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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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pressure exchange of rocket strikes exposed gaza and the jewish state. it is a just after two for them on monday here in moscow this is r.t. with me recent show and our breaking news story government tanks are shelling parts of the central tripoli that is despite rebels claiming they are in control of most of the libyan capital one of the gadhafi sons is reportedly leading forces towards the city center earlier three of his other sons were said to have been arrested heavy fighting has been reported near the libyan leader's residence meanwhile state t.v. is still airing pro khadafi programs rumors are circulating that could have feet maybe in talks with south africa about a possible escape despite denials from both sides following a night of chaos in the capital crowds were seen in the city's central square with
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people waving revolutionary flags dr franklin lamb the director for of americans for middle east peace who was wounded by a sniper on sunday says could i feel maybe preparing a massive counterattack. and i rode around for ninety minutes green you know the streets of tripoli would require as they are in the new right now. coming back by you know who by what by those who were shot in my right. but i don't know if you can see this month you can't rush years of the war you know a doctor apparently wrong we are abandoned mariya now we're huge and i didn't notice that. yet but i'm parked by her oh one more i want you to remember to cross from the government here on the group riders and then by.
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hotel just who wanted to go right by the bible ma hotel by going to see near the marriott going to account called powers of five buildings there they've set up a. checkpoint and they're obviously digging you and what i and what some people are suspecting here and it's just speculation but i'm getting this feeling myself is that as in other places. the government here is with. the rebels now and allowing them to have their fun and green square and then very well may be congress. meantime a journalist a muddy it says that a hotel in tripoli where the foreign press has been obliged to stay during the conflict has been looted. the guy got fired at the start of the day while i was putting signs saying press signs of put him in the front of the till they fired going to tell they have snipers. we all feel threatened it's less now than before
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but if the rebels get here we are a lot of us are feel very secure about that there's been looting in the hotel right now i'm in the being media stories office which is. basically you need permission to be near. by i took the liberty to come in here to show you the movie so you can see the projector up there was taken and you can see the ladders that they put. they have been going through the rooms of people even the looters young men i don't think they were dangerous at all but the young men who just come and. gone into all the rooms is started collecting things you can see they broke the doors will open doors and again you can see. a lot of the projectors computers. this is happening in various offices here the next few hours for us you are going to be critical. in regards to tripoli i don't think
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that fighting is and i think if you more fighting it's been very quiet here they've been shooting with i've been shot at the hotel. i cannot say for now what would happen but. hopefully there will be peace and will bloodshed but need always. nails down all that you are the bombings here absolutely nato and the leaders you know states have to be held accountable as war criminals they've killed civilians in their hoping that we will be safely taken out by an international contingent from the united nations not from nato the british are talking about evacuating this place only for five nationals. only for five if not the rest of us. in washington d.c. the white house has hailed what it called a tipping point for the regime of colonel gadhafi but amid the positive sentiments parallels have already been drawn to a gyptian celebrations on tour of square disillusionment that led to followed.
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reports from washington d.c. . president obama spoke earlier this sunday night saying tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant also that could offer you must relinquish power once and for all the nato secretary general has made a statement of similar in fact saying they could offer a regime is crumbling and that now the libyans have a chance for a new beginning he also said that the transition must come peacefully and of quote well that part has raised a lot of questions because everything that was going on in tripoli has been very far from being peaceful we're talking about extensive bombings by nato throughout the weekend actually throughout six months there from washington has been a key player in the fight for tripoli that's before as part of nato and as we know at this point nato has done the heavy work the means by which nato has been accomplishing the goal of ousting khadafi have seen many violations of the u.n.
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resolution from six months ago that authorized the military intervention in light of all those violations it was very unlikely that the u.n. security council would have adopted yet another resolution on libya come september and september is when the previous resolution runs out so it was crucial for the rebels and for nato to carry out the operation before the resolution expires when you look at the footage coming from believe it very much reminds of. the cheering that we saw in cairo when hosni mubarak was ousted and then the army took over there and the egyptians are still struggling to make their voice heard and many levy who are afraid that their voices could be ignored by the international community. he's going to try to put it right there well for some reaction from russia but i joined a life i caught in cos i chopped the chairman of the committee for foreign affairs in the state duma good to see you today so heavy fighting over there in tripoli how
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would you assess the events of this point. well i believe the lead has now reached the or into the no return and that mr gadhafi has no chance to restore control over the territory of the country this is quite obvious for me liz he tries to use weapons of mass destruction and hopefully he will never try to do that but for me this is not the end of the story of this is just the beginning of the further developments and the next stage of this development will be equally complicated for libya for the simple reason the national community stands community is not united it consists of different tribes ethnic groups political forces reach will start fighting each other i'm afraid as soon as mr gadhafi resigns but in any case the most important thing right now is to convince mr duffy to
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resign not to use military force because any further human characters will never change this development this situation it's interesting how you were forecast a gloomy future saying that it's a mixed bag when it comes to the members of the national resistance committee but we've been hearing from people on the ground this morning they're saying nate so bombed at the path clear into tripoli what started as a humanitarian mission turned into what could be described by some as a full scale war so what has nato has role truly been on. well i believe that the actions of nato. have exceeded the framework of the u.n. resolution nineteen seventy three this is number one. and secondly i would behave good to be wrong but i believe that when the new authorities come into power in libya the pirates which now. are
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losers will start questioning the legacy of the new sorties for the simple reason they want their victory with the assistance and military help from abroad from nato so the future government of libya will be questioned as well for the reason they have. had to have they have received support from nato countries and this is not good for libya this is not good for its people. so the future could be dim there with these new authours he is perhaps clashing with each other but let's talk about the new orthorexic what about these rebels or does nato actually know who they are or who it seems will shortly be running the country. i believe nobody knows that for sure and neither need to come to us nor are we here in russia or anybody else for the simple reason there are no obvious leaders for this national resistance committee of they have cereal for. prominent people faces for
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this committee on t.v. screens and so on and so forth about whether they're really influential whether they can control the people of libya this is an unanswered question and just the further development practical real development will who show who is who and what is what in libya and i believe that we have to face many unexpected developments are now or most people now are libya has the richest oil reserves in africa weeks ago western powers released hundreds of millions of dollars ticket effie's money to the rebels do you think this was a way of securing energy interest some of the latest information we have here r.t. is that we just heard that china is bad. very interested in rebuilding libya's infrastructure yet another country seemingly keen to get a slice of the mineral wealth do you think. well i salute they're sure the economic commercial interests in the first and interests of all of the energy resources so
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relieved to have been the crucial element of determining the position the approaches of. so-called west countries nato countries and you know the future government of libya having. had these foreign supports will be very very grateful and. very helpful to these current just these group of need to countries for them to receive the future contours of for the rebuilding of the economy of libya neither china nor russia not so safe rikan nor any other county which have not been involved in this human interior so-called humanitarian operation they have no chances to to to to to have the same equal. treatment of
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the countless which have helped the opposition if i may if i may be obviously if i may just jump in for a moment forgive me for interrupting please we're just getting reports here from a rebel official that a large number of rebels have been killed in the fighting in tripoli is a possible that that our forces loyal to gadhafi are now making a massive counterattack to the libyan capital do you think could be the next stage will ever think it's possible unfortunately and mr khadafi is completely unpredictable sometimes he is very much on logical in his actions so everything is possible unfortunately and for the international community now it is very important to be united in a setting pressure on mr gadhafi may be divided in the reproach towards the. the national resistance committee but they have to be united you know reproached those qaddafi and mr gadhafi has to resign now i know my final question for you sir is we are running low on time here or not will russia ultimately recognize the libyan
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national transitional council do you think. well if there will be the outcome of the pleasures of today i see no difficulties for russia to recognize these community but not before. their fear resigns because of the final outcome has to be the decision in the choice of the libyan people and nobody nobody else we have no no possibility to interfere in the internal affairs in libya right company because a copy of the chairman of the committee for foreign affairs in the state duma thank you thank you very much. well i mean time e.u. countries are again calling on khadafi to officially step down in the face of the rebel storming of tripoli artie's either ben is in london and brings us more on the european reaction to events now unfolding in libya. well it seems like the prime minister just can't get a holiday right now he's cutting short his vacation once again to deal with what's going on in libya he did the same
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a couple of weeks ago to come home and sort out the riots here in london but he has welcomed the news that the rebels the national transitional council have entered tripoli and taken large parts of the capital so what's happening here in london is that he the prime minister is chairing a meeting of the national security council on the view and the question every time is what happens next. so they're preparing really now. to fault all around the leaders a lot in what's going on in libya right now angle or merkel and nicolas sarkozy have all come forward and said this is a good thing they're calling for gadhafi to leave right now and they're hailing this is the beginning of the end of his forty two year stranglehold on libya there a you even has said that it's already planning for a post good daffy libya but the real question is what happens next they say and how do they avoid another iraq there are still pockets of resistance inside tripoli
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according to the rebels folks person. could still control fifteen to twenty percent of the city and now it's a question of how do they avoid another iraq that makes up something that the clegg the deputy prime ministers meet today at the british council he's expected to say that britain will stay the course to make sure that libyans are in control of their own fate. about it right there well as the fight for tripoli continues experts are already speculating on who will get control of libya's vast oil reserves. the key question is indeed oil it is well known that it is a wall for all that these so-called position government has promised to give the old two from. great britain and the united states to lead this government does not exist it's to put government of course it's about it's always about oil you
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have many disagreements inside the alarms the airlines the crisis the consider themselves the cup of the world and asked. to us live yes sorry afghanistan libya who are they going to attack the key question is when will the public opinion week finally and see we don't need these kind of aggressions we don't the killings we don't print ring of the results is we need a solution to the economy can social problems of europe in united states with speculation rising on what's ahead for libya if the rebels when we are interested in your opinion on the matter have a say at r.t. dot com let's bring up the numbers right here on your screen so far most think libya will turn into another oil rich colony for nato members twenty one percent i don't believe anything at all will change just under that field libya will split as
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an internal struggle for power will start and the remainder of the country will turn into a democratic state and make sure you have your state and miss out on it at r.t. dot com we welcome europe. and we'll be following the dramatic events in libya on air and online throughout the day for you so do stay with us here on our team. all right let's get to some other news now here on israel hamas and gaza have agreed to a truce that's off the sunday and the fighting resulted in more rockets. life in tel aviv joining us she will give us details on the latest developments paula good to see you we've seen almost five days of violence really really expect this latest ceasefire to hold off the years of ultimately back and forth between them. well the latest news we are receiving is that the p.r.c. the popular resistance committees has agreed to be party to this injunction brokered truce between israel and hamas now the p.l.c.
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is significant because one it is a relatively small and palestinian interest group it is the group that is well hold responsible for that initial cross border raid on thursday that killed eight israeli citizens and that's a fact this latest wave of violence what we are hearing from the p.r.c. itself is that until now it has and it has not said that it carried out that great until now it has not been prepared to be party to this now saying that it will be but there still remains a lot of confusion over this cease fire it was signed last night it was in fact agreed to last night since then some fourteen rockets have been fired into israel we're hearing contradictory statements coming from the israeli prime minister's office on the one hand it says it never has and it never will sign a cease fire with hamas is one of course regarding headmasters a terrorist organization but on the other hand we're hearing the prime minister's office here in israel say that they will adhere to a cease fire that is that if israel is shot dead it will respond accordingly now the problem that hamas has faced from the beginning is that it does not have
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control over all palestinian factions operating in the gaza strip there is almost a sense of enormousness there that we're now hearing from the palestinian official that hamas will be able to enforce the cease fire with smaller militant groups whether or not the cease fire in fact will hold remains to be seen there is a lot of anticipation on both sides. probably that it will not both sides believing that if it is in the interest of the other to launch an attack they will do so just yesterday sunday is one of one hundred palestinians in the west bank city of hebron now this was the largest israeli ground offensive in that city since two thousand and three and what we understand is that these palestinians who were arrested are believed to have some kind of connection with the mass so certainly both sides still debating all this conflict potentially to continue let's address one of the major issues is looming on the horizon here a vote on palestinian statehood it's coming up at the u.n. security council so some books how does how does that affect the situation.
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well if you speak to is radio really what many israelis will tell you is that it is in israel's interest at least now under the leadership of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to launch some kind of attack on gaza he's the right person to do it people here are saying that is what has been preparing for such an attack for quite some time and of course there has been social protests at home criticizing the netanyahu government that would make it almost convenient for him to detract attention away from them as far as the vote goes the israeli foreign minister i don't need a minute short time ago said that the latest wave of violence was to quote just proves how this thing is more interested in violence than in peace now this is something that the palestinians jumped on him a third to as madness warning israel not to use this latest violence as a reason to encourage people not to support palestinian declaration of statehood what we see now is a turnaround in what is coming out of the israeli leadership they held an emergency
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cabinet meeting this morning and following that meeting they said they would not be launching an attack on gaza just yesterday that was really part of the parliamentarian saying that israel needs to respond and respond cautiously to this latest violence and the anticipation and the analysis being put forward is that israel needs the support of egypt it doesn't need a diplomatic crisis with one of its closest allies. in the region there were three border guards that were killed in this of violence is all did apologize for those that were killed by israeli fire mistaking me and is one of one time was egypt was at one time considering week warning it and that's it is so in light of that kind of potential diplomatic role israel might now be backing down from trying to create any kind of conflict in gaza because it needs egypt and support comes to tame but it is also worth noting though that the mideast quartet that comprises the the u.n. the u.s. and russia has issued a statement in which it condemns this violence to quote from that statement it also caused a terror attack planned in advance with the into what we saw one thursday and the
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russian foreign ministry has said that it is deeply concerned about the violence it has urged both sides to show restraint and here to the cease fire and indeed i think it's a world we watch for the u.n. vote in september on the issue of a college student state authorities policy on life and some of these thank you. and you can always keep up to date on everything that's happening in israel on our twitter page or rather of course is the twits under school call the comments therefore you have a looking right now she's been keeping an eye on the social unrest that's been gripping israel for more than a month now one of the latest posts we can see right here says that protesters are planning a million strong marching two weeks time they've been demanding social justice and the prime minister step down today with the situation in israel and all its heat underscore. are now the time for a world update here when i see syria's president has once again said his regime is
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not in danger of collapse of the government is able to deal with the current on the rest of the country the statements were made in an interview broadcast on state television human rights groups say more than two thousand people have been killed in the government's crackdown on protesters since march of the. western house said it. disappointed by iran's decision to sentence two american citizens to eight years in prison the pair were found guilty of spying and illegal entry into the country three americans were arrested in july two thousand and nine and they were hiking on the iran iraq border one of them was later released on bail they say they accidentally strayed into iran but iranian authorities claim they were working for america intelligence agencies you. are it's ok to have you with us you're an artsy and now a recap of our breaking news story rebel officials say a large number of their fighters have been killed in tripoli government times are shelling parts of the capital despite rebels claiming their own control of most of
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the city one of khadafi sons is reportedly leading forces towards central tripoli meanwhile state television is still airing proca daffy programs earlier three of gadhafi as other sons were arrested including saif al islam who is his closest ally and aide following a night of chaos in the capital crowds were seen in the city's central square with people waving a revolutionary flight. ok you are up to date on the news here on our time out of the business and that means unions here. thanks roy that's right time to delve into the world of business and global indices are trying to catch a breath after last week's panic buying investors are waiting for clues from the federal reserve as it prepares to announce further quantitative easing measures that will be some kind of stimulus measures coming along because clearly on they can't really use interest rates anymore but it's
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a bit at the level there and it will be probably taken positive by the market but focus is first always to be in europe so that's going to be key after that that i was comes i think the problem for the third of. the fact that they've now fixed the interest rates at zero twenty five to two thousand and thirteen and just looking backward i mean six months ago the outlook for us was much more rosy and this means that you know how can you believe that you will have the same environment supporting such a low interest rate in six months or even to a month's time i think that looked at me over something that could become quite a problem problematic issue. let's take a look at the numbers brand curtis dropping on to two dollars to trade at one hundred and six dollars a barrel the slump is due to the potential for resumption of exports from opec member leave it to six months civil war there to be it's close to an end w.t.r. is hovering at eighty two dollars a barrel and a quick look at the precious metals gold is up one point five percent that's after touching an all time peak at one thousand eight hundred ninety four dollars
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a flight to save haven as its continued and silver is also up gaining more than two percent the same. with the bears aggressive return the european markets have looked at their recent decline to see has made a u. turn into black after gaining one point two percent and the texas what's the gains of both. came despite losses in asian markets early in the day and on the street on friday. and the washington this is a mixed some of the r.t.s. has slightly retreated from earlier losses still in the red one of my six is flat to positive this hour. time to check up on some of the individual show moves on the might six most energy matrix is still trading in the red one week a crude cross nafta's show shedding hopper sound under nicholas continuing to move ground after pictures cut its rating to below investment grade that's because of its shareholder disputandum delay in posting last year's financial results while
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bucking the trend here is for the metro it's gaining over two percent supported by strong gold. so have time for knowledge joined in less than one hour to get more business stories saw you can log on to our website archibald com slash business.
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wealthy british style. that's what i'd like to go. to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines and do a report on our. welcome
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back with live from moscow with me recentre and a recap of the top stories with breaking news this hour on libyan rebels reportedly seize control of most of the capital following a major nato back in but according to government numbers saw one hundred thirteen one thousand three hundred people killed but some sources on the ground told out see that it's too early to say tripoli is full and one of coffee sons is reportedly leading forces in on the city center. meanwhile the massive celebrations are in a full swing in the center of the rebel stronghold of benghazi but experts who draw parallels to the events in egypt one of the disillusionment the likely follow. and a disproportionate justice british judges are accused of a.


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