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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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raining here in the russian capital today but when the sun is out there's still plenty of opportunities to get a soaking next find out what water themed activities to enjoy here in moscow if the heat wave does return. great. comfortable. unique. so different but the only. moscow.
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hello i welcome to the show in this week's program i'll be exploring swimming i was related to the ses the high temperatures it's the ideal plane for this is x. paths and muscovites to cool off so we're going to bring you a few examples of where you can relax when i was somebody starting off here at the shall restaurant and bar located in the columbus area would love to come it's best to come here by most of the swing in these lakes and forests to an outside the city center who is the beverly hills area of the council approved by the station electric railway line coming from the station to chile takes around forty minutes that says you will still need to take a taxi from the station. however remote inconvenience typically transports the location of the show just mean one thing exclusivity and strong clytie in other words when you came up market experts and high flying muscovites with expensive
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cars and drivers champagne all around doesn't come with a price yes some like to be free but you will be charged for enjoying the glamorous surroundings and. treat the truth. if you can get it here to. our. kids another special thing is the. only reason there is everything. really. translates to. i'm not allowed anywhere near. no place instead relaxation sun swimming and good food. all
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very cool we have. a very nice. that's without. is well. it's a. perfect. isn't the ideal choice. different perspective.
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train station. schools. cruise. points. trip takes a few hours. a surprise. i think.
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is an ideal way to see the city the air is fresh and there are no around it's just you and the russian capital. in the summer heat just. from the. beach. which is now. it's.
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amazing views of the russian capital. and. some time by the new place to. be. trying to fight the.
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only thing. that's right. all the time. we have so much fun. we have ahead. and it's just. so hot. the side of the pool.
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but one problem with. everything. fordable. price. i've never heard so many many say many. yes it's amazing they heard say you can have a little dance and then you can. take
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and also bush meets more than a hundred guests to temperatures reaching the high thirty's this is an ideal place to encounter the soothing sounds of the residents e.j. just make sure to check the web the. daily podcast costs one thousand movies during the week from one thousand five hundred rupees to weekends that's around thirty fifty dollars don't cheat but i think it was splashing out on the old sweltering day. a few hours of relaxation a pushout allegedly boat trip to the capital for a visit to shore house in the blazing sun you could ask for anything more. and alongside the swanky jet set there are more middle class places like this opening every year pretty good. place to be in every possible way.
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that we have a home we have in this week's program on swimming towards a related activities here in the recent times i'll see you again at the same time next week for more dances around the russian capital so then for me and the rest of the some burn curtain. madera. friendly. dynamic. to friends. cope.
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if. you want to order. this street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to move feel the shooting of the soviet files on the ati. last time the close up team was a moment where the gold rush still gets people hiked up. this time
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margi goes to cure old region. where the local government is giving power back to the people. where every orphan will be adopted. where locals turn their land into a tourist paradox well come to. russia close up on our team. morning when the t.v. news most followed nine ballet. morning while the streets and make up. the turning point in russia's history. was a justified move forward. remembering many years since the battle for democracy a monarchy. top
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stories this hour in global markets and the end the week one of the massive investors. in the u.s. and. russia marks the anniversary of a crucial turning point. in the not the resistance of democratic activists twenty years ago open the era of a new russia. the middle east has inflamed once again as hamas pulls out of a cease fire days of israeli air strikes in gaza exchanges between the sides came as israel targeted those at blame for a deadly attack on its territory on. their experience here with all the latest sports and you know i believe the russian rugby team invited some international steel to their ranks they have indeed bell with the world cup just weeks away now it's creeping up very quickly i know they have a big astri and to their squad story and we've got more on that in just
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a moment right. here in central moscow we've got plenty ahead in the stories and. sticks with the tried and tested for september's crucial. russian clear in the. final for the sixth straight. qualify to meet in the semifinal. on secret weapon. the fast approaching world cup finals eligible for selection because of his.
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pick of the cowhouse resisted calls for more you. in the russian squad for next month's european qualifiers the national team naming an experienced twenty months squad for clashes against macedonia in the republic of ireland russia will play both games at home on september the second. no changes have been made to the squad that beat serbia one nil in their friendly last week only the team's second victory since october last year. which is however suspended meaning his. team mates their brothers are likely to partner one another in the center of defense while alexander courage to call has recovered from a knock picked up against the serbs and will be vying with among public. captain shaaban for a place from. the latest round of russian premier league action gets underway later on four games in all being the main contenders for championship glory this season moving champions twice during the past three years the are away to clash taking off
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game week twenty one's action then it's the leaving serious capital to see tom. the order form currently with their first win in four attempts to reject it this week for this opportunity to need to set two points behind. well let's see. finish off the day's action in chechnya. ok let's move to england where premier league title hopefuls are still on liverpool go head to head later in the pick of the day's action both sides only managing to secure a point in their opening fixtures samir nasri believed to be starting at the emirates this spike continual talk of the move to manchester city last season. is chelsea took on west brom in search of their first victory today after last weekend's goal destroy at stoke having held their first picture called off everton post q.p.r. . block burn for company will be no love lost at the stadium of light when
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newcastle visit some of the lunde. well you voice one z. entertain we get. so plenty of action in russia and i'm going to look forward to but spotless football fans will have to wait a little longer to see their sides in action it's hoped that proposed strike of players from the country's top two divisions going ahead after negotiations over wage demands pro dawn somebody is primarily get pictures now delayed for at least a week. there will be no matches this week and we're looking to try and get plans away in the next week both sides presented to views and we continue to be committed to done in the search for solutions to destroyed it. let's talk tennis where the russians are continuing to find the sense not to open hardcourts very much to their liking maria sharapova setting up a semi final clash with piers valery over in ohio either player could become the fourth russian to win the event since stronger to over started the trend in two thousand and six shrug of
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a here once again getting the better of some other shows or to make the last four. stools are not yet able to find an answer to try this game losing all nine of their things to date six three six two finished the twenty four year old who would now like nothing better than another crack at the final after finishing runner up to kim clijsters in twenty. her next opponent is world number two from rio over survived a fierce march up against daniela. taking the first set six three but the second ended up lasting in r. and order it was longer than up of us entire march is one of the over weathering her opponent's best shots to prevail six three seven six shrub has won six of the purse nine meetings but that is when the real who's higher ranked. over the men's side of action two of the world's top three helping dumped out of the quarter final stage mardy fish with one of the best nights of his career
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defeating the second ranked rafael little to reach the semi's after overcoming a few early nerves fish selden to his groove against the spaniard the american taking the first set six three to establish the tone for the march the twenty nine year winning a superb seventy percent of his service points the dial on the other hand out of sync all evening long with the number seven fish taking encounter six three six for last year's runner up and moves into the last four where he faces await winner on the marie. i discover the self getting the better of. seeing off the frenchmen in straight sets cruising home six three six three and world number four has not been seen one in seven of the eight meet. roger federer's hope of claiming a third street since not a title is over but the world number three halted in the quarter finals by thomas burdick the czech taking the opening set six two before also finding
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a way to silence the swiss maestro in the second six to seven six how it ended up burdock has not beaten federer in three of their past four meetings world number one novak djokovic up next in the last i. tell me gamey is making big strides of the last event before p.g.a. golf post season gets underway the american improving his overnight lead to three strokes of the halfway stage of the wind championship but first let's take a look at the play of the day dirk alarmingly letting it fly for a hole in one on the sixteenth up though was his whole soul highlights. finished well off the pace on seven over gamey meanwhile showed no signs of a nagging wrist injury a birdie in the ninth contributing to another great citing off to be american tied his career high round of sixty three on day one ernie els on his great approach efforts put this african in the group of four time for second place this chip
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setting him up for a birdie on the fifteenth leaving that big easy just three shots. russian three time mixed martial arts world champion raul has been arrested in connection with the murder of a teenager in a moscow club the alleged incident occurring just outside moscow nightclub last weekend plenty approached by a moscow student who's reportedly made comments about science girlfriend it is claimed a profiler that the student. nineteen year old eve and i got phone off died four days leave her school is now facing criminal charges and could spend up to fifteen years in prison if found the. american football now where the falcons are yet to get off the ground during the n.f.l. preseason losing their second straight game the jacksonville jaguars clinching a fifteen thirteen win at home despite having their own struggles the teens trading field goals before ryan fired
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a picturesque past two douglas in the second what are the receiver turning it into a long game on then the touch time. however weren't able to execute with the same level of sharpness later on jacksonville's third string quarterback look at macao and fighting with the arm on ben's upon one of the much better writing than the signal polish ahead of him in the lineup looking pretty good through all its proved to be the final touch time fifty fifty finished up ever by. the russian rugby team could be in for a timely boost ahead of next month's world cup in new zealand's melbourne rebels lock adam burns offering his services to the squad the australians grandparents on his mother's side hill from russia richard from port fate discovered. kind of burns could have been looking forward to a nice holiday up to the end of summer head to sea is grueling super fifteen competition however the twenty nine year old was born in sydney but decided to help
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russia to the upcoming world can't write about gender in this year us or an article in a magazine calling up on players who have a say that could qualify for russia and i knew that was may so i got a touch with the coach of the time. and here we are burns' qualifies to play for the russians for his mom's parents who were both born man adam did actually speak the language well when using his youth and he gets on the plane to new zealand plenty of chance to practice good majority to score don't speak much english however the city needs as soon as he's one on top of the stop to the nation's customs i tried with. the attention of school in ninety six actually or a while ago now and what i know about russia is pretty much what i've been taught by our parents fish dishes cultural things here and there was celebrated the time in christmas russian traditions that are on the upbringing in my mother saw the family burns is said to make his debut for russia on sunday he can speak english
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premiership side. as will cup finalists continue their tour of the ukraine has suffered two heavy defeat so far encouraged kingsley jones is hopeful that the new import can provide the team so much needed experience he brings that he's got a slight twinge at the moment and we'll see him play on this trip and we'll see flea he steps up and we take him to the little is expected of the russians when their world cup campaign gets underway on the fifteenth september however for adam burns he does make the trip a complete lifelong dream of playing rugby union speaking stirling that you've done for me county newbold wales. and that wraps up the sport for this hour weather is next i'll see you shortly in two hours time in fact.
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twenty years ago in the largest country. to serve two cases of. what had been more each. each began a journey. where did it take them. when
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the t.v. news looks for a little. while to the streets of the. country earning points in russia's history. one of the justified move forward. since the battle for democracy. on our key.
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global markets end the week was up by a massive selloff as investors panic of a full cost of recession in the u.s. and europe. the middle east is inflamed once again as hamas pulls out of a ceasefire after the israeli air force targets gaza. get us through a crucial turmoil the failed coup by company's hard liners in the bloody resistance of democratic activists twenty years ago open the era of a new post soviet russia and. see how two thousand and eleven a max international air show i've already seen you say the weather is not stopping us from flying high in the skies today particularly my plan is to go up in this russian to allocate a fifty two details in just a moment.


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