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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2011 2:01pm-2:31pm EDT

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t. here in moscow just turned ten pm and eight pm in tripoli and said we're breaking news this hour the fast moving developments there in libya rebels say they now control most of tripoli and have taken libya state t.v. channels off air and some reports suggest opposition fighters have been looting private houses to going after his sons are now thought to be in rebel hands with a third it's reported having escaped house arrest opposition leaders say a large number of their fighters have been killed and there are reports of heavy fighting around gadhafi compound but the whereabouts of the car are. nato insists the continued combat air patrols until government forces surrender following a night of chaos in the capital has been seen in tripoli since the square waving revolution x. . journalistically miss on who's founder and chairman of online newspaper the volta network is in the rixos hotel in tripoli and told me just a little earlier that nato forces are doing everything to back up the rebels.
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nato is bonding to places. where you actually got failed or do we got to shoot everybody in the street and after that only after that the so-called rebels and so in the street. well there are reports of gunfire near the libya tunisia border at the moment and thousands of libyans are heading in that direction to flee the fierce fighting between pro and anti get out the force is not a correspondent and he is at the border with the latest. there has been rather intense fighting reported with cindy through kentucky and rebel forces about just incomers from the border with tunisia into as a child has become much the border between libya and tunisia have been in sort of a degree is a plate over the past five months people have been trying to escape to leave because they have found out of syria just like you know what's going on you know to
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control it especially now with the libyan forces literally attacking just going over out of their way over tripoli i found to get even more confusing now people who president every site near the border on this week inside say that over the past couple of weeks here have been reported clashes between unidentified arm down arms . to border guards the ohss say that. there have been sightings of numerous heavy vehicles loaded with arms people reportedly reportedly libyans but with no license plates so it's hard to identify exactly who those who those people were now as in the clashes which were free earlier today between region for trolls and i just like to be in government syria have not been reported as i just. need to sorties to say that they believe some of the gunmen on the inside might have wanted. the members of the european union of once again cooled on gadhafi to
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relinquish power but for over the ongoing assault from tripoli is fading replaced by concern that the new government may not have the authority needed to bring and maintain peace also use all of it but he's forming the reaction from london. the prime minister david cameron is very confident that this is the beginning of the end he said he is on his way out he's recently just been on the phone to the leader of the national transitional council mustapha. stressing the need for a smooth peaceful and. transition to this new democratic leadership at the same time as all of that he did say that nato forces mandate for being in the country expires in just one month it will stay there for as long as it takes so quite an open ended response to that question if there is some uncertainty tempering the jubilation around the rebels presence in tripoli the other uncertainty is over the question of the frozen assets britain has said it's prepared to release them for
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the building a new infrastructure in the country and stabilize iraq but there is some uncertainty is who those will go to and how they'll be used also around the e.u. sanctions a spokesperson for the e.u. foreign affairs committee has said for the time being will remain in place over libya and will be lifted when the time is right and finally get down to where reese he. is still unknown and britain stance has changed once again about on that issue prime minister saying this morning that his future will be in the hands of the rebels themselves to begin with when the campaign started six months ago he was saying that gadhafi must go then they changed tack about a month ago saying that he can stay in the country so long as he stands down but living in exile now there seems to be washing their hands of it once again saying that it will be in the hands of the rebels in libya potentially precarious state this post dictatorship limbo and we've been here of course before with the rock
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when mistakes were made and like iran libya sits on a great deal of oil wealth so that really complicates the issue considerably unlike iraq however there is this foundation for a new government already in place that is recognized around europe they already have a diplomatic mission here in london but already the british press is quite skeptical of their ability to govern democratically saying that there are there is potential for infighting with a lot of the interest there. there reporting in london well for more now on the future of post gadhafi libya and what the future holds for the conflict torn nation i'm joined by oliver miles he's a former u.k. to libya he's joining us live there in oxford thanks very much indeed for being with us now of course we all know that gadhafi has ruled with for more than four decades tolerating no opposition or dissent now the transitional council obviously wants to reform the way the country is run but doesn't really have the experience to do that. no he doesn't to be blunt nobody in libya
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has any experience of political or civil society because gadhafi ruthlessly raised all activities from the mario's it was called. but as against that i think that it's interesting you know if you think about the people who are in the transitional national council they've been running a large part of libya now for several months and they've been doing so quite successfully the been one very serious blot on the record which is the killing of the military general abdul fatah which is still explained but with that exception able to provide a decent level of security and a decent level of the essential show of life food water electricity for populations you know in a very very difficult war situation where they've been deprived of any financial assets by u.n. sanctions by you and by the by the u.n.
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security council resolution so i don't think we should write them off as an experience of doing a lot of stories to interrupt this is quite a few points i want to ask you about but do you think you mentioned that they been able to maintain decent levels of security but at the moment now we're going to see thousands of energized euphoric and all men running amok in libya so it looks like is that not a very dangerous situation for the start of a new era. yes it is very dangerous i agree there are the absolute first priority must be must be so. curity in tripoli and in any other areas which are liberated from the gadhafi regime they know that and they have they say they've put in hand the best possible arrangements in advance to deal with that they've had their own agents in tripoli in the last few days before the gadhafi forces were eliminated or seem to be eliminated. and they've also set up a committee with task with just the role of security and providing water and
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electricity and so on but we've when they can do it that's it whether they can do it because we've seen what happened in iraq and afghanistan where to provide and that's completely there for us but you are setting up are you not a new police force and there are very many different factions involved here so it's been incredibly difficult to set up an effective police force in those two countries what why would it be different to what we've seen in iraq and afghanistan . well for example in iraq invading forces simply sent all police in libya the t.n.c. the transitional national council have been saying that the police force should remain should remain in position that the police force is relatively tainted by the the oppression of the good i fear a good gadhafi used other instruments for his approach the police force is reasonably well respected and will remain u.k. and britain has promised to release frozen funds to the transitional council and will undoubtedly be followed by the un and other nations now let's go just
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a moment i don't i don't think i don't think we've progressed to release good at his fruition from what i understand that they were saying that those funds will be released in something like in the next six months not immediately but in the six months and i'm going to ask you i mean is that really rather too worried to release money to a government that it's not really known about how that stage. absolutely not it's too late it's absurd that libya should be deprived of money for this period why what justification is the for that the security council ought to release this money as soon as possible otherwise people are going to starve us but will be spent in the right way as we've seen in the past in our is where money has been thrown at problems and there's corruption. that's a libyan problem that we're not entitled to take libyan money until the libyans prove to us that they're capable of that maybe the way you treat you treat your children or your grandchildren with their pocket money but this is libyan money now you of course have a lot of experience a former ambassador to libya i would like to ask you from your knowledge of the
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libyan people do you think they really do have the will to carry this through will they stay united and will we see a peaceful future there in libya. what it's really not possible to give a straight answer that question but i'll smile and say that i think that the the record of the t.n.c. so far suggests to me that they are going about this trial in the serious way and they have a reasonable chance of achieving something and i think that a lot of the criticism that's been directed to them against them outside libya both from foreigners and also from libyans in exile is self-seeking is people people have their own axe to grind and i think a great deal of the criticism has been made. or based. on sound for example we're constantly being told in this country i don't know whether it's the same in the media in russia. that al qaida types islamic extremists and so on dominant in benghazi i don't believe it's true but i've talked
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to a lot of people from benghazi and i simply do not believe that it's true well it's very interesting here point of view thanks so much for showing us so your thoughts here live on t.v. as always good to hear you out of a miles form or you can buy that at the libya thank you for your time thank you thank you. well the french president nicolas sarkozy has announced he'll hold a conference for the leaders of the libyan transitional government later this week and artie's daniel bushell brings us more details from paris. the french defense minister says that has called for a meeting in paris to plan what he calls a road map for libya french france's foreign ministry says that talks are on the way level and that nicolas sarkozy the french president will meet with djibril the head of the transition later today france says that the transitional council will need help as it moves forward now as it plans its future it added the libya is a potentially prosperous country but it needs assistance from the west if it's to
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comes through with those plans to brussels the you were representatives have said that as the united states seems to be taking a back seat in these negotiations they see an opportunity to fill the vacuum admitted the hard work lies ahead and the deep divisions between rebel factions means that it will be a difficult time because when there was a single enemy get their feet it was very easy for various factions some with very different interests to bond together and now there are fears that this may collapse and there may be a power vacuum france in fact claimed that the mission in libya is over now defense experts here in the european union all concerned by such statements because with the absence of gadhafi in any sort of real power structure there are concerns that there could be an even more bloody civil war emerging. let's get now more on the situation in libya i'm joined live by international consultant or former deputy
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speaker of the belgian parliament lode joins me now live from brussels thanks for being with us here on our team of the u.s. and the european union a calling for peaceful transition of power is that really going to be possible given the country's been gripped by violence for what for something like five months now. the u.s. and european union they have really good professional analysts they're not going to sit out a lot but they know perfectly well that there is not going to be a peaceful transition well that's what they're counting on and it would give them the perfect excuse to intervene militarily on the ground you saying then that nato will not be pulling out then by the mandate the date by september no it will not so are you saying then therefore we're going to see nato increasing its presence boots on the ground well if it's increasingly prisms well when they're performing this i don't know but there will be there will military keep controlling believe me that's a fact how do will do it to do you know several options will remain there is to me
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that's almost one hundred percent certain so you have no faith whatsoever in the national transitional council. why should i i mean i mean let's this this thing has now been proven. beyond that they are former libyan trauma gaddafi people people very confused backgrounds so far they have proven nothing. what's behind it then what is the driving factor then do you think from nato point of view from the west is it really gas and oil and so many commentators are saying is that. of course it is a gas and oil certainly but it's more than that. i mean i don't like big words but what i see is that the second beginning of the second call my zation of africa it is. symbolised that nato and the economic powers are really intent on taking back
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africa but the people of libya wanted this to nate's pretty colored to see that they wanted to go listen listen we have to distinguish certain thinks. nobody is going to really shine appealing about it this is the data i mean if but the thing is what started as an uprising by my people on the very justified issues i mean i can understand that many libyans are happy to get rid of of the toughie but they have not treated themselves. uprising was militarized by nato and nato is not going to give away that position so de our fingers would i'm afraid off to go do it but one bad thing and they will get an order one and when we see disillusionment in libya like we've seen in egypt. well egypt is not exactly the same thing at least you can claim there that in the present that
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the regime was toppled by some real uprising by a real civilian uprising this is not the case in libya this is a different thing the disillusion is where the build build again from the day that nato started bombing i thought when briefly a. pretty bleak view of the future of libya do you think is going to be more sectarian based then obviously there are tribal differences at the moment and obviously religious one so how do you see the instability playing playing out in the future there and what way. i'm pretty sure that sectarian violence is going to break out any day soon i mean if history teaches us any lesson people or organizations who take power by violence are not to really tempted to give away their power by democratic means i mean if this is not something that i don't know. and this is going to be the libya just as in other countries. tunisia
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and what is happening in egypt which is not. really the. speech that's not the issue but what i'm afraid of yes indeed and i'm. absolutely not. but i'm pretty sure the violence is going to break out to make some very interesting observations thanks very much indeed international consultant and former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament that reduced thanks. when news of the rebel advance into tripoli was greeted warmly by investors around the world sparking an immediate drop in oil prices and i don't know the most important question is just how much stability the new government will bring an issue i was just talking about ortiz refer to as the latest. what we see really is a knee jerk reaction in the oil markets to the events in tripoli we've seen the oil prices he said talking almost three dollars in festus thinking that there are some
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hopes so oil production could shortly now it's least foreign minister has confirmed that the italian oil company any has sent workers back into libya they've led the way really in sending their workers back there now what we've seen is the other big oil companies such as he has actually passed on the fence at the moment they're waiting for the exactly how this plays out what's going to happen over the coming days and weeks what we've heard from the information manager of the libyan rebel oil is that they said they don't have any problems with western countries worthing companies italy france the u.k. but they could have political issues with countries like brazil china and russia now if that's to be the case then that could certainly be a major setback those countries you could see the loss of billions of dollars worth of oil contracts i was. speaking to one of the editors today very large newspaper here and it's the and he's been following the situation very closely and how he
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described this was like a chess game now between the oil companies between the front countries on the ground there is still an extremely confusing time in libya what's happening in tripoli now there is still a lot left. and so certainly by no means is this game at the moment but that does spell the potential problems for those countries that the libyan revolution had pointed out that amongst the market that there will be output in oil production restored some point in the near future in libya. sort of reporting their own daughter none of this stuff things the struggle for libyan oil is the real bottom line of the whole nato operation. it's simply an insurgency being supported covertly by u.s. financed arm shipments into the rebels and in order to simply carve up the oil fields and get it into western hands rather than into libyan state hands which khadafi held firmly to that i think the real underlying issue in this whole nato
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bombing of libya i think suits some of the western oil interests especially the british and the french who are fighting like and like puranas over grabbing the most you see oil fields for them for their own companies that it suits them to have chaos because and they can control the terms of of oil exploitation much better and ever since and it's been the most brazen violation of international law that we've seen it's incredible to me that. the international media doesn't debate some of the some of the legal aspects of this and i think what what libya's going to face after that is a period of prolonged chaos nobody knows the outcome this is as i said at the beginning this is tribe against tribe this is not democracy against totalitarianism . britain this want to stand by the fractured transitional government in the days and weeks ahead that self interest may be the driving force behind london's promises that's according to john reese of the stop the war coalition. got rid of
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gadhafi and nobody is going to shed any tears for that brutal dictatorship but i imagine that what most people in libya don't want is to swap the rule of gadhafi for that of the western powers and part of the problem here is of course the way in which he has fallen today has been the single biggest day of nato air operations in the entire history of this intervention so it's quite clear that the t.n.c. will come to power as the proxy use of the western powers and the western powers don't do this without asking for a payback and they will be asking for a payback if i were a libyan and i were listening to david cameron's speech or if i had listened to what nato said earlier that they want to assist the transition i mean heaven knows what a military alliance supposedly assisting a transition to democracy is all about i would take those remarks as more threat than a promise that is
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a direct threat by david cameron that they will use their military and economic weight to gain what they want out of any new government in libya the only chance of unity for the t.n.c. is that they do what most libyans i believe want them to do and that is to say that the future of libya is to be decided by libyans and by nobody else but they do not require the assistance of nato that they do not require the assistance of the major powers that they do not want their resources exploited by western oil companies that could be a point of unification but if they continue down the line of competing amongst themselves for who has the ear who has the greatest the greatest sway with the major powers then i really i really believe that that will further divide them. the white house has held the rebel advance into tripoli saying the situation is at tipping point he's going to can has more on the reaction from across the atlantic. well from the latest here the u.n.
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secretary general has called on colonel gadhafi forces to cease fire immediately and make way for a peaceful transition and that the u. when he said stands ready to provide all possible assistance to believe you people he also said that the u.n. is going to hold a meeting on the recent developments in libya with representatives from the e.u. the arab league and the african union as well as other organizations well the regime is falling apart that's obvious to everyone with the enormous help of nato and the airstrikes in the meantime washington a key player in this fight for to death before says they are in close contact with the rebels leadership and that the west will support and direct quote president obama at peaceful transition to democracy well everything that was going on in tripoli this weekend was anything but peaceful we're talking about extensive nato bombing of the city before the rebels made it to the central square of tripoli we've seen the rebels cheering all night that very much reminded of what we saw in
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cairo when hosni mubarak was ousted but up until now the people in egypt are not governed by who they chose as their leaders and that's just one example of a revolution that any doubt with people not getting what they wanted and they leave those who took over and that is the transitional national council have not been chosen by the levy and people get the council has been recognized as legitimate power in the by all allies who has been helping. many libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers of essentially made those very important choices for them the war has been going on for six months it took many lives and a lot of criticism nato is facing a deadline in september when a resolution full strikes has to be renewed and given all the violations that have taken place it would be very hard to get everyone on board for extending the campaign with what we see on the ground in libya right now is. looks like the nato has met the nato forces have met the deadline it's important to note that colonel
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gadhafi had very few friends in the international community after what he had done to his people and the whole of the international community has been united saying that he must go he must step down all of the u.n. security council members shared that view including russia but many say the way nato has been accomplishing the goal of toppling khadafi went beyond the u.n. resolution from six months ago which authorized the military intervention some say it went far beyond the resolution was designed to protect civilians but many innocent civilians have been killed by needle strikes during those six months and also the funneling of weapons to libyan rebels as has been done in violation of arms embargo imposed on the here as far as the rebels are concerned they are far from being the homogeny is sort of united group where there has been internal fighting going on. but many experts are saying that the fight being in charge of leave here should be no surprise to anyone considering what's at stake and here
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we're talking about a nation that has the richest oil reserves in africa. well that brings us now to twenty eight minutes past the hour here in the russian capital with the headline surely stay with us on our team.
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thirty monday night here in moscow good to have you with us the cell breaking news rebels claim to control. the libyan capital after a major nato back to advance it was thought to have colonel gadhafi sons were captured by the opposition but one has reportedly escaped with the help of loyalist fighters. opposition supporters rejoice hoping the forty year old regime is nearing a dead end but skeptics point to the bitter disillusionment that followed the fall of dictator. the international reaction ranges from euphoria to outright caution and with concern over the likelihood of an unstable rebel government torn apart by competing interests. brings up today for the moment i'll be back with another update in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime it's time for a special interview and fighting rights in the u.k. the sole.


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