is worrying the markets about the situation of banks in europe i don't think that that i think that will be a result but it may take some time to resolve it that's the problem meanwhile markets are very nervous and what is happening is that the western economies the richer economy is having a harder time of it because you know all the growth if you like in ability of raw materials is being taken by countries like china and india and brazil and so that's leaving very little scope for the richer countries to grow their groaning under
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these very high oil prices you know which depress their incomes and make them much more cautious meanwhile venezuela wants huge amounts of its gold reserves back from european and american banks if the move goes ahead it would be the largest physical movement of gold in recent history hugo chavez says he wants to protect his country from the financial woes hitting both sides of the atlantic although according to the author and researcher. he hasn't fully weighed up the risks and consequences. seeing the way the markets are going see in the way we european union's in the united states economy is going price of gold is above eight hundred fifteen dollars in these last few days from the point of view of the financial aspect i think it's a very shrewd and intelligent mood a move to protect his country's goal assets there is however a political overtone in that he is wants to pull out the other financial assets
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that israel has in the u.k. in the u.s. and in britain and push it into what he calls more likable how russia china and brazil know venezuela has said very clearly that they will be doing it transitionally and slowly because they want to make sure that the actual goal that they get back is the goal that they originally sent especially after some rumors that there had been some counterfeiting. in various especially in america and other parts of europe so i think chavez wants to make sure that the goal he sent out is the goal he's going to be getting back in his central bank vault there is however another aspect which i think perhaps mr chavez has not measured the potential risks and consequences because this is an outright at tag on the u.s. and on you on the u.k. and on the european union as a major financial markets as major areas of safety to keep your gold now if this
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could start a run on keeping gold in america in the european union and in the u.k. and in switzerland this might have much more dire consequences than mr chavez imagines turning to the skies now which have been particularly busy in the moscow region the max international air show plays host to a wide range of magnificent men and their flying machines. the show's third day solve multibillion dollar deals sealed on the ground while a ray of military and a civilian aircraft showed what they can do with their by and well max meeting allows private investors to see leading edge aircraft in action and then putting their orders on the spot throughout the show crowds were enthralled by death defying stunts from some of the world's leading aerobatic teams artie's tom barton took to the air in one of their planes and lived to tell the tale. engines
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check him strawman's check runway check and then it's takeoff for the russian aerobatic display team. andre is training to join the team he thinks he's nearly good enough now but still remembers his first flight as a solo pilot. without any warning they told me i was going to do the next flight on my own i had no time to be scared there was no longer an instructor at my back it was unforgettable takeoff you on your own controlling the plane then when you land you've done it i think you're a real pilot at that point. the as moves are always trying to hone their maneuvers they practice most weekends thinking of new tricks and practicing old ones for me but they're doing whatever we come up with strong and then research them but it often turns out the pins on the floor mr dove are russian came up with the loop and
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all the other stunts are based on the loop the loop is the basis for zero in aerial acrobatics. however it always comes down to time in the air even with years of flying and training experience between them it never becomes easy record that with the most when you leave the cockpit you can squeeze a gallon of sweat from your suit your knees are shaking because it's extremely difficult stressful and anyone would feel that way. so with that gut wrenching fare ringing in my is i was told it was mine. we did the loop the loop all the planes just meet as a part. of. it. but when it came to the fountain finally blacked out. white faced but not defeated
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i returned to. pulling. a. living. but i could also see some of the strains that go through. so next time you look up at those speeding planes spirit thought for the pilot inside. tom bottom. what a ride i am sure and of course you can stay with r.t. as will bring you more updates and live coverage from the max two thousand and eleven international air show in the moscow region. now the republic of. the caucasus is preparing for an early election following the death of its president any future leader will take on a nation still recovering from conflict with neighboring georgia up next we talked
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to the acting president about the challenges facing his country. we are in the republican preparations are underway for the presidential election alexander and is the country's acting president and also one of the candidates and he's here with us today the upcoming election will be the second presidential election since of cause a gain recognition just how hard it is for
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a cause here to live as an independent state here from a of course there are many difficulties with the company a lot already but there's still an enormous amount of work to be done but we're optimistic about our future but the most important thing is that following our country's recognition we've had its security ensured now all we need to do is get down to work and there are a lot of things to be done for the country and the people many of the reside the brought there are also georgian refugees who would like to return to their homes in a pause it will be upcoming election take into consideration the needs of those who consider this republic their home then even you of course i don't see any relation between the abkhazians who resigned abroad in russia or in more remote places and the refugees who became ones big. because of the war and as for the election it's only citizens of a republic are eligible to vote there's nothing i can add to this will international observers be present at the election who's been invited all ready and
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who agreed to come number two that it wouldn't hurt him there will be a very many observers if one hundred is a lot sten there it is because that is approximately the number of observers that will be monitoring our election we have already sent the invitations are polman source and that by the way observers were present in significant numbers at the previous election when sergey back and she got reelected i can tell you honestly that their evaluations were mostly positive for the observe is considered our election to be fairly democratic and transparent and maintain that it causes should serve as an example for many countries and i think the upcoming election will go exactly like that as well since a pause here remains unrecognized by many countries what are the chances that the current election will be considered legitimate abroad than we have with the new broom we don't even focus on that what matters to us is that we must administer the election in accordance with concious legislation how others may react to it is another matter what is truly important is that we do everything right those who are
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unbiased will come up with an impartial assessment of the election as for the issue of recognition of our election let me speak plainly even if it sounds a bit too blunt for this interview we don't really care the political battles of two thousand and four place the pause there on the brink of civil war what should be done to avoid such a scenario today. there's nothing of the kind not by a long shot in two thousand and four the situation was absolutely different so i can tell you honestly and i believe it's very important that your viewers should be made aware of this back in two thousand and four it was through some very serious efforts by sergei baggage and rule has imber that the situation was stabilized i would even say that it was thanks to the wisdom in full sight of these two politicians. the the situation was resolved successfully and appropriately the society was very grateful to both of them for that if anyone feels that the events of two thousand and four may recur i believe such an assessment is premature we i
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mean the cause in society do not share the opinion of those who believe this election should end up with some kind of confrontation we have entirely different plans. the result because in treaty on military cooperation the play grown work for stationing russian troops in the country was signed one half years ago but it has been submitted for if occasion by the russian parliament only recently why is the process getting a fresh start to day is the fear of new georgian aggression and as the rules of the universe. we know that for us georgia is not a very friendly state and because he is present legal standing allows us to say that any aggression will be repelled besides the presence of russian servicemen feeds optimism about the future safety and that of our country is security protected and we intend to strengthen this kind of cooperation with the russian federation we've also been collaborating with russia in other areas everything is
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just getting started and it all looks promising and mutually rewarding we intend to meticulously implement the comprehensive agreement signed by our two presidents this state dimitri medvedev and mr baggage we strongly support the case for strengthening our relations with russia what kind of methods can we expect from georgia and its attempts of restoring what official dilling see calls the countries to a poor real integrity when the over the past years we've lost a lot of people to violence at the border including over one hundred russian peacekeepers as well as zero border guards customs offices reservists and civilians and it's certainly georgian politicians that is to blame. even today regretfully the georgians often engage in assaults and sabotage operations you probably remember when there was a russian border trooper a young lieutenant colonel who was killed in action a few months ago it was in the news reports but despite that russian border troops keep settling down in abkhazia i believe that in the year or so our border will be
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sufficiently fortified and the situation will change drastically if we're really looking forward to that there's a whole generation of people in a positive who survived two wars with georgia during the past twenty years is a possible at all for these people to live peaceful lives is the wrong move to the model of if you refer to our young people aged eighteen to twenty they've already cherished the events of the recent past and all know that the memory of those who defended a country's independence and it's the talk of the government to keep strengthening this memory the way i see it all people don't live in constant expectation of things to come no what do they consciously think back to the events of the past from my point of view because these present domestic situation is very tranquil and it's on the up thank you for your time with us today.
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which was the same of jackie kennedy but i thought i heard him or someone were. to move that face changed everything twenty years ago communist party hardliners attempted to derail me help out of a child's efforts to reform the soviet union. league . please.
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please. when the t.v. news. a. turning point in russia. just move. to france.
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welcome back if you're watching. right here in moscow to six thirty in the morning you're watching our. headlines british courts are. human rights groups accused. by handing down over. two young men who said they were joking with a facebook message calling on locals. european leaders and the u.s. issues strong statements calling syria's president assad to step down just as he promises a halt to all domestic military operations and the u.n. these said to send in a humanitarian mission mission to assess the extent of.


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