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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2011 8:01pm-8:31pm EDT

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economic government fails to reassure anxious investors as fresh trouble over greece once again threatens stability. it is at four o'clock am here in the russian capital at two o'clock am in tripoli thomas this is where we will find our top story and breaking news reports say rebel forces have reached of the center of the capital and are in control of ninety percent of tripoli the head of the libyan leader the head of libyan leader moammar gadhafi is personal security force is reported to have disarmed his unit and surrendered the international criminal court says it can confirm the son saif al islam as been arrested the rebel council announced it will stop the fighting that rages around tripoli if colonel gadhafi leaves the country but in a second audio address the colonel urged the nation to fight to the death for the
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country i witness is our tweeting the independence flag has been raised on tripoli's central mosque. there are also reports on social media that state t.v. in libya has gone off air independent journalist alyse feel and gave us this report from tripoli. situation now is very grave and crucial and it's. only obstacle to this brutal bloodbath in tripoli how can you say is is nato and the minute that nato leaves this country i mean it is bloodshed will and the rebels admitted at the beginning of the crisis that without the support of nato they would have collapse within two days and this morning we had. a press conference with the heads of the indian intelligence abdullah senussi who choose to the west. which to be in government of course has been saying all along and this
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has been vindicated a number of times during this crisis most recently in al-jazeera interview with. the who is a well known al qaeda terrorist who was speaking on behalf of the rebels in libya so now we have a situation whereby. leaving nato on the ground in libya they are the ground forces they are poorly made and telling them where to bomb and here in tripoli every time that the rebels conduct threat from the masses the masses in tripoli and the libyan army nato bombs as abraham says anything that moves so really the time may well overdue for a cease fire and for negotiations that we've seen thousand three hundred people killed in the past twelve hours alone is almost equal to. which was massacred in
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the three week unsettled by israel in gaza in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine really where the wave of the wild as well raising their voices we saw of them raising their voices across the world for gaza in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine where are they for the people of tripoli and for the people of libya. political analyst madeon of them royal who is in tripoli says nato is a major player in the assault they specifically targeting the areas where international journalists are to feed their need or has done all the heavy work this is a nato war make no mistake this is a nato war they heavily bombed cities west of here they bombed all night without even ten seconds of stopping they bombed this entire city nato landed the insurgents on to the coast of tripoli they have no respect for the international press i was putting up a sign on the hotel on top of the hotel i took the initiative to downright press
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and snipers shot at me i was told right now i can't confirm it but i was told and a lot of the libyans who will be the people i'm not seeing in green square in other parts of the city not arms and ready to fight to defend this nation i don't know how to play out but it was a huge ecological war here that is the war effort media has been liberally involved here this war is not about colonel gadhafi colonel gadhafi is just the pretext for this war this war has nothing to do with you know gadhafi has to do with stealing money from the people nato secretary-general anders fogh rasmussen has released a statement on the situation in tripoli saying the libyan people should be spared further bloodshed or he's going to cheat again has more from washington. washington a team player in this battle for tripoli that's was short of saying that could alfie's days are counted and they are in close contact with the rebels we do know at this point that nato is doing the heavy work attacking tripoli we're talking
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about some seventy five hundred strikes within some five to six months and here is what nato secretary general said gadhafi as we dream is clearly crumbling and here is i quote quoting here the sooner colonel gadhafi realizes that he cannot win the battle against his own people the better so that the leading people can be spared further bloodshed and suffering while the whole of the international community has been united saying that he has no place in the future and that he must step down and that was a view shared by all u.n. security council members including russia but. that means by we should nato has been accomplishing the goal of al staying gadhafi have seen many violations of the u.n. resolution from six months ago that authorized the military intervention the resolution was designed to protect civilians but many innocent civilians have been killed by nato strikes within those six months and the funneling of weapons to libyan rebels is also being done in clear violation of the arms embargo that was imposed on libya
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western powers clearly took sides in the civil war and basically disregarding the whole part of the population in libya there was a dance the military intervention in the first place well in light of all those violations that have taken place it was very likely that the u.n. security council would have adopted yet another resolution on leave you know come september and september is when the previous resolution was out so it was very crucial it was crucial for nato and the rebels to carry out the operation before the resolution runs out of the fight for who's going to be in charge of libya is no surprising considering what's at stake and let's not forget we're talking about a nation that has the richest oil reserves in africa. but she's going to town reporting from washington now for some reaction coming from london here's our t. correspondent or am it. but we have heard reaction from downing street quite late on sunday evening and it was a surprising reaction i'll be honest with you they released
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a statement saying that the end is near and think exactly that he committed some appalling crimes against his own people and he must now to avoid the suffering for his people that's a cool even repeating i have a series of moments now that the gadhafi must go and the ground swell this is just less than two weeks ago the embassy that libyan embassy in london with in fact handed over to i really put into law a representative of the soviet union single ounce will say that the gadhafi regime people who were that have now gone back to libya and it's been taken over by the transitional council. we see rebel forces approaching action in a very sort of the east and from the west and of course all the time backed by these negative ads strikes which have been heavily supported by our youngs and by downing street the results of that is that we are all hearing reports that we don't know you now wegg exactly is boxes where you can still be reported to be including
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savefile islam have been captured and the rebels say that they're holding them in a safe place ready to hand them over to the relevant authorities now the view generally on the grounds i have to say that the libyan conflict is rather cool and out at the knees over the last few weeks as things tend to do have very short news cycle and we've had a lot of already stuff going on here in the u.k. but people are saying now that this might be the beginning but then not thinking of that is the end was quite yet military experts and analysts are coming out and saying that these these final who almost as these people like final few streets that the rebels have to take if they are going to get in full shell of tripoli will not be easy i'm told we're looking at going to rain which often fall into just to the defendant as the defendants can then take who are residential buildings mosques any kind of high point they will be take. it's a joke but i'm using it to defend the city and cool so in terms of nature i mean these incredibly numerous astronauts the face being real and saying it's much
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harder to target as strikes when you're in such a built up our program kind of residential area and of course what is going to be left behind when this key battle fortunately is there you go where the problems out on top it's expected that it's being targeted placed by the rebels and by late i mean the rebels and nato and five if that is forces will be key for oil and transport infrastructure which was essential to people carrying on no more every day lives. laura and reporting there from london now president sarkozy of france as well as the german government are again calling on khadafi to step down in the face of the recent gains by rebels daniel bushell is in paris with the latest president because he called on gadhafi to immediately give out what power he has left to order his forces to cease fire and to give way to what sarkozy called the legitimate libyan authorities as the outcome of the rebel victory is no longer. but
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the french leader added he fully supports the rebels he called this a disorder of moment and hailed the libyan people who support them reiterating france's backing for the rebel provisional council germany has called on gadhafi to step down quickly difference experience here fear friends will now use military force in the capital putting civilian lives at risk and that it will use the international criminal court of gadhafi as a justification which is daniel bushell reporting there from paris. on the other news now across the border violence has erupted in the middle east and this week with israel launching airstrikes in gaza hamas responded by launching more than one hundred rockets and mortars into the country the violence erupted after a series of attacks inside the jewish state on thursday that killed eight civilians latest reports however suggest that egypt has managed to broker a ceasefire between the two sides parties policy areas following the developments
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for us from jerusalem. the reports we're receiving indicate that hermetic fishel say that cairo has brokered this truce which goes into effect this evening we understand their television was hesitant and about making any kind of agreement with the guards operatives and the militants there you put down fire first we also understand that it will be the responsibility of her master security personnel to enforce the cease fire not only this is good news but the reality on the ground is that no one here really believes that a cease fire between the two sides will rast and will will really survive the taste of time this latest violence started on thursday in a three pronged attack that left eighty's rabies did not its all responded almost immediately with a strikes and those strikes have been continuous since tuesday there have been more than a dozen had this thing is killed they have been more than eighty grad and cause some rockets that have rained down on southern israeli towns killing one israeli and injuring many more so certainly the least since on the ground is there both sides
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are incredibly angry both sides are incredibly distrustful of the other and one of the sentiments being expressed sharon israeli circles today is that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been preparing for a war with gaza for some time and every day what happened on thursday was just perfect opportunity to carry out the assault that we've seen here in israeli circles demonstrators day that they're not surprised by the latest spate of violence many believe that netanyahu was just hoping for something like this to happen because he is a prime minister that is very strong armed security issues on issues of what what is called terrorism here in israel rather than on addressing socio economic internal problems so for more than a month now you've had tens of thousands of protesters in all the major cities in israel they marched again last night and whereas before the slogan was a call for social justice they added a new slogan yesterday saying a cause for a cease fire now the protesters that i've been speaking to are adamant that they
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will. this latest spate of violence detract the netanyahu government from the tracy bacon says they plan that by the first weekend in september they'll have a million man march they believe they'll get a million israeli citizens to destry so that's almost one hundred sixty i'll be population here so they certainly is a lot of disgruntled is rabies about domestic issues and if anything i want to keep this latest spate of violence they say has made them even more determined to make sure that netanyahu and his government addresses become citizens. and going back to our top story breaking news from tripoli leaving libya we can cross to modernize and roy who is in tripoli from the center for research on globalization. now you are in a media center in tripoli which is surrounded by rebel gunmen what is happening around you right now at this for a moment. we are surrounded by snipers i mean you can find space in the model.
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we are here nationally it was in the woods basically instructed not to come here leave. this was going to be very often seen it was specifically told him i'd stay near he never said oh it was. we are we are all out all the staff. there is. some people here some people are outside right now but we were all essentially here the chinese were there. you were going to or your french nationals myself. so. it was a couple times someone said it turned out the community was here and then the media immediately took to media immediately took them to get. started saving you know. what. i'm going to do i feel that my life.
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right now i'm not going to be that is that many people here and we need to be extracted and he says look international communities are doing the united nations not nato what ought to be united nations. we understand that the under a very stressful situation right now we're also hearing he has turned to tribes calling for their support is there any chance the colonel could turn the battle against the rebels and nato at this point from your position where you are. on my position here i've been hearing conflict in the western press as something for example he said the i.c.c. . the western press said he said say fell asleep was caught he was in the rexus he was not in the rexus i mean the rexus i'm confined rex's he wasn't you know maybe he was outside their existing you exist if he was caught and it turned out that the i.c.c. report was an i.c.c. report it was an official from the i.c.c. speaking anonymously easel was not the i.c.c. in an official capacity saying it's. amongst us at least is what we don't know that
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this could be. where we see the green square i've heard these things i don't know. i've heard the speech he did not just says he won't surrender i respond so that anybody here reported that he said he wants to negotiate or not to say this in the speech i can tell you that but. firstly very concerned about myself several people here and again i. was told not to be going you mean by their foreign office also and now we are hearing reports we know that you're in a position that is completely surrounded there are also reports that rebels are in control of the libyan state t.v. building building do you have any information on that at this point all of the right there are many are the most logical thing to turn on to be in state if you need it see what it's reported. i don't have a television in front of me i'm here with. international other people sitting.
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we're confining. you know to this we did and some people i think that we really want to be with you to be honest with you so then you would make it sound like that regime is collapsing i don't think the regime is a lapse i do think it tells situation is dire you say that you are in you're surrounded now is it your room that surrounded is it your hotel that's right give us a little bit more about the perspective of where you are at this point. is there should be there so there are so snipers around or tell me shot this i was actually shot and some of the signs saying this is you do you read a story when an attack us you know and there's a little innocent like skin you were angry did they make the slaughter too it's not just us who you know. it's really from a personal perspective it's very dire and i have to say that i feel selfish you concern about myself but when there's a lot of people young people out there fighting you know children of young people under the age of sixteen pick up guns you know i've seen what you hotel is young
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women are going to eat her wife who are some people who make money to eat power it's a very dire situation we're in right now are all around here that you made out a little basically saying that i brought some dessert from the kitchen up stairs here everybody so we could stay the night eating and that's basically it for really all right thank you very much modern of them royal in tripoli from the center for research on globalization thank you very much for joining us on what are very stressful times right now. on to britain now where two young men have been handed tough jail sentences for using facebook to encourage violent riots the jail terms were praised by prime minister david cameron but slammed by human rights groups as over the top party's over bennett has more on how the policy of zero tolerance has taken hold in the u k. four years behind bars for the riot that didn't even happen jordan black sure and perry sutcliffe kenan were banged up for inciting disorder on
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facebook no one turned up after their invitation to riot which they later said was a drunken joke but now they face sentences even tougher than most looters and our worry is that it is an imbalance a four year sentence for example would normally be given to somebody for a previous bodily harm for holding someone up with a knife or even for. some form of sexual assault so it seems to me that that there is a danger that the courts are moving into disproportionate territory and that actually devalues our response to more serious crimes that governments encourage courts to dish out harsh sentences by using the public disturbance as an aggravating factor it's meant this man anderson fernandez could even be sent to jail for theft of just two scoops of ice cream because like this one denying bail to most offenders and ignoring any claims of previous good character of the one
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thousand two hundred seventy seven people charged so far two thirds have been reminded in custody that's way up on last year's rate for serious crimes chris just ten percent some offenders even being made homeless is their punishment with local governments taking away their houses but many say it's all simply cause more harm than good i think this is very unwise the move to remove people from housing intern move benefits because actually if we are saying that some of the crime that we saw on the streets was an expression of people not feeling part to society not feeling part of our communities then these measures are actually going to push people further away from society further away from our communities and far more likely to commit crime the facebook case is the first sign of the government's desire to crack down on social media sites like twitter were applauded by the west to mobilize. the masses in the arab world but they were also instrumental in the u.k. riots so now the prime minister wants it to stop we are working with the police the
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intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites or services when we know they are plotting violence disorder and criminality when social media fuel revolutions in egypt and she britain called it democracy but now the shoe's on the other foot when troubles closer to home i'm very conscious that there i've been you know the really poor or . movement we would be the force to complete. the authorities the countries who are trying to walk. the prime minister says this is where britain fights back put it speeds this fighting fire with fire could only fan the flames of civil disorder after bennett's artsy london. a collective economic or government events in the latest measure proposed by top e.u. leaders in their bid to halt market turmoil and reverse the stagnation across the
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continent but the latest ideas have found little support among investors who say it's come to little too late angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy rejected the idea of euro bonds favored by the markets and seen by many as the best way of emerging from the debt crisis and according to international consultant and former belgian m.p. lord vamoosed the entire affair was a p.r. boost for ailing politicians is that morally falls and went to london biggest economies of the year being the monetary union get together it is of course always meaningful if only on the china logical level these meetings tend to draw the line of should be the euro zone countries at large in general so we're going to decide there is basically taken i'm going the other countries they're not going after the ones that cost the crises they're not going after the ones that have the money there. lost in this crisis which i mean why not talk about the raising taxes on
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those people why no two are talking about putting social demands on these bailouts for banks merkel and sarkozy are facing huge problems with their popularity in the in the polls so i think it's also new with the image of building etc not so much for it to finding a real solution and in yet another blow to the eurozone the blocks a second one hundred sixty billion euro bailout for greece may be under threat athens has agreed to provide finland with collateral in return for its contribution to the financial rescue package but it has sparked indignation among the other fifteen donors some of which are now also demanding collateral analysts however warn that greece is incapable of having out such guarantees and a professor of applied economics patrick oppman for says the lack of direction in the e.u. isn't helping it battle its crisis. there's obviously a lot of uncertainty about the eurozone and what will happen because the euro zone summit wasn't very conclusive all helpful in that respect so that's
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a great deal of uncertainty which is worrying the markets about the situation of banks in europe and i think that will be a result but it may take some time to resolve it that's the problem meanwhile markets are very nervous and the eurozone will be will take time to sort itself out either the euro will break up all they will produce a fiscal union with big try. to bail all these countries nobody really quite knows which. that won't be resolved anytime soon but i think what it is happening what is happening is that the western economies the richer economies having a harder time of it because you know all the growth if you like in realty of all materials is being taken by countries like china and india and brazil and so that's leaving very little scope for the richer countries to grow their groaning under these very high oil prices you know which depress their incomes and make them much
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more cautious. syria's president assad has given a live t.v. interview saying the regime is not in danger of falling and that the government is able to deal with of the current unrest in the country syrian state media have condemned the u.s. and european calls for president assad to step down saying the move is part of a conspiracy that russia has also refused to back the call saying assad should be given more time to implement promised reforms in the wake of a crackdown on anti regime protesters but as artie's more of the notion of reports while the west sees the government's action as oppression in syria see it as. a job is done the city liberated there is or in the east of the country has become the last syrian city beyond left after clearing extremist streets have been terrorizing his citizens for weeks the military claim is that he's bandits blocked the weights put up barricades it became a city we were hiding we were just like hostages. soldiers of the syrian army i
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live in the city all of the near the iraqi border. officials are saying operation is now over that the city has been freed from the groups as you can see people are welcome in the soldiers as the way there is between the tanks have been trying to make their way through jubilant crowds thousands of kilometers away in the white house a decision has already matured president bashar assad is the one who's terrorizing the syrian people and that should and the transition to democracy in syria has begun and it's time for assad to get out of the way not everybody has agreed though moscow has insisted that assad should be given time to implement promised changes his recent decisions to release political prisoners repeal emergency law and allow peaceful demonstrations have indicated the right direction but external pressure
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could stoop area fred child. the sort of reforms will give full sister syria it will make the country stronger but syria's enemies don't want syria to be strong america for instance they're sick and tired of a strong syria and they want to weaken its they don't want reforms they need instability and chaos across the country is the only school civil and their pressure works for it i would love with contradicts your reports about policemen and security officers killed across the country and the army is continuing crackdown on protesters despite president assad's pledges to the un to stop military operations the syrian people no longer know who to trust and want to believe. with a country at the crossroad again beyond themselves with patience. syria . and back to our breaking news this hour with a round of the latest developments in libya reports say rebel forces have reached
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the center of the capital and are in control of ninety percent of tripoli the national transitional council says that the rebels are now in control of tripoli airport and the highway to tunisia but colonel gadhafi remains defiant and in a second audio address urged the nation to fight till the end international criminal court prosecutor spokeswoman confirms that often son safe is long has been detained the rebel council says it will stop the fighting that's raging around tripoli if the libyan leader leaves the country i witness is our tweeting that an independence flag has also been raised on the city's central mosque. everywhere i look. at people firing fair in celebration rather in that joint thanks for watching our t.v. that's a look at the latest breaking news now straight to our headlines. we can now.
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take a look. libya is under breaking news right now that there are reports from tripoli that say rebel forces have seized control of most of the libyan capital except for home compound this comes after the commander of the colonel's security brigade defects and orders his soldiers to lay down their arms the international criminal court says it can confirm the arrest of gadhafi son safe. according to the libyan government one thousand three hundred people have been killed since the nato backed onslaught on tripoli started on sunday. suggestions of ceasefire egypt has reportedly managed to convince both gaza and israel to lay down arms after days of heavy shelling. in other stories that have shaped the past week the crackdown against english rioters it gains momentum with harsh sentences handed to those who played only minor parts in the chaos as human rights groups say judges and politicians have gone.


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