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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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well it's a tripoli takeover as rebel forces move in on libya's capital it's more than just the rebels who are celebrating coming up we'll show you how the mainstream media is picking sides and drawing the battle lines. plus the u.s. stock market these saw as gold hits new records but do americans really feel their money is safe anywhere. and it's a gold rush venezuelan president hugo chavez is defining first stable markets so is there a nugget of truth to his decision. that
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evening it's monday august twenty second and i'm laurin lister here in washington d.c. and you are watching r t well as the rebels claim to control the libyan capital of tripoli after a weekend filled with nato bombings the u.s. mainstream media is championing this as a victory for the nato forces over moammar gadhafi here are the big headlines a six month civil war has ended for a decade reign of terror of moammar gadhafi it's history unfolds in libya with the all but certain end of forty two years of dictatorship we ask you about the rebel success this is something we could be proud of as a nation how much twenty four hours. celebration was ignored so does nato strategy vindicate president obama's patience. history celebration
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political victories oh we're wondering as where are the big headlines about the possible thirteen hundred deaths and five thousand injuries over the weekend of nato airstrikes we see those scenes of celebration but what about all of the civilians that nato forces were supposed to be protecting i was the mission and it is not a simple story especially when you talk to more sides and more people on the ground earlier today r.t. spoke with journalist mahdi nasm roya for example he's from the center for research on globalization globalization rather he's in tripoli and he along with other foreign journalists have had to stay in a hotel there during the conflict and were trapped in the building as practically all the staff and security personnel had run for their lives here is his first hand account of the situation here is terence again it's i don't know. feels like a real close to right arm going from two years libyans going through you know being
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young men one of them is hurt they don't want to be asked for help. we were international community like the transitional council answers so if you're to come play for pursuit of soldiers here at all we heard gunfire several hours ago outside . group into all the rooms. and i think he used chairs as ladders skill to project there's. still computers he went through the rooms install things. he didn't seem. we came to take what they could what happened after the offices which belong to the ruby in which are rented to the libyan foreigner no foreign media story is that some of the journalists here came and started going through the files that the. foreign media. and. that's the present situation here where we
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we've. been to some panic people been coming down on people praying. that it was a young man right now he's actually telling me not you know it's for his safety and i perfectly understand. but. we need a way out we all we want to to want. i was muddy nose and lawyer with the center for research on globalization giving us an account from the ground very different from what you are seeing on the u.s. mainstream media so just what else is missing from those headlines all here in the studio with me is former cia asset susan lindauer who has been in regular contact with people on the ground there thank you for joining us so obviously the u.s. mainstream media as a show is playing this up as a victory as celebration what is missing from those headlines based on your accounts of people on the ground there the people of libya are missing. last night
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i received an e-mail from tripoli saying that there was blood in the streets nato. helicopters apache helicopters were strafing civilians who were trying to run for cover chasing people through the streets to get them out of the way and just thirteen hundred died i heard five thousand have been severely injured the hospitals were overflowing yes five thousand severely injured the hospitals were overflowing it could not handle any more people they were sending them home to their families today this morning i was told i had a friend who rented a bicycle and rode around the streets of libya of tripoli excuse me and he said the streets were empty there was no celebrations he said it was eerie that no one was there no one was anywhere on the streets and so then let me ask you what you what your analysis is then of these pictures can we play the images today that everybody
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is showing of rebel supporters sharing in green square because these are the images that we keep seeing on television so what are you saying susan what i'm saying is that the picture that the rebels have concentrated themselves in one very small part of the city outside of that square there are no people people are not i. on the streets supporting them but what does that say what my friend told me was that they were bussing in the rebels and that and that they saw trucks heading for the square and the people are watching what my friend said was that the people suspect this kadafi is not finished with this they think this is speculation they're on the ground they're waiting to see what khadafi is going to do but they and so they don't really know either but they're speculating that gadhafi is waiting for all the rebels to come in and it could be as regrouping and once the
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rebels are all in the city nato will not be able to use its air power to defend them and then qaddafi's forces will strike again this is gossip this is speculation but it is what the people of tripoli are saying so gossip from people that you talk to in tripoli yeah and they but the people in tripoli who i've been talking to have excellent contacts throughout the society and they know families and shopkeepers and and there's been an eerie calm no one is on the streets and this is a lie where they said how do you remain where i want to show you green square a week ago because there we can go if we could run those pictures it was a different scene it was gadhafi supporters waiting you know that flag so this was just a week ago you know totally different crowd so the question i have is about his involvement his nato been involved and what essentially has been
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a civil war since the beginning and taking sides and now oh absolutely and nato his engaged in gross work crimes nato bombed the the power plants of tripoli nato bombed the water pipeline that feeds the desert and keep these irrigation and the population nato has damaged the infrastructure of the community there's real question now as to who's going to pay for that will it be the people of france and . italy or will the people of libya be forced to pay for their own rebuilding their own city that nato has destroyed well that's a question i want to ask what role you think will see nato and especially the u.s. play now i want to show a little bit of a quote from the president of the council on foreign relations at a trial today in the financial times he said this he said and mind you this was titled libya now needs boots on the ground and he said some sort of international assistance most likely an international force is likely to be needed for some time to restore and maintain order are we going to see some kind of nation building now
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from the u.s. and nato it would be an absolute catastrophe for the united states and nato to send ground forces into tripoli. if you have any hope if nato has any hope that this is going to succeed we have got to step back and let the libyan people do this themselves they hate outsiders above all they hate nato they're very angry believe me when you say. the ordinary conventional wisdom would be that the rebels have used nato to for their support so who do you mean when you say i mean the ordinary people of libya who have been bombed for months. there have been human beings on the receiving end of those bombs and nato cannot now go in and pretend that it's the good guys they are all nato governments britain france and italy are always going to be remembered for the damage they have caused to this country and
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they're not going to tolerate they're not going to be appreciated in the future already so then what does this mean for oil because libya is looked to for one point six million barrels of oil a day which is gone offline during the six month conflict and you already have the italian foreign minister sending workers in and there are a lot of questions about about where this oil will go about will happen with contracts well you see this is a very interesting question because the nato. rebels want to say that the people are going to support them in whatever they do the facts are that they're not going to support them just because you arrive in a town and you shoot it up doesn't mean the people automatically are going to back your policies and nato rebels would do better in fact to put. the nato governments at a distance now and put the people first but of course nato is not going to allow that to happen it would be but it would be a disaster if they put boots on the ground it would be it would guarantee that this would become iraq and give it would become iraq and given that the united states
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has been embroiled in iraq and afghanistan still a decade long nearly you know conflict in afghanistan and is now in fourteen point six trillion dollars of debt trying to figure out how it's going to start to chip away at that how does libya on top of that bode for the u.s. i think that nato governments have done a terrible disservice to obama i think that obama has lost the anti work unity and that is the vote of the anti-war community and i think that the that that does he will lose the rest of the independent voters if he goes into it creates another rocky situation which this would become there's no doubt in my mind the people of libya do not like outsiders they do not appreciate it that we have interfered in their in their city they're going to handle this as they choose and now they're going to have to settle their scores this is a tribal society they have vendettas those tribes will systematically kill each
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other off back and forth now until they have achieved justice but i do not think that this this fight is over it may be over for nato standpoint but from the from the standpoint of the people of libya now there's going to be retribution now there will be vengeance vengeance for who you're saying from from tribal factions yes it's against the rebels vengeance against vengeance against the tribal factions who have been injured by the rebels. the tribal leaders son and brother were both killed by the rebels email arms in libya have sas and moderately moms who do not support radical islam were assassinated by the rebels that's another question i think that you and i have spoken about al qaeda elements within the rebels do you think that that is a faction that exists and will gain influence during this time if gadhafi does go i believe very strongly and i have believed from the very beginning that this is the rebels are made up of islamic radicals and al-qaeda and even those who are not
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violent still support the in statement of shariah they want women to wear the abaya for those who don't remember the a by is the head covering they want women to be controlled in marriage contracts they want to take away a lot of the rights that gadhafi gave them we have done something very i believe very stupid khadafi was one of the most advanced leaders on women's rights and islamic modernism in the whole arab world and we've handed it back to the islamic radicals and that's something that i will you so you think that really this is handing it back over to islamic radicals you know that will take it in a far worse direction they sent it off even though if they were their goal is they have i have read a report put together by the french government that they're like a fact finding mission for the french government and their goal is to state shariah they want to take away the modernity of qaddafi that is the problem that they had
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with him and a very different commentary that you're giving than what we hear from the president united states who just today at two pm came out saying that this violent dictator is looking like it's going to go i want to thank you for your analysis that was former cia asset susan lindauer now along with the unrest that could happen in north africa as a result of what's going on a lot of unrest going on in the economic world in the stock market star. have been up and down over the past few weeks today they gained a little bit but this is after a four week a loss that was the largest since march of two thousand and nine according to reports we're eight trillion dollars and global equity prices have essentially vanished and gold though has hit new records today it tops nineteen hundred dollars an ounce just two weeks ago mind you it was the first time that it topped eighteen hundred dollars an ounce so what do you do with your money where is it safe here to help me figure that out is gerald celente from he's the publisher of trends journal
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and director of the trends institute thank you so much for being here so we went on to talk to some people on the streets of new york about where they feel their money is safe and answers ranged everywhere from shove it under your mattress keep it there to you know what else are you going to do if you don't play the stock market is all that's there so where is people's money safe. i don't give financial advice only tell you what i do and what i've been doing since two thousand and one when we predicted the beginning of the gold bull run is investing in gold a little bit of silver and for a while the swiss franc but now they're trying to drive down the value of that so when the ship is sinking what are the options when there are life boats life preservers and then the debris and right now gold looks like the life preserver because what's really going on lauren is the world knows that the european
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situation there's no way out of it other than printing more of that digital money not worth the paper it's not printed on and then you look what happened this morning when the stock market opened it's up his buy on the good new and this is the way they described it that ben bernanke he they talk about q.e. three which means dumping yet warm. into this system so the more digital money that they keep printing the higher the value of gold so right now gold to me is the wisest as for my own personal purposes of investing in and you're calling it a life preserver meanwhile we've seen the u.s. dollar a lot of concerns over that and a little a lot of concern of the banks too and a little known fact the f.d.i.c which for people that don't know these are the folks that ensure your bank account they quietly change their laws and effective
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december two thousand and ten to the end of two thousand and twelve they fully ensure all accounts for any amount regardless of the balance how they used to insure up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars is this a red flag to you that the u.s. government is worried about a run on the banks. yes it's one of the red blue bird came out of the report yesterday didn't make any of the news and that is that the the feds had pumped in one point two trillion dollars worth of loan money to the banks that said that they didn't need them and such is the in the investment firms as well between two thousand and eight and two thousand and ten and what i'm saying is that when people say is it better to keep your money in a mattress why keep the bank you're not getting any interest on it getting any and what if there is a run on the bank we'll go back to nineteen thirty three what did they do they call
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that bank holiday. you take it with money out and what they did was they devalued the dollar because in those days the dollar was paid to go and you had to sell your gold at twenty dollars twenty one dollars and sixty two cents an ounce when they reopen the banks that's right as the price of gold to thirty five dollars an ounce i believe that they may call an economic martial law if this situation continues to spiral out of control you know what funny you bring that up let's bring up an executive order from f.d.r. back in one thousand nine hundred or so we do have it there we go so under this executive order at and i think thirty three at the are made it illegal to own gold except for just a little bit and he made people turn it into the government for as you mentioned twenty dollars an ounce and effectively confiscated people's money he didn't people are worried that the government could ever do this again yes i look with it for the
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do anything they would what they start was they they gather against the constitution they did it before they'll do it again and there's something else significant in that remember after they got they made the people turn in their gold and repay the price of thirty five dollars an ounce that. that you just lost forty percent of your purchasing power yeah they don't teach you that he is very. good average one zero one that's quite a haircut on on your investment that you had at that time in one thousand thirty three if you had any of that gold back to the bank though we've been hearing so many renewed concerns over the possible failure of bank of america and i know you and i i think i spoke about last eagle do you think this should bring up the conversation again and renew the conversation about the repeal of glass steagall and the argument that critics like yourself who say that that repeal was such a big mistake of course they should when they passed a dog right bill that wasn't even part of it is not going to let them do it let's
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make this really clear wall street has hijacked washing who was the treasury secretary under bush henry paulson where did he go from goldman sachs when they repealed the glare spiegel who's the biggest bridge did it happen under clinton and so who was the treasury secretary that goddess of motion roger rubin where was the from goldman sachs who's obama's chief. bill daley where is the vice chairman of j.p. morgan chase it wall street in washington it's the same club they're not going to do it they're not going to do it you know you mentioned that federal reserve one point two trillion dollars in loans that were kept completely secret not to toot our form but we did bring that up in our four o'clock show what what fears or concerns does that renew for you that those were made in secret and not even
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reported to the government accountability office that audited that. well the concern is that they're doing all these shyster deals behind our backs and they're robbing the american people there's nothing that i agree with with that guy rick perry that's running for president except one thing and i agree with him that it's treason to devalue the dollar in front of our eyes and making the cost of living go up for everyone but hiding it by saying oh and relations not going up go inflation is not going up the value of the dollar is crashing and it's kristin you want money to buy everything it's like living in zimbabwe you know during the weimer republic when the economy was crashing we had stories about people you know tying up a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread maybe now we could have bernanke and barrows because that's what they're driving this country into but lauren haven't said that when things turn
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really ugly i really believe it will be some kind of economic knowledge to law and they will was people again or try to was and to carry string in their gold because they'll blame it on the gold speculators rather than the wall street gang what do you think would really be the tipping point where you would see that happening can you make a prediction for me you make prediction yes the equity markets continuing to crash the way they are is no getting out of this look what happened in it last week when merkel and sarkozy was supposed to get together and come up with a brilliant scheme there and to bailout the european union there is no way of getting out of this so what we believe they'll do is something really severe as the equity markets continue to to plummet and there's no way out of that then as you mentioned everybody is waiting to see what ben bernanke you will see day on friday and that there will be any indication that he's moving towards quantitative easing
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the third is there even anything the federal reserve can do i mean already to. rounds of quantitative easing have kept interest rates near zero and the economy still is doing what it's doing which isn't going up so it's like obama saying that he's going to come up with a jobs program and any two weeks on a program after his vacation listed if they couldn't do it when the brilliant larry summers you know you never could say his name without saying brilliant either before during or after using his name. when he was economic chief economic advisor when he had his best economic team there and they could pull it off how they're going to pull it off now and they're not going to do what they really should do and no one's allowed to talk about it and that's because the defense budget and rein in spending like that so no i don't see any solution at all and you just brought a full circle because as we're seeing everything going on in libya today the big
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question mark is is the united states going to invest in that going forward and what is the price going to be at a time when the u.s. can't even afford the defense budget it has now is girls alliance a publisher of the trends journal and director of the trends institute thanks so much for being on the show thank you now as you heard us talking about gold how valuable what's become nineteen hundred dollars an ounce today it continues to hit new records at the same time there are very deep concerns about the u.s. economy about the european economies concerns over the european banking system concerns over banks the united states such as bank of america which are made of the nation making people concerned if perhaps liquidity and capital it's not all there with the banks but lots of people finding value in gold and one of those examples on the world stage hugo chavez he wants his gold he wants it back you want that back from the u.s. and from europe he has ordered his central bank to repatriate a levin billion dollars and gold reserves but to give you
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a sense of logistically what this means that's two hundred an illegal. then tons so why and what could this mean for other countries to tell us from buenos aires its author and researcher adrian soule buttin thank you so much for being with us so there are always lot of different explanations have been given a sense this news when it was announced about why chavez wants his ball back what do you think is the foremost reason well there are two basic reasons one of them is financial he obviously wants to protect the financial assets of his own country so he is repatriating these two hundred eleven metric tons of gold which sounds like a lot but since gold is heavy it's a relatively small volume and he is asking the united states. to give it back to him but there is another level of this needs to be interpreted and it's a political in a way after seeing the way that the needle countries for example are grabbing the
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assets of other countries we're seeing it in libya we realize and he very well realizes that it is not about human rights this is clearly all about gold it's all about oil about minerals do you know politics and global control i think hugo chavez you know rather crude way is understanding that there is a global power elite embedded within the united states britain and the european union but that does not respond to the interests of the american brutal european peoples and he sees that regime change which has reaped so much havoc in north africa and the middle east is now heading towards latin america and his country is the first target as well so do you think he sees this as his defense against the u.s. or other countries freezing his assets in an act of economic warfare because that is an act of economic prosperity think that's genuinely the concern. absolutely i think it is understanding the domino effect that is coming this way of speaking
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from latin america from argentina so we think that the next the usual very likely effect while the rest of africa in the first instance and then latin america and as i say venezuela is a prime target in the sense and he is understanding that he has to defend his assets instead of pulling them in britain the u.k. europe and swiss switzerland he's looking to lose more from the allies such as police in beasts and financial assets in russia in brazil or in china he said that this is a an analysis in latin america and other countries are concerned do you think other latin american countries are going to follow suit and repatriate gold pull their assets back home pour them into other countries. things will have to get worse before that happens maybe some of the smaller countries who which are aligned with going as well are such as ecuador or bolivia might follow suit however the major countries notably brazil mexico argentina who will not do so i don't think any time in the near future so in a way regrettably hugo chavez is
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a bit on his own else he should be more careful how to leave the way he handles these things because making it too obvious to me comes a very very clear target of what is a basically very powerful military machine that my target is how does this make him a target and taking us back what exactly. well let me just give you learn quick example in november two thousand and two saddam hussein traded one billion dollars for medicine his dollars for the first time in two thousand euro's we know what happened to saddam hussein in march two thousand and three because the threat was seen that it could be a run under control the oil market turning it from dollars into urals so now hugo chavez selling the country to call their gold back if you want to be a domino effect caused by hugo chavez well i don't think that the global powers that be will just sit aside waiting for things that happen so are you saying that if. ignited a trend were mark people pour their gold back which could drive concern about where
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they're actually going and physical court which could run up the prices of gold that that would make on the target is that what you're saying basically yes because people are realizing many countries this is the first time a country is doing it officially that flight safety means moving away from strictly financial assets which are basically paper or glimpse of the computer screen and moving towards a flight to safety in assets that have tangible value such as gold for example so this could definitely have a very strong impact on the low market which is already rising above the one thousand one hundred dollars mark and it continues to rise very quickly just quickly forty shipments will be needed to carry the seventeen thousand bars i think logistically it's a challenge and pirates i would imagine are a problem given a value of gold do you think it's worth the risk yes or no for him to bring out absolutely if anything he would just have to take more security measures just in case and if.


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