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price of a few. songs from friends to. these friends starts on t.v. dot com. it's a state here in moscow good to have you with us this saturday morning top stories now global markets and the weak dollar by a massive sell off investors panic over forecasts of recession in the u.s. and europe. the middle east is inflamed once again as the mass pulls out of a ceasefire following two days of israeli air strikes in gaza exchange of fire between the sides came as israel targeted those it blamed for a deadly attack on its territory on thursday. russia marks the anniversary of a crucial turning point the failed coup by communist hardliners and the bloody
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resistance of democratic activists twenty years ago open the era of a new post soviet russia. where next given the shade without moscow out team as they visit the best swimming pools and parks here in the russian capital. hello i walked into the show in this week's program of exploring swimming i was elated i couldn't face the high temperatures it's the ideal place for princes ex-pats and muscovites to cool off so we'll bring you a few examples of where you can relax when i was somebody starting off here at the
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for shall restaurant and bar located in the columbus area please look up it's best to come here by car most of the swing areas late some forests to exist outside the city center there is the beverly hills area of the council gridlock is said by the million square station an electric railway line coming from the risk i station the journey takes around forty minutes and says he will still needs to get a taxi from the station. however remote inconvenient the public transport the location of the show just mean one thing exclusive easy and strong clytie in other words for u.k. to stop market ex-pats and high flying muscovites with expensive cars and drivers champagne all around doesn't come with a price yes some might be free but you will be charged for enjoying the glamorous surroundings and money aside for shelter is the fix some table treat true riverside havens that's if you can get it here there's the feelings our restaurant is the
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family's fault we have a little savings to use for kids another special thing is make creations the restaurant is situated on the reason there's everything from guests complete relaxation bundles of things we provide to choose. and you said repeatedly. translates to riverside new form the ring in english we taking reading one hundred pieces also along the embankment of the river you expect to be pulling up alongside the of the boats on any cranes are not allowed anywhere near the territory. have no place here instead relaxation sun swimming and good food is the key. take a look at best and actual soon for all the river very cold water we have here where we've got the traditional cold. across and i chilled iced a very nice takes around half an hour to an hour to get surprise shall that's without traffic from the center is well worth it the entire area is completely
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natural i connected with nature it's a big show in the cellar and out so i strake during the winter months perfect. returning to the city center now and when it's hot and sunny a trip to rebel is an ideal choice crystal across the beautiful moscow river banks enjoying the capital from a totally different perspective cameras at the ready. fantastic yes i think so very much i think it's very picturesque and i do love the originality of many of the buildings unique obviously in the world and point of view we found it very simple to get on board and also questions where we want to keep people very healthy starting off the kids try to train station which only takes you three scenarios the university area past called the park the old red october chocolate factory and of course continues passing the magnificent travelling to build schools if not on the reverse trip to finish opposite the most of the house music there are many cruise
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boat operators each one has its own route pool is called through to trample the river shuttle and the other is more like a mini cruise the shuttle follows a typical route through the moscow river stopping and various points decrease trades usually don't. i mean try trip takes a few hours. which is a surprise. i think for the best kind of promise of mystery. to. everyone. one hundred people out. room downstairs refreshments. is an ideal way to see the city
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the air is fresh and there are new pipes around it's just you and the russian capital. so where else can you cool off in the summer heat just. complex. even by. beaches on its territory. grounds balls and. famous crane which is now the. ship's. five write your kids. around with each trip lasting around two and hope. you can enjoy an amazing views of the russian capital from an open day and before you. breathtaking views. this season and adults tickets eight hundred roubles that's
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around thirty. if you wish to have some paid secretly wish. some free time by the rules of the place to head to is the rule. ok to fulfill and famous old pool. because you just can't accommodate two hundred vessels beautiful like us. an amazing backdrop to defend these beaches and tristram's. you trying to fight. as a police you teach in the front of the capitol in a speech or restaurant and the environment is set up with just some lounges and she just goes in the summer sun let's meet this week's. clearly to me you know only see you know i'm very excited to meet you because you're originally from my home city of liverpool and you've been living here in moscow for six months nearly six months that's right so you guys you came in the i'm going to really enjoy this i'm so glad i've been very lucky. with the sunshine and what do you think of the life and you
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know the social scene here in moscow. it is open all the time. we have so much fun. these outside terraces the fantastic so many of them much more than we have a home. and it's just fantastic it's also the people think isn't it oh it's so hot conditioning all the ready exactly what you want to do to cool down. to this lots of cool but you can get it for a day and then just some day at the side of the pool or there's forests outside. with lakes and you can go jet skiing but one problem with the course here is that you do have to pay for everything seems a little bit more expensive than most good. it is more expensive but you can do it and it's it's affordable it's not say expensive that you can't afford it. it's
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pricey but it's well worth it so and you can do it you can't do it in london said pay for it and be able to do it you go over all the dogs with the private yachts going on and only play i've never heard about so many so seen many say many of us is. i'm out some of the microbes here they've been hustling polo yes it's amazing they have say you can have a little dance and then you can pop into the pole in the club very glamorous. for trouble. it is but fun is good for me. i welcome paul final location your house because bracing a restaurant. area this complex is located near forty fifty and is very very popular. among those high and i want you hey you really feel as if you could be
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anywhere in the entire world through the city open in two thousand and one the area consists of a concert hall exhibition and conference center hotel the largest shopping malls in russia the marina houses located next to be intersection of. the m five from town to moscow it takes just half an hour to get to the mission in a metro stop on the blue line from here to house is located just fifty meters away the mystery here is the typical fusion to see. if you can sit on a comfortable sofa enjoy the nature of good food and watch the world possibly. you will. freeze barrister sillett says you can arrive here in solitude but it's a business how do you know. you can also celebrate your birthday anyhow the holiday restaurant here and there are several holes and it's going to. be it's more than a hundred guests the temperatures reaching the high thirty's this is an ideal place
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to get out to the soothing sounds of the president t.j. just make sure to check the weather. in jamie's beach house costs one thousand movies joining me from one thousand five hundred east coast weekends that's around thirty to fifty dollars notes. chief i think it was splashing out on the old sweltering day. a few hours of predicts ational pushout allision eco trip to the capital for a visit to shore house in the blazing sun you could ask for anything more. and alongside the swanky jet set their movement will close cases like this every year for the last decade is that it's a place to be in every possible life. but never have a home we have the space program and swimming and water related activities here in the us and comes i'll see you again at the same time next week for more dances around the russian capital so member me for the rest of the sun burn curb my
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pronounced. if you want a short order. this is truly still cheap soup seafoods
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advantage time to reveal the ship of the soviet files and on. as you know song was sixteen years old when he tweeted these marks that's not inside the song so it should not be punished for his crimes so on is the no rational person and i doubt on has been honest is being honest and will be honest. as ours must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is an awful. imagine. that it's. because you've been immersed no matter what so ever. and i didn't come here just. and heard they first.
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started this. trial my mom and my aunt is now. more news today violence has once again flared up the film these are the images the
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world has been seeing from the streets of china dashed. shined up for asians are on today. top stories this hour on our t.v. global markets end the week was up by a massive sell off investors panic of a forecast of recession in the u.s. and europe. the middle east is inflamed once again this time last pulls out of a ceasefire following two days of his radio strikes in gaza an exchange of fire between the sides came as israel targeted those it blamed for a deadly attack on its territory on thursday. and russia marks the anniversary of a crucial turning point in failed. and the resistance of democratic activists twenty years ago open the era of a new posts of you. about with more news stories a little later in the meantime unions here with all the latest from the world of
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sport you know experience gets the nod then for russia's next european football qualifies and indeed it does bill macedonia on the republic of ireland councell mean war and all faces all around for september's european games we'll have a look at that squad plus the rest of the summer morning sports in just a second great. to have your company this is sports today i mean these are some of the stories we're covering over the next ten minutes or so. as you were russian football manager dick out but sticks with the tried and tested for september's crucial twelve qualifying. court big buildings a rough deal that roger federer pulled up the port of final stage of the western and southern open. secret weapon that's what the russian rugby team hope new
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edition of them burns can be a approaching world cup. dickau bacau has resisted calls for more youth in the russian squad for next month's european qualifiers. the national team manager naming an experienced twenty mom squad for clashes against macedonia on the republic of ireland russia will play both games of home on september the second six no changes have been made to the squad that beat serbia one nil in a friendly last week in a shape which is however suspended that means they're brothers are likely to partner one another in the center of the fence while alexander recovered from a knock picked up against the serbs and will be vying with them on public will grab me up and captain under our shaaban for a place up front. but the latest round of russian premier league action gets under way later on saturday four games in all on the include the main contenders for glory this season revealing champions watched during the past three years they are
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a way to own the car wash picking off the action then it's the leading c.s.k. moscow at home to f.c. charm the army man the art of the warm up the moment the first women who are expensed the rain this afternoon is indeed some petersburg who said two points behind c. is gonna visit strobing. in some or a. financial given week twenty one in grozny. you know moscow aren't an option until somebody feels free spending but if parties constantine to top off the chance to catch up an archon time defender leander fernandez who's just marked his half a dozen year anniversary here in russia. you know my look like a team that's making a serious style challenge in the russian premier league this season the moscow side life third but if the results like their last game i are anything to go by then they could be one course to scoop their first of a championship a good attack is the best defense and in armor fueling this rule pretty
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successfully however you can't win anything by only having forwards in the squad after the blue and white said their thirteen coach in thirteen years they're going to see who can at the end of people and scenes them did i have suffered just two defeats in fifteen minutes and according to defend the round off the numbers business only one game so far this campaign this side has gained the confidence and composure needed for victory thank you and i think as we've begun scoring goals that score we like a full you know we manage the game better we play with more control not so desperately. and he couldn't score a goal and desperately tell you the bank would like to help so i think we change a lot of things not too many calls but the results for themselves and solid fans of the beckett's today taking his confidence to the land has been a rock in front of dinner was ned seems he made a move for managing team inside river plate in two thousand and six and very soon
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became one of the fans' favorites be handed the player of the year award with his supporters and after six years here has become a true dilemma veteran says he's over there six years i've never had a problem either with foreigners or with the russians i think the best thing that football gives us is the ability to make friends here the kind it's like a i mean fans we're not here during the winter and when i come back i enjoy playing snowballs with my daughter and things like hands after changing continents and moving to russia in the defense of mine in finland as for the displayed his talents by scoring goals no wonder his opponents try to avoid corners and free kicks his arrival in the opposition was always harold's danger. as he came giving had story to any forward in aerial battles ensures the twenty eight year old sandra big can boost food ingles in almost one hundred fifty games but in a moment despite never failing to make a living it will be played in argentina who he says he would consider
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a move big boom though not yet rises hilberg of when i give my worries repeats that i'm very grateful to the plates at that point in my career they helped me a lot always wanted to return them full and almost every year i get office from river i knew i'm good and i don't see any reason to leave this place sometimes i want to return to return for the not to come back until i get time. however the two thousand and four olympic champion. and one of the best soldier will defenders in russia stealings to win a trophy with. his name but of. moving on where two of the world's top three tennis players helping jumped out of the cincinnati open at the quarter final stage mardy fish with one of the best nights of his burgeoning career the fading second rock rafael nadal to reach the semifinals after overcoming a few early nerves fish settled into a nice groove against the spaniard the american taking the first set six three to set the tone for the incoming chair the twenty nine year old winning over seventy
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percent agree a number of this service points this out on the other hand out of rhythm all evening long with world number seven first hitting countries six three six for last year's runner up moves into the last four where he faces two thousand and eight champion m d i. the scots getting the better of jill seam on seeing off the frenchman in straight sets murray cruising six three six three the world number four has now beaten seymour in seven author eight. i. found roger federer's hopes of three straight cincinnati titles over the two thousand and nine. ten winner stopped in the quarterfinals by thomas burdick the czech taking the open set six two before also finding a way to silence the swiss maestro in the second six to seven six zero and ended up vertical no has beaten federer in three of the past four meetings were number one new backdrop which are next in the last couple of. clips they were
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tennis were defending us open champion kim clijsters how to get drawn from this year's event jew to a stomach muscle injury the world number three surfing discomfort during a tournament in toronto earlier this month the belgian stating afterward she would have enough time to recover by the time the final rounds on the season rolls around on august twenty ninth plasters who won the australian open this year also miss wimbledon to tonight contrary. tommy gagne is making massive strides at the last event ahead of p.g.a. golf post-season the american improving his overnight lead to three shots at the winton championship at the halfway stage but first let's take a look up the play of the day during lumley letting it fly for you guessed it hole in one on the sixteenth that's his sole highlight of the run whereas the only finished seven over gagne meanwhile showing no signs of
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a nagging wrist injury for the second straight day a birdie on the ninth contributing to another great outing after the american tied his career high sixty three during round one ernie els on his screen approaches put the south african in the group of four golfers tied for second this one setting up a birdie on the fifteenth for him enough but i'm just three shots behind. now the russian repeat team could be in for a timely boost ahead of next month's world cup in new zealand melbourne rebels lock adam burns offering his services to the squad both his mother's parents here from russia as richard portly discovered. and burns could have been looking forward to a nice holiday up to the end someone had to see his grueling super fifteen competition however the twenty nine year old whose goal in sydney decided to help russia to the upcoming world count generally zero sort article in a magazine calling upon players for of
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a series i could call for for russia and i knew that was may so i got in touch with the coach of the time. and here we are bones qualified to play for the russians for his mom's parents who were both born man adam didn't actually speak the language well when using his you've any good songs behind you zealand playing to a chance apprentice good majority of the school don't speak much english however the city needs to see is is one on top of these don't to mentions customs or trouble. you tension at school in ninety six actually was a while ago now and what i know about russia is pretty much what i mean top our parents fissions cultural things here and there was celebrated they sit on the christmas russian traditions that are just on the up bringing in most of the family burns is said to make his debut for russia on sunday he can speak english premiership side gloucester his new cup finalists continue to rebuke a good suffered two heavy defeat so far and coach kingsley jones is hopeful the
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venue in which can provide the team is a much needed experience by reason of experience and you know that's invaluable as a lack of experience obviously in this team and certain areas and competition for places again. in any sport and of course we struggle with that of the number of players in russia particular prop with the issues with that with injuries and different things so you know he brings that he's got a slight twinge that moment and you will see him play on this trip and we'll see. he steps up and we take him to the usually sick. thanks to the russians one day will come again gets underway on the fifteenth september i love the freedom burns it does make the trip complete a lifelong dream the flying monkey and biggest events which you don't see new whales. are quite an adventure for the big man there that is all the sport for this
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hour whether it's that style season. will. remind you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered. twenty years ago the largest country. to certain places. but how did. you get the job. where did it take.
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