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tv   [untitled]    August 19, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow europe stock markets have plummeted shop in early trading on friday following a selling binge in asia fresh recession warnings and the piling debt in the euro zone has seen red across the board while european banks and companies are rapidly losing in price now e.u. correspondent dan a bushel is across the latest. you're picking up where the us left off on thursday which is the there's a deadly cocktail of ingredients poisoning investors at the moment not only is america releasing toxic figures on employment housing and so on yesterday was the worst day for the footsie one of the world's biggest stock markets over in london in two and a half years on fears that the world will slump into recession taught by morgan stanley has slashed its for cost for growth for the world economy
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a worrying saw in there and asia is not being left out of this asian markets are also now there's a saying when the us when the us sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold and that's particularly true of asia which is export driven countries like china and india rely on the west to boy its product its computers its toys and so on so you understand why the whole world is suffering at the moment so this week's summit really raised more questions than it omes the announced a single financial government for the european union but the people of europe say they don't want to it's in opinion polls that which raises real questions about the democracy over just how democratic european leaders all it also doesn't force the real enemy which is that many countries have too much debt and their economy is on competitive here in europe it really doesn't have to all those issues and there's times like this where they may wish they had a safer job presenting news for example. perhaps daniel bushell
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a reporter saying that well it's been a brilliant day on that the asian markets while the stall in china is flying growth has contributed to trade a consensus earlier we spoke to mr jang song deputy director of the international monetary heelys asia safeguard itself from exposure to the troubles in the us and the year is saying. i think at least the motion of the pentagon sort of now will last for a while people whining about the circuit the deed served in the recession all for the u.s. economy as well as the japanese and the european calling me an economical corporation china and the young contrary supposed to be china every year we choose has become of very important economic good zone and because self. dependence off all these economists on chinese fossil it goes so i think in the future asian countries we all coordinates on the call for a very very close they too will save god they are you calling us and then they are
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you rest them in the from outside to show a competitor to from the shark from you you are. a us chinese all story to wants to make peace economy much more independence so i think in the near future you will say so many steps taken by beijing also week is to show you call me i'm done trying to strengthen cooperation between china and russia and come trace. well russian markets are trading in the red following the global trend let's get the very latest now from the business desk. it's not really the day in the block investors have been hoping for is this well it definitely is but we've seen this kind of volatility last week as one markets managed to bounce back so we have to wait and see what happens swords the end of the trade in session right now both the arts yes and the my sets are losing over three percent and energy majors are among the worst performers but gold prices are rising as investors are looking for
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safe haven assets and we'll tell you more about that in our business program later ok looking forward to. it ok social networks have played a pivotal role in the revolutions witness say fall they see it so much so that the u.s. has thrown its weight and dollars behind what it's calling the democratic instruments to improve the world but critics say washington is motivated by people's freedom but a desire for greater control in ford reports. when a wave of revolution crashed over the middle east this spring. many said what ended in the streets began with one hundred forty characters or less on social media like twitter and facebook. hoping to harness the power of on line communication the u.s. state department is providing two million dollars in grants for
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a quote internet in a suitcase program it's part of what secretary clinton calls a venture capitalists approach to addressing the wide range of challenges to democracy and human rights activists face in internet repressive environments around the world centralized servers like this one can easily be cut by governments but the internet in a suitcase is the sign to give dissidents a mobile web with mest technology that runs their cell phones and other devices making it harder to cut the founder of his own clearinghouse of confidential documents john young worries that american suitcase servers will serve another purpose the suitcase is meant to give the illusion that you couldn't run fishel economy devices without going through national systems and that may be true but they will they will not be outside of the us system young says the suitcase is just part of so-called liberation technology that has its advantages for the u.s. prosecutor for being empowered to you know because to watch what you're doing are
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probably influenced what you're doing and it isn't just governments according to the hackers collective anonymous which really seventy thousand classified emails from defense contractor h.p. gary federal about the romas coin program from the cohen surveillance project you have. zero through a single you know national intelligence. says romas claim is partly designed to manipulate social media one of the really more bizarre and dangerous. that will come to light. that you thought were. and there were other people who know this software would allow the u.s. military to push their agenda by flooding social media the other say there's a contradiction between support for internet freedom abroad and subpoenas alleging wiki leaks collaborators at home including private bradley manning in san francisco police cut cell phone services on the metro during protests those who we are san
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francisco city government open to charges of hypocrisy and you can imagine. well in iowa look at the united states doesn't look in following riots in london there is talk of shutting down social media we are working with the police the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence disorder and criminality. the u.s. will spend seventy million dollars on internet circumvention technology in two thousand and eleven abroad even as tough questions remain at home. the one ford r. t. washington d.c. still ahead for you this hour jules attack and russian war back in the swim is moved by a great white shark for a young man that is along based on a similar attack that stunned the country and its. stunning performances by aerobatics teams from across the world scores of aircraft what does all this mean
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the marks of dollars and eleven as opened its doors to the public watch our report leader in the program. now on august nineteenth twenty years ago muscovites had tanks rolling past their windows as the state of emergency was imposed a group of hardline communist officials attempted to seize power to prevent reforms that eventually led to the breakup of the something you need but it's also his tone barton reports despite the dramatic events unfolding in the capital many were being kept in the town. if you turned on your t.v. set in moscow on the morning of the nineteenth of all this one nine hundred ninety one this is what you would have seen tchaikovsky's swan lake. why are so many muscovites because on the streets this is what was really happening. there was confusion and panic even among the tank crews themselves martin with the
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coup order to march towards moscow i thought i'd figured out when i get there as we weren't given any information as to what was happening. soviet leader mikhail gorbachev had been shot in his holiday home in the crimea a state committee on the state of emergency declared itself in charge it was made up of high ranking communist party officials including the head of the k.g.b. chops vice president and the defense minister they were terrified that gorbachev's democratic reforms and the union treaty due to be signed on the twentieth of august would give so much power away from the center to the soviet republics it would destroy the soviet union. but it was an act of treason on the part of good but you often yeltsin and this circle out right treason they were going to ruin our country less. in a press conference later that day they said that gorbachev was ill and that they
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would take over in his absence but their show wasn't convincing on the nineteenth of august vice president kennedy and naive on the other members of the emergency committee sat in this very spot and want to since become my offices as he delivered his statement the assembled journalists noticed that his hands were shaking then one twenty four year old journalist blew his official words right out of the water . got a bottle of tell me do you realize that you've conducted a credit they look pretty. very convincing and. just got mad meanwhile on the streets the russian supremes soviet building the white house had become the center of resistance to the coup boris yeltsin the president of the russian part of the u.s.s.r. had convinced some of the tank crews to switch sides people flocked to join him and
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demand to play the chops return. if yeltsin tells you that both the yeahs of and your commander trait is an enemy's whose always will you have be as night fell on the twentieth of august the curfew ordered by the cool denies is raised fears of an assault on the white house when armored vehicles began moving through the rotunda the night protesters disillusioned with the communist party rose up to defend their hopes of democracy. of kamaz son dimitriy was killed one would believe and now down to the right where he is friendly dementia had to drag him away while the machine rode out with my sons had and killed lead to mary's wow. the coup had failed and what's more it destroyed trust in the communist party which was then russia in november ninety ninety one by the end of the year the very system they sought to keep alive the soviet union had ceased to exist dumbarton r.t.
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. or follow the three days in august nine hundred ninety one step by step in all special reports. meanwhile there's more on the fallout from the attempted coup on websites. and still feel before the soviet union well to. this russian communist policy to the cool guys that were right in their attempts to save the empire. and all this you aren't even aware the u.s.s.r. is thinking it's still a threat to the u.s. at least that's what republican presidential candidate michele bachmann but these find out why it's also you don't call. now some of the world news in brief this hour and a blast in a mosque has killed at least twenty four people and wounded more than seventy during friday prayers a bomb exploded in the khyber tribal region while hundreds of people were attending at the religious session no groups claimed responsibility for the bombing but it's
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being blamed on taliban and al qaeda linked to in the region a vote for thousand five hundred people have been killed by militant networks since two thousand and seven. a series of suicide explosions have hit the afghan capital near a compound run by the british government at least ten people were killed gunfire was heard at the scene and witnesses said smoke was rising from the area officials say the british council was the target taliban that claimed responsibility saying the assault mark the anniversary of afghanistan's pendants for the u.k. one thousand nine hundred. israel's military says five rockets fired by militants from going to have landed in the south of the country it calls all to the jewish state carried out as strikes over the strip following a series of deadly attacks six girlfriends were reportedly killed including a child while a dozen with. israeli officials promise of stronger spalls after assaults on
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vehicles near egypt's border left seven dead claim was pointed it galls the militants of the hamas government denied their involvement. international pressure continues to mount on the syrian us. president assad to step down the said pressure economic sanctions and also have been imposed and what's the biggest response a farce the violent crackdown on anti-government protesters a u.n. humanitarian to do to damascus on saturday to assess the situation on the ground syrian claims army operations against protesters have ended meanwhile some russian officials say moscow doesn't support the call for president assad to resign saying he should be given time to implement promised reforms. a killing machine has invaded russian waters as two men of say fall falling victim to a jaws attack in the country's far east patrol boats sweeping the area on the lookout for the prehistoric monster while local authorities have promised over
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three thousand dollars to the person who can catch the creature from the deep. explores the dangers. nothing like this has ever happened here before russia has never seen a shark attack let alone two in two days this sixteen year old boy was diving one hundred meters off shore when it appeared the young man's wet suit served as protection and saved him from death but both his legs were severely wounded. crying help help the shark had a big bowl but it was tired out so some guys went out on to do the sea of humanity first day. only a day earlier a twenty five year old man lost his forearms trying to defend his wife when the couple was saved witnesses were shocked at what they saw but i would ask you if it was really scary a country can describe it as the man's hands were chewed off and the boat was in
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the lurch. the attacks happened in the far eastern premal your region that shares a border with north korea it is known for its beaches and clear water and swimming here has always been safe dangerous sharks don't usually go that far north in the sea of japan scientists believe the predator was a white shark a man eater and all trying to work out what it was doing here. this type of show it really comes to our waters it's a species that lives a tropical and subtropical waters of the ocean but with global warming they're now starting to move more and more to the law out of roughly three hundred sixty species of sharks just over thirty are known to be dangerous to humans the rest are either too small on live t v but most experts agree that any shark with sharp enough teeth and longer than one point two metres can cause serious injuries especially if there's food or blood in the water and while scientists are looking
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for the reasons for these recent attacks the swimming season in the area is over at least for the time being. r.t. moscow skies around moscow have been even busier than usual this week with the mats international ash exiting flying machines but for more kinds of gravity the five star. is that the. there are sounds of jet engines on propellers in the skies and scores of various aircraft on the ground so what does all this mean the must two thousand and eleven air show has opened its doors to the public the previous couple of days it was primarily open to official and business delegations inking out those billion dollar contracts with some big names of civil and military aircraft producers from all over the world but now everyone can enjoy these machines with their own eyes right here at the mox two thousand and eleven there's
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a lots in store for everyone to watch here at the air show we've already seen some stunning performances by the russia knights swifts and falcons we're expecting more from them there's also a great variety of the various helicopters for those heavy lowers out there including this fifty two alligator one of the latest billets here in russia this is really a true green mean war machine if you notice it has a unique coaxial rotor system which gives it extreme and over ability that is definitely going to be one of the biggest violates the air show seen this machine out there in the skies with the pilots showing off their skills but probably the biggest highlight off of this year's mox air show is deal latest russia's top secret self fighter jet the code named the t fifty and r t's even though school
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found out why this plane is all such strategic importance many have heard about it but until now only a select few had seen it with their own eyes two of the nation fans the t. fifty is known as pac this is if he is still being developed so most of his technical specifications are top secret in fact us closer. we can get to the real thing is this model right here but during the next air show visitors get it sure we can eat just to see the jets in flight the first ever public display for talks but the jet is being developed by the sukhoi design bureau under the watchful eyes of the united aircraft corporation and the entire project is shrouded in mystery in fact representatives of the corporation say the project is so secret they can't even talk on camera about it so if the united states and russia are the only two countries in the world that have the technological potential to implement
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a large scale national project for the development of a fifth generation jet fighter the fact that russia has demonstrated in this year's max air show is strong evidence that russian aviation is in a very good state the jets will reportedly be able to carry out combat duty in any weather at any time of day will feature a special coating which will make it less noticeable to and to aircraft craters and will be able to cruise at supersonic speed had most of the guesswork boils down to this one highly developed the russian generation fighter the american half twenty two and f. thirty five a run for their money in terms of stealth capabilities maneuverability and cost smart of. being a new generation fighter it's so much more comfortable if lyle everything was designed with safety in mind it has thrust vectoring engine fly safely at low near zero speeds it's safe even when a fly still first up to date environment in
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a cockpit is also the fighter provides intelligence support to the pilots on board the jets are supposed to be fully developed by two thousand and fifteen it's hoped orders for roughly six hundred jets will follow with one third of that number going to russian air force but until the final touches to the project are made the only chance to see the hope and pride of russian aviation is a max air show in macos co r.t. to call the ski school region. do you stay with us see throughout the weekend the best of this is max that cup bridge. approach. future of. our team takes to the air show. on in just
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a few minutes almost. to the water sports you can enjoy during the capital from the heat wave that fell to the business marina. business here on our team now we start this hour with the markets of course which plunged into another round of volatility was fears of an underlying double dip the sentimental spurred by a bouquet of negative data for europe and the u.s. and there are some voices are no exception they are also extended also as from the previous session they are western from athens as the r.t.s. and the my sex are just follow in the global. it's the same as are seeing on a global scale it's really a market that is now driven by fear. the increasing concern that a state of the global another global recession took a real hold on the markets yesterday and what clients are trying to do is to try to
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figure out where we go from here because there's so many on certain factors right now to some extent you can argue that the the current situation is actually more pakoras that it was in two thousand and seven given that policymakers are running out of options china has their own problems in trying to sort of cool down their economy and then you have different policy options in europe and the u.s. u.s. is probably going to try and stimulate where's europe where there is a lot about certain issues on top of that i think you know little forward i mean if you look at what's going to happen in europe over the next couple of months you're going to have about four hundred fifty billion euros to be paid in debt by euro zone countries by the before the end of the year two hundred fifty billion of those come due in september and october so i think for those two months we're going to continue to see increased volatility the good news i would say though is that we don't see the same kind of panic selling that we saw in two thousand and eight. while at the same time steam jacobson from saxo bank believes that apart from the current volatility russia has to pay more attention to its fundamentals. the
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capital outflow in russia continues to be there every single day in some way or another you need to stand out of capital because that is in itself a huge statement that domestic russians doesn't trust their own markets if you look at medium term long term i don't think the oil prices is a big issue i think the world will come back we've seen growing signs that asia is now willing to ease monitored policy somewhat which is by by by a long shot the biggest buy a new unit all of these days so all is not an issue decries is is having. an economic numbers will have a slightly bigger impact going to three months forward but in itself i think the major thing to watch right now is how you stem the outflow of capital in russia. so instead to look after the markets now in europe the markets are trifling losses in asia and we're seeing this sell off the footsie astride him below five thousand while the german dax is at its lowest point since two thousand and nine b.h.p.
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billiton is the client two point three percent this hour after approving investment to expand the coal mines in colombia. and here in moscow the markets are trading in negative territory extending thursday's losses the r.t.s. are shedding over three percent while the my sex is more than three percent this fall. and a second look at the market movers on the my sites energy majors are among the worst performers with gas from down almost three and a half percent banking stocks are also on the pressure with those and it's a more or less a five percent there. and then there's of course is not the heavy losses following a sharp sell off in the us x. waters were among the worst performers on the neck a with turn down two point six percent and citizen overflow poseidon's and the rise of carmakers were no exception honda shadow around three percent and this is stocks were the worst hit in hong kong with petro china down around four percent it's the
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second look at oil. prices they couldn't seem to fall after an almost six percent decline on thursday concerns about a global economic recovery i'll weigh in on crude thoughts though with the dollar is given some supports the w c i was at around eighty dollars per barrel while bryant has fallen to one hundred and six dollars per barrel and a quick look at precious metals gold is setting out a new record high level as uncertainty about the global economy is pushing investors back to safe haven it's this small quizes out above one thousand eight hundred sixty dollars per ounce and silver is also op ed spinning over its supersized this hour. the all fears over dreaded double dip are once again rising in the markets the us of us of all that from deutsche bank says russia is in a better position so the sun the recession that it wasn't two thousand and eight so the comparison in favor of today is with regard to corporate balance sheets at the
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micro level of individual enterprises i think we're seeing a better picture in terms of less currency risk a less currency mismatches. less leverage that. has accumulated. especially if we're talking about short term debt. but at the same time if you take the sovereign level if you take a country level so to say. we do see that the level of fiscal reserves the level of forest reserves is somewhat lower compared to two thousand and eight. so was the slugs the sour for sore as you can always heads are websites are seen dot com slash business in the meantime satan for the headlines without us.
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all. closer. to the behind the approach. the bump bump future flights on the bar to take. to the max air show. we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers
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. this is the waltz. fresh wave of sound they made fears the world economy is declining. need some american european growth saying dangerously close to recession. on its foreign internet service is. at pivotal role in the our employees but critics say walls spend millions to promote online freedom abroad want to gain more control eva events through the web . members the attempt to twenty five years ago that precipitated the breakup of the soviet union and all should in a foreign country the fate of three or a series of collapses.


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